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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Story of Earth

The Story of Earth (3rd revision)

In the beginning, a young boy walked along a dry and harsh land.

He discovers a sparkle of light from the corner of his eye and seeks the source.

There he finds an object with a dull gold colour that looked damaged – as if ripped away from another part.

Not sure of its significance, or what it might be, he asks the people around him.

However, his questions go ignored – no one listens or cares.

The young boy secures the object – he feels the need to keep it safe.

When alone, the boy studies the object

…to him it looks like half of a Golden Apple.

Just then…the half of the golden apple begins to tell him a story…

It is a very dark story about a woman who was so beautiful and giving, that you were in awe just to see her.

Her name was Éclat Amaranth Rae Tru-Halcyon –

most people simply called her… Earth.

Earth, with her rotund shape and bulging waist, had a deep internal beauty and an extraordinary outer appearance.

She was blue and green – the colours that really mattered –

and her only intention was to give life.

However, her eyes echoed with a volcanic rage of fire…

for she was being hurt – repeatedly ravished and used.

Someone had painted black marks on her beautiful face – the marks appeared like oil cloaking water.

Earth tried to speak, but there were no listeners.

She tried to fight back with all her force as she called out for help!

However, her screams remained muffled by the winds of her horrors.

Disillusioned and tired, she just cried…and cried –

Floods of emotion flowed from deep within her soul.

Yet still, the people who could help her were at a roaring party.

The biggest of the big were present and dressed in their entire splendor.

They drank, danced, ate and laughed loudly.

But it was really a party of hypocrisy, because as splendid as their gowns were, their insides were rotting away!

They were like rapacious devils who spoke with metallic words.

BANG! BANG! BANG! they spoke.

They had created an Army of Fear whose priority was of mass destruction to the milieu and its inhabitants.

To Earth, they were the Avarice.

The Avarice failed to see how their greed was actually destroying themselves.

They had made Earth dry and scabbed from the regular beatings and consistent poking.

Some called the effect Desertification.

With the continued torture, she lost her will to give and feed.

As every moment passed, the atmosphere was getting hotter and it was now harmful to be in her once beautiful aura.

She became disfigured, black and brown sores now marred her once lavish blue and green face.

Then there was the pestilence – what had they done!

The young boy sheds a tear for Earth.

He feels her pain and does not understand why no one listened to her Cries of Despair.

As time passes, the boy continues to keep his storyteller close – the half of a golden apple.

Further along on his journey, the boy feels something different…he feels drawn to a young girl

There is something about her…

He senses a familiar light around her.

The Boy reaches out to her and in his hand, shows her the half of a golden apple.

Her eyes light up and she smiles… as she holds in her hand the other half of the Golden Apple.

Together they rejoice and speak about what they have found.

Then curiously, they join the two halves –

It becomes one whole Golden Apple and within it, they find all the answers for the unification of the universal consciousness.

As they look up, they both see the wings…

...of the most beautiful and colourful birds – a sign of new life.

Together they understand that they each hold in their hands,

The beginning of a new dawn…

The WINGS OF HOPE have arrived.

EARTH: Cries of Despair Wings of Hope

A first look of Brian Mc Farlane's 2008 Carnival presentation "Earth-Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope".

The presentation consists of 13 sections for Mc Farlane and 5 for Rosalind Gabriel who will be marrying her winning Children's band with Mc Farlane on the streets of Carnival .. the children representing the hope after the damage of the earth by their elders.

Cries of Despair - (Mc Farlane Carnival)














Wings of Hope (Rosalind Gabriel)






· Contact Information:

Mas Camp: 49 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm

Sundays and Republic Day 3:00pm to 8:00pm

Phone numbers: 628-4168 or 628-1274



Still looking for accomodation and airfare?

Savvy Carnival veterans should have both plane ticket in hand and hotel reservation confirmed at this point in time. Trinidad Carnival is only 4 months and 20 days away and with bands selling out, fete list published and gyms packed daily one should have realised by now that the time is approaching sooner than we expect. At the mall yesterday Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, are already in display windows for sale. It appears that even preparations for Christmas will be started earlier as not to be overlooked in the wave of activity that has already started ,and which will only gain momentum, for Carnival 2008. If you have not started getting ready for a very short season for 2008, time is running out!

Now I know not everyone booked their hotel on Ash Wednesday (as some people did) and some of you have just started looking for airfare (even though you have registered for a costume) but there is some hope left for the latecomers. The following hotels all have availability for Carnival at this point in time:

Kapok Hotel - Carnival package available

L'Orchidee Guest House - Carnival Package available extra nights at $150.00US

Cascadia Hotel - 10% discount on Carnival rates for TRIBE masqueraders.

Another interesting possible alternative to the traditional hotel is Trinidad's newest "floatel" Ocean Pearl; it's basically a refurbished ship with 64 rooms which will be based at Pier 2 Chaguaramas. You can read more about it in the Business Express. The cool thing about staying in Chaguaramas I guess is that you will beat the traffic for all the fetes being held at Pier 1 and Mobs 2! Rates for Ocean Pearl are $110.00US for inboard rooms and $120.00US for out board rooms which include a complimentary breakfast. All rooms are cabin style accommodating four people apiece and include four bunk beds, a full sized bed and twin beds. For more information on this unique accommodation option contact Treasure Queen Tours as they also manage the Ocean Pearl.

Finally for airfare Delta airlines still has some "cheap" tickets available but VERY few seats left. For the dates Sunday January 27th to Wednesday February 6th leaving from JFK you can get a fare of $595.00. Switch the dates up some more and return on a later date of February 11th and the fare is $492.00. Point being, where ever you are coming from the longer you wait to book the higher the airfare will be. Do you homework and look up flights on travelocity and expedia or directly at the various Airline's website. You do not need a travel agent to book your own ticket. Good luck in finding the deals!
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