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Monday, December 08, 2008

Amnesia 2009...

Peeps you got it first!!

Hot white clothing is highly recommended if you are to be a part of the illusion...

2 months, 14 days.. you can do it!!!

This article is for all the procrastinators who have delayed working out each week and suddenly realize that Carnival is only two months away!

Not to mention with the holiday season (and endless excuses to overindulge) looming ahead, that familiar feeling of panic is just about setting in when you think about how skimpy your costume is! By now you should have had a Brazilian samba dancer's body if only you had stuck to the promise of working out when you made your costume deposit! I am right there with you all:

Brian Chin Leung is a certified personal trainer. e-mail: phone: 689-1512

Carnival is just around the corner, and most people would love to be in a position whereby they will have to decrease the size of their ordered costume belt; especially if this is due to firm, hard abs.

Everyone has a six pack; it’s just that some people still have their own in the case.

Individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle, usually have a thick layer of fat (the case) throughout their body; this layer also covers the abdominal area. We all know that spot reducing is a myth and that body fat is lost proportionately; it would seem that the logical thing to do in your quest for defined abs, is to first drop your overall body fat percentage.

Once this layer of fat is burnt off, through a combination of diet and exercise, the visibility of the abdominal area becomes more apparent.

Diet—A major player

What you eat during the next eight weeks will determine to a great extent whether you will have to increase or decrease the width of your costume belt.

The obstacles that lay ahead are—pastelles, ponche de crème, black fruit cake, garlic pork, stuffing, etc. In general, you have to be able to identify good carbs from bad carbs and understand carbohydrate timing. This is important because bad carbs are one of the major contributors to an ever increasing waistline.

Don’t be foolish and try to eliminate all carbs from your diet; be selective in your carbohydrate intake. Read up on the Glycemic Index and stay away from carbs that carry a high GI rating, such as white flour and white sugar. Avoid eating fruit, pasta, bread, etc, at night; this could trigger an insulin rush which would indirectly result in fat storage. Remember, most people are not very physically active after their last meal. During the day, stick to carbs like sweet potatoes and snacks like gala apples, both of which carry low GI ratings.

Exercise priorities

If your goal is hard, flat abs; do cardio (running, Taebo/cardio karate, brisk walking, etc) five times per week for 45 minutes in each session; do this for the next eight weeks.

The cardio will help you to burn lots of body fat and raise your endurance level for the two days of carnival. Concentrate on the following abdominal exercises and weight training exercises; this would add quality muscle to your body and help increase your metabolism.

Abdominal exercises

Dropping your body fat with cardio is good; but you still have to tighten and tone your abdominals. Perform the following exercises daily: Swiss ball abs, hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises, inverted abdominals and various types of crunches. In each exercise do four sets of 30 reps.

Marguerite works her abs at Chin Leung’s Gym in Woodbrook.

Weight-training movements

The more muscle you have on you means an increased metabolism.

If your metabolism increases, you are going to be burning more calories effectively, which indirectly will help you to lower your body fat percentage resulting in more abdominal visibility.

Concentrate on muscle building exercises like the free squat, clean and press, bench press, shoulder press, barbell rows and chins.

Follow the above strategy and by the end of January you will be anxious to take your shirt off, or wear a short top.

Keep training.

What I like about Brian's articles is that he takes into consideration the time span we are working with to get fit for Carnival and he is always positive that we CAN do it. I guess it is time to break out the ab machine and say bye bye to my beloved pasta, bread and cookies! Only 10 more weeks!

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