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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spice Mas Commancheros

Spicemas 2009 culminates in a street parade August 10th 2009, and is it just me or have the costumes for the island summer Carnivals gotten a total upgrade from the past years?

For instance, check out this costume "Joy" from the band Commancheros and their presentation "Emotions Gone Wild":

For the rest of costumes from Commancheros click HERE.

Monday, June 29, 2009

As seen at...

Pride Parade in NYC:

Trinis came out to represent in Carnival costume of course! The Brazilian Macaw Frontline... priceless!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

As The Mas World Turns.....

Lots of interesting developments have been taking place within the local Mas Fraternity, several bands have already announced band launching dates and/or presentations so mark your calenders:

Spice - "The Spice Route" Sunday July 19th @ Zen

TRIBE -"Silk" Saturday July 25th

Harts - August 15th

D Krewe - "Salvaje"August 29th

Ronnie & Caro - "Tributes"August 29th

Trini Revellers - "Festivals of the World"

Island People - "Kuchela"

Showtime - "Matrix"

So, TRIBE has changed their theme, dropping the "Road" (Silk Road) to just SILK...a theme that is open to so many interpretations that I am eagerly awaiting to see exactly what SILK translates to in terms of designs and section names. And though masqueraders have yet to receive any communication from the band, which is odd seeing that the band launch is less than a month away, I have been reliably informed that costumes are being feverishly worked on and in some cases reworked! I tell you the competition for 2010 will be FIERCE.

In Island People news , costume viewing for critique takes place this week and word is that the costumes are looking "nice", expect some sexy saris is what I was told. I am especially looking forward to what Sonia Mack is bringing to the table since she did the Indian costume Bhaarat in Poison's Culture Shock, Carnival 2001. Sonia's colours for 2010 are pink, blue and gold. More Indian costumes? Bring it on!

Sonia Mack - Bhaarat 2001

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hawks Band Launch Postponed


19 June 2009

Dear Masqueraders, Sponsors, Members, Supporters and Friends of Hawks International, Inc.

Re: Postponement of Neptune’s Cry, Hawks International Band Launch 2009
Because of unforeseen circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our 2009 Band Launch. Our new date will be Sunday July 5th, 2009.

Hawks International, Inc. apologizes for any inconveniences this may have caused. Hawks International, Inc. is much more than your typical mas band. We are an Ultra All-inclusive Band which inspires to provide a true carnival experience for our family (masqueraders) on the Parkway.

Please mark your calendars and prepare for a great event as we invite to come party with Legends…

Yours sincerely,
Hawks International, Inc.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Salvaje .. D Krewe 2010

Nice write up on D Krewe and their 2010 Carnival presentation "Salvaje" in the Trinidad Guardian yesterday, band leader Roland St George is talking about discounts to masqueraders!

Mas band D Krewe plans to continue its discount programme on costumes to new and die-hard masqueraders in C2K10, despite the looming economic meltdown, says bandleader Roland St George. Long-standing masqueraders with the three-year-old band—which operated as a section in Trini Revellers and the now defunct Legends—already benefit from group and individual discounts.

George said if things go as planned, discounts could increase, but would depend on the band’s ability to source quality materials at low cost and/or the intervention of the Patrick Manning administration to reduce or remove duties on essential materials, used to ensure rich pageantry during the national festival............................

Salvaje will bring 12 sections with themes such as Tsunami, Volcano and Rain Forest. Its media and band launch is scheduled to take place on August 29, at Amar Car Park, located on Long Circular Road, St James. Karma is D Krewe’s music band for the road on Carnival days.

For the full article click HERE.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Celebrity - Summercrew Section

So here is an "original" special section from Summercrew's "Show Time", this one is "The Celebrity", Spice Mas 2009:

A Section of Untamed 2K9

"The Celebrity"

Summercrew's Reloaded Theme "ShowTime"

Grenada Mas 2K9

Contact Info :-Ashley Lauren - 1 473 416 4045

Pricing :-$425 EC - Full Male & Female Costume



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summercrew Reloaded Spice Mas 2009

Summercrew Reloaded of Grenada presents their Carnival 2009 presentation "Showtime" featuring the six sections:







Those of you with a keen eye will note that all 6 costumes are from the now defunct Elements presentation Casino (Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2009)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Senvia Situation

Several masqueraders have written to me expressing concern over the SENVIA letter they received from the said company, informing them that the online service will be terminated on July 1st 2009. SENVIA is used by several mas bands in Trinidad as a method of payment so naturally this has caused some concern among those masqueraders who avail themselves to this service.

I contacted one of the bands, TRIBE, and inquired about the effect of SENVIA's termination of online services on registration and was informed that TRIBE will be putting alternative payment methods in place for online registration, where a credit card can be used.Of course I was also told "we will be sending out an infoblast with that information soon".

TRIBE, I am still waiting on the infoblast for 1. The theme, 2. The TLC situation and now 3. new payment arrangements; that is going to be an info BOMB not an infoblast!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Island Pride Band Launch

click to enlarge


Contact for advanced screenings and section leader requests....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swine Flu Threatens Carnival?

A Trinidad Express report examines the threat of the possible cancellation of Carnival 2010 due to the swine flu , H1N1,virus:
THE pandemic spreading rate of the "swine flu" virus has placed clouds of uncertainty over the hosting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in November and next year's Carnival celebrations, according to Health Minister Jerry Narace.

After discussing the matter during a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, both events, which are expected to bring in visitors from around the world and some revenue to Trinidad and Tobago, are now being considered as possible breeding grounds for the Influenza A/H1N1 virus.

Asked whether the Government would consider cancelling the Commonwealth Heads meeting, which would see 51 heads of State and accompanying delegations arriving in this country, or Carnival 2010 and its related events, Narace said:

"We are going to be looking at all events. We are going to be keeping a close eye on all of the circumstances surrounding the development of the virus, all of the international circumstances, and as we examine them, we will then take a decision. But right now, we are just examining them," he said.
You can read the entire article HERE.

Never were two words more crippling to my ears that CANCEL CARNIVAL!! Who say blinged out face masks for Carnival 2010 as the new accessory?

Seriously though, the cancellation of Carnival 2010 due to the supposed threat of swine flu to the country is a reality I am just not prepared to come to terms with. If, God forbid, it does come to pass I cannot fathom what that would do to all of us who have been not only looking forward to mas in 2010 but who have already made commitments!

I am yet to hear of the cancellation of any of the summer Carnivals in other Caribbean Islands or North America due to swine flu, so I am baffled as to why the idea of cancelling Trinidad Carnival, which occurs in 7 months, is even being considered!

What next, are they going to cancel Carnival in Rio too?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's on now!

News reaching The Sauce is that feathers have been ruffled in a certain mas camp with claims that design and costume elements have been stolen in the wake of the first glimpse of costumes for 2010! Apparently the allegations of plagiarism even extend to the THEMES for Carnival 2010.

And with fingers pointing back and forth, does this mean costumes will be revamped before the photo shoot next week? Will the name of the presentation change and are we masqueraders in for the costume show down to end all show downs?

Only time will tell....but by this time next month the gaunltet would have already been thrown down. Let the games begin!

Your Band of Choice for Carnival 2010
TRIBE, no doubt about it!
Spice, I am ready to spice it up!
Island People, love the Jamishness
Harts, going strong for 50 years!
Mc Farlane, all about the "marse"
Showtime, ready for something new
Kaotic, if they come around a second time
Ronnie & Caro, sized right
Pulse 8, the vibe is sweet
Wee International, is a we ting
Genesis, even though it might just be me
Legacy, I am a supporter from way back when
Trini Revellers, the name says it all
D Krewe, that is the crew for me
Image Nation, giving the small band a chance
Evolution, of course
Undecided, I am waiting to see costumes first!
None, I am brokes for 2010.
Free polls from

Spice Costume Photos

Here are some candid photos of Caspian Sea and Rubies of Mumbai taken before the media launch, where you can get a closer view of the costumes:

I have had several people ask about Rubies of Mumbai and the fabric that comes with it; the bottom piece is a skirt with panels which can be worn with or without the costume and then there is a veil which attaches to the headpiece that can be removed as well, so you can be as clothed or as skimpy as you like in that section.

Friday, June 19, 2009

TRIBE Souvenir Magazine Still Available

All overseas masqueraders who missed out on a copy of TRIBE's Unleashed, souvenir magazine, you can still get your hands on a copy by emailing

Only a few more copies left!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spice Media Launch The Aftermath

click to enlarge

Last night Spice Carnival gave media, invited guests, patrons, friends and supporters a glimpse of what is to come in their Carnival 2010 presentation “The Spice Route” at their media launch held at Zen.

Anya Elias (band leader of Spice) opened the night with a brief speech that touched on the success of Spice’s debut year and stressed that Spice masqueraders can attest that the band has lived up to it’s motto of being “The Best Recipe for Carnival”.

After the introduction, we were all invited to take a look outside as the “spice traders” were coming from the east. Looking down from my vantage point on Zen’s rooftop I got glimpses of the costumed models shielded by tents, led by gold painted chiseled men, tassa drums and fire eaters in a procession through the streets.. a very unexpected entrance!

The procession of costumes on the streets

The real show stoppers were the costumes however, after hearing MUCH about what Spice was bringing to the table for Carnival 2010 I had high expectations and was not disappointed. Both Rubies of Mumbai and Caspian Sea Frontlines were on show and the costumes are admittedly gorgeous.

Rubies of Mumbai enters the venue

The photos do not do the costumes justice as the real attention to minute details are not captured, for instance, there is not one scrap of braid on the body costume of Caspian Sea, it is actually trimmed in diamante and the bra on Rubies of Mumbai is covered in pleated silk.

Model Jade looks at her reflection in the elevator mirror

Of the two costumes Caspian Sea is the one that most people were initially wowed at, I am guessing it because of the abundance of feathers and the soothing shades of blue. My personal favorite of the two is Rubies of Mumbai, as far as depiction of the theme goes I absolutely love the modern interpretation of East Indian Wear. The gems are used to mimic the draping of a sari and the fabric, to me gives a more interesting option to those who want some coverage without sacrificing the sexy. And, I LOVE the headpiece! It is interesting, fresh and yet still conveys the theme.

Priya models Rubies of Mumbai

The best part of this is that these two costumes are just a “teaser” of what is still to come from Spice, can you imagine that there is even better yet to come?! On that note I cannot wait for July 19th to see what else is store as I am very impressed already. Lets hope that Spice has the set the standard for Carnival 2010, I forsee a very exciting Carnival with LOTS of gorgeous choices for masqueraders, as it should be!

Band leader Anya Elias and designers, Richard & Anthony

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Spice Route - first look

Jewels of Mumbai & Caspian Sea

For more photos from Spice's media launch click HERE.

Power X 4 Price List

I have been informed that registration is going will at Power X 4 for Crop Over 2009, with the section Blue Skies getting the most enthusiastic response thus far. Prices for all sections are posted below, and you can view all the costumes HERE.

click to enlarge

Follow me on Twitter

Trinidad Carnival Diary has finally succumbed to the twitter phenomenon, I have been steadfastly holding off tweeting, despite everyone espousing the virtues of twitter, since I simply did not think there was enough to say all the time, every day on twitter!

However with the band launch season kicking off soon twitter will be your source to get instant Carnival news, gossip and live band launch updates.

So, now you can tune in for live tweets from Spice's Media Launch, tonight at 7pm.

Follow me on twitter

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rumour Control

So, apparently there seems to be a claim by several persons that they have seen Spice's costumes for 2010 and they are letting people know it! There is some truth to this as it is a fact that certain vendor/s in New York have shown customers and store patrons items being used for Trinidad Carnival 2010.

While there has been a "vendor leak" in terms of showing of materials used in certain sections of the band (one vendor claimed that someone walked in as he was packing up goods to ship to Trinidad) there is not one person who has seen ANY of Spice's costumes in entirety with the exception of the designers and the band leaders!

No one knows FOR SURE if there will be lots of feathers or a little feathers or exactly how the bits and pieces they were privy to are going to come together on the whole costume. as a matter of fact I know the designers are so upset they are planning to scrap an entire section because of the leak!

Personally I think the vendor leak is extremely unprofessional as they are also showing materials and even costume photos from other bands as well. With all the competition among the mas fraternity it is simply not one would expect from a supplier.

Anyway, the very first look of Spice's costumes will come TOMORROW and for all those who were blown away with just a glimpse of beads and trims in a store, wait until you get a tease of what is to come!

Are you ready to Spice it up?

Mas Appeal in VIBE

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is featured stylistically in the June/July 2009 Issue of VIBE Magazine, a pictorial feature called "Mas Appeal". Although the magazine has been on news stands for a while you can now view the online version HERE.

I am pretty surprised that during all the jamming on Carnival Tuesday that an actual photo shoot was taking place on the streets! Great photos.


Monday, June 15, 2009

D.C. Carnival Blu Carnival Experience

Join Basement Knokers Entertainment & Gresham Entertainment in the Indulgence Mas Band for D.C. Carnival 2009. Indulgence Mas, three sections; The Good. The Bad. The Sexy explores the true soul of Carnival and captures the mounting excitement of hundreds of revelers as they make their way down the road in boy shorts, mini skirts, and cowboy hats.

Mas package includes sexy costume, unique airbrushing, light breakfast, unlimited non alcoholic drinks and lunch at the end of the parade.

Thursday night IGNITE - Your Blu Carnival Experience, hosted by Basement Knokers Ent. and TRIBE Carnival will be held at Club 24 located at 2122 24th Place NE Washington D.C. Advanced tickets are $20, come enjoy sweet soca brought to you by Sprang International, Private Ryan, DJ Hazzard, and DJ Majestic. 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. 18 to enter, 21 to drink.

Saturday night XEN – The Blu Experience Continues hosted by Basement Knokers Entertainment, KnockBoyz, and Carib United offers an elite indoor/outdoor party @ Club 24, with DJ Merry Perry from Trinidad Red 96.7, Private Ryan, Sprang International, Foreign Base, Bandit, and Fyah Oats. Advanced tickets are $20, 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., 18 to enter 21 to drink.

Check out or Join Blu Carnival for the ultimate DC Carnival experience!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Breakaway Band for 2010??

While I have been informed that the NEW BAND ALERT is called off on the proposed band headed by a makeup artist due to the economic tide at the moment, and quite possibly due to the fact that they decided to try and get a section in Spice instead, seems like there is another new band cutting strings loose for 2010.

D'Harvard Revellers is allegedly busting loose from Trini Revellers, bringing a medium sized band of their own for Carnival 2010. Interesting as this will be the second band to leave the popular large band, if it happens, as the D Krewe also formed out of Trini Revellers.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baje is online

Though the "live launch" did not take place last night costumes are on the website and they are looking pretty good, I am loving Tequila Sunrise:


Friday, June 12, 2009

Power X 4 Preview

Power X Four sent out a newsletter to their masqueraders with a sneak peek of costumes in "Love & Revelry", for Crop Over 2009:

Early registration starts from Friday June 12th 2009 at the Party Stand between 10am and 9pm. As usual, moving early is the key to getting the section you want in the size you want! Call 437-6937/431-3383 or email for more registration details!
click on photos to enlarge

Fire and Ice for Baje, Crop Over 2009

The media launch for Baje International's Crop Over presentation "Fire and Ice" takes place today, Friday June 12th , at 8PM and it seems like the event will be occurring simultaneously online...just make sure and check out their website.

For those in Barbados, the launch takes place at Baje's mas camp located at Red Rock Café (at Time out in the Gap) . Also the mas camp will be open this Saturday June 13th & Sunday June 14th from 12 to 8 PM, where you can sign up before the public opening on Monday June 15th.

More about Fire and Ice and Crop Over Events From Baje:

The Party scene:
As is standard, we have spent the last 10 months planning and fine tuning just for you and now we are ready and excited to deliver our 2009 hard hitting season of events strapped with music, mass, excitement and plenty of drinks! Some of our plans include a blazing new team of Baje girls, an evolved web site (same address) and 5 hot recession ready FREE summer limes at Red Rock café featuring a barrage of artists and djs, crazy hype and happy hours and hours and hours. The limes begin on Friday June 19th and run weekly from 6PM till 1 AM. Plus we will be focusing on ripping Ocean Park right back as we proudly present the return of the big bad "Collision" on Friday July 17th, and the ever crazy, hyper, hopping mad Baje J?ouvert on Friday July 31st plus our brand spanking new last lap Rave. All of our limes will be on Friday nights at our mas camp at Red Rock except for our Collision and J?ouvert fetes at Ocean Park on Friday July 17th and 31st respectively and our last lap rave Each week the theme and entertainment will change so log on to our party page on the Baje site and Facebook, check out our weekly e-mails, or tune in to MIX FM weekly and HOTT FM every Friday for the Baje Top 10 ½ hour for details. Also, don?t forget to remember to vote on our site for your top tunes for the Baje top 10.

Fire and Ice on the road:
Our band has also evolved and includes our wonderful pee pee truck, more security, a fully stocked bar, Free Red Bull, self serve liquor stations, more drinks runners, 2 music trucks, D riddim section, a water zone, a delicious buffet lunch, special treats from your section hosts and more. Of course we also will feature the hottest regional and local acts along side Peter Coppin, Daddy Bubbles and Stan, dj Fuzz, NRG Sounds, Nterfaze, Cyclone & Flee and Skribzz. Plus we will be hosting 40 celebrities coming in to celebrate AJ Callaway?s 35th birthday Baje style (Stay tuned, you won?t believe the stars that are coming!!)

Our Team
Our team has also expanded to include 2 new partners Kirk Browne and the one and only Upstart both of who will host sections along side our long standing team of Main events (Trini crew), Wet Fete, Gary and Dawn Sarroa and Rupee. Also, this year look out for mad hype at the wet fete as we present "Baje premium wetter" on July 12th.

Our camp is located at Red Rock Bar next to the Dover playing field at Time out In the gap Just look for the Baje and sponsor banners. We are open Monday to Saturday 12 pm till 9pm and from 10:00 am until from July 6th. We officially open on Monday June 15th and we look forward to your visit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spicing Things Up!

One week from today we shall be looking at the first Carnival costumes of Trinidad Carnival 2010 as Spice will be holding their media launch on Wednesday June 17.

Expectation is high among many to see exactly what the design team of Richard and Anthony Productions have created for Spice's "The Spice Route", and I can tell you that among many masqueraders looking for an alternative Spice is the band on everyone's lips!

The buzz and hype surrounding Spice has even reached to certain section leaders who I am informed are allegedly seeking to leave their immensely popular bands for a spot in Spice! Something has to be working for you when the stalwarts in the business are knocking at your door.

I too am excited for the media launch, if only to get some more information on the theme, a launch date as well as to see some costumes!!

So, do you think that Spice is poised to be the new "IT" band on the carnival scene? Do you think that Spice will cause a migration from other bands for 2010? If Spice has the most gorgeous drop dead costumes out, will that be enough to sway you to Spice things up come Carnival ?

Thoughts, comments and opinions on Spicing it up welcomed!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Burrokeets UK...

Sections from Burrokeets UK "Amazonia":

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