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Friday, March 05, 2010

Ronnie and Caro 2010 Review (2)

This year we decided to try out a new band after playing with Legacy in 2009 and not being too pleased with the overall experience. Our group decided on Ronnie and Caro. We chose Saucy in the Marketplace backline with the frontline bra [we are true Backline BABEs!!]. Online registration was a breeze. We registered using the website's registration form and received confirmation emails and calls. They had several different payments options, so we made two payments before we got there.

We arrived on Carnival Saturday, so naturally the mas camp was the first stop [after drinks]. I noticed that our cards had incorrect balances and when I pointed it out to the young lady behind the counter, she was very helpful and straightened out all 3 of them without dispute. We all received our costumes and they were beautiful, minus some hot glue strings and my cousin having neon rhinestones on one side of her bra and 'pastels' on the other :-) But it was cute and she did not mind. I requested a thong, but got a panty in my box and that was quickly switched!
**Side Note** In mid-Jan, a friend of ours decided that she wanted to go to Carnival, got a ticket and was ready to play mas with us. Unfortunately, our section was already sold out. Between Ronnie, Carol and other members of the RC team, we felt that they made honest attempts to get her a Saucy costume! They all advised her to wait a few weeks until she got to Trinidad and try for an unsold costume. On Saturday, they were not selling costumes as yet and it was looking like everyone was coming in for they Saucy mas! They told her to come back Sunday morning which she did. In the end, she begrudgingly bought a Hummingbird costume for a very reduced price. After trying it on, she was in love!

Carnival Monday
Once again we had an amazing, unforgettable experience with Insomniacs, so Monday mas is a struggle for me. We got home around 10am, which was obviously after the band's meeting time. So after trying to wash yellow paint out of my hair, we left for Monday mas around 1pm. We went straight to Savannah and when we didn't see RC, we just walked about watching other bands and looking for food since we knew we'd missed lunch :-) When the band passed by, we jumped in and started chipping. The drink truck was accessible, but I don't remember seeing any snacks- I was too tired to see much of anything. The vibes were very nice, so chipped from about 2pm-6pm: when it get dark, we look to get ourselves outta town and back home. Monday was a nice time, but I was ready for some sleep so I could PALANCE on Tuesday!

Make-up with Carnival Faces
I saw reviews about Carnival Faces on this very blog and planned to try them out for Caribana before using them in Trinidad. Unfortunately KOS Jouvert, rendered us too tired to make our appointments in Toronto, but Trudy was very understanding. Based on her customer service and portfolio, I decided to book our group with her. We booked the 7:30am appt, since last year's 4:30am was just too much. We got there closer to 8am so of course we had to wait. During the wait, we were offered breakfast and drinks. There were mini quiches, sandwiches, fruit and some other things I cannot remember. For drinks there were different juices, water and premium alcohol. There was a air-conditioned lobby area or a sunny patio. I believe we were all called down in less than 30min and assigned to different ladies for the foundation application. I am unsure of what brand they used, but they did use a moisturizing primer, powder foundation, liquid concealer and then a holding spray. Onto the last station, where each artist worked their magic on us! Eyeshadow, rhinestones, glitter, eyelashes- a large selection of everything was available!! The artists took their time, yet had us out in under 45 minutes. We all left looking fabulous and everyone make-up lasted through the day!! They also gave us adorable goody bags with earrings, a mini lip gloss, and a trial Dior perfume. We all will be returning next year!

Carnival Tuesday
So of course we're late- as usual! (Note, we're never late for jouvert :-) We met the band on Frederick St, I think, and they obviously just got started. But my goodness, were people ready!! The drinks truck had no line and I don't know how because everyone had a full cup! I was a little thrown when I heard at 11am there was no white rum- but when I went back 10 minutes later, my friend: White Oak reappeared! From the time we got there, girls were walking around with boxes of snacks. The Craisins were my favorite and although the prunes seemed to be a hit, I kept my distance. 
There were also guys pushing barrels with water and chasers. There were at least 3 music trucks and each one had a crowd. I love the freedom to roam the band, because we got to jam with each truck! There was even a cool-down maxi available which I utilized for at least 2 hours throughout the day. The lunch stop was a little crazy, not to mention late IMO and the food wasn't the best- but I can't ever remember having great tasting food on the road. I think bands should do away with macaroni pie on the road, because it's something that can sour very quick. But after lunch, it was vibes again. I had no concept time after the first 3 shots of White Oak, but shortly after lunch the sun was setting and my heels were aching. Somehow, I missed crossing every stage! Don't know how I managed that and don't even care.. I heard each section palanced their way right into the Band of the Year title!! GO RC!

Overall, I give Ronnie and Caro a big A!! Security was on point all day! I never had to use the wee-wee trucks, but heard they were clean all day. I don't remember any giveaways which were advertised on the site, but that's minor. I'd also suggest they get some stronger backpacks: that material can't withstand jumping and waving! Last but not least, the men in RC were the best!!! Lots of eye candy ;-) I can't wait until next year!

Mz No Behavior

And The Dedicated Carnival Baby Award Goes Too......

There is going to come a time when this story is told as a Carnival Urban Legend; "did you hear about the girl who played mas with a break foot, in a cast and was wining on one crutch in the band?"

Of course the real story does not involve a cast or crutch but it did involve a broken foot and a very dedicated masquerader! The story as told to me goes like this; early Carnival Monday morning while trying to retrieve her costume from a top shelf this masquerader landed badly and ultimately broke her foot as seen in the X Ray below:

actual pic of actual  x ray of actual broken foot!

No, that X Ray was not taken on Carnival Monday OR Tuesday but after Carnival . After our masquerader unparalleled palanced ALL day Carnival Monday and Tuesday with NO CAST on that broken foot! And no, she was not wearing slippers, she wore BOOTS too!

So today we salute you, anonymous Threads of Morocco masquerader, for your embodiment of the Carnival Baby Spirit. We salute your unfailing dedication to your mas. We salute Mr Johnny Walker for being your friend and support. And most of all we salute the fact that you represented your fellow B.A.B.E.S (costume was always on point!) even if you did it in pain!

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