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Friday, February 29, 2008

Micheal Ealy

Buh aye aye, how he make mediatakeout for being in Trinidad for Carnival, yet another year??? And I know every single female in TRIBE, and even other bands, got a pic with him on the road.. including me!

Check out the "NON" story on

Ealy in 2007!!!

10 Signs you are suffering from Carnival Tabanca

Tabanca is a form of “love sickness”. It was described as ‘a state of depression' accompanied by withdrawal symptoms (can't eat, can't sleep) that occurs when one has been rejected by a loved one or experiences unrequited love. It is an adjustment disorder of losing a loved one. The term is also used to describe the feeling of being in love where one is constantly thinking, daydreaming and totally “head over heels” with someone, the mental anguish of getting *“horn”and having girlfriend/boyfriend worries or “a case of Love Jones”. Severe tabanca has been described as “tabantruck”.

Tabantruck – symptoms of tabanca so severe they cannot figuratively, fit in a car but needs a truck (“taban-truck” as opposed to “taban-car”)

1. You constantly play your Soca CD or downloads to your ipod at work, home and in your car resulting in spontaneous wining down low to Congo Man at your desk, behind the steering wheel or while making breakfast!

2. You wear your costume at home while listening to Soca CD Mix (see 1) it does not matter that you are dressed as such while doing household chores.

3. You consume stocks of Carib, STAG and Angostura rum that you brought back from Trinidad while doing 1 and 2, though hopefully not at work or while driving!

4. You scour the internet photo websites looking for photographs of you and your friends at Carnival fetes or on the road on Monday and Tuesday. You also peruse such sites to observe, and entertain yourself, by looking at others in costume. The daily obsession involves multiple clicks to Trini Jungle Juice who are taking forever to load Carnival photos.

5. You carefully organize, date and add witty commentary to your own Carnival photos which are placed in an online photo album slideshow which you then share with all and sundry via email.

6. You frequent internet forums, blogs, carnival-centric facebook groups and chatrooms to talk about your Carnival experience over, and over and over again with anyone that will listen.

7. You search for “Carnival 2008” on Youtube, looking at Carnival videos made by random strangers just to see people wining in costume.

8. You are pricing tickets to return for Carnival 2009 and are seriously contemplating purchasing a ticket to return to Trinidad this year for any reason, any reason at all!

9. You are looking at other Carnivals to ease the pain, DC, Cropover, Miami…. here you come!

10. You visit this blog daily like a crack fiend, whether you like Saucy's musings or not, just to see what new Carnival bacchanal has been unearthed, what gossip has been heard and to read other's comments on their Carnival 2008 experience.

*Horn - refers to the act when the your partner is unfaithful to you in the relationship – infidelity

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