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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Carnival in Hindsight… can never be TOO prepared… stuff to add to the list for 2010.

With all my planning for Carnival 2009 there was really nothing that went amiss; I had a matching umbrella for my costume, Ziploc bag for the camera/cell phone and copious amounts of Fletch Dry powder were used since I knew it was going to be a rainy Carnival and prepared accordingly. If anything I was over prepared with my lists and obsession over every little detail. In any event there were just some things that I simply had no control over, even though I did have a remedy for the situation, like my tights getting a ghastly run! So for Carnival 2010 these are some tips that I only thought about AFTER the fact:

*In January of this year I had a minor accident and injured the instep of my right foot. Thankfully my boots were a whole size bigger so getting them on was not that difficult as my foot was still sore and for Carnival. However, on Carnival Monday night that very same foot started cramping me all sorts of evil; it was so bad that my toes were actually curling under! It was at that point I realized there was no muscle relaxant or any type of topical balm (such as Tiger Balm) to soothe the muscles in the house and I made a mental note to always have that on hand for the following year! I finally found a “Chinese Plaster” that my mother had given me and that worked in stopping the pain. So, make sure and have something on hand for leg cramps…adding that to the packing list!

*There had to be something with the super low cut bra tops this year and all the dangerously close opportunities for nipple slips that I saw! Although I have recommended pasties to women wearing the sexy or cage bra I think it would do most women well to invest in pasties regardless of the type if bikini tops you choose to wear. Pasties come in all styles and shades and if all else fails and you cannot get pasties, do like my friend and try some band aids on the nipples!

* In one of the TRIBE reviews someone complained about the unsanitary deodorants provided at the lunch stop. Though I did have the foresight to toss one of the mini sample deodorants I had gotten from visiting someone else’s mas camp in my husbands knapsack, not many people thought this might be necessary and believe me, IT WAS! 2010 make sure and walk with your own deodorant please as it was more than needed on the road for some people.

*I always walk with safety pins on the road, but I walk with one size, the small ones. Thank Goodness my friend walked with the jumbo sized pins as we used that to secure her wings when it was damaged after someone bounced her and ripped a part of the wing off in the process. One jumbo safety pin after and the wings were back in action! My pins also saved several other people on the road Carnival Tuesday; a must have I tell you.

*The one thing I missed greatly on the road was a mirror on Carnival Monday. I know some of you are going to laugh about that one, but trust me it was an essential that I totally forgot about. We had gotten a nice TRIBE mirror in 2008 that I walk with everywhere but it is lost now and I simply did not have one small enough to fit in my pouch. That meant I went mirror less all day Monday (oh the horror) and realized just how much I needed one! Carnival Tuesday I remedied the situation by getting a small mirror from out of a compact and that worked. Trust me, a mirror on the road is an essential for me.

And if you are wondering where on earth are you going to put all these things, let me list what I walked with in my Carnival Tuesday bag (I am still surprised all that stuff even fit!)

*Dentyne Ice Gum
*Clear Nailpolish
*Lip Gloss
*Small Mirror
*Small Black Opal Oil Blocking Powder
*Blotting Sheets
*Mini Perfume
*Sample size pack of ADVIL liquid gels

The cell phone went in my boots !

What did you walk with on the road ? And, was there anything that you WISHED you had walked with or done that you didn't think about until after Carnival?

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