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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Carnival Tuesday Recap

Carnival is serious business for me; I mean it may be obvious since I started this blog to document my obsession from band launching to the actual Carnival days. So, I was quite anxious when I collected my costume, but not my back pack. At first we (the other frontline members) were due to collect on Carnival Friday, which turned to Saturday, then Sunday (which was when I finally got my headpiece).. I did not think it was possible to collect on Monday, I mean THIS IS TRIBE after all,but people, I got my backpack on the road Carnival Tuesday!!!

I was pretty cool about the whole thing, since it was finally explained that the designer of the frontline sections was out of commission due to a personal emergency and TRIBE was left having to find a wirebender at the 99th hour. I even felt a bit of compassion towards the employees who had to endure hundreds of calls since my section was not the only one affected, as well as I was grateful that TRIBE addressed the situation by offering compensation to those who endured problems. However, all that graciousness went out the window on Monday night when I showed up at the mas camp, yet again, and could not collect my backpack. At that point I had really had enough and had to emit some sort of release. Now, I am not the type to cuss and carry on, remember TRIBE was being pretty decent about the whole thing, but when I could not get word on where my backpack was and when I was getting it I broke down in tears!!

So, I had a huge release of all that anxiety and eventually went home with assurances that they would deliver my back pack to me. Some of the ladies in frontline did indeed get their backpacks delivered at MIDNIGHT on Carnival Monday, but I live in the East and did not see the sense of having some poor soul drive all the way to my house to deliver my backpack when I could collect it on the road. That was how I ended up getting it on Carnival Tuesday, just before crossing the downtown stage. When I FINALLY got my back pack, it was like Christmas! I was SOOOOOOOOO happy, you all will not believe! And it was absolutely gorgeous, exactly like pictured so I had no problems at all; can I tell you how much I LOVED my costume? It was fabulous!!

Unfortunately my friend Mystique, who also played in Mystique Frontline, did not get her back pack/fin/wing on Tuesday, only the headpiece. I cannot begin to tell you how upset she was; even though TRIBE gave her a reimbursement all she wanted was to have her Frontline costume, every piece of it!! And to add insult to injury one of the girls from the mas camp wore the prototype on the road; note to TRIBE if none of the masqueraders got their back pack do NOT let anyone show up “flaunting” it to the ones that did not get it! Now, I know some of you don’t care about costume, you put on your headpiece to take photographs and leave it at home or you relieve your self of everything but your underwear along the route. Then there are those who care greatly, agonize over costume selection, dream about all the matching accessories for months, plan everything around the costume down to the footwear and wear the entire thing, headpiece, back pack and all, until the last chip on Carnival Tuesday night; I belong to the latter type of masquerader and only others of a similar vein can understand how important having your costume just as you expected is.

Apart from the costume hiccups, on the road was great! We crossed downtown with no delays this year and in an effort to not race ahead and leave the sections to the back we took out time crawling up Frederick Street. Along the way I made bathroom stops (hint to frontliners use the handicap bathrooms) and filled up on lots of water. The bands ahead of us were Ronnie and Caro whose costumes looked very nice on the road, and a small Indian band "Indians Fuh Sure" of which the hubby became “KING” of the band and crossed the Savannah stage with them before going to find Harts!!! I have to say crossing that Savannah stage is so “anticlimactic” really; no feeling of being on a showcase to spur you on at all, downtown was the better arena for me. Not to mention we crossed the Savannah pretty quickly and after that I only wanted lunch!

We made a bee line straight to the resting stop, I don’t care which band likes being on the road all day, that stop was rejuvenating to me! After an ok lunch of jerk chicken (the food needs to step up a bit for 2009), collecting two magnums of Heineken that they gave out for free, which promptly went in my friend’s friend car that was parked at the lunch stop, and a powder room refresher it was time to hit the road. We eventually got moving and with a renewed energy it was down the road to Woodbrook! I enjoyed the music, and the drinks, until I infuriated enough people with my back pack, sorry, but when you see a F.H.O. coming move out the way!!! Seriously, I stayed with the band until night fell, and when we got close to where our car was parked it was time to make my exit. I left security trying in vain to battle the stormers at the end!
Free drinks!

To all the bloggers that I met now you know the “secret” section, oh and the Heinekein section did indeed look as lame as the Pall Mall costumes last year, and to ALLLL the people who came up to me and say you enjoy the blog; THANK YOU! I was amazed that you guys made me out on the road (though the blogger band did give it away) as well as the fact that so many people actually read this blog daily! I met a mom and pop who read because of their daughter, and many people who wanted to thank me for the tips in helping them get ready for Carnival. It did my heart proud to see so many ladies in boots, both of mine were super comfortable! And I never saw so many gorgeous ladies on the road, all made up with faces well decorated. Man, I thought I was the only Carnival junkie!!! I SO cannot wait to do this again next year. I LOVE IT.

Oh, and for 2009 I know what TRIBE’s theme will be (though not the name of the presentation), I have always wanted to play in scarlet so I might be in Gail Cabral’s section, but then again, I have played in Super Mo Mo’s section from inception. As for a hint of what to expect, all I can tell you TRIBERS is prepare to take flight!!!

Sorry I do not have photos of TRIBE masqueraders on the road, hubby was the camera man and all he took was photos of me in costume and other random stuff. It would be nice to get a copy of anyone who took a photograph with me, I know I took shots with many of you who read the blog and it would be nice to have a memento as well. Email me a copy at however will have LOTS of pics, so check them out!!!

Mc Farlane Masquerader

Hubby's adopted band "Indians Fuh Sure"

TRIBERS at the rest stop

HARTS masqueraders

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