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Sunday, September 19, 2010

15 Questions With a Two Band High-Maintenance Overachiever

Have you ever wished that Carnival was a week long celebration, with parades taking place every day, so that unencumbered by time constraints and if money was not a factor you could play in a different costume for each day of the week long festival? I know I have often thought about it given the fact that I fall in love with more than one costume in more than one band each year.

The trend of  dual costumes for Carnival is not new, Danielle Jones (pictured below) played in Poison and Tribe in the year 2005. Wendy Fitzwilliam has often been seen in Harts and TRIBE , however you do not need to be a local celeb or ex beauty queen  to live out this fantasy. I know many ladies who have indeed played in  two costumes of the same band (one for Monday and one for Tuesday) or two costumes in different bands over the years.

Poison 2005

TRIBE 2005

I first wrote about the Two Band High-Maintenance Overachiever (H.O.) in my post entitled "The Enigma of the Two Band H.O." in 2006, if you would like to revisit that article check it out here.

Today I interview a masquerader who ventured into the realm of dual costumes this year (Carnival 2010) and will continue the trend by playing in two FRONTLINE costumes  in two different bands for Carnival 2011:

1. How long have you been playing mas?
I’ve been playing mas since I was a little girl. I remember when I was about four cry, cry, crying because I wanted to play one of Cinderella’s mice, but it was a boys’ section. I got my mouse costume in the end, though. Diva behaviour from young.

2. Which band/bands have you played mas with?
For adult mas, I’ve played in Harts, Poison, Island People and TRIBE.

3. Do you normally play frontline, if so how many years have you done so?
Nope, I don’t automatically go FL. I love elaborate costumes, but sometimes I don’t like the FL versions of a section that I like, eg. IPM Rain. I’ve played FL only three times.

4. How many times have you played in two different bands and do you pay full costume price for two costumes?
Oh, just the one time (so far). And yeah, I paid full price.

5. Which two bands are you playing with in 2011?

6. Are you playing backline or frontline and which costume in which band?
In 2010, I played BL and FL. For 2011, I’m registered for (at least) a FL costume.

7. What is the motivation behind playing in two different costumes in two different bands?
I saw a costume that I LOVE-LOVE-LOVED, but it was in a different band from the one in which I usually play. And then I saw a really cute costume in my usual band, where I usually have a spectacular Carnival. So, after some internal debating, I realised that I wanted both, and fortunately, I was in a financial position to accomplish such.

8. People might say what is the point of playing in two different costumes especially since Monday is not a day people wear full costume, what would you say to these people?
I don’t say anything to those people. They’re entitled to their criticisms, and to say what they like. I simply smile at their questions (which are often veiled accusations), and continue having a blast.

9. Will you be playing in FULL costume on both days?
I did this year when I had one BL. I played in full costume on both days (all day). If I were to play two FLs, I may consider leaving out some bits for Monday, but I’m thinking I’d more likely wear everything so that I experience the true costume glory.

10. Which band will you be in on Monday and Tuesday?
It was easy this year because I only had one FL costume. It would have been harder had there been two FLs.

11. How do you decide which band you will play in on which day?
It’s not so much about the band, but more about the costume for me. When I’m wearing something beautiful and I look fantastic, I tend to have great fun, regardless of where I am. So, I will probably decide which costume looks better after collection and make a final decision then.

12. Do you enjoy your experience equally in both bands or is one a better experience over the other?
This year I preferred my Monday experience to my Tuesday, but that had nothing to do with the band, but rather that Monday there was so much more space to move around. I’d spent time in both bands on Monday actually, and the situation was the same in both instances where there was so much more freedom to party and have fun.

13. After you play in one band on Monday do you sell your costume or allow someone to use it on Tuesday seeing as you will be playing in another band in a different costume?
I can certainly allow someone to use it, but I’m not sure many people would really want that opportunity. I would feel like a cad selling my costume, however, because I truly put my costume to full use. I couldn’t fathom selling an item so used and “un-cleanable.” I’m not sure I’d even want to wear my costume more than once.

14. For the same money why not do an Individual costume instead of two frontline costumes?
I have done an individual costume. I didn’t like the experience. The streets are too small, the bands are too crowded, there is such limited space to show off the beauty of the costume. And, as there is no stage, the appeal of an individual costume plummets when you think that Mas on the Road is the big climax that you’re working towards.

15. On Ash Wednesday do you ever think that your choice on which band to play with on Monday or Tuesday day was wrong and that you should have either stayed in one band both days day or switched the days you played on either band?
Since I only did the dual-band thing this year, I can respond with a resounding “No.” I had a blast this year, and have zero regrets. I loved both costumes, I have loads of pictures and all of them have me sporting this huge, goofy grin. AND, I was able to get on wild with even more friends than I usually do when being confined to one band.
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