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Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Feathered Heaven!!!

What a night! Going live was so much drama with resizing and uploading photos, while trying to be everywhere all at once with hopes to still try and enjoy the launch. Well, I gave up on having as a good a time as I did last year, however with so many of you online last night waiting for pics the vibe and camaraderie kept me going!!

So, I am not going to review the launch per se as I was behind the scenes for the most part, but the décor of Pier 1 was very nice with the live birds and the use of the massive birdcages on the stage and as props for “dancing girls”. A pre recorded parrot voice greeted you with a “Welcome to TRIBE” on entry, uhmm yeah ok! Since I arrived early for the media launch I was able to see the venue go from empty to packed solid, it was a big fete in Pier 1 and things were still in full swing when I left at 3:30AM.

The media launch was attended by President Max Richards and his wife, it featured a presentation by TRIBE on celebrating 5 years in the business. After that it was on to the nine costumes that we were privy too; lots of oohhhs and ahhhs which was mirroed at the actual launch hours later. People generally seemed impressed.

After the media launch people trickled in steadily, I got a text from Mystique telling me she was stuck in traffic at 11:15 and the launch was carded to start at 12 midnight. Lots of people were stuck in traffic, a caveat of using Pier 1 as a venue. My biggest complaint would have to be the very late start on the showing of costumes; first it was to start at 12, then 1 and finally happened at 1:30.. I was restless and anxious to see more dammit! Anyway when the show started all thoughts of being tired and cranky went out the window as one feathered costume after the other dazzled the eye and senses.

I was a bit concerned that Anthony and Richard had done costumes for Spice, being in the know of some behind the scenes information I knew they got involved with Spice after starting costumes with TRIBE. My fear was that the costumes would look similar however with the exception of Spangled Cotinga frontline, the costumes are very different. Spice is all about the bling with their jeweled bras and belts while TRIBE is just in a feathered heaven!

Now unto the costumes and let me start with the “duds” first, being the ones that I did not like or was not impressed with. Flight of the Ibis, cute backline, it is very skimpy with a big feathered headpiece, and I am guessing the white and black on the costume is a nod to it being our national bird? But, aesthetically I am just not seeing the Ibis with black and white; in addition I did not like the Individual costume which is a cross between Bjork’s Swan Dress from the Oscars and an accordion fan. If I squint my eye I can see what the designers were trying to portray but it actually looks like someone tragically maimed the Ibis! The frontline is O.K. I am not wowed, I think I might have a personal dislike for red costumes on the whole.. oh well.

Flamingo, nothing drastically wrong with this costume, I need to see that shade of pink in person. It looks like another “cutesy” safe design but again, where does the white come in? I remember looking at endless photos of Flamingos and they are a pinky/salmon colour.. no white!!! Not to mention the butt pack looks like a feather duster; I aint feeling this one too much at all either.

Okay so we get to the costumes that pass the grade but did not really bring the WOW factor. Wild Parrot, very nice use of the colours of the actual bird, nice overall not wowed by it. Blue Tanger, gorgeous colour, liking the tiny feathered wings that women can keep on all day, perfect for the backline betty who is low maintenance, pretty but not stunning though the larger headpiece is nice. Night Owl, I like the colour combination of earthy, woodsy tones.. marries well to the portrayal and really cannot fault the design except to say that it is just “there”, maybe a bit too basic as we have been there done that before kinda thing.

Aight, now the costumes with that extra oomph but that I still got a lil problem with. Brazilian Macaw, I like the headpiece and back/neck pack, the sexy bra is just that, sexy, cannot expect anything less from Ms Hordatt. I love the male for this section by the way and the Individual is awesome. I just think that the backline costume needs an extra oomph as well; it is way too simple when matched up with that frontline or even other backlines of the 15 sections.

Golden Dove, loving the backline, very pretty with all those sparkly rhinestones to injure your stockings!!! The frontline however might just be too much of a good thing. I absolutely applaud the fact that the designers took a different path with the swimsuit (similar to Isis because it is the same designer) and the use of lots of rhinestones. I am not feeling the headpiece, maybe it is the tan coloured winged pieces or that bit in the middle… And the cuff of the wrist piece is too big and chunky with too little feathers to balance it out, it looks odd.

Finally the superstars of the bunch!!! Caged Canary, LOVE the colour combination, LOVE the frontline headpiece, LOVE the hanging dangly feathers, LOVE the wrist piece on the frontline. this is a VERY skimpy costume, that chain belt is unforgiving as it hides nothing.

Ruby Topaz, beautiful Brazilianesque frontline, what is not to LOVE? The wings are too pretty as well as the colour and the massive headpiece for the frontline. The backline stands on its own as well, very well decorated bra and headpiece.

African Love Bird, Peter Elias did good. The frontline is dramatic, sexy and covered all in one while the backline has the cute feathered collar that ups the glam factor on this one, of course I love the colours as well.

Humming Bird, ooh I like the dark, shimmery sequinedess of this one. I notice all the headpieces use a peak to emulate a beak, which is a nice theme running through the band, but Humming Bird has an actual metal beak that I think is hot! I love the frontline, the colours look just like the real thing.

Bird of Paradise, can we say HELLO it is fricking gorgeous? Super Mo Mo has done it again! SO stylish, SO well put together with the collar, the tail and the option of wings for frontline, just beautiful. The backline is gorgeous as well, one should not feel frontline envy in that costume! That swishiness of the tail is so so so adorable!! Wine blocker it is for sure!

Green Honeycreeper, very, very pretty green costume, that bra is wicked and is so not suitable for all cup sizes as the side of the bra hooks unto a O ring with teeny straps !The frontline is stellar!!! I LOVE the wings and the silver jeweled decoration on them The backline has a lovely headpiece, that holds it’s own against the frontline.

Kiskadee, let me just say that the frontline headpiece is killer and it is just that and the tail which separates backline from frontline. I like the use of brown and yellow feathers, just like the bird,. With those footpieces you don’t need to decorate boots!!! The tail is cute, another wine blocker but pull it off if you dare Frontline H.O.s! Oh and note the use of the appliqué, though it still harkens back to the ole time Poison days this particular appliqué is a lil different in design, I am not enthralled by the appliqué but at least it looks a bit more modern. This is another one of Monique's I might add.

Spangled Cotinga, oh what a pity the full impact of this costume was lessened by Melilot Blue which you cannot help but compare it to. However, Cotinga BLOWS any other out the water. The colour is the exact shade of aqua as Nylon Pool circa 2006. The headpiece, gorgeous!!! The décor on the bodysuit.. gorgeous!! I get a Machu Pichu nekkid vibe from this costume. And that tail!!! I know it is going to irk some people on the road, the ones who want to throw some vulgar waist, but it has that whip action going on when you swing those hips DIVAS!

Pheasant, burnished bronze and pheasant feathers.. we have seen this combination before but it is ALWAYS a pleaser. Yes, that headpiece is reminding me of Wendy Fitzwilliams winning costume at Miss Universe courtesy Harts, but I still love it! I really need to inspect this costume closer to see the detail on the bra and belt but I put it in the top costumes because it is beautiful.

The male costumes have greatly improved over the burger king headpiece of this year. For the males I like Pheasant, Brazilian Macaw, Bird of Paradise, Spangled Cotinga and maybe Kiskadee. Everything else looks decent but not stellar. I see the portrayed male frontlines/individuals at the launch last night so all who were clamoring for more mas for the men, your request has been heeded; I am waiting to see how many men actually play Individuals.

All the female costumes have similar headpieces in terms of the V, simulated beak and the placement of feathers in the design, overall a very colourful presentation that is a step above 2008 so I am very impressed. Yeah, I am biased because I am a TRIBER, but yuh know what I am and I am not denying it because everyone else goes gaga over THEIR band of choice as well. I tried to be as fair as possible in my assessment and also used other people’s reviews from the launch last night as well to get a vibe on what they thought was hot or not though it did not necessarily affect my opinion. Truthfully I wish all bands come with beautiful costumes so that masquerader have choices , as we know one band alone cannot accommodate us all!

TRIBE's website will be up and running on Wednesday!! As for prices, well I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be eating lettuce and water for the rest of the year, but that might be a good thing since that is the diet you need to be on to fit into these costumes!! I am NOT playing, my "fat" ass will be in the gym from August 1st!!

For more photos

Album 1

Album 2

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Post Launch Photos

Ok this is the last update from the band launch, I got over 1000 photographs that I now have to sort through... I am in a feathered paradise!!! Loving MOST of the costumes and I already selected my section!

Signing off until a few hours later when I will be uploading more spectacular pics!

Ruby Topaz Backline

Blue Tanger

African Love Bird Backline


Caged Canary Frontline

Ibis Backline

Ruby Topaz Frontline

Peacock Individual

Golden Dove Backline

Bird of Paradise Frontline Option 1

Speckled Owl

Snow Owl

Green Honeycreeper backline

Green Honeycreeper Frontline

African Love Bird Frontline

Amazon Parrot

Pheasant Frontline

Pheasant Backline

Kiskidee Frontline

Green Honeycreeper Male Individual

Brazilian Macaw Individual

Brazlian Macaw Frontline

Just teasers!!!!

From behind the scene

The show starts at 1!

I am sorry to report that it is an even longer wait for costumes as the show has been now announced to start at 1:00AM. It will be a lonnnnng night for those of you keeping watch.
There is a huge crowd, many of whom were stuck in traffic getting here, so I am guessing that might have attributed to the delay. The party is in full swing, with endless SOCA!

All the sections shown at the media launch were frontline costumes, with the exception of the male for Green Parrot. The sections shown were Flight of the Ibis, Caged Canary, Spangled Cotinga, Green Honey Creeper, Pheasant, Hummingbird , Brazilian Macaw and Kiskadee. If Spangled Cotinga reminds you of Melilot Blue it is because the same designers, Richard and Anthony, did that costume which was a hit at the media launch. Richard has informed me that the swimsuit style is their "signature" for Carnival 2009!! What a thing when the same designers design for more than one band, lol, but I absolutely heart both Richard & Anthony.

So, it is back to the party for me and I will be bringing some more pics of Bird of Paradise, African Love Bird, Golden Dove, Flamingo, Owl and the others after the launch!

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