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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Island People 2010 Review (5)

This is my second year playing mas with IP. I’m am overseas masquerader.

Costume Collection.
Last year because of our late arrival we collect our costumes carnival Friday. Can you say total and utter chaos!

Good lord, it took us 3 hours to collect our costumes and this is only because we worked as a team (2 in the costume collection line, the other 2 in the payment line) So this year my friends and I were the first at the mass camp carnival Friday morning.Well let me say this, it took us under 10 minutes to pay off our balances and collect our costumes. Kudos to IP!The staff were kind and courteous during out short stint there and imagine our delight when in addition to a goodie bag, we were directed to a goodie table where we could take as many free items as our hearts desired. YEAH!I wasn’t greedy so I only took what I needed, sun block (standard size J ) cranberries, and a few IP calendars for my friends back home that could not come to T&T to PALANCE!!!

Carnival Monday
The band moved off on time, it would appear as we met them on Aripita ave 30min after their agreed move off time.

Let me say the Monday wear idea I was not to happy with at first as I was super excited about wearing those sexy little boy shorts. But I must say I enjoyed seeing the creative side of my fellow masqueraders! Skirts, tops, sari’s, even the men took full advantage using the fabric to make dhotis and head wraps, true to theme.

Everyone was in full carnival mood and by the time we crossed Synergy’s stage it was full palance for the rest of the day.

The DJ’s were on point with the music, the snacks and drinks were flowing and don’t get me started on the eye candy!!!! IP men are the BOMB; I am still trying to recover from my eye candy induced diabetes J

I appreciate that the band stopped on both days for lunch, it was a much needed rest on both days. The down side for me with lunch was that day 1 we were not served until 5pm, the worms were biting by this time, and on both days I heard masqueraders complaining that the food was to salty. Now I don’t know if I have a metal tongue or what but I found the food to be both filling and tasty.

Another thing I would like to comment on, which I thought was clever, is that during lunch only non alcoholic beverages were served within the Oval. This gave those persons who needed a chance to sober up the opportunity to do so.

I also appreciated the demographic of the band, not to young, not to old, just right!

Carnival Tuesday
My friend and I stayed just off Aripita Ave and noticed the band moving up the road at 6:30 am with no masqueraders, just security and music trucks. What the ASS????

We thought that maybe they were going for gas or something because our booklet said the band wasn’t moving off until 7am (apparently it was announced on the music truck that the band would move off at 6 am instead, guess I wasn’t as sober as I though LOL).Imagine us still at home 9am waiting for the band.

We finally decided to get off our lazy butts and made our way to Charlotte st where the band was waiting to cross the savannah.When we approached the band I was pleasantly surprised with the look of the band. No wondering what the hell they trying to depict.I had some serious costume envy when I saw Mudra, Taal , Kalpana and Chandsitarie, they were even more beautiful in person than online. The band over all I thought was extremely true to theme. Oh and again the eye candy were out in their numbers J

I registered in Raja Aur Rani, not my costume of choice but definitely my price of choice based on what was left at my time of registration. The actual costume was not that impressive and based on the quality of the costumes last year it felt kind of cheap. Thumbs down on this. However I made the best of it and rocked it like a true B.A.B.E.

The band was noticeably smaller than 2009 but I think as a masquerader that was a plus. Lots of room to dance and misbehave and an ease at the bar and snack trucks, even the bathroom line wasn’t so bad.

Moving on.

Although we waited almost an hour in the HOT ASS TRINI SUN to cross the “stage”, I must say the vibes never died. IP masqueraders know how to PARTY! This was the atmosphere all day long.

Let me say this I was skeptical about giving IP a second chance but they really re-invented them selves this year and delivered A1 service.
Over all it was a fun filled experience and based on 2010 I would definitely play with IP in 2011. A step up from 2009 for sure.

Oh let me also give props to Marlon Grant (I think that’s his name) he was very hands on with IP, even serving food on both days and dealing with disgruntled masqueraders.

The No Bra Trend.......Hmmmmm

With so many bands offering select sections with the Rio Styled Wire Bra in lieu of a regular bra top for masqueraders, it was no surprise that many masqueraders whose sections did not offer this option went and got their own bras customized as the demand for this sexy style has reached phenomenal proportions.

Jean Cool of Samba Costumes boasted that he was doing lots of orders for Trinidad Carnival and I would have to attest that I saw customized wire bras in every single band, from TRIBE to D Krewe to Harts to Spice!

Wire bras were even a very popular Monday Wear option as I saw many, many ladies in TRIBE sporting them:

And while it is a growing trend for women to show off their assets as well as physical manifestation of months of hard work in the gym, where do we draw the line between a sexy, scintillating costume option to right out straight up nudity by wearing NO BRA at all?!

At least the first masquerader in D Krewe, pictured above, used gems as pasties to retain some modesty and not run afoul of the law BUT the masquerader pictured immediately below is straight up topless in body paint! Apart from the fact that I am left wondering what section she was in and where is the costume she paid for (she was wearing the correct masquerader ID bands in TRIBE) the more pressing question is how come she was not arrested for indecent exposure like the unfortunate jouvert reveler in San Fernando?

I am patiently awaiting next Carnival when someone shows up in full body paint... and nothing else or a wire bra and tapasexo! Might as well go all out Rio seeing where the trend is headed, and speaking of that where is our Sambodromo!? I am thinking the whole "street parade" is defeating the purpose of  portraying pretty mas however that is another topic for another day. So, what are your thoughts on the no bra trend?

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