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Friday, March 09, 2007

Myths and Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh I just get excited, super super excited!!Thanks to sweetie 'rah who left a lil comment that TRIBE's 2008 presentation will be "Myths and Magic" I just got confirmation that it is true!!! Allyuh not happy? Allyuh not ready to see costumes? Allyuh just not seeing costumes with wings and baubles and sequins and feathers galore? I think I need to go and lie down now and plan when I starting to hit the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Island People

Dear Island People,
I have never played with your band but have several friends who do and in addition took on the task or registering a friend last year so I am fairly knowledgeable about several issues that lead me to writing this letter.

We all know that your talented team of designers create beautiful costumes and by most accounts the on the road experience was enjoyable to many of your masqueraders. However, there seems to be something drastically wrong with what happens between the band launch and Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The period of registration was quite frustrating, trust me I was on hand to witness the long lines crawling around the corner of Stone Street and even though I live in Trinidad I thought it somewhat unfair that overseas masqueraders had to pay in full. As suggested before, do have viewing of your costumes before registration begins, and if at all possible you might consider moving to a different venue for registration as your mas camp is just too small to accommodate all those people comfortably. Standing for hours in the sun, exposed to elements does not a happy customer make; thanks for the refreshments though, they were indeed needed.

Presenting a young, fresh face to your potential customers by way of the committee on hand at the mas camp is all well and good, obviously it represents the clientele you would like to attract to your band. The problem for me is when these young'uns are not adequately trained in customer service and are sometimes at a loss to give credible information when asked, whether in person or over the phone. It would serve better to leave the management of all areas of the band to older, more experienced members trained in both Public Relations and Customer Care. I don't have to reiterate that your customer service is sorely lacking in dealings with masqueraders. For some that does not matter but to many people giving you their hard earned dollars a little bit of respect in terms of treating them as a paying customer goes a long way. Why oh why should normally decent persons resort to cussing all and sundry at the mas camp and be brought to tears to get what they paid for?

Though your costumes are quite lovely, it makes no sense to offer a product that does not fit well, ruining the effect of how it is supposed to look on all but the lucky few who have the ideal body type. The group sizing for your costumes has to be reviewed and discontinued. I cannot tell you how many women I saw in Nubains wearing a regular bra under the costume bra top because it did not fit properly. And what was up with telling people their size "sold out" in a particular section? At the prices we pay for costumes is it too much to ask for a custom made bra that is sized like regular bras and not lumped together as a small, medium or large? On that note maybe it would be nice to offer costumes with more regular bras rather than halter and strapless bras; then the ladies with larger breasts will have more choices as the halters and strapless are only cute on the smaller sizes and offer little support.

Finally, costume distribution was a fiasco again this year. Might I suggest getting a bigger venue for 2008 (Country Club was fine) in addition to ensuring that costumes AND goody bags get to masqueraders on the advertised date. I do not want to believe that some of your masqueraders were "thrown" goody bags at them over the wall by security, please train each member of staff that your customers are your bread and butter at the end of the day they are the ones paying your salaries.

Here is wishing you all the success in 2008!


Saucy !


Even though you totally ignored my request for a goody bag filled with real goodies and as a consequence I still do not have a Digicel cell phone, I am still writing to implore you on behalf of myself and your loyal masqueraders for some gorgeous costumes for 2008. I read in today’s Guardian that the Band Launching may be earlier than originally thought this year, so with the limited time remaining until then, I know the theme of the band has already been decided and costumes are being designed.

Seeing as you have a high percentage of Divas that play with TRIBE, I mean we did not get the reputation of being “stush” and “posers” for nothing, it would please us greatly to be able to parade through the streets of Port of Spain in special and extra, extra special fabulous costumes. You do remember some of your hits from Pleasures Carnival? Back then I played with Harts, but I always admired your costumes as being unique to the “rest” of Poison costumes. Where have those days gone? Now we can find nary 2 plumes on a headpiece and enough beads to cover our behind!!! And let's retire the Indian Mas for a couple years, the best it ever looked was in Poison 2004!

Let gorgeous headpieces, detailed beadwork and unique front lines be your Hallmark for 2008, and no jacking up prices again for 2008, even Divas have a limit or how much value they place on feathers and beads. Please, no repeat of Cow Mas, Fancy Sailor or Fireman; I have grown tired of hats being used in lieu of a real plumed headpiece (though I know those costumes had to fit the theme). Also, let the prototype of the costume modeled at the launch be what it is actually given upon costume pickup. Shrunken headpieces and backpacks (someone says Majorette?) is not a nice surprise for a masquerader eagerly awaiting and visualizing their costume for months and months.

On behalf of the ladies with the ample bosoms, not all of us want or need a tankini to get proper support. There are actually ladies who are slim with larger breasts. Therefore we want the “sexy” bras and not the “ugly” bras I saw some ladies wearing! What happened to the bra fittings last year? I remember there were two versions of the larger bras available and you had the choice of the sexy bra or the ugly bra… PLEASE lets have the bra trial so we can be properly fitted for 2008.

Finally bring back Nylon Pool frontline!!! I mean if other bands can use the Nylon Pool back pack for their 2007 presentation why can’t you too revamp Nylon Pool, rewind and remix for 2008? Basically I am asking for more frontlines with backpacks, something fabulous where you carry the feathers on your back and not all over your chest; pretty please. Like I said in the letter I emailed to you, to cater to the Divas and those who have yet to realize their Diva potential it would be nice to offer frontline and backline options for all sections, even if it means giving only the choice of a bigger, more fabulous headpiece; I have only to point to the Imp fiasco to illustrate that masqueraders DO want that choice.

Knowing that TRIBE does listen to their masqueraders this letter will not be in vain,

Thanking you for your kind consideration,



p.s. I am available for costume consultations and critiques if needs be!

p.s.s. Solange has my number!

Are you ready?

So, I was reading the online Guardian and today's Pulse had this tid bit of information:

Glossy Tribe

Mas band Tribe has outdone itself with its C2K7 commemorative magazine. The glossy 96-page collectors edition, designed by Amadi Jack and printed by Zenith Services Ltd, is in full colour and filled with images of every Tribe moment for the Carnival season, opening with Bliss and culminating with mas on Carnival Tuesday night.

This week, between balancing the books and trying to get some much needed rest, Tribe leader Dean Ackin hinted that with C2K8 falling even earlier than this year’s festival (February 4-5), while a launch of the band’s presentation for next year could be early in August, it might well be in four months, late in July.

This year, Tribe paid tribute to traditional mas, drawing on the experiences and knowledge of veteran mas afficionado Val Rogers, playing Ole Time Something...Come Back Again.

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Note that part highlighted in bold? Bandlaunching may be as early as July, that's ONLY four months away! I just hope it is either before or after Crop Over in case I decide to go I will not be missing the miss Band Launch.

Island Events Updated

Island Events now has their Carnival Tuesday Gallery available for Island People, TRIBE and Trini Revellers. I swear, I cannot keep up with all the Carnival photos on all these different websites! Spotted Carnival Jumbie and Warrior Like Me on Island Events!
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