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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Louis Saldenah Band Launch Photos

Your hard working Caribana blogger, Karabana, has photos of Louis Saldenah's Caribana 2009 portrayal "A Tribute to Harold Saldenah, the Golden Years" from last night's band launch. Check it out on her blog.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trini Posse UK

Trini Posse UK launched their Notting Hill Carnival 2009 presentation "Roman Visitors" on 23rd May 2009; the three sections of the all inclusive band are customizable and the band is all-inclusive:

So if you are interested in Trini Posse UK's offering take a look at their website for more details on the band and their costumes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Private Ryan Gym Mix

This is for all of you getting in shape for the Summer Carnivals and Trinidad Carnival 2010!

DJ Private Ryan has a gym mix called BODYHEAT which incorporates a lot of different genres including dancehall, techno, hip hop, soca, soca remixes and oldies put together in a high energy mix:


1. Go to

2. Right click the link under the BODYHEAT artwork.

3. For windows users select save target as/ For mac users select download lined file if using Safari

4. The mix should be wherever your destination folder for downloads is

* if you want to stream the mix simply click the link at the bottom or top of the artwork.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

As seen at the Bermuda Heritage Day parade

Now this is what you call costume recycling; one of the Queens at the Bermuda Heritage Day parade wearing a Rays of Light headpiece:

DC Carnival 2009 Fetes

D.C. Carnival is the next major international Carnival on the calender, taking place June 27 to 28, 2009. Asked by one of the bloggers what are the not to be missed fetes at DC Carnival I had to say Islands in the Sun and The Taboo Party as these are the fetes my DC friends never miss.

TRIBE Ignite is also a very popular event on the calender and this year patrons can also look forward to Xen, billed as DC Carnival's Signature Event!

click to enlarge

To purchase tickets to these events or get more information visit the following websites:

Basement Knockers
Gresham Ventures
The Taboo Party
Blu Carnival

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shhh! .............. Islandpride Sneek Peek

After seeing the four sections done for All Spice by Designing Daryl, I am very curious to see what he has in store for Boston Carnival! If you are as well, Island Pride will be giving a sneak peek of what is in store at Dare to Stare.

For tickets and more information on this top secret event (location is disclosed only after you purchase your ticket) click HERE.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuck in Remix and Rewind?

Having seen many band launches and costumes thus far for the "Summer carnivals", both regionally and internationally, one thing is clear; many elements from popular Trinidad Carnival 2009 costumes have been borrowed, revamped and remixed, so much so that I am officially putting a moratorium on the following design elements for Trinidad Carnival 2010:

1. Tails - Despite this being a FABULOUS idea as an alternative to a backpack for frontliners this year, and one that I absolutely loved, I am sorry to say that I cannot see a tail fitting into any theme for Carnival 2010 unless it relates to some type of bird.

2. Feathered Hand Pieces - Unless the design is radically different from King Fisher (Island People 2008) and Caged Canary (TRIBE 2009), I am pretty much over the feathered hand pieces after seeing them rewound and remixed for Caribana!

3.Feather Collars - This has proven to be quite popular in many designs for Trinidad Carnival 2009 and it has proven to be popular among many other bands as well. The collar is cute but again, over it for 2010 and I would hope that there is not one feathered collar in sight along the Silk Road and Spice Route!

4. Pink and Orange - As stunning as these colours might be they have now become synonymous for me with Caged Canary, so much so that I had to do a double take when I saw this costume by Pure Passions of Antigua for their Carnival:

Even the headpiece looks quite similar!! If I never see another pink and orange costume for a couple years I will be quite happy!

5. The monokini - Carnival 2009 was the unofficial year of the monokini,. From the moment the first monokini debuted at Spice's band launch the mononkiki popped up in every section, in every band this year. Not surprisingly the monokini has also migrated to other Carnivals and as a consequence of it's popularity I think for Carnival 2010 it is time to lay the monokini to rest.

Trinidad and Tobago has become the benchmark and inspiration for other Carnivals, hence the reason our designs are so flatteringly copied, thus it would be sad to think that some local designers are so stuck for ideas that they are even contemplating going BACKWARDS and not forward! I tell you I am going to rip apart ANY design that looks remotely close to anything I have seen done before; been there, done that, time to move on. With these Summer Carnivals boasting costumes that can rival some of the bands in Trinidad, we really need to set our costumes and designs apart and be the innovator, not the follower.

The competition is going to be extremely tight for 2010 as we masqueraders are asking for and demanding gorgeous costumes with originality; the costume is no longer complimentary! I was pretty pleased this year with the choices on offer, really beautiful costumes that pushed the envelope when it came to designs and I can only hope that we can look forward to even more gorgeous, creative and spectacular costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2010; take note section leaders and designers, The Sauce is setting the bar VERY high!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Your First Look at All Spice

Since the launch off All Spice's Caribana 2009 presentation "Safari" on Saturday May 23rd, I have been patiently awaiting photograhps of this debut band led by Curtis Eustace. None of the usual photo websites have ANY photograhps as yet, however one of All Spice's facebook groups have been updated with this teaser:

The costume is surprisingly one of the best I have seen thus far for Caribana, it is actually very cute and I am looking forward to seeing the other five sections of All Spice since word is costumes are priced at $135.00 (CDN).

All Spice Mas camp opens on Thursday May 28th at 6pm and is located at Victoria Park Ave. & Steeles - 112 Gordon Baker. The website is also expected to be up and running this week as well and you can keep abreast of all the news on All Spice's twitter feed.

All Spice band launch photos are now online at Toronto Lime.. costumes are looking great!

Photo Source HERE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work It Out!

One of my blog readers has kindly shared her Workout routine for those looking to get Body Ready in the next 8 months:

Hi Saucy,

I thought I might send you a sample of my typical workout if you care to use or share; with the caution that as with any workout routine please consult your physician first before starting any plan. Also, the weights lifted will need to be adjusted based on individual strength and whether you are a beginner etc.

I use a certified trainer twice per week and log every workout. The reps are fairly high (30) and we always do full body training -never just upper or lower - it's always upper, lower and core.

My weekly routine would be something along these lines or some variation of:

Sunday - Outdoor run 6-8 miles
Monday - 1 hr Spin Class
Tuesday - Weight training - 30mins to 1hr cardio
Wednesday - 1 hr spin (a.m) and 1 hr additional cardio (either 4-6 mile run or elliptical machine) incorporating interval training
Thursday - Weight training - 30 mins to 1hr cardio
Friday - 1 hr spin (a.m.) and 1 hr additional cardio (either 4-6 mile run or elliptical machine)incorporating interval training
Saturday - 1-2hrs cardio (depending on what was done on Friday)

I think the key is to make workouts part of your regular routine. Just as you get up shower, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, my workouts are part of my daily activities. I refuse to use time constraints as an excuse.

Anyway, just wanted drop a line and encourage folks to develop a routine they can commit to whether it's 3 days a week or 7 days a week

For the full routine with reps click HERE to download the Workout Plan (must have PDF).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Virginia CaribFest 2K9 Band Launch

On May 15th, 2009 the unveiling of Virginia CaribFest 2K9 Mas Band costumes took place with four bands showing costume presentations:

* Odyssey - "Islands of the Caribbean"
* Lady Diane - "Tribal Fantasy"
* Island Vybez - "Enchanted Garden"
* Island Girl Mix - "Ancient Land & Sea"

For photos of the Band Launch click HERE and for more information on Virginia CaribFest visit Virginia CaribFest takes place on August 14-15th 2009!

Friday, May 22, 2009

John Legend - " It's All About John" the concert

On June 18th, 2009 John Legend "it's all about John" the concert" will take place at a still to be disclosed location , in Trinidad. Last evening the media were invited to the VIP room at Coco Lounge for the details on this Nu Wave Consortium concert, which promises to be a musical experience that will transcend all concert norms and expectations.The gifted singer, songwriter and pianist will be accompanied by his entire band in an hour-long performance of the innovative and soulful material produced in his three platinum-selling albums.

As part of Bmobile's Hot Ticket Promotion, VP of mobile services Anthony Joseph intimated that Bmobile will not only be giving away tickets to the John Legend concert, but that there will also be lots of other prizes to be won making this "the best vacation ever". Bmobile and Toyota are the corporate sponsors of the John Legend concert.

Former Head of A&R and International for Sony BMG Canada Ivan Berry, who is a son of the Caribbean from St Kitts, is working in partnership with Ian Wiltshire to develop Caribbean artistes for the international stage.

To this end, Mr Berry sees the John Legend concert as an opportunity for Caribbean talent outside of the Calypso, Soca and Reggae genre of music to gain industry experience as John Legend will be bringing his road management team to Trinidad for the concert with the Opening Act being none other than debutante artiste Crystal Kane from Trinidad and Tobago.

John Legend's endorsement associate and friend, Robert De Souza spoke on John's philanthropy and unparalleled achievements to date, having won six Grammy Awards as well as being involved in several charities such as The Show Me Campaign started by John Legend in 2007.

Ebony 104's Adrian Don Mora, host for the evening, expressed that the news of John Legend's concert has thus far brought an overwhelming response from the public as tickets went on sale yesterday, May 21st.

In addition to $180.00 TT General Admission tickets, concert goers will also be able to choose from Gold VIP ($350.00TT) and the Cloud 9 VVIP package which was described as a " heavenly experience".

General Admission tickets available from:
Francis Fashion and Shoe Locker outlets nationwide
Just Cds, Port of Spain
Limited Edition, Arima
Bobby's Bar, Curepe

VIP concert tickets available from:
Bootlegger's, Trincity Mall
T.G.I. Fridays
Select Francis Fashion and Shoe Locker outlets

Please note, Cloud 9 VVIP tickets will be available strictly from Committee Members.

One lucky guest last evening won TWO VIP Gold tickets in a random draw, presented by Darlene Beddoe:

The three men of the hour; Roger De Souza, Ivan Berry and Ian Wiltshire:

Local chanteuse Shazelle is another artiste working with Ivan Berry and Ian Wiltshire. At 24 Shazelle describes her style as pop with a little bit of rock and has topped the local charts with her single "Elevator". You can learn more about Shazelle and view her videos at her official website or Facebook Fan Page.

Robert De Souza was previously incorrectly identified ad John Legend's Endorsement Lawyer, please note that Mr De Souza is Mr Legend's Endorsement Associate. My apologies for any discrepancies that this may have inadvertently caused.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Machel Montano HD "Raw & Uncut" @ Radio City Music Hall

click to enlarge


June 13th would be BIGGER than the madness the world witnessed at the 4 SOLD OUT SHOWS @ Madison Square Garden last year and the year before!!! MSG will hold NO COMPARSION to the jamming that will be going on JUNE 13th! This is the year to witness Machel perform AT HIS BEST from Classic to Current. Over 25 years of music will jamming in RADIO CITY THAT NIGHT!!

Tickets are on sale NOW at and JW Records (Church Ave & Nostrand)


This is another one for the HISTORY BOOKS!!!! SOCA IN RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL...W.O.W!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crop Over Band Launch Dates

Jump promotions launches "Sweet fuh Days" on Friday May 22nd:

And, I have heard that Baje will launch on June 5th followed by Power X Four on June 2oth with their Crop Over 2009 presentation "Love & Revelry".

A new Crop Over band for 2009 has already made it's debut, Rebel Vibes the band launched on May 16th, "Pyschomachia". All Seven sections, based on the 7 Deadly Sins, are priced at $400.00bds female and $300.00bds male.

Rebel Vibes is all inclusive and their package includes:

• Two (2) fully stocked premium drink's trucks.
• The Rebel’ self serve Heineken, Punch & Water Van.
• One (1) fully loaded 20’ music truck with one (1) of Barbados’ leading sound companies DAPS!
• Hot buffet lunch at the end of the Jump.
• Various snacks and treats throughout the day.
• Private security on the route assisted by our experienced road crew.
• On-site paramedic team & ambulance
• Straight forward, trouble-free registration at the band house.
• Goodies Bag (Crop over Essentials and Souvenirs)
• Mobile Restrooms
• RebelVibes Membership Card which Entitles you to Discounts at Participating Outlets across Barbados
• And of course, your costume and the RebelVibes Experience!
For more information on Rebel Vibes you can check out their Facebook group, website or email The Band house is located at The Boatyard, Bay Street, opening Hours below.

Monday - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Tuesday - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Thursday - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Friday - 12:00pm - 8:00pm (Band house Lime)
Saturday - 12:00pm - until
Sunday 12:00 - 3:00pm

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crop Over 2009 News

As Islandsista noted a few days ago Harbour Lights "Blue Box Cart" band launched on May 3rd and their facebook group is finally updated with some more photographs of the costumes though no additional information is given. Apparently this is one band that does not need marketing or promotion to sell out!

And you know that Crop Over band launch season is around the corner when Baje starts their model search:

click to enlarge


Monday, May 18, 2009

Solid International Band Launch Photos

You can view photos from Solid International's Band Launch, which took place on Saturday May 16th here.

The Antigua Carnival 2009 presentation is entitled "Awaken in Africa" and the eight sections are as follows:









Solid International's website is, however it is not updated as yet!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ganges Meets the Nile, Caribana 2009

So, someone sent me these photos of the section "DE CHARMER AND HE SNAKE OIL GALS" from the Caribana 2009 band Callaloo's presentation "The Ganges Meets the Nile".

Words. fail. me. on. this. costume......
wow is all I can say!!

There is an early bird special if you register for this section before the mas camp opens:

NIKKI 647 210 9338
NICCI 416 668 7000
RANDY 416 4022506

Moving right along, here is the order of appearance for bands at Caribana 2009:

click on photo for large view

Saturday, May 16, 2009

In Antigua Carnival News

Myst has launched their website and online registration is available. What I find interesting is that there is an option for actual bra sizes instead of the S, M,L,XL that was available for the same costumes in Island People this year. Open registration is also open to all at the Myst Mansion in Antigua from today, remember to walk with your 50% deposit.

At 9PM tonight Solid International launches their Antigua Carnival 2009 presentation "Awaken in Africa" at Paradise Lawn . The fete/band launch will see entertainment by El a Kru featuring Tizzy, Nadia Baston, Zoelah, Lil Bits and The Duchess. For more information on where to get tickets click HERE.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Blog on the Block...

Islandsista, the spirit of the Caribbean woman is a new blog to watch for Carnival chatter and gossip!

Islandsista has a photo of the first band to launch for Crop Over 2009, Ravurz, whose website is already up and running! In addition she provides some gossip about Baje International:

In some suss, we have been hearing that one of Barbados’ premier bands, Baje International may not even be holding its regular weekly band fetes this year. We have heard that they will just hold a few of their ‘major’ parties that are crowd-pullers, like their Paint fete for Foreday Morning.

Though they would probably deny it publicly, Baje has been having a rough time of it the last two years. The awe that other bands and party-goers used to hold them in, is long gone and it is starting to show.

For the full scoop check out Islandsista now!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nine more months, are you body ready?

It is exactly nine more months until Trinidad Carnival 2010, and though there may not be much excitement as yet with everything still under wraps (note we have yet to receive an infoblast or email with band launch dates or 2010 presentations) you, yes YOU, can start getting ready for the fabulous costumes in store by putting that fitness and diet plan into action.

I don't know about the rest of you guys (since there are some die hard gym bunnies who are working out 365 days a year) but each year I make the promise to myself to start getting Carnival body ready as SOON as I have laid eyes on my costume of choice. Following band launch I have all these lofty goals of hitting the gym and carefully starting a diet plan that would help me achieve my goal of losing that magic number of pounds that I think would make me happy enough to sport my thong all over town.

What REALLY happens is that I procrastinate, life gets in the way of my plans, and I make excuses. I am too busy with band launches or traveling or just celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, relaxing at some all inclusive resort stuffing my face as if there is no Carnival in a few months. And then by the time I know it, Christmas is around the corner and you know dieting at Christmas is near impossible so what results is a frantic, over ambitious plan to lose the weight just two months before Carnival when January hits.

I have done it before and I continue to do it, getting caught in this vicious cycle, putting my body under unnecessary stress! This year I embarked on the South Beach diet hard core, to be honest I started before Christmas and then the diet got derailed and I had to start all over in the new year. Of course I saw GREAT results when I started, the numbers on the scale went down impressively in the first two weeks after the induction stage. However being on a low carbohydrate diet has it's side effects and cons. The numbers on the scale were going down and so too was my energy!

To even get the willpower to get on the treadmill was torture, but with the pressure of Carnival right around the corner I did manage to squeeze in SOME carido activity while on the South Beach diet. Let me tell you, it was hard but I did manage to come closer to my weight loss goal in such a short space of time. In addition, I did something that is not recommended, but was motivated by pure vanity. Since I was feeling bloated (note I did not say I looked bloated) as I was expecting my gift from mother nature right after Carnival, I got advice from someone to try a diuretic pill. Now I had never taken a water pill, as they are commonly known, before but I read up on the side effects and decided I would try it anyway.

The result was the bloated feeling evaporated and in no time at all I thought I LOOKED smaller and was quite pleased. However this meant the days prior to Carnival I could not be far from a toilet as the pill made you urinate constantly and on the road I had to drink lots, and lots and lots of water which STILL did not make me feel any less dehydrated! I was like camel, even after Carnival, with an insatiable thirst.

Looking back I think it was a stupid thing to do especially as I know of another masquerader who was so extreme with their weight loss plan that they were not eating, taking diuretics and got ill on Carnival Tuesday having to leave the band very early. So my point is that instead of waiting until January to do the impossible with crazy diets, diet pills and dangerous diuretics, why not start by putting plans and goals in place now? I know, it is a rhetorical question, but seriously 9 months is more than enough time to lose weight the RIGHT way with diet and exercise so what are you waiting for!?

In the end I was okay with the weight I managed to lose for Carnival, but of course it was not a weight loss that remained as I put those pounds right back on;I have not gone on a scale since then! I am proud of my friends and fellow masqueraders who have continued with the Zumba classes, gym and yoga even after Carnival is just a distant memory to us all and I have finally taken the steps into losing the weight for 2010 the proper way. I have been advised to get at least 3 days of exercise in for the week for now, as well as to do a meal plan at to jump start this fitness plan. I have two weeks to start this and report back to my advisor so I will let you all know how it is working for me.

Which brings me to the inspiration for today! This is a masquerader who lost her weight through exercise (religiously going to the gym) and a sensible diet plan, over the course of 6 months; her starting weight was 210 lbs in September 2008 and she reached 167 lbs in February!

Before @ 210 lbs

After @ 167lbs

I hope her journey can be as much as an inspiration for you as it was for me! Way to go girl!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's getting Toxik!

So, I was informed that Red Unlimited does not compete in St Lucia Carnival hence the reason they reuse costumes from Trinidad Carnival and I also got confirmation from Spice that Sea Salt Frontline was sold to Red under the conditions that the design be modified.

I am not going to get into any long debate about the reuse of costumes from Trinidad in other Carnivals, especially since the overseas masqueraders do not seem to mind wearing recycled costumes and the Trinidad bands are trying to recoup their losses; who am I to decry them for making a dollar?

However, I thought it interesting that St Lucian Carnival band Toxik not only has TWO sections from Pulse 8 Trinidad Carnival 2009 as sections in their presentation "Dreams...Living the Impossible";

Pulse 8 band launch, Trinidad Carnival 2009

Toxik, St Lucia Carnival 2009

BUT they also recycled a costume that has already been recycled in 2007 by the band Just 4 Fun!!

Wicked Waitress, Pulse 8 2007

Just 4 Fun St Lucia Carnival 2007

Wicked Waitress (Pulse 8 2007) is brought to life yet again as "De Javu" ja vu indeed!!

"De Javu"
Toxik St Lucia Carnival 2009

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