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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Reality of Post Carnival Weight Gain ......

Now that Carnival has come and gone I have been avoiding a visit to the scale for fear of what numbers would total the fact that I have been putting all sorts of sinfully delicious high calorie foods into my mouth since Ash Wednesday. After a strict diet and exercise regimen, which kicked into gear when the New Year rolled around, I confess that I have slacked off big time!!! It was with much trepidation that I eventually decided to buy that token and own up to my gluttony by weighing myself at the very modern body mass and height machine at Hi Lo super market which measures your exact weight and height and gives you your body mass index. I have been using that machine since I started my weight loss program and would be so excited to weigh myself to see the numbers dropping, but over the weekend it was another feeling that gripped me as I stood still and let the machine do it’s “calculations”.

When it was all over and I got my little slip of paper clearly showing I had gained three pounds it was a mixture of relief and disappointment. On one had I was happy I had not put on more weight but on the other I was quite disappointed that after all that hard work I just “gave up”. In total I lost 9 pounds from January 1st and when I last weighed myself on Carnival Saturday. It was a major accomplishment to me in such a limited time frame, one which came with doing the Atkins diet hard core and working out nearly every day at the gym; trust me coming down to the last weeks before Carnival I lost every bit of energy from Atkins and could not make it to the gym! The result was a much flatter stomach, smaller arms and legs; I was quite pleased!

Now this weight gain was not unexpected, after Carnival it was as if some other force took possession of my body and I was gorging on carbohydrate laden pasta, pizza, bread and cookies not to mention all the chocolate I could get my hands. The only “food” I have yet to eat is the requisite “chicken and chips”; KFC and Royal Castle is just disgusting to me now, though I have been enjoying Burger King without the fries and coke! I have been very, very bad since Carnival…. I think *icahwait summed it up perfectly on her blog when she mentioned having a “slobfest” after Carnival.

So I have avowed (after eating four of my mom’s homemade meat pies and two slices of chocolate Christening cake yesterday) that I am going to try my best not to gain back the remaining 6 pounds that I lost. It would be SO nice to have a costume photo stuck on the refrigerator to remind me of what I will be wearing for two days. But the motivation really has to come from within I guess. Though it may seem like Carnival 2008 is so far away, it would be much easier to gain one pound a month over the next 10 months than to loose! I have always wanted to start my Carnival exercise plan very early so I will be starting back the gym, going for my walks and trying my best to use the opportunity of having all this time before Carnival to get the body ready for TRIBE’s promised super sexy costumes for 2008!!

Next time I do a weigh in it should be with less fear as this last one was a wake up call of sorts. To all those who have fallen off the weight loss wagon, take some comfort in knowing you are not alone. To those who have started their fitness plan (you know who you are) kudos to you for taking that bold step in doing what is needed, and for those few who don’t even have to worry about these matters as you are blessed with either youth or super slim genes consider yourself lucky! Here is hoping that we all can pull it together, put down the slice of tiramisu and get dedicated to bringing sexy back for 2008! I have taken the first step in owning up to my transgressions now the second step is to do something about it; may I have the strength to avoid the foods I know I should not be eating and get my butt off this computer chair, into some tights and do some laps around a Savannah somewhere! Wish me luck folks; it’s a long (and tempting) road ahead to a super sexy frontline H.O. for 2008!

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