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Monday, March 31, 2008

Guess the name ..............

Ok, we know the theme for TRIBE is "birds" and I have a feeling that that some of you already know the name of the presentation, so let me get your best guess for what the name of the band will be; for the record I like "Birds of Paradise" which was a suggestion left on another post.

While we are at it how about guessing some section names too!? Here is my FIRST guess of a section :

Since I am also guessing that the birds may be all species found in Trinidad, here are my other picks for section names:

Mot Mot
Blue Tanger

Don't forget to leave your guesses/suggestions as a comment! TRIBE is being uber-secretive about their 2009 presentation, though I have heard prototypes are in the works already!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's a Global Thing..

Links to Carnivals around the world!

Latin America
Argentina Gualeguaychu Carinval
Belize Carnival
Belize San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival
Bolivia Carnaval Info
Bolivia Carnaval
Brazil Rio Carnival
Brazil Rio Carnival
Brazil Rio Carnival
Brazil Salvador de Bahia Carnival
Colombia Barranquilla Carnaval
Colombia Barranquilla Carnaval
Dominican Republic Carnival
Mexico Karneval
Mexico Cozumel Carnaval
Mexico Cozumel Carnaval
Mexico Mazatlan Carnaval
Mexico VeraCruz Carnaval
Panama Carnival
Peru Carnival in Juliaca
Venezuela Carnaval

Australia Adelaide Carnevale
Australia Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
Australia Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers
China Taipei Lantern Festival
India Goa Carnival
India Pakistan Nature Carnival
Japan Asakusa Samba Carnival
Philippines Cebu Sinulog Festival
Turkey Istanbul Carnival

Belgium Aalst Carnival
Belgium Binche Carnaval
Belgium Carnaval of Blancs Moussis
Belgium Carnaval of Blancs Moussis
Buglaria Pernik Surva International Festival Masquerade
Denmark Aalborg Carnival
Denmark Carnival in Copenhagen
Finland Helsinki Samba Carnival
France Carnaval de Dunkerque
France Carnaval de Dunkerque
France Nice Carnaval
Germany Berlin Karneval
Germany Kolner Karneval
Greece Patras Carnival
Holland Maastricht Carnival
Holland Maastricht Carnival
Holland Zomer Carnaval
Italy Carneval di Foiano
Italy Carneval di Servola
Italy Carneval di Vercelli
Italy Carnevale a Verona
Italy Malta Carnival
Italy Malta Cicco Carnival
Italy Nadur Carnival
Italy Venice Carnival
Italy Venice Carnival
Portugal Carneval de Estarreja
Portugal Carneval de Ovar
Portugal Carnival de Loule
Spain Carnaval de Aguilas
Spain Carnaval de Cartagena
Spain Carnaval de Ceuta
Spain Carnaval de Chipiona
Spain Carnaval de Malaga
Spain Carnaval de Sitges
Spain Carneval de Cadiz
Spain Carneval de Cadiz
Spain Carnival Tarragona
Switzerland Carnaval de Lausanne du
Switzerland Carnaval du Jura
UK Devizes Carnival
UK Hastings Carnival
UK Herne Bay Carnival
UK Liverpool International Street Festival
UK Luton Carnival
UK Notting Carnival
UK Notting Hill Carnival
UK Notting Hill Carnival

Saturday, March 29, 2008

International Mas Workshop

April 21 - 27, 2008
University of Alberta

Cariwest has pledged to place Edmonton on the festival map by producing the biggest and best Downtown parade possible, and invites you to participate in one of three 2-day workshops.

Learn the art and process of making fabulous large costumes; train with international designers flown in from Trinidad & Tobago (the home of our Edmonton-style arts festival). Create your own designs/costumes of 'kings and queens' for the August Cariwest parade. Registration is open to the public; artists, community leagues, students of art, design, street theatre and construction are welcome.

Enthusiasts may elect to stay from Monday, April 21st to Saturday, April 27th for continuous construction.

Registration fee: $20.00/workshop
Contribution of $10.00 for lunch

For registration, contact Cariwest at Phone: (780) 421-7800

Friday, March 28, 2008

Need to Vent…

So, as I told you guys yesterday I am thinking of going to a regional or international Carnival and Crop Over was on the list. As I usually do when preparing for any trip the research starts early, therefore I have been emailing hotels for rates. Lo and behold I got a response from 2 of the 4 hotels I emailed so far and they BOTH told me that they have a minimum number of nights necessary for booking a hotel; one hotel said 10 nights and the other TWO weeks!!!

Now, I have been to Crop Over before and 5 to 6 nights, to me, is more than adequate to enjoy the fetes, beaches and Kadooment, especially when just taking a few days off from work to make the trip. Since when does it necessitate 10 days to 2 weeks to enjoy Crop Over??? Even hotels in Trinidad, where admittedly we have much more events leading up to Carnival, the minimum hotels’ nights stay during that period is from 5 to 7 nights!!

I think the hotels in Barbados are being quite fresh, thankfully there are still others that are accepting bookings for “only” 5 nights! I have to say if you are looking for accommodation for Crop Over the time to start looking AND booking is NOW. I can no longer recommend some of my favorites due to the silly policy of booking up to TWO Weeks! But you can check out these:

Anthurium Suites
Southern Heights
Melrose Beach Apartments
Intimate Hotels
Butterfly Beach Hotel
Sea-Breeze Hotel
Coral Mist
Accra Beach Hotel

Thursday, March 27, 2008

D.C. Carnival ...will you be there?

This year D.C. Carnival takes place on June 28th, with a number of pre carnival fetes that are a staple of the Carnival taking place a few days before the main parade. There promises to be a strong representation of bloggers at D.C. Carnival 2008, the count thus far is a tentative 12 persons, and even I am thinking of making the trip to check out what an international Carnival is like. Albeit, I have been to other Caribbean Carnivals (St Lucia and Crop Over) I am yet to experience a Carnival in the U.S. and I have been told that D.C. is a nice mix of fetes and road experience; "they" told me that for Miami Carnival the road is boring but the fetes are great and N.Y. the vibe is not nice at all. D.C., "they said" is nice and mellow and the pre-fetes are great! Mud, I was told is where it is all at for the parade as the costume bands do not offer much in the way of costumes. I was told the fetes to be at are TRIBE's Ignite on June 26th, Taboo on June 27th and Machel on June 28th.

The lead up to D.C. Carnival kicks off next month as both Basement Knok'ers presenting "Mas for all Seasons" and We Fete Inc. presenting "Global Warming" will hold their band launch on April 19th.

I.C.E. Carnival has already premiered costumes from their 2008 Carnival presentation "When East Meets West"; you will remember they had sketches of their costumes out for viewing and which I wrote about here.

And these are the actual costumes:

Panisha Mas is another D.C. mas band that seems to have launched over the Easter weekend, their 2008 presentation is "A Brazilian Dream" and costumes photos will be up on the website soon, as per their notice. For mud mas the choices are between Rascalz and Garage Boyz, though both are yet to update their websites.

As for fetes, apart from Ignite and Taboo, there is the Carib United Fete which takes place on June 21st, Bunji &Faye Ann on June 27th and the Breakfast Party on June 29th.

So as I weigh the pros and cons of D.C. Carnival (it is being weighed against Crop Over and Miami at this point) ,I would love to hear from all of you who have been or are planning to go to D.C. Carnival and what YOU think/thought about the whole experience. Feel free to compare to other Carnivals that you have been to and do as well as give advice as to if you think it is worth the trip. I have a plane ticket on hold and need to make a decision as soon as possible!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just another day at work...

Look who walked into my office this morning!!!

New Band for Caribana!

The Phoenix rises on May 18th, click on the following images for more information on this new band for Caribana 2008:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2009 Carnival Presentations

* Brian Mac Farlane — Africa
* Ronnie & Caro — Bakkanal
* Island People Mas — Heaven & Earth
* Trini Revellers — Sweet TnT...Tribute to T&T
* Genesis — Glitz & Glamour of Vegas
* Legacy — Shanghai Dream
* D’Krewe — Iere
* Masquerade — Let the Music Play
* We People International — Paradisio
*Pulse 8 - Hot, Hot, Hot!

Bush Lily Wins Toronto Revellers Contest

Despite all our voting and the drama that ensued yesterday when the polls were closed early due to alleged "cheating" Bush Lily beat African Coral by 45 votes!!! Congratulations to the winner, though I was and still am rooting for African Coral which I think is a very nice name for a section.

Anyway, I see Toronto Revellers has no hard feelings over the ideas to circumvent the non rules of the contest and will be holding another one in future. So, I think it would do them well to actually put up OFFICIAL rules for the contest so that voters will know 1) they can only vote once a day b) when the actual voting starts and ends and c)that one could have actually voted every day!. Apparently there were some rules regarding the contest but they must have been taken down because I searched the site and found none! Finally, it might be an idea to have potential voters register as a member before they can vote, thus preventing the multiple votes that THEY considered cheating!

African Coral will always be a winner to me, congrats Kara for second place!

Monday, March 24, 2008


After a marathon voting session last night, thinking the polls closed at midnight, African Coral has FINALLY regained the lead! The caveat is the polls are still open so we need to vote, and vote, and vote ....rouse your friends, co-workers,family members and tell them their vote is needed!!! Go to THIS LINK and vote for African Coral!! Thanks,on behalf of Karabana, to all of you who have voted so far.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brazilian Float for Caribana!

Check this out:


**********"A BRAZILIAN FLOAT "***********











For more information on this float email:CONCRETENETO1@HOTMAIL.COM

Or visit this group on facebook.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Louis Saldenah for Caribana 2008

Louis Saldenah presents "The Deep" for Caribana 2008; one of the sections is being lead by Bryant Sinanan and it is called VAILULU (under water volcano off the coast of Samoa) with costume colours of yellow, orange, turquoise and gold. Costumes are promised to be firey hot!The band launching takes place on May 31st. More information to follow!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vote every day until Monday!

Do not forget that you can continue to vote for African Coral EVERY DAY until MONDAY, so KEEP VOTING!! Right now, thanks to many of you, African Coral is in the top 3 (lost the lead today) and we hope to make African Coral #1 and only #1. To vote click on this link, the poll is to the bottom right of the page.

D Krewe says thank you to their masqueraders...

On Friday March 29th D Krewe will host a Thank You soirée for their masqueraders on Saturday March 29th at the Coliseum II car park on Long Circular Road, St James. The event starts at 6pm and is scheduled to go until midnight. Masqueraders can R.S.V.P at 622-8834,622-1716; non masqueraders pay $100.00 at the door.

click on photo for larger view

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Machel at Six Flags!

On July 12th 2008 Machel Montano will be performing at Six Flags, Great Adventure, Jackson New Jersey. Tickets start at $40.00 (until June 1st) and that includes the Machel concert as well as admission to the park, Wild Safari and rides. For more information on ticket sales check out the advertisement below:

Click on photo for large view

Vote for African Coral!

Toronto Revellers currently has a name that section contest for their 2008 Caribana presentation "Alkebu'lan". One of the blogging "family", Karabana, submitted a section name which has made it as one of the 6 finalist; her submission is "African Coral":

African Coral I picture a sumptuous flowing costume that represents the salmon coloured coral that shimmers and sways in Africa seas.
Your votes are needed to ensure that African Coral comes out as the winning entry, so vote on the homepage for "African Coral" ( poll is located on the bottom right) and make sure all your friends vote as well! You can vote EVERY DAY so continue to vote until Monday!

I cannot think of someone more deserving of winning two free costumes, Karabana kept everyone quite informed about Caribana through detailed entries on her blog last year; she was the unofficial Caribana correspondent for 2007 and will be blogging about all the events leading up to Caribana 2008! S

Good luck Kara!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pulse 8 2009

Here is a little teaser of what to expect from Pulse 8 for 2009:

Pulse 8's presentation for C2K9 'HOT! HOT! HOT ' is a fiery expression of the explosion of the hottest tastes; the hottest places; the hottest happenings as it relates to the heat sensation.

In extension the music 'Hot Hot Hot' is to be mixed into the presentation.

Outline of Section Names to include:

Malagueta Chile

Hot Ice

Flaming Sambuca

Kalahari Desert

Volcano Lava

Fire in Cairo



With More to follow!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

International Carnival Calender (revised, with links!)

Mar 1-30, 2008………. Jamaica
Apr 6-26, 2008………. St. Thomas (V.I)
Apr 17-May 3, 2008……….St. Maarten
Apr 27-May 3, 2008……….Cayman Islands
May 3, 2008………. Pt. Fortin Borough Day
May 17, 2008……….Honduras
May 17-19, 2008 ……….Oakland, CA
May 23-25, 2008 ……….Orlando, FL
May 23-25, 2008 ……….San Francisco, CA
May 23-25, 2008……….Atlanta, GA
May 24, 2008 ……….Bermuda
May 25-28, 2008……….Berlin Germany
June 8, 2008……….Hartford, CT
June 14, 2008……….Philadelphia, PA
June 28-29, 2008……….Washington DC
June 14-15, 2008……….Tampa Bay, FL
June 27-July 8, 2008……….St. Vincent & the Grenadines
July 3-6, 2008………..Houston, TX
July, 2008……….St. John (VI)
July 5, 2008………Montreal,Canada
July 18-19, 2008……….Norfolk, Virginia
July 20, 2008 ……….Jersey City, NJ
July 21-July 22, 2008……….St. Lucia
July 25-26,2008.......... British Colombia, Canada (Caribbean Days Festival)
Aug 2, 2008 ……….Toronto (Caribana)
Aug 4, 2008……….Barbados (Cropover)
Aug 4-5, 2008……….Antigua
Aug 8-10, 2008……….Hamilton, Canada
Aug 8-10, 2008 ……….Edmonton
Aug 8-10, 2008 ……….Detroit, MI
Aug 11-12, 2008……….Grenada (Spice Mas)
Aug 15-17, 2008 ……….Chicago, IL
Aug 18, 2008………..Ottawa
Aug 23, 2008 ……….Boston, MA
Aug 24-25, 2008 ……….Notting Hill (London, UK)
Sep 1, 2008 ……….New York (Labor Day)
Sep 6-7, 2008 ……….Baltimore, MD
Oct 24-26, 2008……….Jacksonville, FL
Oct 12, 2008……….Miami, FL
Oct 10-12, 2008……….Los Angeles, CA
Oct 18, 2008……….Sydney (Australia)
Dec 24, 08-Jan 2, 2009……….St. Kitts
Dec 2008……….Montserrat
Dec 24, 08-Jan 2……….St.Croix (V.I)

Vacation Mentality!!

So, now that Carnival is now long behind us (feels like years ago instead of just a month) what is there to look forward to between now and band launching season which kicks off in June? Well, for me I have been in vacation mode, seriously lapsing on my usual Carnival obsession, since I am going on a trip to Punta Cana in May and have been planning for that wholeheartedly, not to mention we have THREE holidays in Trinidad between this week and the next!

I know many of the bloggers are also going off to some "exotic" locale soon. There is one blogger in India right now (lucky dog!) and several going different ways for Easter, including London, Barbados, Dominica and St Lucia. Next month one is going to Hawaii another Cuba and in May it's Antigua, Mexico, Costa del Sol,Bermuda, in June China not to mention those who are going on a cruise,St. Maarten and Anguilla. Then there are a few making the trip to Caribana, Spice Mas, Crop Over and Miami Carnival!! I tell you we have a whole set of globe trotters keeping active now that Carnival is over.

For those of you returning to Trinidad soon however, fear not, there are some happenings that you should take note of. Next month is the Tobago Jazz Festival with the headliners being Whitney Houston and Rod Stewart, this takes place from Friday April 25th to Sunday April 27th. If you do not have accomodations and a plane/ferry ticket booked by now you might as well stay home! Also in April there are two One Day Internationals (cricket, people) taking place on April 10th and April 12th; tickets to the all inclusive Trini Posse Stand are $600.00 and if you need to know who to contact to get your ticket send me an email!

In May there is the Point Fortin Borough Day festival taking place on May 3rd, but the entire weekend is one big fete, just like a mini Carnival. Those of you who played with Legacy can use your costume at Borough Day as Legacy makes an appearance. There are other bands that you can join for Jouvert in Point such as Radical Promotions :

I know some of you have emailed me for accomodations in Point Fortin for Borough Day and these are a few I have found listed:

South Western Court Hotel
14-16 Guapo Main Rd, Point Fortin, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 648- 4734 or (868) 648- 0075

Cinnamon Court 148 Clifton Hill
Point Fortin
Tel: (868) 648-0752

118 Cinnamon Drive
Point Fortin
Tel: (868) 648-2349

Flynns Black Gold Guest House
La Brea Village
(868) 710-1622

For more information on Point Fortin Borough Day visit the Point Alive website.

Soon enough there will be a full roster of band launchings taking place one behind the other, June is only 2 months away! But for all of you jetting off soon, safe travels and remember to check the international calender to see if a Carnival is taking place where you will be, and if there is, take pics and send me a review! Next up is Jamaica Carnival.

Monday, March 17, 2008

$1.00 Bus from NY to DC!

Thanks to JJ for the link to Bolt Bus, the $1.00 Bus (yes that is the real price, not a typo) which leaves from New York, destination Washington D.C. The service begins on March 27th and when I checked the dates for D.C. Carnival the fare is available at $1.00!!!

D.C. Carnival takes place on June 28th and 29th, the official website is not updated as yet but keep it bookmarked. TRIBE's fete Ignite will be taking place for D.C. Carnival again this year and the date is Thursday June 26th.

So, if you were planning on going to D.C. Carnival from the New York area this $1.00 Bus is worth checking out... it is cheaper than driving there yourself!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A sign of things to come???

The National Carnival Bands Association (N.C.B.A.0 has a new poll on their website:

"Will you be willing to play mas without a stage for Carnival 2009?"

The available answers are:

1. Very Willing. No need for stage.
2.It Doesn't Matter
3. Not Willing.Bring Back the Stage.

I don't have to tell you which one I voted! So far there are only 29 votes total since the poll went up on February 14th so START VOTING!!!

Hopefully the N.C.B.A. will make good use of this feedback because WE WANT A STAGE for 2009.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brass is Back for 2009!

On Carnival Saturday 2009 "Caribbean Brass & Soca Festival" is carded to take place. Plans are already afoot with a joint production of Village Productions and Randy Glaswgow to produce this event which will "take up where Brass Festival left off".

Changes to the event will see the top 15 brass and soca bands from across the region, as well as international chart toppers invited to be part of the show which is expected to be broadcasted live to more than 40 countries.

The Caribbean Brass & Soca Festival will also feature a Caribbean Food Fair, featuring cuisine of islands from Cuba to Panama!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Win a chance to see Machel at Madison Square Garden!

If you think you have the writing skills, try your luck! The contest looks interesting, you win two tickets to New York, hotel accommodation and two tickets to see Machel Montano live in concert.... but what about spending Money?? steups. Check out the contest rules below or at invites you to come Blaze the Trail with Machel Montano @ MSG

Win FRONT ROW SEATS and an ALL EXPENSE paid trip for TWO to NYC!!
Sponsor of Caribbean Airlines

You are traveling on a Caribbean Airlines flight headed for NYC to be part of the Machel Montano experience at Madison Square Garden. You end up sitting next to your boss. After a while he/she falls asleep and is constantly tossing, turning and nodding on you. Suddenly you feel your shirt/top wet and realize that your boss is leaning on

In 200 words or less, tell us what you would say and do to get your boss off your shoulder.

You must be a registered member. If you are not a registered member, click here to register

The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 19th at 12:00 Noon, Eastern on


The following rules (hereinafter referred to as "Rules") represent the official Rules for the "Caribbean Fever & Caribbean Airlines Blaze the Trail with Machel Montano @ MSG in NYC" (hereinafter referred to as "Contest").

A. Entry:
1. Post your story (200 words or less) “what you would say and do to get your boss off your shoulder”.
2. Contest runs from: 9:00 AM ET Friday, March 14 through 6:00 PM ET Tuesday, March 18, 2008.
3. Entries must be posted by 6:00 PM Eastern, Tuesday, March 18, 2008.
4. Only one entry per person.
5. Neither Fever International, Inc. and/or Caribbean Airlines, (hereinafter "Sponsor"), nor their respective subsidiaries ( or any entities used for the promotion of this contest directly or indirectly will not be held responsible for lost, illegible, or late submissions.

B. Eligibility and compliance of Winners:
1. All legal residents must be 25 years and older.
2. All legal residents must have a valid passport and required documents to re-enter your originating country and enter the USA.

C. Prizes:
The following prize will be awarded: Grand Prize: One (1) grand prize-winning person will be selected and will receive:
Round-trip (coach) air-transportation for two (2) to NEW YORK. One (1) room for 3 days/2 nights at a hotel in NYC and a pair of tickets to see Machel Montano at MSG.

D. Winner:
1. The Grand Prize winner shall provide his/her contact details including email address, postal address, and telephone number.

2. Grand Prize winner agree to hold Fever International, Inc., Caribbean Airlines and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees, and all promotional partners, advertising agencies, and their employees harmless against all claims, demands, obligations, causes of action, and lawsuits, and all damages, liabilities, fines, judgments, costs (including settlement costs), and expenses associated therewith arising directly or indirectly from the Contest, any services performed or actions taken by Sponsor or Fever International, Inc. incidental thereto, or any trip awarded as a prize, or any other prize winning.

3. The Grand Prize winner shall be fully responsible for determining, complying with, and satisfying any and all travel regulations. The Grand Prize winner shall be solely responsible for: abiding by all local laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions through which the Grand Prize winner will travel for the duration of the trip awarded pursuant to the Contest.

E. Miscellaneous:
1. The Grand Prize winner is solely responsible for all taxes, including federal, state, local, income, sales, and port taxes associated with prize winnings and travel.
2. The Grand Prize winner consent, except where prohibited by law, to the use without compensation of his/her name and likeness for promotion and advertising purposes in connection with the Contest, and may be required to complete an affidavit of eligibility and release in order to claim any prize.
3. By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to and accepts these Rules. Fever International, Inc. shall have sole responsibility for interpretation and implementation of the Rules.
4. The decision of Sponsor is final in all matters relating to the Contest and the Rules.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So I thought you should know....

Ronnie and Caro's presentation for 2009 is "Bacchanal" with the band launch slated for August 1st 2008, while Pulse 8's theme for 2009 is "Hot, Hot, Hot".

In other Carnival related news, rumour is that Stacey Des Vignes will be parting ways with TRIBE and bringing her own band for 2009; Ms Des Vignes has been the section leader for Sea Whips, Majorette and Luna during the years . If this latest RUMOUR turns out to be true we can look forward to yet another new band for 2009, hmm, I wonder which section will bring up the rear of TRIBE if that's the case?

Edited to add:
Rumours of Stacey Des Vignes leaving TRIBE have turned out to be..... just rumours!

Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!

So, I have been asked to poll you blog readers on "the hottest male and female bodies on the road for 08" (sic). Since "hot" or not is quite subjective, I shied away from actually doing a poll, however as I was looking through the photo galleries of the numerous photo websites I realized many masqueraders did indeed look very well put together on the road, with some looking quite outstanding. Whether they were blessed by superb genetics or the bodies are a result of months of hard work, this is the chance to give your picks a bligh.

Have some fun looking through the galleries that I have linked, and leave your two top choices as a comment, with the link (url) of the photograph included. Remember, we are voting for your choice of hottest MALE and FEMALE on the road for Carnival 2008!

Carnival Scene

Trini Stars

Trini Jungle Juice

Play Carnival


Lizzard Blizzard

Trini Pulse

Trini Crew

Toronto Lime

Carnival Power

Trini Soca

N.Y. Caribbean Vibes


Now, I did not have time to look through EVERY photo gallery of Carnival 2008, but here are my picks for Male and Female:


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second out the gate?????

Hmm, so we have rumors of a theme now rumors of an actual band launching date for TRIBE and I have been told it is going to be two weeks after Evolution’s launch. If you don’t know when Evolution’s launch is going to be you have not been paying attention!!!! If this is true TRIBE is launching 3 weeks earlier than last year, amazing! I wonder when Harts launch will be since traditionally they were always first. Anyway, all this talk of Carnival 2009 is making me excited! I can’t wait to HEAR what the possibility of a costume might be like… I have already heard some of a few colours that will be used, one actual section name…and that Super Mo Mo has started designing costumes and they are looking “HOTT”. How many more days until July?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It is not to early to.............

Yes, I know it is 11 months and 11 days away, but there are some things you can start buying from now in preparation for Carnival 2009 instead of waiting for the very last minute!!

BOOTS – lots of stores are having sale and clearance sales on winter wear as Spring approaches; if you are looking for discounted prices on boots now is the time to buy them! This then gives you an entire year to break them in properly.

CLOTHING – Scour any website and you will see lots of "summery" clothing items, from shorts to tank tops to dresses, all on sale. I know some ladies have already started shopping , believe it or not, for Carnival 2009! They are getting shorts, tops and dresses which can do quadruple duty for spring, summer and upcoming international as well.

TICKET – Only a few more weeks until you can book a ticket to Trinidad for February 2009, right now you can only book up until February 5th so keep looking at the websites and saving your pennies!

GYM MEMBERSHIP - Procrastination, we are all guilty of it. I am thinking if you have the gym membership in hand from now, chances are within the next 11 months you are going to use at some point in time!

Feel free to add to the list all the things that YOU think it is not too early to get in preparation for Carnival 2009.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Soca is NOT Reggae!

I received the following email yesterday about an online petition to have Soca Music recognized on itunes, read, sign and forward to your friends!

The issue is that itunes recognizes all island music as either Latin or Reggae music. I have written them numerous times, long diatribes about what is Calypso and Soca with no positive feedback, in fact they I got a politely worded letter basically telling me to bugger off. So I cant take that sitting down. It hurt my little Trini heart to find a listing for Lord Kitchener's music as Reggae - he is probably rolling over in his grave.

I created a group on face book asking people to email to itunes on the issue and am doing all I can to get this issue publicized because I think it is gross disrespect. The fact is we should stop the nonsense about taking Soca music to the Grammy's. Nobody watches TV, the world is run over the internet - OK that is a stretch but still. Soulja Boy made millions on ring tone downloads and Yael from Israel had a song chosen to launch the new MACBOOK AIR and went from obscurity to selling the number one album on itunes and then there was Feist from Canada with the 1234 song - you get the picture.

Any way a recommendation was made to send in some petitions to the itunes folks and since I cant remember the last time I signed a piece of paper that wasn't a credit card slip I developed an online petition.Here is the link to the petition please sign it!

The music of TNT is genius, you know what it takes to make not one but a few hit songs every year, year after year consistently that is what Calypsonians and Soca artists do - and this ability has to be respected. Damn even the Beatles stop making music after a few years.

Spread this message and let us use" we Trini loudmouth" for something to benefit us .Please the same way you bombard folks with the forwards about the free computer that Bill Gates will never be sending can you forward the info on the petition to all your friends in your inboxes.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bacchanal Mas for Nottinghill Carnival

Click on the flyers for more information on Bacchanal Mas' Band Launch of their 2008 Nottinghill Carnival presentation "Paradise":

For more information on this event visit the Bacchanal Mas Facebook group.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Clearing things up..

It would be remiss of me not to make a statement on the “She Said.. ...He Said” post. I would hope that everyone understands that the opinion of one affiliate does not reflect the opinion of Island People Mas. That the judgment made by one individual over a simple comment does not take away from the fact that for the most part Island People masqueraders had nothing negative to say about their 2008 Carnival experience and that from registration to costume collection to on the road experience YOU all have stated you had an enjoyable Carnival experience with Island People Mas. Therefore, I would hope that as objective readers, you can separate the “drama” in that post from the Island People Mas family as my intent was not for anyone to have any ill feelings towards the band. I would like to also add that I have known Wyatt for a number of years and from what I know of him in no way can he be considered a racist, nor did I see anyone say that in the comments that were left on that post. Obviously he felt otherwise and we shall agree to disagree and let the whole issue die a natural death! Wyatt, I apologise for causing you distress over the whole issue, and I hope that it is clear that you will not be judged as being "prejudiced" or "racist" by me or anyone who read that comment.

Dear TRIBE....2008 version

Well, it took me long enough to write my “Dear TRIBE” letter, as always other bands wishing to take note can apply the recommendations made:

1. Extended hours for costume pick up – I know you all thought the hours of 5:30 to 9pm was catering to the after work crowd, but starting distribution earlier in the day would help alleviate the line up as one bounces around from station to station. I for one will gladly leave work at ANY time to pick up my costume, since fast track for me was not THAT fast.

2. Mobile snacks on the roads is needed, something between breakfast and “lunch” to ease the hunger pangs of masqueraders who skipped breakfast , must eat on time or who just like their belly!! I don’t know how much I can complain about the tortilla chips and peanuts, too salty, but the Mario’s of course is always yummy!

3. Hire a quality control officer; one whose job is to visit each and every costume being manufactured to ensure that the six feathers advertised on the headpiece is exactly the six feathers masqueraders will get when they open their box come costume collection day.

4. For the premium price we frontliners are paying, the “ultimate experience” needs to step up the game! Yes, the complimentary photographs were nice, thank you very much. But As I was reading WUZDESCENE Blog I saw her raving over these “luxury loos” called Andyloos featured at Brian Lara's fete, and I think it would be PERFECT at the lunch stop for exclusive use by frontliners and individual masqueraders . To your credit the PARC units were clean HOWEVER using one of those is like being a sauna!!! I am not fussy, so we will pass on the Ultimate Luxury design and go for the cheapest Andyloo set up, The Millennium.

5. Bring back the resting bus and get rid of the smoking bus! Smoking is bad for your health and really, that has got to be the most underutilized vehicle on the road. Masqueraders who were ill were forced to leave the band and find refuge somewhere else. I know this happened to one of the ladies in Lady of the Lake frontline and if there was a resting bus she could have used it to recuperate instead of making a trek from South Quay to her aunt’s house in Belmont and then having to find her way back to rejoin the band!

6. Please do not raise prices!!! Ok I can understand that everything is going up in Trinidad, I was shocked to see the price of cheese and milk when I went to the supermarket last week, so I know that this will be used as a justification for raising Mas prices once again for 2009. However, it would be nice to have costumes remain in the same price range as they did this year, or else I fear some people will be priced out of TRIBE. Personally I have no complaint with the prices for Frontline Costumes this year and will be ecstatic if they remain the same price for 2009 UNLESS we get some SWEET amenities as frontliners, such as the Andyloo lol.

7. Can we NOT have more masqueraders for 2009??? Even though I was to the front of the band, I did not even bother to walk any further to see just how massive it was but I have gotten enough reviews and complaints that the band was TOO BIG.

So, that is all I have to recommend really, I am sure others will put in their 2 cents on other concerns or advice that they, as masqueraders can give to bandleaders. Please note that though others may have different concerns and will make recommendations as such, these are the areas that I see need some tweaking in the overall sphere of my mas enjoyment.

Friday, March 07, 2008

International Carnivals Update...

Island MAS will be having a T-Shirt Band within UWI Carnival 13th-16th of March:

Name of T-shirt Band is SOCA JUNKIES

Cost: $600 Ladies / $800 Gentlemen

Inclusive of : Soca Junkie T-shirt, Island MAS Wave Rag, 6 drinks chits (grants you 6 Wray + Nephew mixes) and alot of fun...

Register latest by: Monday 10th @ Soca Sweat[7pm-9pm] @ Union, UWI
or contact one of the following to register via phone; Ria - 8616978 or Xandria - 4569624

The Trinidad and Tobago Students' Association at the Mona Campus will be including a t-shirt section, "Gyal Farm" in the UWI campus carnival on March 15, 2008.

Male- T-Shirt, Cowboy Hat, Bandanas, goodie bag, drinks package (JA$1000)
Female- T-shirt/Merinos,Cowboy hat, hot shorts, goodie bag, drinks package (JA$1200)

Sign Up
Monday at Soca Aerobics 5-7pm

Kai (876)412-2992
Melissa (876) 863-7882

The carnival will again be on the Memorial Day weekend which is May 23 - 25, 2008. The official launch of the carnival is on April 25, 2008 at the Lake Eola Amphitheatre. As well, the band leaders will be having their band launchings soon. Watch out for more information on this and other things that will be happening for the carnival. If you need any information in the interim, you can call the OCA at: 407-952-6464.

Carnival Nationz led by Curtis Eustace's will launch their presentation “Pirates” for Caribana 2008 on May 24th. More information will be released in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

2007 Band of the Year Toronto Revellers present their theme for Caribana 2008 "Beyond the Nile". The official band launch takes place on...

Saturday May 10th, 2008

Toronto Revellers - Caribana 2007 Band of the Year


ALKEBU'LAN... Beyond the Nile

@ The Armenian Community Centre
45 Hallcrown Place (Victoria Park Ave & 401)
Toronto, Canada

Doors open at 9pm | $15.00 | This is a 19+ event

Details: Costume presentation at 11pm


Thursday, March 06, 2008

She Said.. .....He Said

Many of you responded to my little post announcing that Island People’s galleries were up for viewing on their website, using the feedback feature to not only point out what you, as masqueraders, saw as a bias towards certain masqueraders being featured but also to express how you felt about it. Now, I am all for feedback, I think that bands should be grateful that they are getting into the brains of their masqueraders without having to pay for a market research survey; though the comments are not always positive (as in the case against the idea of TRIBE managing two bands for Carnival 2009) at the very least it gives an indication of masqueraders’ opinions which I would think smart band leaders should listen and pay attention to.

As far as feedback go, the comments that have nothing constructive to add but seek to defame, slander and libel others have to be deleted, hence I introduced the feature to register before being able to make comments. Prior to this anonymous comments were allowed and that “freedom” was abused.

Consequently I was asked to remove what was seen as a racist comment from the post entitled “Island People Pics!”, this is the offending comment:

Kerryann said...
Chris, I thought I was the only person that noticed.

I'm sorry but the 2 women that Wyatt was taking pictures of on carnival Monday were the only two that made up IP? I like looking at beautiful women too because they inspire me to look good but you know what, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and COLORS. Clearly he has a preference in what he thinks is beautiful but my gosh.....give us some variety.

To be fair to the request that was made I read over every single comment and personally saw nothing offensive or alluding to racism in any of the comments. However, I may be biased to the whole idea of “freedom of speech” seeing I was also banned from an online forum for what I saw as nothing more that speaking my mind. So I am asking YOU to tell me if you think that comment should be removed because it is alluding to the fact that the photographer in question is racist, or if any of the comments are libelous and defaming the character of the photographer in question. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jamaica Carnival 2008!!

Bacchanal Mas has updated their website with a list of events leading up to Jamaica Carnival which takes place on the 30th of March!! Beach Jouvert and Soca at the Sandbar were two events that were featured on triniscene last year, I saw lots of Trinis looking like they were having a good time. From all the facegroup groups and tons of emails I get Jamaica Carnival looks like it is going to be big(er) for 2008.

Costumes are a practically sold out at Bacchanal Mas, with only two sections remaining, but you can still check them out to see what is left !! I hope some of you guys are planning to go to Jamaica for Carnival, seeing as it comes just over one month after Trini that should be a temporary cure for the Carnival Tabanca!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Harts Review 2008 - finally!

written by squeezle:

Let me first explain why this review was such a long time coming. When I originally set out to write it, almost three weeks ago, I found myself with the mindset that in some way, I had to defend my choice to play with Harts. As a loyal Harts masquerader I am often asked why I would choose to remain in Harts with all the other hot, new, all-inclusive bands around. And as the days added up, so did my list of reasons why,after 18 years of being a Harts masquerader, I have absolutely nodesire or reason to leave them. So what has become of this list? I decided to delete it, partly because I wanted to write a review and not a testimonial, but mostly because I've decided that I really don't need to defend my decision, as I would never consider asking anyone else to defend theirs. My long history with this band speaks for itself. So without further ado, here's my take on "Lights, Camera, Action".

This year, Harts chose a theme that lent itself to a slightly more representative type of costume, so there was more of a departure from their usual abstract representations. However, it was nothing that couldn't be tackled without straying from the traditional bikini and beads formula. This year, I was quite delighted to see a marked reduction in the use of pastel colours, as well as fewer all-female sections. The men's costumes, usually superior to most bands, were downright exceptional this year, and this resulted in my having a lot more choices among the sections, as there were many more appealing options for both sexes. After much internal debate, I finally settled on 'Apocalypto - large headpiece option' because I found both the male and female versions to be very richly decorated (I don't see why my S.O. can't have a plume or a bead here and there). True to form, Harts also released a few late sections that had people in a frenzy. Even though these were quite lovely, I was very satisfied that I had made the right choice, and I had no regrets with my decision. In other words, I still think my section was DE BEST!

Costume ordering:
Once again, Harts was playing the fool with their on-line registration, but this time around, it was especially hard on the overseas masquerader because the band launching fete had been cancelled, so there was no on-line source of photographs until Saucy went to the mas' camp to get a few snaps for those of us chomping at the bit. And knowing how quickly the 'hot' sections sell out, I made it my business to fax my order to Harts way before the website launched. I followed up with a phone call, and received a confirmation e-mail a couple of days later.

Costume collection:
Although my section was among the first to be distributed, I was unable to make it to the mas' camp until a few days later. When we arrived, I found several lines at the windows, which were labeled with the section names. Of course, my line was the longest, what else is new! In spite of this, the entire process of collecting my costume and goody bag, having it checked by the staff and purchasing our wee-wee truck and drinks cart bracelets all took less than 45 minutes. Just as well, because I was practically twitching with excitement as I watched people walking away from the windows with those stunning headpieces balanced atop costume boxes. There was one notable change this year, and I wish I had been made aware of it beforehand. For the first time, there was a 'fast-track' window available for those who had already paid their balance in full. And although those folks were done in less than 10 minutes they had to endure a lot of cut-eye from those of us standing in line. For 2009, I will definitely be paying in full before I get to Trinidad, cut-eye or not!

Goody bags:
To be quite honest, I flung those things in a corner as soon as I walked in the door. When I eventually dumped the contents out onto my bed, the snacks and drugs were quickly snatched up and everything else went in the trash (yes, we are a couple of savages, and we are not ashamed). It was mostly the standard fare, plastic mug, sample sized shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, sanitary pads, really boring stuff, no surprise there.

Costume issues:
I very rarely have any problems with the fit or comfort of my costumes, and when I do, it's usually something that can be solved in 15 minutes with a needle and thread. Unfortunately, this time around, I ran in to a rather difficult situation. In recent years, I had found that my XL bikini bottom was somewhat on the large side, but having ordered a size L this time around, I found it to be too small. I could probably
have gotten away with it if I was prepared to be constantly monitoring my waistband. But when I ready to bus' a wine, I really don't study where my waistband is going, and I wasn't willing to take the chance that something would inadvertently spill over and cause unappealing bulges, especially when even the vagrants in the road have digital cameras these days. There are some things that should NEVER be caught on film.

Sadly, the folks at Harts were unable to help me out of this bind, but certainly not for lack of trying. I had four staff members, including Thais Hart, rummaging in the bowels of the mas' camp for an XL bikini what would suffice, but alas, they searched in vain. All I had to fall back on was my own emerald green bikini bottom, which didn't match the costume exactly, but which Thais assured me would be close enough that it wouldn't be a big deal. Just to cover all my options, I made the rounds of quite a few stores in Port of Spain but was unable to find a suitable match. In the end, the colour difference was negligible, and I noticed a few other women in the band who had chosen to wear their own bikini bottoms/shorts, most notably, Michelle Xavier of Imij & Co. who was in my section and was sporting a pair of boyshorts in a beautiful
shade of purple. There were just so many colours in the beading and braid that just about any bikini would have worked, so this turned out to be not such a bid deal after all. And, as is customary, the other components of my costume, as well as my boyfriend's, fit flawlessly.

As a side note here, I would like to commend the staff at Harts for being very helpful and professional. While waiting for my bikini dilemma to be resolved, I had the opportunity to witness their interactions with other clients, and they were always pleasant and eager to please, even when the customers were being unreasonable and/or rude - like the woman who cut her costume to pieces and then decided that she wanted to return it for a refund. That one had me rolling my eyes real hard!

On the road:
Monday departure 11:00 am - Having spent close to six hours on my feet during J'Ouvert, I was simply unable to will my body out of bed to make the 11 o'clock departure, but I did manage to get myself in gear a couple of hours later, and I met the band at the Savannah before they crossed the 'stage'. As was the case last year, it was mostly smooth sailing all the way through, with no delays to speak of. Drinks were flowing freely from the cart all day, and lunch was delicious - a large container of pelau with huge, juicy pieces of chicken and a small salad. I was glad that I had taken those extra two hours in bed, because it really made a difference to my energy level for the day, and I was able to keep up with the never-ending wining and jamming.

Tuesday departure 6:30 am - As the band was shutting down on Monday night, the DJ repeatedly made the announcement that the band would be taking off promptly at 6:00 am on Tuesday. This was a little perplexing to me, since I clearly remembered the flyer that came with my costume listing the departure time as 6:30. Had the time actually changed to 6:00 or was he just saying this to ensure that everybody got to the band on time? I wasn't taking any chances, so as the sun was barely peeking out over the horizon, my sweetie and I found ourselves on Tragarete road greeted by the sight of - NOBODY. However, way in the distance, we could see the headlights (yes it was still that dark out) of the lead music truck coming towards us. So we decided to use this 'quiet time' to take pictures ourselves while we were still fresh and totally put together. Within about 15 minutes the band had caught up to us and we were on our way, chipping happily towards the Savannah.

The first snag we encountered was at Green Corner. From what I could tell, the band was being delayed by the police, and I saw what appeared to be a heated conversation between Luis Hart and some police officer. Long-time Harts masqueraders will recognize this as a very common sight! There was a lot of back and forth going on for almost a half hour, but eventually we were allowed to proceed. I was wondering if we would be prevented from crossing the judging point, like we were last year, because the powers that be seem to have an agenda to make sure that Harts is never the first band to cross the stage, even if we are the first to arrive at the Savannah. As expected, when we neared the judging point, our band was cut off, with the help of the police, by Trini Revellers. So even with the majority of our masqueraders present, we were forced to wait yet again, for Revellers umpteen trucks to get on the road ahead of us, then for all their masqueraders to show up and get into sections, then for them to cross the so-called stage.

Now, speaking of the stage, it was painfully obvious from the TV coverage of every band that I saw, that officials have failed miserably in making it clear to masqueraders exactly where the stage begins and ends. The cameras caught most people after they had passed what they believed was the judging area, so the TV footage of all the bands I saw showed masqueraders posing for pictures, chatting with friends and even retrieving food and snacks from the drinks trucks. That part of the experience was rather anti-climatic, and left me wishing that we had been 'banned' from the stage again this year so that we could just go about our merry way and not wait around for 2 hours to jump in front of non-existent TV cameras. Do they seriously want us to treat that entire strip of Queens Park West as if it is a stage?

Fortunately, that was the last significant delay we encountered for the day and we proceeded to carry on like wild-people until long after the sun went to bed. My costume held up beautifully, as it always does. In fact, is looks like it could survive Carnival all over again. Which brings me to a very interesting observation : I happened to notice a woman in the band in a costume that was familiar, but definitely not from this year's presentation. It eventually dawned on me that she was
wearing LAST YEAR'S costume!!!! Another friend of mine also noticed her and confirmed this. Now we are speculating as to whether she played mas' in it last year. It's entirely possible, and while you might raise your eyebrows at the bold-facedness of this act, you can't deny the durability of a Harts costume. So nice, you can play mas' twice!

All in all, I have to say that yet again, I had a spectacular time playing mas' with Harts. Once they maintain their level of service, costume quality, and fun-loving vibe on the road, will most definitely be coming back for more.

Monday, March 03, 2008

First Out the Gate...

Who : Evolution
When: June 21st, 2008
Carnival 2009 Presentation: Temptations

When I was thinking the 2008 band launching season began early, this one takes the cake!!!!!!

Your Feedback is wanted....

Here is a suggestion submitted by someone who reads the blog, and which I think is a cool idea. Submissions are open for YOU to submit your choice for the top costumes on the road for Carnival 2008, MALE and FEMALE. Costumes can be from chosen from any band. Consequently, your submissions will be then put up for voting at a later date.

Narrowing it down to favourites is somewhat difficult I think, especially with so many bands. Anyway, my picks from TRIBE and Island People are Lady of the Lake, Mystique,Goddess of the Chase, Silver Fox, King Fisher and Man o War costumes. I will have to scrutinise the other bands more closely to choose some more favourites, but I also liked Showgirls and Prince of Egypt in Harts. More of my picks to come and feel free to submit yours by leaving a comment!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Island People Pics!

For those complaining about a drought of Island People photographs online, please note that Island People Mas has updated their website with lots of photographs from both Monday and Tuesday. Has anyone seen a photograph of the Black Widow Individual (bodysuit option) smiling? I swear in EVERY photograph she looks sour, getting the award for the saddest H.O. of 2008;not one photograph shows this lady smiling!! Franny, she did not do YOUR costume justice!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Poison for 2009???

Ah yes, the rumours keep coming fast and furious. I was asked to investigate the possibility of Poison's return for 2009, and my sources have informed me that this rumour has been circulating since 2007, however the head honcho has yet to "make up his mind" on if it will indeed come to fruition!!

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