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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

5 more sections left in TRIBE

Well another section in TRIBE has sold out, the next one gone is Jab Molassie . It's a nice costume, I even like the tail, but I am not liking the headpiece. If the headpiece was done similar to the frontline' s, a scaled down version maybe, to me it would look more attractive, however it is sold out so I guess lots of people liked it. That leaves 5 more sections open, I am taking bets on when the entire band will sell out.

On another note, I wish Island People would kindly indicate on their website what sections are sold out as well. It would save me from having to harrass them at the mas camp yet again to get an update for those persons who do not reside in Trinidad.

Carnival Time Again

The Trinidad Guardian has a nice encapsulated review of the band launchings which occurred over the weekend:

Statuesque Ria Nelson portrays Back to Africa, a tribute to the late George Bailey.

Photo: Lester Forde

Leggy Tiffany Williams and Terry See Tai portray Viva Zapata from a winning Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars presentation.

Photo: Lester Forde

Carnival 2007 is well on its way, so much so almost all the popular mas bands have launchd their presentations. Among the main players still keeping the public in waiting is Brian MacFarlane with his presentation of India.

Last weekend saw main Band of the Year contenders, defending champion Trini Revellers and Legacy unveil their presentations, as well as Stephen Derek with a media launch at The Mas Camp Pub.

On October 14, Legacy launched Hiawatha at The Anchorage in Chaguaramas, with a huge crowd in attendance and, on Wednesday, Masquerade and Chris Humphrey showcased Golden Heritage—A Tribute to Mas at the Cruise Ship Complex.

Legacy’s Hiawatha is based on a native American Indian theme, Hiawatha being the title of an epic poem written in 1855 about a fictitious American Indian personage of the same name. The band will pay tribute not only to that civilisation but also to our local traditional Red Indian mas form.

The Legacy launch kicked off at the adjacent Tsunami Beach Club with a VIP/media reception. Walking through the entrance, which had been transformed into a wigwam, the specially-invited guests were greeted by a group of masqueraders dressed in authentic Indian costumes and presented with feathered necklaces.

Guests were treated to a complimentary premium bar and hors d’oeuvres in anticipation of the special showing of Legacy’s 2007 costume designs. A total of 22 sections were displayed, bearing catchy names like Apache Fire, Cherokee Trail, Laughing Water, Indian Summer, Seminole Nation and Soca Warriors.

Judging from the enthusiastic response, the audience was well-pleased with Legacy’s offering for 2007. The showing of costumes was repeated at the public event at The Anchorage with a similar show of appreciation from the large audience.

Of special note were the sections Pow Wow and Rainbow Dancers which were displayed by bodybuilders Richard Noel and Gabby Gonsalves and which elicited thunderous applause and screams of delight from patrons.

Legacy road music band Caribbean Traffik Jamm put on a high energy performance showing that they are more than ready for the upcoming Carnival season. During his performance, Iwer George paid tribute to bandleader Mike Antoine and the Legacy team and had patrons following his every direction as they partied into the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Masquerade/Humphrey media launch was also attended by a number of past and present bandleaders, and sponsors, the latter representing corporate citizens like Digicel, National Flour Mills and Ansa McAl Motors.

With special tribute paid to past Masquerade designer/leader Wayne Berkeley, who was in attendance, also at the launch, and receiving tokens for their contribution to mas, were Shane Lee Heung (son of Stephen and Elsie Lee Heung), Raoul Garib, and representatives of Irvin McWilliams, Lionel Jagassar, Stephen Derek, Peter Minshall, George Bailey and Edmond Hart. Other prominent people seen were Michael Headley, Donna Cox, Marita Laurent, Frank Martineau and Lennox Toussaint.

According to Masquerade co-designer Chris Santos: “Golden Heritage—A Tribute to Mas is a tribute to the creative minds and designs of the golden era of Carnivals past as we look back to the many memorable and prize-winning presentations of such greats as George Bailey, Harold Saldenah, Edmond Hart, Stephen Lee Heung, Wayne Berkeley, Irvin McWilliams, Raoul Garib and Peter Minshall, interpreting their creation with a modern twist.” Gregory Medina and Elwin Johnson are the other designers of Golden Heritage.

The Masquerade/Humphrey band will have its public launch on November 11, at The Anchorage.

Legacy’s Mas Camp on Carlos Street, Woodbrook, is open for registration daily from noon to 8 pm. Costume designs and registration information can also be obtained from their web site at

To jog your memories, here are the two sections modeled above from the band Masquerade in drawings:

Back to Africa :

Viva Zapata:

India, The Story of Boyie

Brian Mc Farlane will be launching is 2007 presentation "India..the story of Boyie" on November 30th 2006.

His website has been updated with a new frontpage with this information, and I have to admit I cannot wait for his launch! I am excited already and I have yet to see a costume.

More details to follow soon.
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