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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Island People Feedback

Dear Island People Mas

I am a three time masquerader with your mas band and therefore was triply disappointed at the service that was meted to me by your organization. There is a need to personalize this because it was I who made the conscious decision to fork out a mammoth $2,695.00 in the hope of having IP mas deliver to me nothing but a surreal experience on the road. Many things contributed to this and I believe it is incumbent on the management of IP mas to unequivocally apologize to all its loyal masqueraders for the multiplicity of issues faced on the road.

It is my honest opinion that a CEPEP gang could have done a much better job than the Security Sweep team IP boasted of having. Stormers infiltrated the band on both days and will even go on to say that it was evident that some of these illegal masqueraders were associated with some of our “illustrious” security detail. Additionally, even some of our masqueraders took the liberty to bring their sisters, brothers, man, woman and cousins six times removed illegally into the band. Personally, I do not care who you love or don’t…once you do not have a legal band on your hand you should be ejected forthwith from the band.

I had first hand experience being harassed by these “wining space bandits” as I was chipping to the Victoria Square stands on Monday.
Two stormers were permitted to be within the confines of the useless ropes. One later on proceeded to attempt to befriend me by taking my waving bandana out of my hand and wiping his dirty sweaty face with it; and with a smile returned it to me. I would not go into the details of what transpired in between but only because one of my crew alerted security were these miscreants removed. I am sure many other masqueraders can relate to you’re their litany of security woes.

It makes absolute no sense having a robust looking team of security officials who are more concerned about wining and getting drinks, and not concerned about the safety and security of the masqueraders who make IP management millionaires.

As far as I am aware, the name of our 2009 Presentation was “Heaven on Earth” and not “Dogs in Pound”. I would like to know if the food you presented to us on Monday and Tuesday is the quality of food you eat within the confines of your homes. I even saw with my own two eyes a senior member of IP management discard his box of food after a few bites. If that is your idea of “lean, healthy meals”, please in the future provide us with fattening tasty food. I did go to the gym prior to Carnival and will burn off the fat and calories in wining. Additionally, I do not like to feel like I am waiting for food in a Somali refugee camp. The lines and hassle for food were beyond ridiculous.

I was particularly disturbed this year at the fact that the soca Mafia obviously became a major shareholder within IP mas this year. Why it is Island people had to be the ONLY band in which ALL its trucks played that Wild Ants song when crossing the judging points? Obviously, you were not privy to the plethora of Road March contenders who had songs which were better loved than the one your Deejays FORCED us to jump to. We all love Machel’s music- don’t get me wrong. But this year, that song was not road march- you knew it and he knew it- and it was unfair that you subjected us to multiple repeats of that soca infestation.

Additionally, can you please tell your road management and your truck drivers that every section needs music? The trucks were labeled with where they should be positioned but obviously some level of illiteracy and/or ignorance pervaded the band, and deprived some masqueraders of their just share of sweet soca.

Every masquerader had a different experience but I believe these were the three main problems I had, and masqueraders in general. I will not go on to mention the empty goodie BMOBILE SPONSORED bag, the water and other drinks running out on Monday, and the food truck way in the back of the band; I am sure someone else will.

1. Costumes – I had no problems at all with costume collection or the costume itself. The costume was exactly like the replica in the mas camp and was a bit overwhelmed at this fact. Pleased was an understatement to describe how I felt when I collected my costume.
2. Masqueraders- ISLAND PEOPLE MASQUERADERS ARE THE BEST MASQUERADERS EVER!!! The camaraderie and spirit and vibes in this band are really out of this world. Despite the mess IP management did, the masqueraders all came out to have a great time. Once you had a hand band you had license to dance with any masquerader. THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I WOULD CONSIDER PLAYING MAS WITH IP again.

So my dear sirs- it is incumbent of you to do a serious post mortem on your presentation. I am sure your must have heard the wide ranging complaints posted on many a website by both locals and foreigners. The negative PR is not doing your band any good. Once my crew agrees, and finances are there, and because of the quality of masquerader IP attracts, I am willing to give you just one more chance. There are many other options that treat their masqueraders like customers and not dirt.

Just remember, mighty conglomerates have fallen and therefore IP is not immune to collapse. Shape up or ship out!!!

Sincerely Yours

Jason Wickham
Slightly….just slightly disgruntled masquerader

Pulse 8 Review - 3

Hi Saucy,

Here's my review on Pulse8 2k9.


I collected my costume on Carnival Wednesday, since I paid for my costume in the allotted due date, which was no problem. The lady at the front desk informed to go around at the back which I gladly did. Another lady handed me my costume, informing me of the pieces and the good bag. Thanked her and went on my merry way. When I got home I tried on my bra, low and behold the bag is too big, which is a first for me, since I am a 42D. This bra had to be a 42DDD or 44DD. I immediately called Pulse8, informing them on my problem, the lady said just come and they will make the necessary adjustment. Return to the Mas camp met with the section leader of my section, and she informed me that she will make the necessary adjustment.

The only thing I didn't like about my costume is that only half of bra was only decorated. I raised this problem to the attention of the section leader, and she informed me that due to the size of the bra only half is decorated, I find that odd since I paid extra for a tankini, and if I wanted whole bra to be decorated I would have to pay extra. I continue to asked the section leader, why didn't Pulse8 email me on this problem. "No reply from the section leader".

I receive my bra and it fit somewhat OK, I was not going to let this get into my way. My only problem is that the way the bra is decorated anytime my arm rub again the bra, it irritated my skin alot, which I hated.


Met with the band around 12:10pm. The music was nice, met up with Saneman, VM, and Island Soul. Everyone was enjoyed themselves. I made my way to the bar. The bartenders were very nice and friendly. I always said my "please and thank you". We stop at Woodford Square for lunch. Lunch consists of; Vegetable Rice, Lentils, Green salad and three (3) pieces of chicken. The meal was very tasty, Alt of food I must say I couldn't eat all of it.

Later on during the day we stop for snack which consists of: Accra and Potato pie, quite tasty. The drinks were flowing the music was good, everyone was friendly and nice. Even if you came alone Pulse8 will welcome you with open arms they will take care of you. Security was very good.I had a wonderful Carnival Monday.


Played in the Hot Ice section.

Got up early since I had a makeup appointment at 5:30am, got there late lucky for me no one was there as yet. Makeup done by Natasha Erdos, I did airbrush makeup, Natasha was very good, my makeup look fabulous even got compliments. the the costume look real nice. it rain quite a bit, I've notice my costume was unsticking, the braids and beads were falling out. Not a good sign. I'm beginning to wonder what kind of glue they were using. My friend who was playing mas with me sated that maybe its the rain that cause it to unstuck hm mm. I wonder. Please not that using 1'4" ribbon to tie and hold up a heavily decorated belt would not work. Maybe they should use: Velcro, ring or a heavier sequin corded would of work better.I have notice alot of masqueraders were trying to tie their belts, some were even asking for pins.

Even my armband just unstuck with the touch. I was not to please. The Wee-wee truck was clean, amply supply of feminine supply. There were ladies there to make sure the portables were clean at all time. Ample supply or running water to wash our hands.Good choice of breakfast consists of: sandwiches: ham, saltfish, tuna, cheese, doubles, fruits etc.

There were ladies going around the band offering shots of different drinks, fruits, even salt prunes soaked in tequila, had a couple of those taste real good.We crossed the Savannah late, stopped at a park in Woodbrook for lunch.Lunch consists of: Soul Food, BBQ, and Vegetarian. I had the BBQ consists of: Macaroni pie, lentils, BBQ, salad. Again another good lunch every tasty, alot of food. Even got a package of tamarind and paw-paw balls as a snack was a nice touch. Later on in the evening we stopped for a break. Snack consist of: Boneless geera chicken tasted delicious. A nice gesture of Pulse8 was that of a touch-up tents, for us to reapply our makeup, glitter, a variety of hair supplies for us to beautify ourselves.My hats off to the Security Team for a job well done.The band made it way through St.Clair then back to the Oval between 7:00-7:30pm. The band disburse around that time.I must say it was quite an enjoyable day. Had lots of fun. Even made a stop at the week knees bus,


The rest stop, please provide blankets for us to sit on.
More table and chairs.

Please provide garbage bags for us to put the empty containers, cutlery, bottles etc were left all over the place.

Have a shuttle bus for the latecomers, some of us had to walk all over town looking for the band.
A working phone number with a person informing us the location of the band .

The costume belt keep falling apart, the belt was not holding up, using 1/4" ribbon to tie and hold up a belt will not work. I've notice alot of masqueraders tying their belts, using pins to hold it in place.

Overall had a good time playing mas with Pulse8.
Next time I would choose my costume more carefully.
Thank you.
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