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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Island People Apologises... sort of

So, yesterday Island People (the party outfit) sent out an email in respect to their Amnesia all-inclusive fete held on Sunday 11, January:

Hey IPeeps,

Really happy that you all made it out last Sunday, it was great having
you share the 'out of the box' experience with us. We did the 'new
inclusive' concept that offered many options for premium drinks and
our partners really came through for us, the Johnny Green, the Carib
Brew House, the cocktails and the tequila got some licks.

The event rocked with Machel and Patrice, Kes and Nadia, Bunji and Faye
Ann and Denise and Stabby wukking-up as only they can on stage.

We experimented with tray service with the intention of taking the food
to you rather than having you wait in long lines. We did have lots of
food and many options. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the
distribution system and food did not reach as many people as quickly as
we would have liked…so our bad.

Here's to the next event.


First off kudos for Island People for trying something new, for Amnesia 2009 they decided to go the way of cocktail style eats served on platters, what they did not anticipate, however is patrons all dressed in their Sunday best actually mobbing the servers !! Sources say that people were actually waiting in the wings for when the servers appeared and made off with entire trays of goodies!! I guess there is no price on etiquette when people paid $495.00 for a fete and wanted all they could get (and paid) for the money. What I love about that email is the "apology"! More jokes this Wednesday morning.


What Sweet in Horse Mouth.....

Seems as if I have pissed off somebody affiliated with the Hilarian's fete because I don't like horse meat!!!!This is the latest comment left on my post "Horse and Hilarians":

Blogger zzz said...

yuh know...if yuh goin to make uneducated comments so at least tief the whole piece from the girl on fb and analyse it properly...

wild meat is a small portion of the menu...unless bake and shark, roti and bbq chicken is wild meat where allyuh come from...not to mention I guess where most ah these bloggers from hagen daaz and fajitas wild well as stewed beef and other creole food....

yuh prefer they serve a puff a sandwich and a slice a cake?

if yuh cyah afford just say and go to yuh cheap doh have no room anyway...

anyhow I sure the committee glad fuh the free publicity..

11:49 PM

What kills me about these fetes are their affiliate's attitude is that it reflects all that is bad in Trinidad at the moment when it comes to spending money for goods and services versus getting value for money. As a consumer we are supposed to "take whatever they give" and shut the hell up! Tough luck zzz, last time I checked Trinidad and the www is still a democracy and I will comment on these fetes as I see fit! We, the patrons fete promoters are trying to entice to support their fete, should not be told "it doh have no room anyway" because we commented on a menu item tsk tsk, such a bad, bad, bad attitude to criticism!

And no we don't expect a "puff a sandwich and slice of cake", I can recall paying MUCH less for ONE fete, for example, and the menu included an Arabian tent with gyros and kebabs (among other items), a Spanish tent with fajitas, tacos, pastelle (among other items), a Chinese tent with all the usual Chinese food items plus wantons, pot stickers and other types of dim sum items, a Carving station with roast beef, Creole Tent with bake and shark, corn soup (among other items), an Indian tent with roti and other Indian delicacies NOT to mention "hagen daaz", all manner of local sweets AND deserts!! The audacity to think that the menu worth $650.00 would at least include a variety to please different tastes!

Anyway, that made me laugh this morning, just thought I would share!
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