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Friday, April 23, 2010

Staycation Barbados Caricom Rates

This is for all my regional neighbors planning a trip to Barbados for Crop Over.

Barbados Staycation has published the new rates for 2010 and you can get hotels from $50.00US per night double occupancy. A full listing of all the hotels participating in Staycation Barbados can be found HERE

To take advantage of the offer you must be a CARICOM national (valid ID required as proof) and mention Staycation Barbados booking code :STAYCATION 10A when booking hotels or tours.

The Master Cleanse

The idea of a last minute weight loss plan for Carnival came about when a couple of friends and I were discussing how unhappy we were with out weight loss goals even though we were working towards them since the year before. Admittedly we were probably not  working as hard as we should have been ( I know I was great with the diet, not so much with the exercise) especially when travel and the Holidays derailed some of our goals.

I was very interested in doing the Master Cleanse since it was one of the methods other people swore gave them quick results. Reading on what to expect on the Cleanse, however, left me a little apprehensive as I was not prepared to do a daily laxative or see what form the toxins would be leaving my body. 

It was only after speaking with someone I knew personally who did the Master Cleanse did I make up my mind to try it. I must also add that every time I looked at my costume belt and realized just how naked it was I was determined that I was going to finish this 10 day cleanse. My two other friends, JG and SD, decided to join me in the Cleanse for mutual support. SD started the cleanse a few days earlier than JG and I did, in addition SD also started a low carb regimen before starting the cleanse.

The following is a day by day account that I kept of my experience with the Master Cleanse which I started on Monday February 1, 2010. Add this experience to the file of "the crazy things we have done for Carnival"

Day 1
So I got up this morning and started Day 1 of a ten day Master Cleanse, also know as the lemonade diet, made popular by Beyonce who claimed to have lost 20lbs for her role in Dreamgirls.You can check out the diet here.

First thing off is this diet needs some time allocated for preparation. To get 1 Cup of lemon juice you need to squeeze four large lemons, you can leave in the pulp as well. Maple Syrup is expensive in Trinidad, the PURE one that is so you will probably go through about 5 120z bottles by the time the diet ends. And you also need huge amounts of distilled water and a large container to keep the mix in. I will see how long this batch lasts as I followed the recipe and used 3 quarts of water, 1 cup lemon juice and 1 cup maple syrup. Ideally you are supposed to drink 12 cups of this mixture throughout the day... I am on my second glass as I type.

The mix tastes like a very watery and spicy lemonade, not bad at all. The hardest part for me in this will be using the laxatives and/or salt water wash.. I haven't decided which I will use or when. I know for sure I am NOT taking a laxative every day.. that just does not sound like a good idea medically or physically.

Ok, so wish me luck! 10 days to see if I can do this right to the end.

Day 2
Day 1 went much better than expected! Slight headache in the afternoon, more like tension across the forehead area but once I started drinking more water.. 1 glass to every glass of lemon mix.. I felt better. I am totally surprised that I survived all day with no food and got no major hunger pangs. Also surprised that once I did get hunger pangs all I did was sip some lemonade and it was gone. In total I had about 7 glasses of lemon mix for the day.

I go out to work today so will report on how I fare all day at the office and it is a LONG day. Also plan on taking the tea tonight.

Day 3
Just whipped up my daily batch of lemon mix, I must say I am still surprised that I can go about as normal all day on just this mixture. No headaches, dizziness, lightheaded feeling or fatigue at all yesterday. NO cravings either since the first day and I had to suffer through the smell of food yesterday as I was around people who were eating, and of all things curry!

I was much more tired and lethargic doing low carb. Weighed myself yesterday as well for a bench mark figure and I weigh 7lbs less than I did when I weighed myself last week.

Now I have also been on a low carb diet since December so it could be just that in combination with no food that is showing as weight loss, plus I used a different scale so I am going back to the scale I used last week to weigh myself today and see what the figure says.

No Laxative or salt water flush as yet,because surprisingly I have not been constipated (TMI). Anyway I have to hunt down the tea but I promise to do that TONIGHT! I also want to try to go on the treadmill and see how long I can last as I am not feeling tired at all.

Hope all of you doing the cleanse are keeping strong!

Day 4
So yesterday I woke up all chipper and then I crashed. I fell asleep in the car on the way to work, I mean like deep sleep while we were stuck in traffic.. guess I WAS tired. Then my stomach started feelings weird, and the weirdness lasted all day...even this morning. Lets just say it is sort of like I have diarrhea without the aches and runs.. whatever solids I had in my system is finding it's way out short spurts ! TMI, I know! I did NOT need the laxative tea!

Unto day 4, feeling more energy this morning, no cravings at all and no headaches. Lets see how the day progresses. Oh no treadmill yesterday either, got home too late, went for a costume fitting... let me say again, my belt is NAKED!

Day 5
Ok I forgot to do a post yesterday so I will do one today. Yesterday was HARD! I was craving a roti SO bad it is not funny and I kept getting hungry. I don't know if it is because I am not drinking enough of the mix but as soon as I take two sips and the hunger pangs go away I drink some water and leave the rest of the mix. I am going to try drinking all in one go instead of sipping it and see if that stav's off the hunger longer. My mood yesterday was also VERY foul, could be the diet or could be good old PMS but I was pissed off and bitching at everything and everyone. Sorry for all who felt the wrath. I had some peppermint tea last night, not bad at all, I think I will have some in the mornings now to break the "gas". It is allowed on the cleanse, I just added a few drops of the maple syrup to mine for a lil touch of sweetness.At least I am half way there, weighed and my weight has not budged, did not lose or gain anything.

Day 6
Woke up this morning FULL of energy so I did a lil 15 minute circuit, on the threadmill, with weights, thigh master, bands and ball. I feel fine after so I will TRY to add this to my morning routine. Going to have some peppermint tea, whip up a batch of lemonade then off to class from 9 to 1.. lets see how hungry I get then!

Day 7
Yesterday I was pretty good in class, no hunger pangs even though I just had water after my "breakfast" batch of lemon mix. I also did the laxative tea last night and it was not bad at all, guess I had nothing solid in my system anyway so there was nothing to come out. Today is supposed to be the hardest day according to my friend SD who is also on the diet with me, she started a few days before I did so her video blogs of her experience have been letting me know what to expect.The day started off well enough, I got up, whipped up my lemon mix and was sipping it all day until I had a break down upon smelling jasmine rice and curry! I will confess I tasted a spoonful of curry and felt instant regret of having come so far and succumbed to temptation.. sigh.

Day 8
TODAY was the hardest! I don't know if it was the curry I sampled the day before, but I could not stomach drinking the lemon mix all day. As a result I drank more water than anything which made me hungry and I suffered from cravings and hunger pangs. Not good at all. I also went into panic mode that I had broken the cleanse and had to start all over, so I just decided to extend it by a day.

Day 9
The light at the end of the tunnel! I am actually CRAVING broth , the thought of soup makes me so excited! After the awful day yesterday I made sure and  drank my entire batch of lemon mix today and there were no hunger pangs. Although I was waiting to weigh myself until after I was done with the cleanse I decided to do it today because my pants were falling off and I felt as if I had lost more weight. Ok, so are you ready for the total weight loss figure? 12lbs! I am shocked! My friend who completed her cleanse before me lost 10 so I am pretty amazed at the numbers on the scale. I am showing off to everyone the before and after print out from the BMI machine. I also collected my costume today and I  am in LOVE!

Day 10
Today is the day I should have been done with the cleanse, but I have an extra day to look forward to because I cheated and had a spoonful of curry.. sucks. The cleanse has also ruined all my plans of feteing this week, I missed out on Fall Out Fete yesterday because try explaining showing up at an all inclusive fete with your own special bottle of brownish tinged lemon mix.SOUP! That was all I could think of today and motivated by the number of lbs lost I stuck to drinking  my lemon mix today. I am amazed I lasted 10 days drinking only this stuff!

Day 10.5
My extra day since I cheated but  I could not make it to the end, by evening I was dying for soup. Now the day after the cleanse you are suppose to ease off the cleanse by drinking orange juice all day, but I was craving soup so much that I whipped up a broth , threw in some veggies and had that this evening. It felt so weird to have something with taste and texture in my mouth and I did not have much soup at all. I had to re learn eating solid food again by eating VERY slowly  and taking in VERY little at a time. The other weird thing is that I am no longer feeling to eat any of the crap I was craving WHILE I was on the cleanse, what the hell! I did have a craving for citrus so I also had a portugal.

Day 12
Pay back for not following instructions is terrible. I had the most awful stomach cramps and diarrhea today. I guess that is my body's way of adjusting to food. I could barely stomach plain watery broth today with no veggies in it. If you ever do this cleanse, please, please follow the steps for coming off it! Good thing I was home all day, I was in a mess!

Day 13
After my awful experience yesterday  I decided to try eating some  steamed vegetables today along with my broth because it is Carnival Saturday and I need to know that my stomach will not be acting all weird on the road Monday and Tuesday. Talk about cutting it close! SD was done with her cleanse in time to go to all the fetes. I was fine for the most part so hooray for me! I also have to mention that my other partner in this cleanse, JG lost 11lbs! So good job to all the ladies who stuck it out, especially JG as she had some really bad symptoms on the cleanse; muscle ache, joint pain, chills, caffeine withdrawal headache for the first two days, severe cramping, dehydration and fatigue.
The Results 

Although this cleanse is not a diet the side effect is weight loss. It was a pretty extreme way to lose weight for Carnival and I am never going to go this route again even though it worked very well in such a short space of time, better results would have been had with diet and exercise the healthy way.Since the cleanse I have gained back 6lbs to date and though I did not crave certain foods or junk food for a long time after the cleanse ended I eventually started eating all the "bad" stuff I had on my list!

I will contemplate doing a cleanse for the health benefits in the future, as I had a very positive experience relating to health issues that were resolved while on the cleanse and after. This is in no way an endorsement of this Master Cleanse, I just wanted to share my experience in losing weight for Carnival and if you do want to try it I suggest reading as much as possible about it before you even decide to do it.

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