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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Real Rewards to Come?

I was reading Ms Carnival Diva's blog and she has posted an email that she wrote to TRIBE inquiring about registration for first time masqueraders as well as rumours that a certain Island People designer would be joining their camp. The response was QUITE interesting and I suggest you visit her blog to read it yourself. But the one thing that stood out for me was this part:

There will be ample opportunity for many of our past masqueraders to play with the band. Priority will however be given to persons playing with us for their 5th year etc.

Does this mean that masqueraders who have been wholeheartedly "loyal" to TRIBE from their deubt in 2005 will get a special day for registration above everyone else? If so, I think it is long overdue and a very good gesture for the reward of REAL loyalty.

I know first time masqueraders might see the system as somewhat unfair since the popular sections will sell out first, but I personally know of persons who have registered with TRIBE then sold their costume to play with another band and applied for a TLC card based on the fact that they registered to play with the band once. They then have the same opportunity to register along with masqueraders who have played faithfully every year since 2005, even though they have never played with TRIBE!

In addition, there are those who register in two bands, including TRIBE knowing full well they plan on selling their costume AND do not transfer the costume to the person who bought it effectively keeping their TLC. Not to mention that there are some people who will register in two bands just for having the option of choice. This system of hogging TLC cards is not fair to first time masqueraders as these people effectively block a spot for a new masquerader and later sell the costume for a profit on Carnival Junction!

So, if these plans are put in place for registration this year I applaud TRIBE for finally making the TLC card worth something for those who have been truly loyal. I know my opinion might not be popular, especially for those of you without a TLC card or those with a TLC card who have played only one or two years and are anxious about securing the costume they have their heart set on. However, TRIBE instituted the TLC card system and I have always found that it was deficient since it did not serve the purpose of rewarding loyalty, as everyone whether you played one year or four, had the same chance at getting registered.

Other loyalty programs offer rewards to persons based on how much they consume a product not so? You gain free miles, and a free ticket, the more times you fly or you are eligible for free subway faster the more subways you purchase so hence based on this system on rewarding loyalty those who have displayed loyalty by playing with TRIBE the most should be privy to something special faster than those who have only now started playing, don't you think?


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