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Friday, July 31, 2009

Spice Registration Update

Hey SPICE Crew!!

It’s that time again!!

Band launch is over and you guys have seen all of our costumes for carnival 2010.

We are currently in the process of putting the final touches on the showroom…….you guys know that we have to have it SPICY for when you get here.

We want all of you guys to know how much we appreciate the support that you have given us last year and that you continue to give us for our 2010 presentation “THE SPICE ROUTE…”

I know that everyone was looking forward to registration beginning on the 3rd of August , but due to some factors that are way beyond our control we have been forced to postpone it to the 10th of August instead. This delay however, is to ensure that we maintain the quality service that has become synonymous with Spice Carnival Band.

Please don’t be angry with us, we are more disappointed than you guys!! :(

So here’s the official schedule:
Monday 10th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)

Tuesday 11th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)

Wednesday 12th August and onward- Open to the public (Monday to Saturday 12-8pm)

Thank you once again for your understanding and we do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

And here we go again.... the TRIBE Sold Out Rumors

infamous TRIBE registration of 2005

Another year, another set of rumours that TRIBE is sold out. If you visit the TRIBE facebook group people are already complaining about SOLD OUT Sections and pre-registration woes. This seems like the same hysteria that was propagated last year and the band was NOT Sold Out when registration opened to TLC members and there were still costumes left when Non-TLC holders registration began.

Why this rumour is being perpetuated again I have no idea but I would advise everyone to read Carnival Jumbie's Post from last year (because every single words she writes is still applicable THIS year) "Tribe Registration 2k9 Who's In With the In Crowd".

The truth is TRIBE will most likely be sold out of certain sections after TLC registration as some sections are admittedly more popular than others. Each year there are always 2 or 3 sections that everyone makes a mad rush to get into:

2005 - Machu Pichu, Cheyenne & Achaean Oddessy

2006- Nylon Pool & Angel Fish

2007 - Warrior Spirit & Dragon

2008- Silver Mist & Black Magic

2009 - African Love Bird, Brazilian Macaw & Spangled Cotinga

2010 - Mystery of Loulan, Threads of Morocco & Charmuse

As I always advise each year if you know you want to get that one costume and it means that much to you, be the first IN line or the first ONline when registration begins. It is that simple; I know for sure that I am going to be first in line at registration this year because I NEED a frontline costume in the most popular section!

And if the stress of getting into TRIBE is too much for you to handle, well there are other bands! Fact is everyone will not be able to fit in TRIBE even if they extended the band to 10,000 masqueraders! On that note do not send me an email asking which band to play in if TRIBE is sold out, I do not give advice of that nature as I can only vouch for ONE band and that is the band I have and will be playing with. I will advise you read the many reviews of other masquerader's experiences in different bands and make an informed decision. Barring that you can always wait and hope to get a costume on Carnival Junction!

Ching ku-ching ching ching Ching


ku-ching ching ching


ku-ching ching ching

That's the sound those Indian beads/bells make when you walk by the way...

After all the licks Island People got post Carnival from some pretty pissed off masqueraders, who is anxiously awaiting the launch to choose their costume?

I know I won't be , by the time Island People showcases Kutchela I will already be registered in TRIBE, however I am looking forward to seeing costumes and what they do with the theme.

So,with two bands starting registration before their launch, who is waiting for Island People?

Are You Playing in Island People?
Maybe free polls

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mas News Updates

With Spice and TRIBE band launches behind us, we can look forward to the opening of the showrooms for both mas camps on August 3rd; Spice registration will begin on this date. I was also reliably informed that the website will be launched on that day for both bands as well.

Registration for TRIBE TLC holders is slated to commence on the weekend of August 15th which is a very busy weekend. Harts launches their 50th Anniversary presentation at Country Club on August 15th, tickets are already on sale at the mas camp and from committee members. Island People launches Kutchela on Sunday August 16th so two consecutive band launches to attend that weekend coupled with registration for TRIBE!

Deposit for TRIBE has increased to $1500.00TT on regular costumes as I had reported in a previous post so start counting your pennies and good luck in getting the section of your choice in BOTH Spice and TRIBE when registration starts!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glorified Underwear?

Someone sent me this article, a mini review by Adele Rose which says a lot in three paragraphs. I think this is a very interesting observation, as I too have the same issue with the under decorated bras:

Anyone who's ever shopped at Victoria's Secret knows: a good bra and panty can sometimes cost more than your monthly grocery bill ... and apparently TRIBE has translated that logic into their 2010 offering, "The Secret of Silk" (translation - there are some VS bra sets with more detail and additions than some of these costumes!)

At what point exactly does a costume stop being glorified underwear and translate into creative expression? In my opinion, it starts somewhere with sufficient crotch coverage and moves into intricate bra work.
And, it is not so much as the bras needing to be blinged out on every single costume, when it is decorated properly it can create the same effect of looking complete and finished. It is the fact that sticking a few stones on a bra is simply not expressing much creativity especially if the rest of the costume is very skimpy.

The other issue I have is how four rows of beads or a smattering of stones is going to look on a bigger bra, if the bra is a A cup it may not look sparse however when you go up in cup sizes the less decoration on the bra the more glaring it is that the bra has been shortchanged in the decoration department. It is simply no longer acceptable for me to settle for a bra that looks unfinished. Those days are long gone when I first played in Barbarossa and my costume was $400.00TT! Add an extra zero to that figure on today's prices and some more decoration please!

For more of what Adele Rose had to say click HERE.

Shoekeepers Carnival 2010 Collection

Shoekeepers have revealed their Carnival 2010 Picadilly Boot collection and I am really liking the heeled wedge which is a new option, in addition to their previous styles:

The cost of Shoekeepers Picadilly Boots is $400.00 TTD and they are available in the following USA sizes 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8.5, 9, & 10.

You can check out the boots and place orders at the following locaitons:

SHOEKEEPERS (623-1177)
Shop#26 Excellent City Centre
#60 Independence Sq. P.O.S.

SHOEKEEPERS (653-7792)
Shop#10 A&S Mall
#96 High Street, San Fernando

If anyone wore Shoekeepers Picadilly Boots for Carnival please leave a review/comment, thanks!

Réveiller: The Secret of Silk Showcase

NEW YORK (July 2009) – The Carnival Band TRIBE, one of the premier carnival band organizations in Trinidad & Tobago, has partnered with New York's ShorBlu Events, in association with OHPsalms and Back 2 Basics Entertainment, to showcase its 2010 carnival concept The Secret of Silk in New York City. The event is called Réveiller. The Secret of Silk Showcase is a historic occasion as it marks the first time the ever-innovative TRIBE will introduce its “ultimate carnival experience” in New York City.

TRIBE has always appreciated the long standing support of carnival revelers from across the United States, and New York is no exception. Réveiller: The Secret of Silk Showcase promises to provide attendees with the same energy, excitement and pre-carnival anticipation that has been a hallmark of the TRIBE band launch experience since its inception. The event takes place from 3 to 10pm on Sunday, August 9th 2009 at M2 Ultra Lounge, 530 W 28th Street in Manhattan. Formerly known as Mansion, this extraordinary club is a fitting venue to réveille—French for 'awaken'—the 2010 carnival spirit. Though most of the details of this showcase are being tightly guarded, producers have revealed plans for a star-studded line-up that includes the presentation of TRIBE's The Secret of Silk carnival costumes beginning at 6pm, guest performances throughout, complimentary Caribbean hors d'oeuvres, and an ultra-exclusive party.

The New York team producing Réveiller: The Secret of Silk Showcase is ShorBlu Events, OHPsalms, and Back 2 Basics Entertainment. Led by the young trailblazing entertainment group ShorBlu Events, this production team is renown for superior social events in the Tri-state area. ShorBlu Events is also the promotions force behind Caribbean parties like Sutra, Risque and the popular weekly Vice Afterwork Thursdays. OHPsalms has transformed the professional social landscape with exclusive parties at Sequoia on the South Street Seaport, Saturdays at Canal Room, the Obama Inauguration celebration at Bobby Van's restaurant in Washington, D.C., and the groundbreaking Howard Homecoming event Masquerade which stands as the largest alumni gathering in the history of the university. Back 2 Basics Entertainment is New York's premier Caribbean DJ, who has a well-earned reputation as the ultimate party rocker with sold out events like Shine in New York, Washington, D.C., Toronto, and Miami, among hundreds of others.

Réveiller: The Secret of Silk Showcase finally brings a taste of TRIBE's ultimate carnival experience to New York City. Awaken the carnival spirit at this historic event on Sunday, August 9th 2009 at M2 Ultra Lounge.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TRIBE Live Launch, Feedback Needed

As I said before I was unable to view the live, streaming video of TRIBE's launch that was provided by Triniscene on Sunday morning. My position was at the stage taking photos so I only heard feedback from some of the bloggers who viewed the launch from the comfort of their homes.

There were some technical difficulties that was no fault of TRIBE or Triniscene, the loss of lights on stage was due to failure of a power generator and was not a special effect! I too was left wondering why the lights were switched off in the middle of costumes being presented and was informed of this glitch after the fact.

So, since I was not there to see the live stream myself, what are your thoughts on going live? Did you enjoy the show? Was the video able to load and run properly on your system? Did the cameras provide all the right angles? Is this something you would like to see more of for other band launches in future? What would you change or do differently if there was another streaming video of a band launch? And overall were you impressed with the live stream or not?

Leave me a comment!

Vote For Your Favorite TRIBE costume...

My picks on the sections to sell out first, quite possibly on the initial day of TLC registration are, in no particular order:

Tyrian Purple
Mystery of Loulan
Threads of Morocco
Xi Ling Shi
Silk of Rajasthan

Despite my critical review of some of the costumes these rank as my favorites. They also seem to be popular choices among TRIBERS from feedback I have gotten.

Rajasthan is the only section that ladies looking for more coverage seem to be gravitating to so that is the reason it is on my list as well as the fact that the male will be the first to sell out. The other sections that would be my personal pick if all these were gone are Eri and Lapis Lazuli.

Vote for your favourites, I am very interested to know how you all are ranking these costumes!

Vote for your Favorite Section(s) in TRIBE
Silk of Rajasthan
Threads of Morocco
Xi Ling Shi
Lapis Lazuli
Mystery of Loulan
Tyrian Purple
Fire Silk free polls

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Secret of Silk Costume Review

Mulberry (designed by Monique Nobrega)
I had two minds about whether or not I really liked this costume or if it was just way too much with the headpiece, backpack, arm and leg pieces, however what sways me over to the like side is the jeweled detailed on the headpiece, it is very pretty. While I love the sheen and look of silk on the bra I think it should have more decoration on the actual silk instead of just bordering it , especially on the frontline. The frontline gets top marks for impact, low marks for being too ordinary when it comes to the bra. The regular costume is very simple, which contrasts with the extravagance of the frontline, however I saw one option with arm pieces so I am guessing you can get the extras if you want the regular costume to be a bit more than just basic. This is a safe "nice" costume.

Charmeuse (designed by Lana Nobrega)
Ah this is the costume which caused so much talk because apparently the headpiece is similar to Rubies of Mumbai. Well I have seen it and it is basically the same design as Mumbai and I don't know which one was done first but with both costumes I do like the headpiece. The colours of this costume work well together, the contrast is great. I love the headpiece of the frontline, it is big and feathery without being too much. The backpack is too much of a cape effect to my liking and I can do without the fabric but I guess with the theme being Silk fabric is a given. I really like the body costume with the one exception which seems to be an issue I am having with many of the costumes; the bra is skimpy as in TOO bare in decoration. I think it is time we step up the game and go beyond decorating the bra with just 4 rows of beads! These costumes could be taken to the blown out of the park level if the bras were well decorated. Another tiny belt completes this costume, overall one that is not too safe, but not that spectacular either.

Eri (designed by Gail Cabral)
On first look I christened this one Silver Mist II; the backline screams Silver Mist to me, albeit a well done Silver Mist. As with Silver Mist the impact is there, the crowd cheered for this one when it hit the stage, it looks appealing and really I like the backline headpiece but the deja vu is too strong on this one. The frontline is interesting, while I like the overall look of the entire costume the grey feathers bother me. The headpiece is well embellished and I love the design of the jeweled piece to the front, it is my favourite part of this costume. The cascading feathers coming off the shoulders on the backpack is another cape effect similar to Charmeuse but I prefer this one.

Habotai (designed by Lana Nobrega)
Let me get the most irritating thing about this costume out in the open first, and that is the BLACK tasseled chopsticks on the headpiece! Why? That tacky detail almost ruined a perfectly fabulous frontline but the saving grace is that stunning backpack! I love the colour of this costume and the black on the fuchsia feathers sets it off beautifully! The shape and style of he headpiece works for the frontline, I can even live with the tassels falling off the diamante circles to the front, even though the black irks me, but the chopsticks were unnecessary in my opinion. While the frontline gets top marks I really do not like the regular costume mainly because I am not loving the shape of the headpiece, it frames too much of the face and comes too low on the brows, and yet again there are those chopsticks! Whoever thought it was a great idea to add the black tassles to the belt needs a reality check because the tassles look like an appendage of the masculine anatomy! The half way decorated bra is a recurring theme that is just killing the backline costumes.

Tyrian Purple(designed by Gail Cabral)
I LOVE the shade of this purple used, it is gorgeous, I like this costume as well. Now, I know I had an aversion to tails and I still shook my head when I saw this one on the frontline but the costume overall is very appealing though I do not know how that tail is going to work on the road, in TRIBE with a million people! It looks cute when in motion though. I love the diamante and gold crown effect on the headpiece as well as the coque used instead of plumes. Both the backline and frontline has the same bra which is one of the better decorated ones in the lot. The regular costume has a very nice headpiece that gives this top marks for one of the best backlines, I would not feel cheated compared to the frontline if I were in this regular costume.

Xi Ling Shi (designed by Monique Nobrega)
Flat out I really do not like the use of the recycled cotinga stones in this costume nor the hook on the belt that was used in Kiskadee, it just annoys me that last year's material was used on this one so the costume does not look fresh, not to mention the colours remind me of Island People's Mirage and the swirls on the back pack are pretty close to Caspian Sea. Admittedly the frontline does have impact, it is all big and fluffy feathers that touch the ground (LOVE THAT) and the rhinestone trimmed wire work on the headpiece is pretty. However the WOW was not there for me in this costume although it had all the right elements with the frontline.

Osage (designed by Gail Cabral)
This is another costume that I absolutely LOVE. I love the orange and gold, I love the frontline, it has impact and the backline is one that can stand up to the frontline with a nice big headpiece that comes in two versions. Not to mention the bra and belt are both well decorated on this one. I will point out the collar on this costume that I was hoping died after Birds of a Feather however it is so big and fabulous that it actually looks like a backpack so it gets a pass for sure even though that element was reused from Carnival 2009. Did I say I LOVE this costume? One of my top picks for sure.

Lapis Lazuli (designed by Melissa James)
Lots of blue, very little contrast however because this costume is another one that does not skimp on the beading on the bra I give it higher marks than it really deserves. The headpiece design I also like, the little oriental detail with the beads dropping on the forehead gives it a nice detail. The frontline headpiece is nice as well, but this costume said nothing to me except that is REALLY blue.

Silk Of Rajasthan (designed by Peter Elias)
Gets top marks for best male costume, of course. I am liking the fabric panels, the fully beaded bra however I am getting a very strong Sonia Mack Morocco vibe from that bigger headpiece!!! This one could have been so much better because I am liking everything else but the large headpiece . The small headpiece is "cute" as in looks like a belly dancer costume cute and then there is the version that is basically Indian jewelry. Lovely accessories on both the male and female costumes, I expect nothing less in that department from Peter Elias. But coming after African Love bird this one was a let down.

Zari (designed by "The Cocktail Girls")
This costume is so .....boring. Sorry to say it but really, we have come a long way from a generic bra and belt and headpiece don't you think? Nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing to hold my interest just a bra and belt... not impressed. Not to mention the frontline with that side swiped headpiece was NOT a frontline to me just a naked bra option.

Mystery of Loulan (designed by Solange Shaw- Gopaul)
Loulan has been calling my name since I first heard about the colour combination and this one did not disappoint. I LOVE the colours of blue, tan and gold. This is one of the BEST backline costumes with a fully decorated bra, belt and headpiece! Overall the regular costume looks complete, even with matching accessories the one thing I have to admit is that the tan bra is a bit like Bird of Paradise which I also loved but was worried would not work with my skin tone. That costume looked gorgeous on the road on all complexions and I am definitely seeing Loulan being a stunner in numbers as well. The premium and super frontline costume options floored me! Premium is all naked splendor, with a gorgeous bra and belt and a massive headpiece, personally I want that headpiece to be bigger and longer for ME, but it is just gorgeous! The Super version is also a stunner, if you were to play in this by default it does not come up short to the Premium version at all. The headpiece at first glance looks the same as Premium but it is not as full and decorated differently. Mystery of Loulan is the only costume to give varying body and headpiece options for frontline instead of just slapping on a bigger headpiece and backpack. You really feel the "frontline" difference in this costume, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This is my perfect costume in TRIBE!

Serica (designed by Quita Correria)
I am still wondering where is the rest of this costume, it looks unfinished and what the hell is the reason for that white fabric!? I am still in awe over this costume and NOT in a good way. Someone should have sent this costume back to the drawing board because it failed miserably in every respect. Compared to the rest of the band, even the costumes that did not impress me, this one looks so out of place! Like it is missing from Poison circa 1995!

Threads of Morocco (designed by Sandra Hordatt)
I dub thee the "teeny bopper" section as this regular costume is going to be a hit among the under 20 set. It is very pretty and VERY naked! The frontline is another one of my favourites though there is that Isis cape AGAIN that is used in Harts. LOVE the frontline headpiece and bra, I think Ms Horadatt taking the wire bra and reworking the design each year is super, you have to look forward to how it is going to work and this one does. The regular option has two headpieces, one with just jewelry and a mini headpiece as it is not a huge one as some of the other regular costumes, hopefully these options will cater to prices for everyone especially the young girls who I know wiill gravitate to this like bees to honey.

Fire Silk (designed by Sonia Marcano)
Ugh! I do not like this one. Do not like the boa and plumed been there done that collar, the headpiece is NOT flattering at all and the backline version looks so puny and pitiful compared to the other two versions. When it comes to red and silver costumes I personally think that combination has to be smashing for it to work beautifully (prefer red and gold) and this looks like the Digicel section of the band.

Individual Costumes
I decided to review these separately as each one was really fabulous, but not an option for everyone as there will be just ONE of these made. The individuals really sold some sections, my top picks were Charmuese which has the WOW factor, Mulberry, Habotai and Threads of Morocco in that order. Gorgeous body costumes in the individuals, lots of jewelry pieces used on the bras and belts not to mention the fantastic backpacks and headpiece. What was up with the Habotai Individual with the hat? I am left speechless by that one! Tyrian Purple has a very interesting body suit, I liked it actually but not the tail. Serica Individual should have been the regular costume and Xi Ling Gi was gorgeous but not my personally fave, I think the colours of this costume is what puts it out of a contender league for me, personally. Oh and how I can forget that "costume" that came after Rajasthan! What was that backpack, do they really expect someone to wear that on the road? And, how can I forget the totally unexpected Butterfly costume, section (who knows) I am guessing that represents the Silk Worm that actually lived to metamorphized nto a butterfly... but why does it look like Island People's Butterfly of 2006 , which was a version of Peter Minshall's Papillion? Kudos for having 3 stunning chocolate models in those costumes though!

Now, my issue with these costumes is that the effort that went into the Individuals could have been extended to some of the backlines and regular costumes. Not everyone can afford or be able to access an Individual costume so saving all the "glory" for these kind of cheats those who would LOVE the same gorgeous body but on a smaller, frontline version. HOPEFULLY they will offer the body costume for some of the respective frontlines because they are gorgeous. Well done effort on the Individuals, best I have seen in TRIBE ever.

Male costumes

Ah yes, another year all lumped together and they might as well be because this is the most generic set of male costumes ever! They all looked like coloured board shorts, headband and some sort of chest piece, forget giving the men a little something extra like with Brazilian Macaw or even Parrot of this year. The designers went straight back to the adage of "all men want is a shorts" and that is exactly what they got with the exception of Silk of Rajasthan which actually has a proper male COSTUME. I also saw an Individual male costume, Thank God for something different.

Overall, TRIBE pulled out the big guns for the Individual costumes, blew the competition out of the water in that respect, however I am left unimpressed with a majority of the sections. There are some gorgeous regular and frontline costumes for sure, but I need the regular costumes to step up their game as well as I need some interesting designs instead of just a bra with some gems and a belt; do something with just the bra and belt instead of just sticking three stones on them and calling it a day! Hence the reason some sections get top marks for me, I love the diversity.

I am sure no one will be hard pressed to find a section they like, for me I already have one that I am 100% sure I am playing in, but I would hate to be stuck in one of the least appealing costumes just to be in TRIBE when there are superior costumes out there with the competition! I love TRIBE, I really do, the experience for me is second to none but some of the costumes need that time and effort placed in the Individual designs injected into the regular costumes.

For LOTS and LOTS of High Resolution, HUGE costume pics check out

Post Live Launch...

Although I did not get to see the Live Stream provided by Triniscene all reports said that going live gets a HUGE thumbs up! Live streaming for TRIBE The Secret of Silk hopefully provided you masqueraders , curious patrons, supporters and interested persons a first view of the costumes for 2010.

And even though the photos of sections were leaked before the launched the Individual and frontline costumes of sections missing from the brochure provided the most audible gasp of WOWS from the audience. Eri was a stunner as was Charmuese Individual costume, best of the lot in my opinion.

Mystery of Loulan offers three options to masqueraders and between me and you is THE section to watch for TRIBE 2010. The other HOT section among the ladies at the launch is Threads of Morocco. Sandra Hordatt's VERY skimpy and sexy section has been on the list of sections that the women are interested in along with Loulan, Charmeuse and Osage.

And while the launch has thrown us a few surprises, my review comes later today with my honest opinion on who lived up to hype and which costumes missed making the grade TOTALLY!

This is Saucy, signing out from Pier 1.

Remember to check MY PICS , updated as we speak!

More Pics from Triniscene

Media Launch pics updated on TRINISCENE:

Click on the pic to be taken to the gallery!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

TRIBE Media Launch Photos

Well, the media launch for TRIBE's 2010 presentation THE SECRET OF SILK is over and all I can say is that Loulan stole the show.......!!

Presenting the PREMIUM frontline of The Mystery of Loulan....

The SUPER frontline version of Loulan still to be revealed.

Other hits were Osage as well as Tyrian Purple which drew applause from the crowd, which included the Honourable President Maxwell Richards.

MORE pics from the MEDIA launch HERE.

*please note pics are uploading in the gallery so keep refreshing for new pics from the media launch!

Saucy is in the building!

We have arrived and the media launch is due to start in 10 minutes at 9:00PM. Traffic was crawling after West Mall, still cannot determine why, however things ran smoothly after Carenage. If you plan on coming down for 10PM get moving now!

Remember to Car Pool as it is going to be a bumper to bumper the longer you wait.

Patrons are in for a new stage, located in a different area, bars are already opened for business (though the venue is empty except for models and staff).

Got to go, starting now!

Counting Down to TRIBE 2010 Band Launch !

Trinidad Carnival Diary is counting down to the launch of
The Secret of Silk

Custom Myspace Clock

Media Launch starts at 8:30PM...
Costumes on Live Stream at 1:00AM (click the link!)

Trinidad Carnival Diary & Triniscene bringing you total live coverage tonight; set your clocks and tune in for the show!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Coming to you LIVE from TRIBE band launch

For all you overseas bloggers and those who cannot make it to TRIBE's launch tomorrow night you can now tune in for FULL web coverage from Trinidad Carnival Diary and for a whole night of costume coverage coming to you live from Pier 1.
click for large view

We are taking over the World Wide Web starting with my Saucy blog updates, behind the scenes photos and twitter commentary beginning at 8PM with the media launch, where you will get your first tease of the costumes. If you think you have seen it all, think again!

Then, tune into Triniscene Live for STREAMING VIDEO and picture gallery of TRIBE's Carnival 2010 presentation of

" The Secret of Silk" .

The show starts at 1 AM so set your alarm (check HERE to find out your time Zone clock) and tune in for the secret to be revealed!

Follow me on Twitter.


On 22nd August UK TRIBE will be bringing you a great night to remember

Drinks inclusive
TRIBE 2010 The Silk Road costumes
Iwer George

Tickets will go on sale next week starting at £30

UK TRIBE ignite
Saturday 22nd August
The Fire Station
244 Shepherds Bush Road
W6 7NL

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Still To Come!

So, by now the email has landed in every one's inbox and section favourites are already being chosen which has me thinking TRIBE is going to sell out, without question, in a heartbeat when registration begins. I cannot wait for that saga, but another chapter for another day in the Carnival Soap Opera that 2010 is turning out to be.

With all the thoughts, discussions and opinions on the costumes being bandied about at the moment I am still holding out to view what is in store on Saturday. There is nothing like a live band launch to see the costumes in all their three dimensional, mobile glory so we are definitely in for a show on Saturday.

Also, the frontlines for private sections Mystery of Loulan (designed by Solange Shaw Gopaul), Lapis Lazuli (designed by Melissa James) , Zari (designed by the "Cocktail Girls") and Threads of Morocco (designed by Sandra Hordatt) are NOT shown in the booklet. I have been reliably informed that Loulan has two frontline options , graded as hot and hotter and that Ms Hordatt will once again showcase her signature design element in her frontline costume, something to look forward to for all those who crave that brand of sexiness!

All secrets have certainly not be revealed it seems!

Island People Model Search

And they are alive! For a minute there I was wondering why Island People was so quiet...

Island People Mas, is looking for fresh faces to model in their highly creative calendar and launch for Carnival 2010. It Could be you!

Please attend the Model Search on Monday July 27 at the IP Mas camp at 11 stone Street from 5-6pm

Ladies, wear a bikini under your clothes, Guys, wear shorts. You will be photographed in your bikini or shorts. Please do not wear plenty make up and come with your hair out/down (NOT PULLED BACK)

We are looking for all ethnicities and for traditional Indian style Dancers.
Rumour has it their launch of Kuchela will be the weekend of August 15th

Spice Costume Booklet

It was quite a pleasant surprise to get a link to the online version of Spice's Costume Booklet since I was not as lucky to acquire one at the band launch on Sunday. The photos are looking professionally styled and seeing the booklet has solidified which costumes are my personal favourites; my opinions remained unchanged.

Isis is absolutely gorgeous, I would love the frontline headpiece with the regular costume minus the fabric, plus more beads though, if this was my pick in Spice. Thailand still gets my vote but the shoulder pieces were left off the frontline in the booklet, or maybe this was an element added later, so that little detail that made the costume so special for me is not translated effectively, Greece looks quite regal in the photos and Rubies of Mumbai is gorgeous!

To view the online version of the booklet click HERE.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So yes, about that "leak"

You know things bad when you are the so called "Guru of Carnival" and the rumoured "leaked" brochure has yet to land in your email inbox though much is being whispered about who has seen what! Listen, I don't care who has seen WHAT I, do not want to see anything until Saturday so please do not forward any leaked anything to me; and I hope those who have seen it do the same in order to stem the panic that will surely ensue!

I think some vicious forces are out trying to kill my excitement for Saturday but hard luck, I am now SUPER excited to see costumes because everyone who has seen the so called leaked brochure have been wringing out my ears about how GORGEOUS the costumes are and which section they are playing in.

But, the most interesting part of all this is not how the brochure has been leaked and still kept so close to heart as it never reached me, but that certain frontline costumes were mysteriously not shown! My sources say the most anticipated frontline costume is no where to be seen in the brochure! Well look at that, now I first thought maybe it was a bit of ego that caused the slight but seems like they saved the BEST costume for last... or will that be first?!

I cannot wait for Saturday! The drama, bacchanal and intrigue never stops.. it's Carnival!

Getting on the Bandwagon

With Spice's launch of "The Spice Route" injecting a much needed dose of Carnival crack into us Carnival junkies, the excitement is building up to fever pitch for TRIBE's launch on Saturday. The buzz for Spice, albeit, is one of pure enthusiam with several persons I know sure they will be in Spice for Carnival 2010, some making the switch from popular bands TRIBE and Island People. Post Spice launch everyone is anxiously awaiting prices as well as more information on registration. For the record I was told Spice's Showroom opens next week for costume viewing at their new mas camp located on upper Rosalino Street.

Every year it is the same scenario repeated, a band launches, you fall in love with the costumes but then you wait around on friends to make a decision and getting into your band of choice becomes a panicked, stressful affair especially if your band of choice is notoriously difficult to get into. So, I am here to dispense some advice for those of you hoping to secure your dream costume for 2010.

First of all have a BUDGET for the limit on the price you are willing to pay for your costume. This will guide your choices and kick some sense into you when you realize that your rent needs to be paid instead of shelling out money you do not have just to get into a particular section of a band that is priced beyond your budget. I don't think I have to stress this but your deposit money should be in hand NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week.. not at the end of the month! If you cannot afford it today chances are you will be scrambling to find the rest of the money to pay off for your costume later.

Which leads me to my next point, always have a plan B, C and D. Make a list of at LEAST 3 costumes you love. With so much competition all around there has to be more than ONE dream costume in your band of choice, so to avoid the heartbreak when that ONE costume is sold out while you take time to make up your mind, have more than one option when it comes to costumes. I would go so far as to say have a possible second BAND as another option,one that you would have no problem playing in, no use settling for an ugly costume just to be IN a particular band. I never understood that mentality of not caring and taking anything you get just to be in the IN thing. For me personally if my plan B,C and D were gone before I had chance to register best believe I would also have a plan E if I REALLY wanted to play mas and that would be another costume in another band!

You do not have the luxury of waiting around for friends, I am a firm believer in being a solo superstar when it comes to getting the costume I want. My friends can choose whatever section they want I will be in the costume I want. However, I know some of you like to be in a group and do the group thing so start the costume discussions NOW, before the bands start registration. If you know your carnival posse numbers more than three people forget trying to get everyone into a band like TRIBE in the same section unless you have some serious contacts! Reality is that even if you are first in line or first to register online you may not get ALL 10+ of your friends into the SAME section. My advice is each man for himself! Selfish, I know, but imagine by the time you register two people out of 15 the section is sold out! If you simply cannot bear not having the other 99 of your friends around you on the road Carnival Tuesday, choose a band that is EASY to get all 99 of you into , simple advice right?

Finally true Carnival devotees know getting your costume, THAT costume, the one that makes you feel like the most *insert adjective here* creature to parade on the streets Carnival Tuesday when you imagine yourself in it, takes willpower, determination and focus. This is not for the slow, the unsure or the ones who fall for peer pressure! If you want THAT costume preparation is key and know that you have to be swift, no time for indecisiveness! I applaud my friend who showed up at TRIBE's registration before sun up last year because she wanted THAT costume; my girl was first in line and got it, though she eventually SOLD the costume and switched to another section (another post for another day) she has the right attitude.

Carnival 2010 is going to be an exciting one, already we have one band spicing up things with pretty, pretty costumes and I expect that other bands are going to bring it to the table as well in the coming weeks. I love that as masqueraders we have choices and really hope that the mania, panic and pathetic desperation that took place last year for registration in a certain band is tempered this year by knowing that the world does not come to an end if you do not get into a PARTICULAR band, people you have a CHOICE; get on a next bandwagon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vote For Your Favorite Spice Costume

Take the poll!

Favorite Section/s in Spice
Rubies of Mumbai
Caspian Sea
Wings of Isis
Gates of Petra
Merchants of Venice
Moroccan Heat
Ceylon Pearls
North Star (Individual Costume) free polls
On another note, I just received an invite to join Liming Professionals: The Syndicate LP:TS on the road with Spice for 2010!

Why is this news worth mentioning on the blog you may ask? Well LP:TS has been a VERY vociferous supporter of TRIBE from inception, in fact they have a somewhat sizable contingent represented on the streets come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. So you can imagine my interest was peaked when I see that for 2010 LP:TS will be joining Spice.

I wonder what caused this switch......has TRIBE become too big for the jamishness that LP:TS brings?Are the rumours of high prices something LP:TS will no longer tolerate? Or did the costumes win you over? Come on LP:TS, tell me what is the secret for this turn of events?


Monday, July 20, 2009

The Spice Route Video


Spice Costume Review

There was lots of anticipation by me for Spice’s costumes as I have been hearing much about the designs over the past few months. My criteria for judging the costumes this time around is based on both the regular and frontline costumes as masqueraders have complained in the past that the frontline costumes have all the gorgeous glam factor while the regular costumes look shortchanged. Overall I think Spice made an impressive showing, many of the costumes had the initial wow factor when they first came on stage (the crowd cheered for some sections) but of course my critical view of the costumes goes beyond just the wow.

Contrary to what might be popular belief, Spice does not get my vote just because I am familiar with the designers, at the end of the day this Blog will always be about the COSTUMES, the masquerader's opinions and most importantly what The Sauce has to say; no one has ever been able to sway my beliefs just by being friendly! In addition, though I have been aware of some controversy recently, I will always be objective (albeit I do listen to everything everyone has to say) and I am quite capable of discerning truth from rumours and gossip!

Read my disclaimer: This blog is not intended to influence anyone to play with any one Carnival band over the other. This is a place to come and get a little carnival info (how ah buy it is how ah selling it), look at some costume pics, "listen" to me talk about mas and occasionally vent or speak my mind.

With that said, unto the critique!

Rubies of Mumbai
This was one of the costumes shown at the media launch and it was my favorite then and still remains one of my favorites. On impact alone Rubies frontline is stunning, though it needs to be tailored because the fabric draping from the headpiece to the floor is fine for the runway, impractical for the road. I was very pleased to see the regular costume mimicked the frontline, with both cups decorated and a smaller version of the frontline headpiece. The belt on this costume is super skimpy; don’t let the fabric panels fool you. If you needed additional coverage a corset in this section will actually enhance the beauty. The male costume for Rubies is hands down my favorite of any section. I love that the male costume does not offer a board short and the decorated neckpiece is actually the best part of the costume for me.

The color Jade of this costume is very pretty; translation is lost in the photos. The three headpiece options are a nice alternative, with the frontline thankfully offering a headpiece that is manageable for those who do not like large headpieces, though I have to say the frontline headpiece reminds me of the Blue Tanager large headpiece option of 2009. Solid, well decorated regular costumes, nothing “backline” in this one. Like many of the costumes this one features actual jewelry as embellishment, there are no beads on the belt, just jewelry dripping from the waist band; gorgeous to look at will snag tights! The male costume looks incomplete, even though I will acknowledge that the designer did try to conjure some sort of Asian element with the headpiece.

I am not a huge fan of bronze costumes as they really need to be enhanced by the right complexion, on me it looks awful however the models chosen to model this one looked good in it. I love the Mohawk headpiece, refreshing change from the repetitiveness of some of the other headpieces. This is also one of the few costumes that did not feature any jewelry; instead it is decorated with what looks like copper work and beads. I like this costume for the lack of bling if you can believe that. The male costume is nice though I have seen all those elements on male costumes before, however it is sure to appeal to lots of guys wanting something looking a bit tribal.

Caspian Sea
I was absolutely delighted to see that the regular costume for this stunner of a frontline was well done, not lacking in any detail on the bra and belt, and it mimics the frontline beautifully. Even the regular headpiece is just a smaller version of the frontline. Again, I do love the frontline on this one, the model made carrying the backpack look effortless! Nothing more to be said that I have not said before from my review of the media launch.

My FAVORITE costume of them all! I think it is genius how the designers used identifying Thai details in the costume; for instance on the headpieces and shoulder lapels. The frontline looks like Caged Canary frontline headpiece on steroids and signaled the fact that the headpiece is the new backpack for 2010 as each headpiece that came afterwards was bigger and more elaborate! I LOVE this frontline, love, love, love it! What impresses me in the frontline is the color, gold and yellow is stunning, as well as the totally jeweled bra and belt, and to top it all off the shoulder pieces which to me gives the costume a bit of authenticity even though it is just “bikini and beads” .The regular costume is also fabulous, the bra is so heavily beaded and I love the style and placement of appliqués. The belt is gorgeous, and the accessories are just enough; this is one costume that is just perfection to me. I even like the male costume.

Wings of Isis
I was told the body costume was designed by Anya Elias, band leader, with the headpieces done by Richard and Anthony. This is a pretty teal color and I absolutely love the regular costume of this section, with the full headpiece and interesting decoration on the bra and unique belt this can easily be a frontline costume in another band. The frontline with the cape looks like a Harts costume to be honest, which was my impression when it first came out. For wings of Isis frontline the actual Isis wings with feathers could have been used instead of the cape for me, the cape is just too much like Harts for me to consider anything beyond that. However I do like the jeweled monokini which will be unforgiving for those without the right body type as the back is basically bare. Of course I love the headpiece, it looks easy to maneuver and the little Isis detail did not go unnoticed. The male costume is generic Egyptian, nothing bad about it, nothing wow either.

Gates of Petra
Let me first say right of the bat I am not a fan of pink and I have rarely seen a pink costume that has moved me, unfortunately this is not one of them. It looks like a pink version of Spangled Cotinga, the bra of the regular costume is decorated the same, thankfully the belt has much more beads! Even the frontline headpiece looks like Cotinga and the monokini is decorated the same with the stones, just a different design. This one did not wow me in the least!

Merchants of Venice
Designed by Leasel Rovedas I like the design and effect on the bra that looks as if it is a wire bra over feathers. Upon closer inspection this one does hearken back to Silver Mist with the feathered belt/crotch piece and the headpiece is undeniably a clone of Green Honey Creeper. The frontline backpack looks light and easy to carry, cute.

This is one of my other favorite costumes if only because it is in the color purple, which I adore. I like the diamante encrusted belt and bra of the regular costume, and the nice big headpiece, once more a regular costume that does not look as it is half done. The male costume with molded breast piece is to theme, again, something I have seen done in male costumes before; Harts is famous for this type of work. The frontline, gorgeous with another monokini that needs the right body, fabulous on the model not so sure how it will look on the “real women” please ladies choose this section option with care! The model also had some issues with the headpiece, another monster that has to be about 3 or 4 feet in height; it has the wow factor for sure. The Individual costume looks like it stepped off a Rainha de Bateria from Rio; I love the belt, love the headpiece, wished the sleeves were sheer or jeweled like the Samba girls of Rio. It would also help if the model looked like she enjoyed the costume; she was sour throughout her entire presentation. The male individual was a refreshing sight; several men complain of not having elaborate costumes, well here is one in Spice that will appeal to the male divos!

Moroccan Heat
Did not bring the heat in the female costume for me personally but I do like the male. Don’t get me wrong it is a “nice” costume; just something about this one did not wow me. I do like the detail on the headpiece, the bra for the regular costume is interesting, not too sure I like the halter choker and as for the frontline I have to say ANOTHER monokini? A bit of the same with the frontlines, I needed more variation after seeing so many sections with a frontline monokini option. Another thing I am not too sure I like with this particular costume is the backpack with that headpiece, a lot of focus of the costume is to the top, so it looks somewhat top heavy when looking at it from afar.

Ok, so the burgundy sort of works for this one though it is one of my least favorite colors in costumes, it is too dark for the road. However though I like the fabric arm pieces (which have to be shortened to be practical) and the bra can pass, I absolutely do not like that belt on the frontline or regular costume. The belt is a little too gaudy with the appliqué for my tastes, and I am just not loving this one at all. The frontline headpiece with the fullness of feathers reminds me of Forbidden Berries, Island People 2006, I do like the effect of a Roman headpiece as well, the headpiece is the saving grace of this costume though it ranks pretty low on my list overall. Is the male costume cape a curtain? I thought the male headpiece could have been bigger and more authentic to the Roman theme; however it is a good male, hard to mess up a male Roman costume.

The name means “City of Gems” but this one had no sparkle. The black base for the costume threw me off totally; I was not expecting that for this costume. This costume needs more gems! So many of the other sections were dripping with jewels, except this one! Multi colored stones on a different base would be more what I envisioned given the name and something about the headpiece reminds me of Mystic Bloom… I think it is the black and the colors used. I like the chest jewelry for the male, not feeling that waist band at all; it reminds me of upholstered fabric. As for the frontline, another monokini (surprise surprise) the black sheer looks like lingerie, and again we have the Harts cape. Can you tell I do not like this costume at all?

Ceylon Pearls
There is no regular costume for this one so I am guessing this is some special all frontline section or maybe you can get it minus the back pack and a trimmed down headpiece? Who knows, anyway the model looked MOST uncomfortable in the costume! I like the effect of the headpiece and backpack but it looked like way too much for the model to handle and as such makes me wonder how comfortable this one will be on the road. I have to add, this costume looks like Sea Salt’s big sister! The body costume is interesting, I do like the pearl beading but that strap illusion monokini is notoriously difficult to fit unless it is measured on the person. As for the male costume, sorry there buddy but you were overshadowed by the frontline!

North Star
And yet again ANOTHER monokini, and another model having issues with the costume. I do like the netted sleeves, interesting detail but the backpack I am not too sure about. It looked unstable on the model, but it is different which was a bit refreshing.

To conclude I have to say that some of the costumes were a bit repetitive, the headpieces looked like either what I have seen in past costumes done by Richard and Anthony or a different colored version of what had just come before. I was also a bit jaded by the populace of monokinis as frontline options, which is probably why I like Thailand so much! The monokini is okay, however not something that looks good on all body types and having a bra and belt option would have been a nice alternative.

Good job by the design duo of Richard and Anthony, Anya and Leasel Rovedas, a solid showing that gave respect to the regular costumes which are not lacking in detail for the most part; several of those costumes can stand on their own as frontlines in other bands, as I have said before.

I can say one thing, they have set a bar for costumes being first band to launch, have tantalized my tastes buds and now I cannot wait… BRING ON TRIBE!

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