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Monday, October 15, 2007

Cutesy Girl for Boots, notice about online shopping

So, one of the bloggers informed that she ordered a pair of boots from Cutesy Girl, and had two fraudulent purchase attempts on her credit card there after. One was a purchase attempt of $600.00 and the other someone tried to buy an airline ticket using her credit card number. Luckily her Credit Card company alerted her to the fraud and she took steps to change her credit card and avert being swindled.

Just a warning for all those who are contemplating shopping at Cutesy Girl, or any other online shop that does not safe shopping software in place such as Veri Sign, to check with your bank to ensure that your credit card is not being abused . Cutesy Girl does offer a Pay Pal option, which is a safer method of payment just make sure to either enter the link directly which is, or if you use the seller's link to pay, check to see that the address says paypal, and not paypals, or p@ypal, or some variation of the original address. Another option might be to enquire if the store will accept a money order .

It would be wise to check and see if fraud alert is in place for your credit cards as well as stick to shopping with the more reputable stores and alert the bank soon after your purchases as well, so they can have an idea of what your purchases are. Safe shopping all!

Harts - New Look Chicago and South Pacific

Got to hand it to Harts for taking a costume that is not attracting enough interest and re work it, notably after other sections have sold out; check out the new South Pacific:

And, another option to Chicago was added with the blue costume:

In the face of popular opinion if only other sections in other bands *cough*Bear*cough could be given an upgrade as well!

Legacy Review

It had been many years since I last partied at the Anchorage, and knowing it was under construction I was baffled as to why Legacy chose to have their band launch there; maybe it was nostalgia as they have always launched at this venue over the years. However, although the construction did not hamper the party goers, it did make for some interesting challenges in navigating the venue, for instance, to go to the bar one had to step down makeshift planks and I wonder how many people actually fell down drunk after missing a step. In spite of the obvious signs of construction, Legacy did an ok job trying to mask gravel pits and unfinished walls using fabric and positioning the stage in a certain way; of course I am sure all the people who turned out to the launch were not bothered in the least.

Knowing that Legacy is probably the only large band to launch in October I should not have been surprised at the huge turnout, when I arrived there were lots of people already there and even more came as the night progressed; saying the venue was packed is an understatement! At first the crowd of people were mostly “liming” then the atmosphere changed as the D.J. tried endlessly to rouse them and a few persons started dancing. It was well after 12 and people were anxious about when the presentation of costumes would actually start. It was quite amusing when I asked one of the ladies decked out in African garb, a committee member I suppose, when the show would begin and she stated that they would NOT be showing costumes as there was a media launch held earlier. Well I was quite confused by her statement and asked her to enquire from someone else if this was true, as I was ready to get out of there if it was, when she came back to say that the showing of costumes would begin soon.

After suffering ear splitting noise from one of the D.J.s of a popular Soca Station screaming on the microphone trying to build hype for the start of the show, finally the crowd was ready to party waving rags in the air:

Soon after drummers came into position on stage and the show began with an African dance routine.

Although there were 19 sections on show, thankfully it was not long and drawn out. Each model came out and DANCED in costume, really looking as if they were having fun! This made for some difficulty in taking photographs as they did not pose at all, but it was great to see such energy. For those who pay attention to those sorts of things, there was a good diversity in the models, albeit they were all very slender, and I especially liked the two models that were sporting a Jill Scott-esque Afro!

My one critique would be that there were only two male costumes shown, demonstrating once again the males are just an afterthought when it comes to showing costumes! The finale had the last model wearing a snake around her neck, I guess that represents some sort of Tribal element, anyway she also did a quick change and slipped on a back pack doubling as the model for the frontline option as well. Although the costumes looked much better than Legacy’s presentations of the past, and finally we have proper beads used on the entire belt and not just the front, take away the headpieces and the beaded bikini can blend into any other “bikini band” for Carnival 2008 with few exceptions. Personally I was not expecting costumes of George Bailey’s caliber (google him under “African Mas Trinidad) but it would have been nice to see the use of more authentic materials such as Mud or Kente cloth, masks, spears, cowrie shells and ethnic beads.

It turned out that I enjoyed the launch much more than I expected I would since the start was slow, however after the show I left many of Legacy's supporters and potential masqueraders having a really good time partying until early morning! The initial pricing for the few sections that were distributing flyers at the launch has costume prices well under $2500.00, all inclusive, which bodes well for those still looking for afforable, attractive costumes. I would have really liked to have gotten some sort of literature with the section names, but this just means waiting until the website is launched to get more information. The mas camp opens it's doors for registration today.

For photos of the launch:
Photobucket - Legacy 2008

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