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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Carnival Jewels

Now I have my make up appointment for 5AM on Tuesday, but between you and me I don't know how I am making that! Monday is a long day and to get to St. James for 5AM would mean getting up at 3:3o AM for the latest. That is plan A but plan B is if I don't make it for my make up session, doing it myself. So I was quite happy to read the following mini Carnival makeup tutorial in the Woman Express today! Yesterday I bought face gems and picked up eyelash glue just in case, and today I have to make a pit stop at a cosmetics store for lipstick, gloss and some glittery eyeshadow. Hopefully I can find a store open! I think I can do a decent job if needs be, but it is nice to have a step by step guide as outlined below:

Complete your Carnival look with face jewels & glitter
Saturday, February 17th 2007

Carnival is the perfect time of year to go beyond with your make-up. Compliment your gorgeous costume with face jewels, glitter and metallic eye shadows to have every photographers' camera on you as you cross the stage or the judging points.

Here are some tips on how to apply face jewels and glitter. Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns and themes - after all this is what Carnival is all about!

Prepare the Face:

- Prepare your skin with a moisturizer with at least an SPF 15. Blend your foundation into the skin followed by your concealer, if needed. If you can get a foundation with an SPF, you will get double the sun protection. Make sure you set with a light dusting of powder and a mist of make-up setting spray. This is essential since you want the make-up to last under these extreme conditions of heat and perspiration.

- Fill in the brows with a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil.

- Line the eyes with a black eye pencil or whatever shade takes your fancy - this is the time to go wild with your silver or gold liners and so on.

- If you want to add smoky definition to the eye do this with your darkest shade of shadow such as black, brown or dark blue.

Applying Your Glitter:

Choose the shades of glitter that best compliment your complexion and the hues of your costume. Glitter comes in three forms: powders, gels and lotions. Choose the one you feel most comfortable using.

The Eyes: You can use different shades of glitter on the eye to add depth and dimension. Light colored glitter such as gold, silver or iridescent can be used under the eye brows with a medium hue on the eyelids. The smoky effect you put in during your face preparation stage will add that depth on the eye without too much mess or fuss.

The Body: You can choose to put glitter all over your body or select focal points such as chest, d├ęcolletage, arm, back and lower legs. Use baby oil or baby oil gel as a base and then your glitter dust will adhere easily.

Key Tip: A cotton bud dipped in baby oil makes a great application tool, helping the glitter to move easily from your container to the face and giving you more control in the application. There is also glitter glue that you can use for more long lasting results.

Mess Control: Glitter is a very messy substance to work with, so if you want to maintain glitter primarily on the eye area, ask a friend to hold a folded page just under your eye while you are applying the glitter.

Applying Face Jewels:

- It is a good idea to figure out the pattern of design you would like to achieve with your face jewels before actually applying the glue and sticking them on. Remember you have already applied your foundation and powder so you want to do minimal damage to this surface.

- You can place the jewels on the face without the glue (they will hold on for a few minutes!) while you conceptualize your design.

- Once you have your masterpiece defined, apply a dot of eyelash glue or spirit glue to the back of the rhinestone. Remember, just a dot! Do not apply too much glue otherwise when you press it onto the skin it will spread out around the rhinestone, creating an unsightly mess.

- Allow to gel for about 15 seconds before applying to the face. Try to gauge exactly where you will be putting the rhinestone before sticking on the face so you won't have to drag it.

Continue until you have completed your design and voila you are ready for Carnival day!


Fast Track is the word for 2008!

Sorry to report folks but Dawn did not see me this morning! Free tickets or not I was simply too exhausted to get up and leave the house! Firstly yesterday was absolute madness with all the errands I had to do plus pick up my costume at Cascadia and secondly I was bone tired from Girl Power, age is catching up with me!

After all the emails TRIBE sent me about using the Fast Track service by paying off for my costume early, I simply ignored it much to my detriment, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20. My day started off super early, I had to make a mall stop for sunglasses so since I had my lash appointment in St. James I went to West Mall. Now coming from St. Augustine it was absolute madness with the two way traffic around the Savannah, but I knew well enough to avoid Port of Spain as it was a mess!

The Mall was comparatively quiet, I picked up my sun glasses at Wonderful World and also did a Henna Tattoo at Eye Candy. After getting my Tattoo I went up to the food court to meet hubby who was eating (as usual) and while showing him the Tattoo a girl comes up to me and says "I love your blog!" Flabbergasted I could not even deny that I was "Saucy" (you all know I trying to stay incognito but it not working), even after totally changing my hair on Friday Ms. Thang was still able to make me out, thanks to hubby who she recognized! It was nice meeting someone who reads my Blog daily. Even though I am not seeking the popularity in any way, she was truly very pleasant and although that reader does not make any comments, apart from the message board, it's still cool to know that she is part of this little community.

After the mall I went to my Eyelash appointment, and had to wait as all previous customers were late, of course I was on time. My eyelashes are super long and even though hubby does not like them I think they have all the drama needed for the road! So, after that it was off to Cascadia to collect my costume. Before that trip I had to deal with a phone call from my friend who has abused this "got to girl" one too many times, yesterday was the last straw!

Imagine, I am getting my lashes done when the said friend calls to say that I did not tell them credit card could not be used at Cascadia and after all the waiting at costume collection they were now forced to return home for cash. on top of that they wanted to know if I had the cash to "lend"; now tell me, what am I doing walking around with so much cash and who "lends" anyone $4000.00 just like that at the drop of a hat in this day and age? My suggestion was that they try to get the cash from the ATM using the credit card, however the cousin did not want to use her card for cash,whatever! Thing is, the communication for this entire costume thing with my friend was only going one way. I was always giving them information yet they never sought it out until yesterday! Now they did ask me about what information they needed to collect the costume and I said ID but it did not occur to them to ask nor to me to tell them that cash or LINX only was accepted at Cascadia. I mean common sense would dictate that collection not being at the mas camp, credit card use might be limited thus all they had to do was ask a question or read an email! As I said before, next time I am playing mas I am only accepting responsibility for myself! They actually did not have to be at Cascadia yesterday as I told them before to collect the costume on Wednesday or Friday, knowing it would be madness on Saturday.

Anyway, I get up to Cascadia eventually and it is all craziness! People sitting under a tent, some sitting all over the car park, just a totally different scene to when I went with hubby to collect his costume. So, like I said before, I did not opt for fast track so I had to pull a number, and go upstairs where we were accommodated for registration, take a seat and wait. Man oh man, what a wait it was ! They had us playing musical chairs, moving from one room to the next and still showing that TRIBE dvd which I have grown tired of seeing as it was all they showed during registration! Some time later, after water and Crix minis, my number eventually got called and I was off to make my payment. That part was quick! I had no idea why so many people had to wait when the cashiers were moving very quickly. It was only AFTER I waited and paid that I was told I did not have to wait seeing as my costume was "special" Talk about wasted time, anyway it was my fault for not being a Diva and demanding some special treatment (just joking).

Customer service was excellent here on after! I did not even have to carry my own box people, I was escorted to the Costume Fix it area to try on my costume and make alterations. My only critique is that they did not have a sewing machine on hand at the adjustment center so those needing more than basic repairs had to seek it out on their own. Luckily my adjustments were done by my mom, but they did alter my headpiece so now it fits perfectly!

And, to once again clear up the whole wrist band issue I spoke to two persons who gave somewhat differing answers.;the guy who everyone supposedly got instructions from saying that we MUST wear part of our costume on Monday or else wrist bands will be snipped off and you will be thrown out of the band and one of the parents of the De Nobregias. Now the guy who is giving that insane rule I tackled first, asking him if he was the guy saying that we would get our bands snipped for not wearing part of our costume, he simply shrugged saying that we had to wear part of our costume but when I further explained that it would be impossible to expect me to wear any of my costume on Monday he did not give a response with any directive. Then, the very nice lady who was standing security told me to speak to someone else and when I spoke to that person, I was told you must wear WRISTBANDS. Other than that you can wear anything you want, full costume or not. If you wear full costume and no wrist bands you will be asked to leave the band as they knew persons were copying costumes and making their own. Once again the most important items to wear is your official TRIBE wrist band and drinks band, you must wear both.

Did I tell you guys how in love I am with my costume?! I am totally happy, with how it turned out. Although I am no longer in Fireman and I am doing a 360 degree in what I normally wear to play mas I am very, very excited by what was designed for me! I am not saying which section I am in now, in fact I was not going to say anything at all, but seeing as you bloggers have been with me from August reading my every obsession, rant and rave I thought it was only fair to share this little tid bit of information!

Costume collection was not the end of the line, we had to make a stop in Samaroos to pick up some essentials for hubby's costume. If you think I am the only one who likes dressing up for mas, hubby wanted to make some changes to his costume as well. He has this vision of how he wants his Indian to look, and I have to say everything came together quite well as he ended up chucking that silly small headpiece and buying a large one, thank God for Carnival Junction!!! After getting everything needed at Samaroos we went home for a short while and then came by my mom, the seam in distress, for her to make the additions to hubby's costume and do my alterations.

Last thing I remembered was looking at Panorama on television with the new stage set up and then I woke up this morning at 3:30 am sleeping on the couch! I was so tired I was out like a light, but I am up early once again with lots to do again today! I cannot believe after all these months of planning I am still running around getting things I need.

So, lessoned learned from yesterday's events is to do the Fast Track for 2008! Those who did not have to wait in line for payment had smooth sailing, and avoid the day for overseas masqueraders if you can!
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