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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mas Jumbies Teaser

Mas Jumbies promises "vintage Carnival" for their J'ouvert 2013 presentation and here is a first look at the section "Dame Lorine"; band launch coming soon! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Caribbean Butterfly" by J.Angelique Clothing

I am definitely looking forward to the launch of  J. Angelique Clothing new collection  "Caribbean Butterfly" tomorrow, especially interested in seeing her Carnival Monday colleciton "Mon Diva". For more information on the event check out the video below as well as Facebook links:


Friday, September 28, 2012

Sneak peek from D Harvard Revellers

I don't know if Harvard Revellers has new designers or what, but this section is certainly HOT and well constructed! People are always wondering about cheaper alternatives all in other bands, well here is one that should be given some SERIOUS thought" - Well done!! 

 Presentation for 2013. “EUPHORIA – d Sister Isle” The section is called La Concha and the Band Launch date is Sunday October 14th

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celebrity Weddings - Paparazzi Carnival

Here is your first look at the section "Celebrity Weddings", designed by Heather Jones, from the band Paparazzi Carnival:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get ready for WAG .. PM Premium All Inclusive !


A.M. Premium was one of the best breakfast parties of 2012, what is the concept behind P.M. Premium, your event on September 23rd?

Well firstly it’s Premium PM lol.  PM will be our only themed event every year.  We’ll have our primary breakfast party in May and the one for Carnival, but PM will be the only evening event, so that we’re not known for only breakfast.

Premium PM is advertised as a "Premium Event", what can patrons expect from a "Premium All Inclusive"? Any surprises in store?

Well like the breakfast party, we’ll be keeping the drinks premium.  The bar will include Johnny Walker Black, Grey Goose, 1919, Single Barrel Rum, Hennessy, Baileys, the Patron line with a new cocktail especially for the evening and more.

The food…well that will reflect the theme of the party and is a bit of a surprise.

Can you tell us what does W.A.G. stand for exactly?

Simply White and Gold. That is what the theme revolves around.  It will be reflected in the d├ęcor and food.  Hence we wanted the dress code to be white and gold.  It just happens to also be Wives and Girlfriends lol.

Is the dress code of white and gold going to be strictly enforced?

Well we would like the overall look of the event to be White and Gold.  You can wear white, or gold, or white and gold.  BUT no one will be refused entry for not wearing it.

Are you finally ready to reveal where in the West P.M. Premium will be held?

LOL It’s at the Launch Pad in Chaguaramas.

Don't be the one that misses the Committee members for last minute tickets

NORTH : AM 685-3255, Marsha 681-0449, Alyson 364-7931, Matthew 688-8054, Trevor 685-2366, Hadyn 681-2777, Joanna 689-8123, Hayden 390-1533, Danielle 290-4881, Scott 740-4722

SOUTH : Curtis 685-8564

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paparazzi Carnival section launch "Celebrity Weddings"

Paparazzi Carnival launches special section "Celebrity Weddings" designed by Heather Jones tomorrow at their mas camp, it is by invitation only and I already have mine:

Here is a sneak peek of the section.

Also, don't forget Paparazzi will also be cruising on the Harbour Master on Sunday September 23,2012 so check out the event "Tanlines"  for more details:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

D Krewe Launches "Zia"
Saturday, September 29, 2012
8:00pm until 2:00am
87A Ariapita Avenue , Woodbrook, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago

For 2013 we welcome you on a journey, one that takes us to Papua New Guinea.

Join us as we're partying like there's no tomorrow. This year we gonna rock our end of Ariapita Avenue.

Launch and camp lime 8pm
Costume showing - 10 pm


D Krewe.
Lovin' D Mas
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Rugeri Promotions section launch " Carnival in Rio"

Rugeri Promotions launched their private section in Trini Revellers on Saturday the section "Carnival in Rio" is part of Trini Reveller's "Brazil Brazil", Carnival 2013 presentation. For more photos check them out on facebook:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New YUMA Carnival 2013 Viewing & Registration Process

We are pleased to announce the new YUMA Carnival 2013 viewing & registration process.
At the #12 Alcazar Street Showroom will be as follows:
  *   Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm
  *   Saturday 1-4 pm
REGISTRATION DETAILS: All past and new masqueraders can register during these new times!
Past Masqueraders must be on the 2012 masquerader roster. No exceptions.
Camp is not open on Sundays and Public Holidays MINIMUM DOWN PAYMENT:
  *   Floor Member: TT$1500
  *   Frontline: TT$2000
All masqueraders will be required to provide the following information for registration regardless of relationship with the band:
  *   Hipband (Belt) Size (32", 34", 36" etc)
  *   Bathing Suit bottom type ( Bikini, Thong, Boy short)
  *   Bra Size (30A, 34B, etc)
  *   Bikini Bottom Size (XS, S, M, L, XL etc)
Some Front Line Costumes will require fittings which will be identified at the camp.
  *   Waist Size (32", 34", 36", etc.)
  *   Tee Size (XS, S, M, L, XL etc)
  1.  Anyone charging a fee of any kind to register persons for costumes is NOT an official representative of YUMA. Potential masqueraders are HIGHLY recommended NOT to utilize such services
  2.  There are optional headpiece and costume options this year (tiaras, collars etc). Be certain you register for the costume type you desire as switches will not be facilitated
  3.  Payment at the camp will be via cash or linx
  4.  NO exchange or switching of sections/ costumes/ costume type registered for
  5.  NO refund of deposit for any reason
  6.  NO changing of measurements or sizes (please ensure if someone is registering on your behalf information is correct)
  7.  NO costume transfers
  8.  Wire bras are not available in sizes larger than 34C. DD cups NOT available for wire bras
  9.  Be certain to provide your own accurate email address and phone numbers to ensure you receive communication from the mas camp
  10. You can prevent fraud. Report any person attempting to re-sell costumes.
  11. YUMA's committee does have priority registration. This process does leave room for future levels of registration (past masquerader and public)
  12. Due to numerous instances of attempted fraud, YUMA reserves the right to refuse registration, request ID from registered masqueraders and/or to contact registered masqueraders for verification purposes at our discretion.
3 times the vibes, 3 times the fun, 3 times the knowledge Third time's the charm... IMAGINE - YUMA 2013!

YUMA Management Team

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ivan Kalicharan Carnival 2013 "Rise of the Olympians" Band Launch

Last year we had an amazing run, join us again this year, bring your friends, let's show them what the south land is capable of!

Witness creativity at it's best & party like the Gods. September 29th Space La Nouba, BE THERE!

For ticket information contact committee members

Ayanna Kalicharan 722-7210/750-9511/348-8011/652-4727
Aaron Kalicharan 779-2710
Celest Chaitram 36-PARTY
Tania Koate 299-3419
Kevin Star 462-6452
Kelan Graham 716-8824
Khalid Ghany 688-9977
Arian Knut 337-1884
Darian Abhiram 373-2335 BB PIN 2823DCA7
Kyle Kissoonsingh 393-0690 BB PIN 22E5C193
Lollabee Cellular Outlets 333-INFO
Rajiv Gosine (UWI): pin 25f9e46c, 358 3041
Officially Sponsored By:
Experience Effects Ltd(4 world class lighting & effects call 3-EFFECT)
Kalicharan Customs Brokerage
GenCorp Media

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aloha for Miami Carnival 2012

Hmmn if only I were in Miami I wasn't missing THIS FETE!!

Kick off Miami Carnival - Hawaiian STYLE ..
 The premier trendy event for the upcoming carnival season. As YOU know the next big carnival for us "North American Carnival Junkies" is Miami so what better way to get in gear than to celebrateHawaiian style... 

Aloha will get YOU in the mood!! ..
Complimentary HATS and LEIS
 for All guests
Come in your Hawaiian theme attire (not mandatory) and be ready to party with some of the hottest DJ's around!! And to kick things off, check out the mix provided by D'Bandit - Toronto's triple threat!! 

See you on September 29th at ...
10 Dunbar Avenue
Boston, MA 
Check the flyer for additional information and click the logo below to download your 80 minute ALOHA OFFICIAL MIX... 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ANOTHER D Krewe Teaser

Well at least we know D Krewe has costumes as they give us another sneak peek but when is the band  launch date?????

Monday, September 10, 2012


Opened for past masqueraders registration today at 4PM and in 20 minutes (reportedly) TRIBE was SOLD OUT.

Hope you got in your section!

Angostura Rum Festival 2012

Add this to your event calender this weekend:

click to enlarge 

The cost of tickets are as follows:

1 day entry 50.00

3 day pass 125.00

It will be an unforgettable experience.
Mixmaster Challenge competition takes place on Friday 14th September- Time 2pm -5pm.
Also, for the first time “Kitchen Master Challenge” which will be held on Saturday 15th September.

Generations Carnival presents SEVEN

Yet another new band is on the cards for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2013, this time "Generations Carnival". I have no information on who is behind the band , what exactly is a "boutique" band or a possible launch date for their presentation but they are on Facebook with costume teasers so we at least know they have costumes; check them out on Facebook for more teaser pics:



The lifting of the seven veils is a mas based exploration of the seven deadly sins.

Envy, Vanity, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Sloth.

Hitting the streets for Carnival 2013.

All Inclusive with premium bar, all meals provided and the best sound system in the world, Bose.

We are a boutique band with premium services and beautiful costumes.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Legacy presents "Trinbago to Rio" Carnival 2013 Band Launch Update

LEGACY Band Launch information; their Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2013 presentation is called "Trinbago to Rio". Saturday 13th October 2012, save the date!

K2K's Website is Up!

Online registration is now available:

Friday, September 07, 2012

D Krewe Teaser - Carnival 2013

D Krewe ZIA if only they will tease with a launch date!

New Band Alert - Charm Carnival

Yet another new band to add to the list for Carnival 2013 as Robert Amar once again tries his luck at being a bandleader. I hope someone is working on the website they have listed as at the moment it is in a language I cannot translate!

Trinidad and Tobago businessman, Robert Amar will re-enter the carnival industry after a 15-year hiatus. Amar, who was responsible for the introduction of the much relied upon mobile washrooms, which is now a staple to most all-inclusive carnival bands today, launched his brand new Carnival band on Saturday September 1, at the car park of the Gravity Nightclub in St. James.

Amar revealed that he revisited the idea of re-entering the arena after careful observance of the service aspect of carnival, over the past three years. “ I believe that it’s time to raise the bar a notch as it relates to how masqueraders are serviced,” he said, and with tremendous conviction, Amar says he intends to bring a better organised method of service, which he feels is needed, at this time.

Amar and his wife Sharon Amar will spearhead the band’s formation and final execution on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. 

Amar says the band’s overall motto which will be maintained for years to come is, ‘ The Magical Experience.’

“ The public will see new systems in bar service and overall fun and excitement when the band Charm hits the streets of Port-of-Spain on Carnival Monday and Tuesday in 2013,” he said, giving the assurance that his team aims at delivering an unprecedented experience for the season of revelry that lies in wait.

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