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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loyalty Cards and Loyalty to Friends

Now I am the kind of person who can go the movies by myself or hop in my car and go to the mall alone, I don't really need company, maybe that comes from being an only child but I consider myself to be very independent. After being somewhat dependent on other people's decisions, or indecisions, when it came to playing mas I made a promise to myself that for 2007 I would be playing in the section/band I wanted to whether my usual mas cohorts were in agreement or not, even if that meant I would be playing alone.

I have played mas solo once before, the very first time I played "big people mas" (I have been playing mas since 5 years old). What happened is that the friend I had signed up with decided she did not want to play anymore, and since I made the deposit for us both I was stuck with her costume and the dilema of if to play mas by myself, or not. Well, I decided that I was not going to let her ruin my plans, so I sold her costume and made up my mind that I was playing mas that year alone. The girl I sold the costume to was a tourist who was visiting with friends and decided at the last minute she wanted to play mas. When they heard that I was abandoned by my friend they invited me to lime with them on Monday and Tuesday. And even though I was quite young and somewhat shy, I limed with them and made lots of other "friends" in the section that day. Apparently Carnival time is a time when we make friends readily and easily!

The only thing that worried me was getting home after playing mas so my family met me at the Savannah after I crossed the stage and then they joined in the band as we chipped our way the rest of the evening. It may seem intimidating to play mas without company but it can also be very liberating as the only opinions you have to listen to are yours. As long as I am meeting someone when it gets dark to accompany me home I feel quite safe playing mas by myself. Besides, I always seem to bounce up someone I know in other sections so it's not like I feel I don't know a soul in the band at all.

So it is with little concern that one of my friends has started fussing that we might not be in the same section. She is a 2005 Tribe masquerader(missing mas this year becuase she was pregnant)and I have my TLC card, so chances are we may end up in two different sections for 2007 IF she decides she is still playing mas since she does not want to play in a section alone. What I don't understand however, is why that should matter since the entire band is all-inclusive, freeing you from staying at one truck and enabling you to lime in any section for the day.We can jump up all day together and therefore I don't see a problem. The only time he would need to get in ger section is to cross the stage.

Now my friend is saying that she does not want to be in a section by herself, and I am not too sure if she wants me to wait and register with her so we can both have the same chance of getting in the same section, but that ain't happening! After looking at the costumes since the launch I have already selected the section that I like the most, and if having the TLC card increases my chances of getting to register for that section I am not waiting on anyone, even if I have to play alone.

Website Launch, Vieiwing and Regsitration

Even though Tribe has not launched their new website they have updated the old website with recent information (I guess they get tired of the flood of calls, including mine!)

So if you have not taken a look at recently, here is the information they have given:

The Website Launch

The Website will be launched the week begining 21st August 2006. Here, you may view the costume designs and learn more about our 2007 presentation.

Costume Viewing

Prior to registration, there will be a period of approximately one week, when masqueraders can visit the viewing centre (Cascadia Hotel) to get a close-up look at the costumes. Viewing will begin next week - stay posted for details.

Masquerader Registration

One of Tribe’s main objectives is to continuously improve the level of quality and service presently enjoyed by our valued masqueraders. We can only achieve this by ensuring that the band is kept at a manageable size. After much deliberation the process outlined below was thought to be the most practical and equitable.

To be fair to those who have loyally supported us in the past, we have decided to approach the registration process on a phased basis. Our 2006 masqueraders will be given the opportunity to register first, followed by 2005 masqueraders, then new masqueraders.

Masqueraders can register (via the internet and in-house) only if they have ‘TLC’. ‘TLC’ is your Tribe Loyalty Card which contains a Unique Code assigned to your Name. 2006 masqueraders can collect their TLC and tickets for the launch at Cascadia Hotel, St. Anns from Friday 4th August to Friday 11th August 2006.

Persons collecting TLC's and tickets on behalf of other masqueraders must present a copy of that masquerader's valid picture ID along with their relevant contact information. (e-mail address, phone number etc.)

Please note that the 'TLC' is non-transferable/assignable and the benefits of the TLC will only be extended to the loyal masquerader to whom the card is assigned.

From the Monday 14th August to Monday 21st August, 2006 masqueraders residing overseas need to fax (625-6800) or email a copy of valid picture ID to us, along with a working email address. Your Tribe Loyalty Code will be emailed to you upon verification.
e-mail address: -

Registration will begin at the end of August 2006. Dates and times of registration will be posted on the website soon.

So, the end of August registration I am thinking will be between the 28th, 29th and 30th since the 31st is a Holiday. Only one thing they did not address in that update and that's if TLC cards will be issued to 2005 I guess I will still have to call them today!

I called the mas camp about 2005 Masqueraders and was informed that they will not be issued a TLC card. However if you played in 2005 your name will be on the database (providing the costume was purchased in your name) and an email will be sent to you with information on your (2005) registration date/s. I have to sign up for a friend who played in 2005 but is not in the in the country at this time, so I was told to walk with a photocopy of her photo I.D. on the day.

I am just hoping we all get to play in the same section, but as it stands now I highly doubt it!
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