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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Now the hubby was taking the pics and like he forgot that he is not the star!The man infiltrate Island People and taking pics (not to mention wining) with all kinda women! Here is a few of the few pics he took:


Island People


Island People


Monday Mas…

After getting up so early yesterday believe it or not we were late, by about 10 minutes, in meeting the band. Funny enough we misplaced the car keys and spent a considerable amount of time looking for them. Well, I was not too worried that the band had already left, waspwidfirecracker and no longernaon kept me abreast of the band’s movements while we walked from out car park to Stanmore Avenue for the shuttle service.

The shuttle service was mysteriously a no show; we had no clue if they had just left when we got there or if they were just not available at the time. After a wait of about half an hour and subsequent band location updates from persons in the band we decided to walk it and catch up with them as they were moving quickly!

We walked across to and then up Edward Street, turning off at Oxford as we heard the band was already to the bottom of Frederick Street! Luckily we then walked down to the corner of Park and Frederick and hubby went ahead to scout out the situation and reported back that the band was indeed coming up Frederick Street. While waiting we met Karabana, her hubby and Trinigee. I cannot tell you I happy I was to see the TRIBE banner, and then I was literally in awe as the MASSIVE Heineken trailer painted with “club zero” turned across Park heading to Charlotte Street. After that it was a parade of one truck after the other; bars, snack truck, Pall Mall truck until we realized that was only the FRONT of the band!

Falling into the band on Charlotte Street the first person I saw as I stood up by Rosary Boys School was Carnival Jumbie. Ms Diva (don’t know why she dropped it) was decked out in one of the swankiest Monday wear on the road that day! I will not go into a description knowing for sure she got lots of pics, but her plan was very well executed.

As usual many masqueraders chose to wear part of their costume; some even wore the whole thing. By the end of the day I was left wondering if some of them had access to a dry cleaner as the costumes were one sweaty, grimy mess! Even my Monday wear got dirty by the end of the day with drinks being spilled, sweat, paint and even from my own hands touching my face that was made up, differnece is I do not have to wear it again today.

The band moved pretty swiftly yesterday on our way to the Savannah, it seems they were taking mas on the move literally as at some points we were racing ahead, leaving a gap between the front sections and the rest of the band. Later on in the day as we headed up Mucurparo road the gym paid off as we were RUNNING with the music trucks! Did I mention my abs are now hurting this morning? Apparently I got one hell of a work out yesterday!

Anyway, a tip for all masqueraders today is that the drinks/service trucks all have to exit on Keate Street at Memorial Park so the trek from there to the Savannah will be without any beverages, Use your TRIBE cup and fill it up with liquid nourishment so that you will be able to survive until crossing the judging point. Having been accustomed to the build up for the stage let me just tell you the whole crossing off the” judging area” was very anticlimactic.

The organizers as usual did not take into account that the music trucks will be blocking all the spectators on the right as they accompany the band. My idea was to let the music trucks exit on Keate Street as well and have music piped through the speakers around the judging area and we meet up with the music trucks after crossing the “stage”. As it was only the spectators on the left really saw the band, it was just on mob of people and the truck a bit too close as we crossed the “stage”. Untop of that our music truck started playing Destra’s Las Lap as we were crossing, believe it I found the DJ and shouted at him “JUMBIE!” and he made the switch before I could even shout it again. That was the best part of crossing the “stage”.

By that time I was starving since I just had one sausage for breakfast and was chugging Gatorade with the occasional Scotch and Coconut water. So I was pretty happy to get to the lunch stop and eat! Well, hubby and I decided we were having Bar b Que only to look in vain for the Bar b Que tent and never finding it! Eventually I succumbed to the International Food Tent and had herbed pasta, veggie rice, lentils and parmesan chicken. But not before heading towards the ladies area which was nicely done with lots of full length mirrors, they even provided panty liners, tampons, body sprays, mints, pins, band aids, lotion/medication for sore feet, a cool down spray in a tin and hand sanitizers. Missing was tootthpaste, dental floss or toothpicks. My only complaint was that the portable toilets were steaming hot!! I swear I was in sauna when I was in there.

The snacks we got after lunch, though needed, were pretty lame. We got lollies but where was my ice cream desert? In fact all the “Snacks” yesterday were not worthy of the “ultimate experience”! They were offering Dixie biscuits, CRIX minis, tortilla chips (way too salty) and a packaged cookie! After checking out Island People’s menu I thought TRIBE could have provided a bit more, especially for the money we paid. Bar service however was quite good, from the minute we met the band it was easy to get drinks. I am taller than the average female and had no problems reaching the bar but I could see the shorter girls having some issues.

I am yet to see the wee wee truck, but I did see the Pall Mall truck with masqueraders inside having a grand time in air conditioned comfort. Of course I had to investigate and found out that you needed to purchase a pack of Pall Mall from one of the trucks which would give you a blue band and access to the facilities. Can I hear a big steups from all those who do not smoke! And the girls who were at the door when I made my enquiries were acting as if they were part of some exclusive club, hope they know smoking kills.

Let me just say I met lots of bloggers yesterday; some made me out like Tiffany having a time in Fireman (must be because I was one of the few wearing a green string), ‘rah, RL, deredting and Soca Diva. The ones I recognized were Caisoqueen in her smoking Monday outfit, Triniqueen and Pretti Dolli (the diva boots gave her away) and partyc. The others I had met before like no longer anon, warriorlikeme, Karabana and her hubby, Kevianne, Icahwait, Jamette and waspwiddfirecracker who limed with me all day. Then there were the blog readers, the ones who do not make comments, who also made me out! Apparently my attempts to go “incognito” failed; the hubby sold me out as people made HIM out! It was really nice meeting everyone, if I met you and forgot to mention your name here, sorry blame it on the Johnny!

So, I am ending my rather long post with some tips:

  • Walk with pins and sunblock (pins came in handy as my shorts were so low my ass was showing and I had to not only wear a longer top than I planned but also pin them unto the shorts).
  • Do not forget your Tribe cup at home like I did; it keeps the drinks cool and you do get a larger than average cup.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! Man the number of female masqueraders I saw in stiletto boots, tall wedge heeled sandals and even one in gold stripper heels made my feet ache! I wonder if they are able to walk this morning.
  • When measuring for boots measure the larger foot! Ok, I learned that lesson the hard way! My right foot was fine in the boots but my left foot (the larger one) was feeling the pain as my second toe kept jamming on the front of the boot. Thing is I also had a wedge which forced my feet forward naturally, I do not think flat boots will have this problem. Believe you me I had to take out the insoles to give my left foot the extra room and that killed my feet! By the end of the day I am not ashamed to say my feet were in pain and today I will be in sneakers!
  • Drink lots of water! We were blessed with light showers yesterday so the sun was not as intense as it usually is. However it is still important to keep hydrated so have lots of water in between drinks. I saw one guy passed out drunk at the lunch stop!
  • Don’t forget to fill up with drinks before Keate Street where the service trucks exit.
  • Walk with a cellphone !
  • The cool zone will soak you and your hair, if you want to cool down for a five the air conditioned resting stations are a better option to save both your hair and costume!
  • To make your makeup last all day, apply sunscreen on your face first, let in soak in before applying foundation. I use Revlon colorstay which does not rub off, trust me on that one. Set foundation with powder. Apply makeup and sprtiz face with a "fix it spray". That kept my makeup on all day! Do NOT use powder during the day, this will make your face look too "cakey". Instead to keep your face oil free use blotting sheets instead. For eye jewels I tested eyelash glue and mine stayed on the entire day, so you do not need spirit gum.
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