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Monday, November 30, 2009

Socacize Carnival 2010 Boot Camp

Full details of boot camp sessions  available at the Socacize Website HERE.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bachanal Mas 2010 - Traditions Pre Launch

SMA Best Mas Band Award winning BACHANAL MAS! Presents "TRADITIONS" our theme for 2010, We will be portraying Ole time Mas with a new look! traditional Characters such as: Midnight Robber, Soucouyant, Fancy Indian, Jabmolassi, Fancy Sailor, Arawaks, Pierriot Grenade and Blue Devils!

On the night you will be able to view ALL designs for the 8 sections including the 3 different options in each. There will also be a few sample costumes on display so you get the idea of what direction we going in!

DJ SHAKER-07957413849
DJ DRIZZLE- 07733362777

Remember wallk with your deposits on the night also as follows:
Individuals - £100.00
Frontline - £60.00
Option B - £60.00
Option A - £40.00

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Makeup By Missy


Zari Backline

Zari Frontline


Xi Ling Shi

Option A). 2 Colours, 60 gems. $150.00 TTD

Option B). 3 Colours, 60 gems $190.00 TTD

All containers now have sifters, so that it is easier dispense the pigments , without the mess.

These are highly pigmented colours at 1 tsp each.

You will also get a chart with suggested colour placement.

Spirit Gum is also available for an additional $30.00

Contact Makeup by Missy or email:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Boots, Boots, Boots!

I finally collected my third pair of boots yesterday (hated the pair  previously bought for Monday) and I have to say I am loving the new pair! Not to mention the idea to split the cost of shipping/duty  with two other ladies was genius;not only did our total order qualify for  free shipping but the shipping/duty worked out pretty well on the boots, we all came in under $175.00TT TOTAL per pair.

If you have your eye on the pair pictured below, these boots are a much richer and nicer gold than shown. The heel is a hidden wedge too so you get a lift, it is not completely flat. The material is soft to the touch, the toe part is not stiff at all and the boots overall feel comfortable. I also like the height, just under the knee and that the boot is not slouchy at all.

boots on the model

Still looking for your boots? Well today only you can get 50% off at Ami Clubwear:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things I am Thankful For .....

*The experience of Brian Mc Farlane's Tobago band launch for his Carnival 2010 presentation "The Resurrection", best band launch I have been to ever!.

*Solange Shaw Gopaul's costume of the year, The Mystery of Loulan in TRIBE, the most gorgeous costume of Carnival 2010. I am also thankful to Richard and Anthony productions for designing the  awesome,over the top ridiculously gorgeous and fabulous headpiece for The Mystery of Loulan.

*TTPOST Skybox for delivery of all my additional costume decorating supplies, boots and accessories all at a lower cost than buying  at inflated prices from any "facebook boutique"!

*Afro Chic who is patiently awaiting the delivery of my boots, the BEST boots artist who can transform anything with a can of spray paint!

*Fletch dry powder, footless tights and Dr Sholls insoles, all the little things that are overlooked when it comes to Carnival but make the day just that much better.

*Friends who share my year round Carnival obsession and who I can talk to for hours discussing  Monday Wear and the advantages over acrylic over Swarovski rhinestones.

*Being able to afford Carnival 2010 because the "experience" is not cheap...!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today, what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Machel Montano - Hot Like Pepper

New Machel.... hot or not?

Random Carnival Thoughts....

Kaotic's website is finally up and ready for registration and the costumes are not looking bad at all, some of the males need serious help but that seems to be the trend these days in all mas bands.

Island People is slowly selling out sections, Nakshatra frontline is now sold out, as much as they do protest, wanting something new and different, seems like masqueraders do love their feathers!

Spice and Hilton Trinidad Hotel need to have some sort of communication about their 40% off room discount promotion for Spice masqueraders. Though  the promotion is already advertised the Hilton Trinidad has no information on it!

I wonder how long it will take TRIBE to get the feathers I heard have been  allegedly seized by customs? Word is the supplier did not provide relevant documents and the feathers have not been released to the band as yet. And I am really liking that TRIBE  have extended the fast track deadline until January 15th; more time to hold unto the money in your pocket!

Harts might as well put a sold out sign on Witches Brew/Inferno and Lights, Camera, Action/Adventures of the High Seas as those are the only two female costumes not sold out as yet, unless they are planning a costume revamp; those were my least favorite sections anyway. The new costume classifieds section on Harts website for sales and those looking for costumes is pretty cool, more bands should do this.

I cannot believe Trini Revellers' website still has sections "coming soon", it's not like the other section photos are professional anyway, can't they use a photograph from the band launch like some of the others?

So I guess by now we can safely say Evolution will not be making a showing for Carnival 2010, unless they plan a December launch of course. I am betting they sit out next Carnival season, especially since the former band leader is going to be king of another band!

Show of hands all the people already registered in Genesis, Glenn Carvalho, Showtime and Jhalwa?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mas Jumbies - L'Echo de Bandes de Congo

Here is the third section from Mas Jumbies Carnival 2010 Jouvert presentation "L'Echo":

L'Echo de Bandes de Congo

This is an extinct masque that was once popular at the turn of the 19th century. The costume or attire was very similar to that worn by estate workers at the time; simple with just a straw hat and knee high trousers. They wore Cashew and Palmiste beads necklaces around their necks and sold Jumby bead charms to bystanders. One of their distinctive practices was the chanting of "African" prayers and satirizing religious practices while on the road.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blast From The Past

Before the days of costume prototypes displayed at a band launch (well at least for Harts) as a masquerader we had nothing but our imagination to fill in what the colouring of gold glitters and sketch of the spikes on the headpiece would look like in reality. The year 2000, the band Harts and this was my section Temptation; I played in the teal option:

This costume stood out for me for several reasons, not least of which was because the actual headpiece was much prettier in person with lots of nice fluffy plumes, but the main reason is that I distinctly remember ten years ago vowing never to pay more than $1000.00TT for a costume. Well, here I am ten  years later paying six times that, though it must be taken into consideration that my costume for 2010 is frontline!

On a comparative costume to costume basis Harts prices have increased by approximately 330% in ten years, for a similar costume to Temptation of 2000 working with a price of $3300.00TT for the larger headpiece option. Using this mark up, do you think that in the year 2020 we masqueraders will be paying $10,000.00TT or $1600.00US for a regular costume?

Yes, I can hear you all stating adamantly that you will NEVER pay that ridiculous price for a costume, and I myself am thinking if that is the future price of a regular costume, what will it cost for the frontline!? Just remember that ten years ago I too swore that this costume at $995.00TT would be my last Temptation!

Makeup By Missy 2010

Makeup By Missy is back for Carnival 2010 with more customized eyeshadow pigments to complement your costume. Introducing makeup for TRIBE's The Mystery of Loulan, Osage and Threads of Morocco, colour combinations to come (please not the packages will also include gems, not pictured).

The Mystery of Loulan


Threads of Morocco

Each makeup package includes the following:
1 Tsp of each individual colour pigment ( 3 colours are included)
60 Gems

There are different options this year.

Option A). 2 Colours, 60 gems.$150TTD

Option B). 3 Colours, 60 gems.$190TTD

All containers now have sifters, so that it is easier dispense the pigments , without the mess.

These are highly pigmented colours at 1 tsp each.

You will also get a chart with suggested colour placement.

Spirit Gum is also available for an additional $30.00

To place your order, ask questions or make a request email: OR you can visit her facebook group "Make up by Missy" and request to join.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fireworks Promotions -Mojave Magic

South Mas band Fireworks Promotions and Trini Fever Crew launched their Carnival 2010 presentation "Mojave Magic" on November 4 at The Sting nightclub.

You can visit their website for more information on the 7 sections or their mas camp at 44 Independence Avenue, San Fernando.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sequin Trimmed Boots

Available at Cutesy Girl and Ami Club Wear.

Spice Route to Savings

Spice has teamed up with both First Citizen's Bank (FCB) and Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre to bring Spice Masqueraders a special discount.

In addition to being able to use your FCB credit card points towards payments on your Spice costume, all Spice masqueraders also get 40% discount on room rates at the Hilton Trinidad.

See flyer below for details:

click to enlarge

Friday, November 20, 2009

Road Works Update

This from Island People on the inaugural session of the discussion forum, first topic, wee wee trucks:

Hey IPeeps

Road Works got off to a running start last Friday with discussions about the Wee Wee truck issue for Carnival 2K10. Approximately 70 persons came out to the ISLANDpeople Mas Camp to ear their concerns on the matter at hand. The representatives from the Ministry of Health and the National Carnival Bands Association came out to educate and to answer our many questions on the issue. Some of the key points they revealed were:

1)The wee wee trucks are illegal because the Licensing Authority only approves music trucks to accompany the band. (i.e. all the other trucks are illegal too: food, cool down, rest truck, floats, etc)

2)The Ministry personnel said that complaints were received that some truck were not well maintained and left a stench that upset the masqueraders of the other bands behind it, as well as the food vendors at the roadside and spectators.

3)A key note is that the law prohibits person from ascending and descending a moving vehicle which is what takes place with a wee wee truck.

4)In place of wee wee trucks they propose 18 locations along the route For Masqueraders ONLY, with a minimum of 18 bathrooms for both males and females. There will also be 24 hr security and well as maintenance teams provided at these facilities.

5)It was revealed that ONLY the Minister of Culture can sanction the additional trucks on the road which will then be given authorization from the Licensing Authority after careful inspection.

Discussion continued about the truck and a few determined souls raised their concerns about the ‘Stage’ and its return.

Please note due to Team members’ Commitment to the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) Youth Forum, Road works will continue next Friday 27th November. Please remember that you can send your questions on past topics as well the coming topics (as they are revealed) to the ISLANDpeople Mas Facebook Page.

ISLANDpeople Mas..... the fun has just begun

D Krewe Media Launch

D Krewe held a media launch on Wednesday November 18 at Gravity Night Club St James for their 2010 presentation Salvaje.

Due to the fact that I was committed to a previous engagement on that evening I missed out on the post band launch, media launch. Here is a clip of the event:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scorpion Mas Found!

Turns out Scorpion Mas is not really a new band for Carnival 2010, they are actually the same Carvalhao Mas who launched "The Journey Begins" in November last year, however the band never made it on the road for 2009.

The mas camp is located in the same place at Alaska Bar, 73 Ariapita Avenue and looks like the same costumes are going around for a second time:

DJ Private Ryan Body Heat Gym Mix

Every time I look at my costume then the weeks left until Carnival, I get nervous! If you have not started working out yet people, time is quickly running out!

The response to the first BODYHEAT was really great and has been downloaded by more than 3000 people and counting all over the world. I got numerous requests for a part 2 and here it is. It is a combination of popular Soca, Hip Hop, Pop, House, Rock and more all in over an hour of pure energy. Starts off at a medium pace and picks up so its a good soundtrack to listen to while at the gym or for your listening pleasure while you prepare for the Carnival Season. Enjoy!!!

If you dont know some of the songs thats ok. All of the songs selected are big in whatever genre they represent and should keep you moving

The original BODYHEAT is still on the page if you didnt get it before for a limited time only to make way for other mixes.


Go to

Right click the Direct Download Link located right under the graphic.

Select Download Linked File, Save Target As, Save as, depending on your browser

Save to desired location

If you want to stream simply left click the link under the graphic

1. Obsessed Jump Smokers Remix – Mariah Carey
2. Morning After Dark – Timbaland
3. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
4. I Got it From My Mama – Will I Am
5. She Cant Wait Remix – Demarco & Machel Montano
6. Whateva Interlude
7. Bubbling Gal – Patrice Roberts
8. Boodie – Destra
9. Heavy Load – Shurwayne Winchester
10. Dj Ride – Alison Hinds
11. Turn It Up – Square One
12. Nasty Rd Mix – Flo Pg
13. Party In D Ghetto – Crystal Waters
14. Pump up the Jam – Technotronics
15. So Special House Remix – Movado
16. Moombah Afrojack Remix
17. Pon D Floor – Major Lazer & Vybz kartel
18. Pon D Floor Studio Dukes Edit
19. Dah Style Remix – Busy Signal
20. Gimmie Gimmie – Beenie Man
21. She Waah – Dr Evil
22. Tic Toc – Vybz kartel
23. Make Her Say Afrojack remix
24. Toms Diner Bing Players Remix
25. Let The Bass Kick – Dj Chuckie
26. Sexy Bitch – Akon & David Guetta
27. Shes Fine Remix – Sean Paul
28. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
29. I Gotta Feeling Soca Remix – Selena & Honerebel
30. Down – Jay Sean
31. Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas
32. Took The Night – Chelly
33. Harder Faster – Daft Punk
34. Groove is in the Heart - Dee Lite
35. Ring My Bell - Anita Ward
36. P.Y.T – Michael Jackson
37. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
38. Lose Your Love B More Remix – Outfield
39. Sweet Child of Mine Remix – Guns & Roses
40. Shook me All Night Long – Bon Jovi
41 Song 2 Electro Remix - Blur
42. Down Bottom DannyBoy Electro mix - Drag on & Swizz Beats
43. Thunderstruck Crookers Remix - AC/DC
44. Jai Ho Dave Romone & Chris Montana Remix - Pussycat Dolls
45. Jump Up – Major Lazer & Leftside (Dr Evil)
46. If You See Amy Crooker Remix – Britney Spears
47. Gotta Get Through This Interlude
48. Breath – Prodigy
49. We are your friends
50. Mortal kombat theme
51. Smack my bitch up – Prodigy
52. The launch – dj jean
53. Pump it – Black Eyed Peas
54. Hey Ya – Outkast
55. You Remix – Machel Montano
56. Its Carnival Techno remix – Desta & Machel
57. Blazzin D Trail – Machel Montano
58. Cant wait – Shurwayne Winchester
59. Jumpin – Destra
60. Frenzy – Rupee
61. Playing Jab- Talpree
62. Head bad – Skinny Fabulous
63. Sway In D Mas - Patrice Roberts
64. Ravin - Machel Montano
65. Doan Hold me Back - Machel Montano
66. Turn it up - Patrice Roberts

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carnival Kicks

Carnival Kicks website is due to come on stream on November 20, but here is a preview of the boots they will have on sale at Spice Mas Camp for masqueraders; these come in sizes 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10. Models at Spice's 2010 band launch wore footwear by Carnival Kicks:

Carnival Kicks will also be providing boots and sneakers online specifically to wear with your costume so remember to check out their website when it launches.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Construction on National Carnival and Entertainment Centre to start in March 2010

Although I am a bit skeptical to believe the unnamed "government source" who revealed to the Trinidad Express that work is expected to start on the National Carnival and Entertainment Centre in March, I can only hope that some official will announce exactly when construction is due to commence and end.

The name of the building has changed, the proposed name initially was the National Carnival and ARTS Centre, and I am going to guess that the design will change as well. This was the previous artist rendering:

And the proposed stage for masqueraders with seating capacity for 15,000 spectators.

One can live in hope that a Carnival Stage is looming somewhere in the future right?

So, tell me are you in favour of the return of the stage? Remember the wait to enter the Savannah, bands at a standstill on Charlotte Street for hours on end? Do you think that this problem will be alleviated with the construction of the National Carnival Centre? And finally what are the benefits of mas on the road, is it really "mas on the move"?

Thoughts, opinions, comments.. all welcomed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Panorama 2010 Tunes

When Steel Talks has just released a new Panorama composition by Destra called "Surrender", composed by Ken 'Professor' Philmore and Mark Loquan, with lyrics by Destra Garcia .Listen to it HERE.

There are several other new tunes by Crazy, Xposer, Eddie Charles, De Fosto and others for Panorama 2010 that  can be found on When Steel Talks.So if you want to get in the groove for Panorama preliminaries and semi finals you can feast your ears on the new music!Take a listen.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carnival Centre Coming.... sounds like de ja vu!

Now that the 480 million dollar Cultural Centre is completed, mere weeks before the opening of the Caricom Heads of Government Meeting, Prime Minister Patrick Manning has announced that the Carnival Center is next to be built according to the Trinidad Guardian:

Interesting to note that no construction start date or estimate of when completion is expected was given by Mr Manning. Fool us once Mr Manning, I am not falling for being fooled twice!

Antilia Carnival 2009 Video and Travel Package

I wish there were more shots of the costumes in this video of Antilia Carnival, which took place on November 5th. There is also a pictorial review on Uptown Life that incorrectly states all the costumes featured are from TRIBE. Please note that only Spice and Island People's costumes were on show.

*Video Removed On Request* 

Interestingly, Antilia Carnival is also offering a Travel Package for Trinidad Carnival 2010, more information can be found on their website. The package offers costumes in Spice (Thailand and Isis only) or Island People (Jaipur, Chutney Bhaav and Priyadarshini). The package also includes hotel, airfare (if needed), jouvert costume and fete tickets; you would have to do the maths yourself to calculate the savings if going with the package, versus booking everything on your own!

Hotel Specials for Carnival 2010

From February 12–17, 2010, The Carlton Savannah is offering a Carnival Special that includes five nights’ accommodation with daily breakfast starting at $1523 plus tax, based on double occupancy. For more information visit

From February 12–16, 2010, The Courtyard by Marriott is offering nightly Carnival rates that include breakfast for two starting at $299 plus tax, based on double occupancy. For more information visit

From February 12–16, 2010, the Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel has a carnival special including cozy accommodations, continental breakfast and complimentary stocked mini-bar upon arrival. Nightly rates start at $275, inclusive of tax. Guests who book four consecutive nights will receive a 10 percent discount. For more information visit

The Kapok Hotel offers a daily breakfast buffet. The special is valid for any five night stay between February 10–17, 2010 with rates starting at $1,450, inclusive of tax and based on double occupancy. Reservations must be booked by December 1, 2009. For more information visit

L’Orchidée boutique hotel’s Carnival Special includes any five nights’ accommodation from February 12–18, 2010 with breakfast and two tickets to the following events: Taste of Carnival, Girl Power, Saturday Night Carnival Party, Sunday All-Inclusive Carnival Party, Dimanche Grande Show and Ash Wednesday Maracas Bay Cool Down. L’Orchidee’s special rates start at $2150, based on double occupancy and include all taxes. For more information visit

Hyatt Regency Trinidad is offering a Carnival Special from February 10-17 that includes a daily breakfast in Waterfront Restaurant, starting at $299 per night, plus tax, based on double occupancy, with a minimum four-night stay required.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carnival Schedule 2010

Click on the photo below to be taken to The Ticket Federation's Carnival Schedule 2010.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Carnival Flights from London

This is for those of you still looking for Carnival airfare from London:

**Cheap flights to Trinidad Carnival 2010 – From LONDON, Gatwick** 

Carnivals4U have amazingly cheap flights for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010. 

Prices start from £640 return inclusive of tax. Secure your place now with a deposit only!

All we have remaining are a few seats with British Airways on:
07th February - 21st February (Tobago)

11th February - 18th February (Trinidad)

11th February - 28th February (Trinidad)

Date changes and upgrades are possible subject to availability.
Contact today on 07508 460138 or 01438 716200 and ask for Victoria.

Alternatively email

Mas Jumbies - L'Echo de Marchandes

L'Echo de Marchandes is the second section released in Mas Jumbies J'ouvert 2010 presentation L'Echo. About the section:

L'Echo des Marchandes Female only section @ TT$400.00 and comes in 3 colours.

They were once a familiar sight in Port-of-Spain in the late 19th and early 20th century. These vendors who exclusively were women would be seen and heard peddling their various array of goods from door to door. They dressed in the fashion of a la Martiniquaise and carried trays above their heads with the different array of goods, usually sweets and sweet meats.

Glenn Carvalho's Aloha Costumes

The long awaited costumes from Glenn Carvalho's "pushing the envelope"  Trinidad Carnival 2010 presentation "Aloha" are finally displayed on the website:

click for larger view

The recession busting 50% off  "stimulus prices" for these creations (only until December 20) are  $1475.00TT for Atolls and Pearl Harbour., $1375.00TT for the rest. I guess pusing the evenvelope means I can buy the entie Kaua'i costume online for less than 20.00US!

Kaotic Mas Camp Opens Today

Kaotic's Mas Camp  located  at 40 Alberto Street in Woodbrook opens tonight at 7 PM. For those interested you can go check out the costumes, hopefully the website will also be up soon.

 Here is one more section, previously not revealed, from Kaotic's Carnival 2010 presentation "Precious Gems":

Rubies of Thailand

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