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Friday, March 04, 2011

Soca Monarch Layout and Text Codes for Artistes

Codes to vote for the artiste tonight at International Soca Monarch:

TEXT Codes for Artistes
TEXT VOTING begins at 8:00AM Friday morning and will run until the show is over!
rinidad & Tobago - vote to 7622
Barbados - vote to 7622
St Vincent - vote to 7622
Antigua - vote to 7622
North America & Canada - vote to 78247

Ras Star (Synergy Soca Star Winner) RAS
Denise Belfon WOW
Kes Dieffenthaller KES
Kerwin Du Bois KDB
Destra Garcia DES
(Roderick Gordon) Chucky CHU
(Kevon Heath & Roger Joseph) Yankee Boy & Patch YBP
(Anthony Hendrickson) All Rounder ALL
(Rodney Le Blanc) Benjai BEN
Jahmoun Mendoza JAH
Patrice Roberts PAT
(Dexter Stewart) Blaxx BLAX
(Cassiano Sylvester) Cassie CAS
Megan Waldrond MEG
Shurwayne Winchester WIN


(Ian Alvarez) Bunji Garlin FIRE
Nadia Batson / Patrice Roberts NAPA
Ravi B RAV
(Wilt Cambridge) Talpree TAL
Destra Garcia GAR
Iwer George IWER
Fay Ann Lyons FAY
(Stephenson Marshall) Shal Marshall SHAL
Machel Montano MMHD
Michelle Xavier XAV
Andy Armstrong (Blood) - Barbados BLO
Gamal Doyle (Skinny Fabulous) - St Vincent FAB
Tian Winter - Antigua TIAN
Jason Williams & Blaze JWB

Bliss Costume Collection

This year was the first in a very long time that I collected my costume late, that is after the assigned date for pick up. Even though I was very excited to get my costume the scheduled collection date was not an early one and since other events got in the way this week I decided to collect yesterday since I also had to collect for some friends as well.

Seems like I chose a lucky day where fast track was a  breeze and there were no long lines on arrival at Carlton Savannah . I was told the day before there were lines snaking through Carlton Savannah's lobby. Now the choice of Carlton Savannah as a distribution center works for the "intimate" band as there really is not as much space as Cascadia. However the system moved pretty smoothly. Upon arrival you got a chit, different colour depending on whether you were Fast Track or not. After this you wait for your number to be called where a receipt is printed; if you have paid in full it will indicate so.

After that it was up the stairs to a room where you collect the costume. There were two lines, one for Fast Track and another one for everyone else who paid off their balance on the day. The only delay was the fact that each person's box is checked for correct sizing as well as to ensure that you have all your pieces in the box because you sign off on having received everything as listed.

After that you go to a next table to collect your wrist bands and Members Guide and you are on your way. Please note everything you should have with you before you leave!

There is a Customer Service department for issues with costumes and staff were very willing to help you remedy any problems. For instance from the first look at the bra that came with my costume I knew I was changing it and intimated this to the lady attending to me. She then advised that I could bring in my own bra and they would do the transferring of decorations, but since I am a pro at bra decoration, and this task is relatively simple, I told her it was quite alright  I would be doing it myself.

The first set of reviews about TRIBE costume collection there were complaints about the Goody Bag with some people saying that their's was too bare. I don't know how TRIBE's Goody Bag compares to Bliss since no one listed the items it contains but this is what was given to both the males and females from Bliss:

Female Goody Bag
Wonderful World Look Book and Discount Card
Bliss Foamie
Holiday Foods Chilli Sticks
Grains Chips
Fruit and Nut
Refreshing Wipes
Sample Pack of Panadol Multi Symptom
Bliss Mug
Sample Size Single Barrel Rum
Bliss Passport Holder
Dial Body Wash 
Personna Eye Brow Shapers
Vitamin C Tablets
Digicel Pouch 
Bliss Luggage Tag 
Digicel Bandanna 
Bliss Handbag /Purse Hanger Hook

Male Goody Bag 
Bliss Foamie
Holiday Foods Chilli Sticks
Grains Chips
Fruit and Nut
Refreshing Wipes
Sample Pack of Panadol Multi Symptom
Bliss Mug
Sample Size Single Barrel Rum
Bliss Passport Holder
Vitamin C Tablets
Digicel Pouch 
Bliss Luggage Tag 
Digicel Bandanna 
Sample Size Right Guard Sport
Dial Hair and Body for Men 
Trojan Fire and Ice

I love that Bliss has included a parade map showing our meeting points and lunch stop  in the members guide and it is also available for viewing on the website (TRIBE also has this) . From the meeting point in New Street I can only surmise that we will be heading to the Queens Park Savannah first! I have also heard rumours of a possible last lap where both TRIBE and Bliss will merge.

As for my costume, I am pleased with it, all parts look well made and sturdy. I noticed the belt came sized Medium as opposed to inches and I wished I got ear rings to match but that is a minor issue, I will use my Wonderful World discount card to get a pair. I am still in love with my initial choice of Mayan Eagle in TRIBE but once all the parts of this costume comes together it will be a stunner and might even eclipse Mayan Eagle on the road !

First Look At Titans Frontline

First Look At Izumi Clan - Female

Lighting alters the colour of the costume:

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