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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Glow Reinvented!

Remember my post about the party called "Pose" which takes place on the same night as Glow? Well, "Pose" is Glow reinvented!

The Promo:
Each top soca artiste is paired up with a local fashion designer for a photo session, utilizing a bolt of white cloth still attached to the spool, the photos from the session to be used in a keepsake mini-magazine distributed free of charge to promote the event.

The Event:
Each Top soca artiste will be outfitted by their design partner for their performance

During the change of bands, while the DJ’s entertain the patrons with the hottest Soca for the season, dancers will sashay down short runways into ornately decorated gazebos, fabulously attired in avant gaurde couture stylings of designers.

The Soca Artisit:

Destra Garcia, Shurwayne Winchester, Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, 2NTrigue and many more to be announced.

The Fashion Designers:
Meiling, Claudia Pegus, Heather Jones, Peter Elias, Sonia Mack, Ecliff Elie and Mill House.
I have always found Glow to be boring, the first year of the fete in 2001 the music to me was deliberately kept low key, though I loved David Rudder’s song “Glow” being played repeatedly kept the party very mellow. The following the fete was packed! That was even worse than being boring since I could barely move through Mobs 2. The novelty of wearing all white to fete has long since died with the many other versions of Glow that have spawned since its inception.

Now we have this attempt to resuscitate Glow, “yes your white kit is still essential", with a fashion show between performances. Though the concept is borrowed from MTV's Fashionably loud, it would be interesting to see how receptive the crowd is to this idea during the heights of Carnival feteing. Unfortunately I will not be there to see it in person, I think I will be wearing black that night!

Carnival Check List

We are heading into Carnival full steam ahead and I hope by now, after reading this blog since August most of you are prepared or at least have put measures in place to get everything you need.

  • Costume- You should be registered for a costume at this time, however if you are still looking for a costume there are a few spaces left in most bands. If you are looking for a costume in a section that is already sold out, call the mas camp and asked to be put on a waiting list or keep checking Carnival Junction and in the case of Harts the Notice Board on their website.
  • Ticket – At this point airfare is exorbitant, so if you are one of those stickers who did not get their ticket early keep looking out for deals on or I have heard a few stories of people still getting flights under $800.00US so it is possible. In case you did not know flights to Trinidad from most major U.S. gateways are over $1000.00US.
  • Accommodation- I repeat what I said about the tickets; if you are not staying with friends or family it is time to get your accommodation sorted out NOW. Unfortunately most places are booked solid, however, try for a list of accommodation options and try your luck.
  • Footwear – A matter of importance for some a necessity that can be filled with plain sneakers for others. If you are of the former temperament you should have had some idea by now if you want boots or sneakers. Ideally you should have the footwear by now, especially if it is something new so you can give it ample time to break in.Try my favourite online shoe store to help your quest for shoes
  • Makeup – If you plan on using a professional makeup artist book now. Most of them will only a few two clients on the morning of Carnival, and you will be surprised how fast they are booked.
  • Hair- This is the time to start looking for a hair stylist if you are looking at getting braids or extensions done. As with the makeup artist these stylists are usually inundated with appointments and in between fetes and other Carnival related events you have to find a time to get your hair done.
  • Fete Tickets – This is a somewhat tough one for the overseas masqueraders, I mean the Vale Breakfast Party tickets were on sale from Boxing Day and unless you have a contact in Trinidad it is virtually impossible to score a ticket in February. Therefore this is the time to plan, plan, and plan. Check the events calendar and make a note of all the fetes you would like to attend and keep checking the “events” section of Usually they post the fete flyers and on those flyers are names of committee members who you can call for tickets. Now this is where the planning part comes in, you would need a trusted local contact to get your money to and who can purchase tickets for you. I hesitate to recommend purchasing your tickets online since there are too many varying reports on tickets being marked up more than the original price, not being delivered and of people being scammed. I think the safest bet would be to have someone locally get your tickets for you.
  • Accessories – Items like mas stockings, body jewelry, ear-rings and even makeup and glitter can be reserved for purchase until a week or two before Carnival. Most stores, if you are shopping locally, will not display their Carnival goodies until then anyway. You can even get accessories at the mas camp when you go to collect your costume.
  • Monday Wear - For those fortunate enough to be getting Monday wear provided by your band or plan on wearing your costume on Monday ignore this post. For those who are thinking of not using their costume and are not getting Monday wear from the band or section, time to start planning what to wear. Usually I leave Monday wear until the very last because I just wear boy shorts and a tank top. However if you are thinking of getting something a little different start looking at options and getting ideas now. If you are in Trinidad take a little trip to Samaroos to see if they have what you are looking for, if not you can also get it online. It is not too late to get items delivered via your sky box for Carnival.
  • Diet and Exercise - This is the time to adapt your eating habits, cutting out the snacks, sodas and fast food. I know there are some of you blessed with the genetics of a slender frame and the ability to not put on weight no matter what you eat, however the majority of women do need to pay attention to their diet, especially those past 30 as loosing weight is even harder! As posted before, it is not too late, there are still 5 weeks until Carnival so do not give up hope and do nothing at all. No miracles are going to happen within that time frame but you can get more toned, loose some weight and build stamina with proper diet and exercise.

So far I have made all my appointments; I am planning on getting makeup professionally done for the first time, and when I called the makeup artist she was already booked with one client and luckily I was able to get the remaining spot as she is only taking two customers on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Also, I have booked my lashes appointment for Carnival Saturday.

My hair appointment is also already made, I took the decision to have braids done early and get it touched up before Carnival. My boots are ready and paid for (I even tried them on but I am collecting them next week) so footwear is taken care of.

Actually the only thing I have left to do is get my accessories and organise my Monday wear which is giving me a headache at this point since I may have to change my original plans and design an outfit for me and my "girls".

I hope everyone else is getting ready don't say you were not guided, remember preparation is key!
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