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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Oasis "Nippon" Carnival 2012 Review

Sophomore band Oasis presented its 2012 Carnival offering "Nippon" at the Anchorage last night. I did not attend their band launch last year so I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism starting with the invitation (sent early), extending to the décor which reflected the theme, a really nice VIP area with sushi, VIP seating for viewing of the stage and a cute goody bag for media which included an Oasis Pen and mini bottle of Hennessey Cognac. When we first arrived at 10PM the venue was uncrowded and I have to admit I wondered if they would get a good turnout but later on in the evening Anchorage was packed with patrons; good showing for the launch. I was also doubly impressed that less than 24hrs after the launch their website was up and running with prices as well.

Now on to the review:

At first look I am getting a very Native American vibe from this design with the frontline, I think it is the construct and feathers used for the headpiece and back pack. The fabric tendrils are interesting, I am guessing this is the Fashion Designer’s touch as it was designed by Ecliffe Elile . Nice frontline, the backline is very simple, not much decoration used on the bra and a very small tiara headpiece but I do like the ruching of fabric on the bra and the fact that the entire costume is done minus any beads.

I like the colour combination used in this costume, with the purple and red. I think the frontline is very nicely done with lots of little details that add up to a well put together looking costume. For instance t I really like the design on the backpack with the gems, beading and decorated feather spines and that even though the bra is not festooned with gems it still looks like they decorated the entire cup. The tie detail I am thinking is reminiscent of an obi belt and even though they used fabric on the belt they also added extra chain loops which I think is just a nice extra touch. The backline is also nicely done; I like the styling of the bra even though I am not a fan of asymmetrically decorated bra cups! The larger headpiece option looks better in my opinion as I am not too keen on the headband look at all. The only thing they possibly could have added to the backline was fabric from the arms but other than that it looks good.

The frontline positives for me would be the shape of the backpack, it looks very light and easy to carry around, also liking the love knot appliqué used to connect the bra to the bikini and create a monokini look. Also glad that the green does not overwhelm the costume and that the silver balances it out. The backline however I think could benefit from a fully decorated bra and it was a bit disconcerting to see one model hold on to the headpiece for her entire time on stage, also not liking the white feathers on the headpiece so much.

Lots of colours going on in this costume, it could look a bit garish on the frontline but for me personally I like it especially the blue pheasants the only thing is I think it looks a bit more like a Macaw rather than a phoenix , but I really like the frontline Mohawk headpiece and backpack. The belt is VERY skimpy however, maybe some substance could have been added to just using chains as I can see those chains bursting on the road. The backline again is cute, very bright and I think the belt needs something more than just 3 looped chains.

Cosmic Garden
My least favourite backline costume, the yellow /lime green and teal combination is just not working for Me. the decoration of the bra looks a bit dated. I also think the backline looks a bit generic but the Individual is nicely done, like the monokini as well with the fabric fringe and the shape of the backpack, lots going on there.

Apart from the incorrect spelling of this section I think the backline is very simple, almost too simple and a bit under decorated with what I am foreseeing is going to be a very impractical costume top for most masqueraders with over an A cup to wear, as the triangle bra has a very deep cut. And although the mandarin neckline is cute that is a Chinese design feature not Japanese. The frontline shoulder and arm pads are fierce just wish the male costume also had something similar, for this section most underwhelming male costume in the band. Can’t say I particularly like the shape of the frontline headpiece either or the back of the collar on the backpack.

Cherry Blossom
Got to hand it to them for an unusual backpack on the frontline, liking how it looks with the feather placement, it looks like fabric but it is not. Can’t say that this is the most practical design for the road but since Oasis is smaller band it may just work. The backline is cute, like the medallions on the belt and the shade of pink used as they could have gone with a pastel shade.

My favourite section, love the jade green and gold as well as the jeweled design that makes up the bra and belt. This is one of the more contemporary designs (though I have seen a similar style in Harts some years ago). However there were TWO wardrobe malfunctions on the night with the backline that wore the bra minus a bikini top and the individual, where the gems broke apart and left bare breasts exposed. Imagine that happening on the road! Standard bikini tops should be offered to everyone, besides I think it looks nicer with the contrast of the green. Love the frontline with the little winged shoulder pieces and the headpiece with the hanging embellishments. I also like that the Isis wings are offered to the backline as well, it really adds to the costume as skimpy as it is.

Overall I personally think that the seven sections shown was a step up from Oasis first offering in terms of creativity, use of colour and design elements. I appreciate the effort to reflect some sort of relevance to theme and to create some stand out pieces even if at times it may have failed in execution.

Have YOU got your VISA?

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 I got to hand it to TRIBE they know how to keep the die hard loyalists happy and at the same time take the band out of the reach of "mere mortals" so that the demand is always more than supply! You know people will kill for the privilege of saying they have their  TRIBE VISA.

Now... where is MY VISA card?

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Oasis Nippon Band Launch Videos

TRIBE "Take Me To " Costume Prices

*all prices in TTD
Frontline: $6,470
Backline: $3,950
Large Headpiece: Add $475
Male: $3,025

Frontline: $6,200
Backline: $3,990
Collar: Add $350
Male $2,995

Frontline: $5,975
Backline: $3,795
Large Headpiece: Add $495
Male: $2,995

Frontline: $6,200
Backline: $3,990
Large Headpiece: Add $480
Male: $3,025

Frontline: $5,395
Backline: $3,895
Male: $3,025

Frontline: $5,980
Backline: $3,795
Large Headpiece: Add $395 (available for viewing @ showroom)
X-Large Headpiece: Add $650
Male: $2,995

Frontline: $5,250
Frontline w Large Headpiece: $6,495
Backline: $3,895
Large Headpiece: Add $495 (available for viewing @ showroom)
Male: $2,995

Frontline: $5,595
Backline: $3,950
Male: $2,995

South Beach
Frontline: $6,280
Backline: $3,925
Male: $3,050

St Tropez
Frontline: $5,895
Backline: $3,895
Large Headpiece: Add $395 (available for viewing @ showroom)
X-Large Headpiece: Add $650

Sun City Johannesburg
Backline: $3,885 (Monokini ONLY)
Collar: Add $350
Male: $2,895

Las Vegas
Frontline: $6,100
Backline: $3,975 (Hot Shorts ONLY)
Male: $2,975

Oasis Nippon Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2012

Full album HERE
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