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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Question and Answer With the Band Leader

1.My question is one concerning the whole Monday wear
issue. As a band leader, do you support this? Or would
you rather see your masqueraders wearing their costume
on both days?

I would prefer that the costumes be worn on both days, First, for the obvious reason that the band looks just as pretty on Monday as Tuesday, and secondly it makes it easier for security to identify outsiders. This goes even more for men. I personally hate to see men in my band wearing only the shorts. As much as it bothers me, there is not much that I can do if they are a member of my band.

2.Did someone already ask what's the deal with the
return of the stage? What is your take on that and
what do you know about the current entertainment
complex/facility in the works? Does that comprise of
two questions? Because, if not, I'd like to add who
were these bandleaders who apparently requested the
mass remain in the streets?

This is issue angers me so much you would not believe. As far as I know no band leader nor masquerader that I know of, likes what has happened to the stage or what they are going to do. In all honesty and this is just my personal opinion and nothing more, they are trying to pass this idea of everyone liking the pathetic arrangement around the Savannah, so that when this fancy cultural center is built, we will not be allowed back in.It's all about this idea of making P.O.S. a first world city, whether we like it or not. I hope I am wrong, but i don't think that we will be allowed in the Savannah again.

3. Question: Why is it hard to provide us with our
actual bra sizes? It's always a problem for me when
it's time to pick up the costume(I'm from the US) and
the size L or XL that was ordered is still too small
(I'm 36DD). I ALWAYS end up arguing with an employee
just to get it exchanged (It's so embarrassing, but it
happens to me all the time). I just think that since
we are already paying so much money for the costume
that we should feel somewhat secure/comfortable and
things don't 'pop out' when jumping up in the band.


You are soooo right!! We have the same problem at times. The bras always seem to fit the A cups and B cups but the full C's and up are problems.One reason is that bra companies never standardized their sizes,so that lets say a 32D from one company may differ from that of another.What we have done to try and ease this problem is to have actual samples of the bra we will be using available for a fitting at the mas camp.But this does little good if you want to register over the internet. Try asking the mas camp to reference a company that would correspond to the sizes they use Lets say they said Vitoria Secret then go find out what size you would be and list that as you reference size, but with small medium and large as your only reference it would be hard to get it right, unless you tried it on yourself. Other than that, when you order if you are not sure, always go slightly bigger you can pad the bra if it's too big, but you can do anything if it's too small. an overseas masquerader it is very hard to pick
out costumes from the Internet. When a costume is
selected the masquerader is hoping that hopefully a
replica of the costume would be a available upon
receiving it. As a band leader what would you do to
ensure that all masqueraders get their moneys worth
out of a costume?

I hear this all the time. Not getting anything that resembles the prototype. There is no excuse for this. From time to time a problem with a supplier arises, or for some reason you can not supply the costume the way it was meant too. In cases such as this, I would normally call everyone in the section and inform them, let them know exactly what the changes are and give them the chance to either stay in the section or move to another.But to deliver a different costume that was promised is dead wrong. Ask for your money back is all I can say. Once again this may not be an option because everyone wants to play mas. But certainly do not play mas with them the following year if they do not give you satisfaction.

5.My question is about embellishing your own costume.
Now I understand that some people like to add a few
tid bits to their costumes to make them stand out a
bit and then there are some (Like my sister) who likes
to add 5 foot pheasant feathers and beads to
everything almost to look better than the frontline,
but how far is too far? Do bandleaders frown upon
these additions or do they hold the thought that "well
the masquerader paid for their costume so now they can
do whatever they want"?

I guess the answer to that question is how serious does your band leader take competition. If the band leader is out to win Band of the Year, he or she will not take kindly to alterations to their costumes. Yes you have paid for the costume but it does not give you the right to ruin the presentation across stage. And I know several designers that don't take kindly to alterations, and have baned people from playing with the band for repeatedly doing just that. I don't care "Have a Ball" part of the fun of carnival is actually being creative yourself. As for what is too much. I guess on average adding more of the same feathers or braid might be alright, but using different feathers or material that is not on the original design might be too much. Besides if you change a costume so much, you won't look like you belong to the band.

Thanks for the chance to answer some of your questions till next week, be good.

p.s. For those of you who submitted questions after the first five, those will be answered next week.

Mas Jumbies "Diabolus Imperium"

press play

Mas Jumbies has launched their 2009 J'ouvert presentation "Diabolus Imperium" The Devil's Realm. The band will comprise of 7 sections, each based on one of the 7 Deadly Sins of LUST,GLUTTONY, PRIDE, ENVY, ANGER, GREED and SLOTH.

Brian, the band leader, promises to launch 1 section a month with the new website launched at months end and has hinted that the costumes will be "ever so close to being a pretty mas band"

For more information on the theme and concept behind Mas Jumbie's presentation, or to view information on the designer and view photographs from this year's j'ouvert visit the website.

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