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Thursday, May 01, 2008

News from Evolution!

Got this in my inbox today.. thought I would share!
Hey everyone,
This your luvable, huggable, Carnival buddy.... Shynnelle.....(From Evolution)
The last time I emailed, I was thanking everyone for the incredible support that EVOLUTION received in its first year and I pleaded with you guys to give EVOLUTION another chance despite the mishaps that took place. I promised that things would see a complete 180 turn around and this time I am emailing to let you know that that promise has not changed.

The feedback that we recieved was phenomenal and what was even more heartwarming was the fact that most of you admitted to having a great time on the road despite all of the mishaps.
However, we have taken all of the feedback, good and bad, and have seriously considered every point in the restructure and redevelopment of the band.

Evolution carnival 2009 promises to be bigger and a whole lot better than before. The band has gotten rid of all its weak links and is now being run by a Brand new committee and with a brand new attitude. Super hot costumes, excellent service on the road and a hassle free distribution is in store for all of you. Overall we guarantee the ultimate all - Inclusive experience to you our cherished masqueraders.

I too am stepping up to the plate...... yes people, your girl Shynnelle, is bringing out a section in the band. I figured, what better way to make things right than by getting fully involved and bringing out a stellar section within an even more stellar Band. So I have teamed up with the Band Leader, Mr. Curtis Eustace, and together we are going to ensure that we make it up to you all......with perfection and in true Shynnelle style.

Next year's theme for the Band is TEMPTATIONS......and yes the costumes look as good as the name sounds.....
My section... "SECRETS AND LIES"..... will be DIVALICIOUSLY SEXY...... so look out for it at the launch, which is scheduled for the beginning of July. But have no fear, because I will personally email you photos of the costume as soon as is possible and keep you abreast of all scheduled Evolution events.

As a separate thanks to anyone who registers with my section, an extra special token will be given upon registration.

Well that's it for now....... I'll be keeping in touch.......

In the meantime, please email me with any questions and you know I will be more than happy to answer any of them.......... or you can contact me at 740-0838 at any time.

Talk to you soon!!
Take care!!

Putting your breast fit forward…

The time is nearing for Band Launch Season with the first showing of costumes allegedly starting as early as next month! As we all anticipate the fabulous costumes to come, I hope that band leaders will put some measures in place to deal with the “bra situation”.

First I will commend the bands that did have bras for potential masqueraders to try on and fit at the mas camp; this came in especially helpful to those bras sized as S, M, L, XL as those ladies fortunate to be able to access the fitting at the mas camp were able to get their correct size. Surprisingly, TRIBE has not offered bra fittings for the past two years, hence the reason one masquerader this year ordered the bra size they wore two years ago and ended up with the WRONG size!

Unfortunately she was not the only masquerader I noticed wearing a regular bra under their costume bra! Now, I can chastise the masquerader for not attempting an exchange or some sort of costume adjustment upon costume collection however, I think TRIBE should seriously consider bringing back the bra trials prior to registration. In the past, this helped greatly as masqueraders were able to choose the proper sized costume bra, since depending on bra size alone is risky as many women wear the incorrect bra size and costume bras tend to fit different to regular bras.

The second change I hope will be implemented is allowing masqueraders to choose their bra by actual bra sizes instead of the grouping several cup sizes into S, M, L, XL etc. While the ladies who can actually try on their bras in person are not affected by this sizing structure, the ones who are not privy to bra fittings, such as overseas masqueraders, are left having to choose a size based on an erroneous sizing chart! While choosing by bra size does run some risk of bras not fitting properly owing to the fact that, as I mentioned before, some ladies wear the wrong bra size, it is much less of a risk than trying to fit an A cup and a DD cup under the heading of a Medium costume!

Of course if a perfect size chart can be invented that accurately sizes a S, M, L, XL (etc) costume bra then this system can probably work, instead of having a masquerader end up on the road spilling out of their utterly divalicious costume:

Finally, we masqueraders also have some responsibility in getting a properly fitted bra. If you wear a special size and do not trust the bras provided for the costume, contact the mas camp and ask if you can supply your own bra; most are willing to work with you on this request once it is submitted within a reasonable timeframe. Also, when you collect your costume, make sure and try it on as soon as you can to make sure it fits properly. Now, there is no guarantee that you can get the bra exchanged, though this has happened before, but if your band offers a costume adjustment center they can usually make alterations to the bra, like adding extra fabric, so that it fits well enough. Some bands, time permitting, even allow you to bring in a bra of your own at this point where they will transfer the decorations from the ill fitting bra unto the new one for you.

Worse case scenario involves you, the new undecorated bra and a glue gun removing the decorations from the problem bra and transferring it to the new bra YOURSELF. I have been there, done that and though it was a lot of work I was pleased with the end result as it meant my bra actually FIT instead of being a wardrobe malfunction disaster waiting to happen.

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