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Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Miami Carnival - Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Greetings peeps, Kermit here reporting from 2010 Miami Carnival at the Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. party. I attended last year’s event and had a great time and I hoped that this year would be as much fun and I am happy to report that the 2010 edition was indeed better.

This year the party was held at Ten Palms at GulfStream Park and when I arrived a little after midnight, the crowd present was mingling and getting warmed up for the night’s activities so I decided to take a drink and survey the venue to compare it to last year’s. The layout was similar to 2009 in that in front of the stage and the DJs there was the main dance floor and running along the length of it was the VIP area which had its own bar and complementary food. While I did not have any of the food, it certainly smelled very good and some friends of mine who sampled it said that it tasted as good as it smelled. As time went by, the size of the crowd increased until the dance floor was filled and it looked like mostly everyone present had consumed at least one drink and was now in a mood to get to some serious dancing and the DJs were more than happy to oblige.

It goes without saying that good tune selection and mixing can make or break a fete and the selecting tonight was nothing short of spectacular. The DJs did an excellent job creating and maintaining a hyped atmosphere for the patrons to enjoy themselves and this is not as easy to achieve as you would imagine. We have all been to parties where the music was just OK until a particular DJ comes on and absolutely mashes up de place and after his set another DJ takes the lead and the music goes back to being just OK. Well, this was not the case tonight as each DJ kept the vibe going by building on the energy generated by his predecessor. Each DJ had his own style and presentation and for all of them to work together blending different songs and genres as seamlessly as they did for the entire night is a testament to their skills and abilities and they definitely set the foundation for the night’s enjoyment. I am not sure who was mixing what when but as the music transitioned smoothly from soca to reggae to old school reggae to U.K. dance mixed with soca, the partygoers responded with cheers, shouts, nuff hands in the air, and of course plenty pelting of waists. The DJs had the masses dancing and swaying like they were marionettes on strings. They started us off with some warm up music (so we wouldn’t leap straight into hardcore wining and maybe damage something) then they increased the pace just a bit to get the heart rate up before launching us into the first of many cycles of frenzied gyration followed by cool down lulls where one could breeze off a bit, look around, and in some cases, introduce yourself to the person/persons you somehow had found yourself dancing with. This brings me to another wonderful characteristic of this party, the people.

As was the case last year, the crowd present here at Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was as beautiful as it was diverse and in fact the only difference that I could see, was that there were many more of them here tonight. The ladies were out in force and they were truly a sight to see. They came dressed to impress while at the same time wearing clothes that enabled them to take full advantage of the DJs prowess in hype-party-facilitation. When they weren’t dancing up a storm, they could easily be mistaken for models about to walk down a runway in New York or Paris and when they were dancing, they looked…well they looked like they were models in New York or Paris partying hard. When you see the pics, peeps, you will have to agree that the quality of the ladies in attendance was absolutely first class and of course where the hot ladies gather, the men will do so as well and while my, erm, photographer’s eye gravitated more towards the lovely ladies, I happened to catch some of the gentlemen present as well. For the ladies’ viewing pleasure, I took a group picture of many of my fellow Fatima College alumni who were present that night. No need to thank me ladies, I try to please all of my readers and what could be more pleasurable to your eye than a group of Fatima men.

Just when we thought that the party couldn’t get any better, Edwin Yearwood took to the stage and treated us to a rousing performance of a selection of his greatest hits. Widely regarded as one of the signature voices from Barbados, he serenaded us with a variety of hits ranging from classic songs from back in the day to his most recent 2010 Crop Over tunes and as the crowd felt his energy and responded in kind, it further reinforced to me how unique and special Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was. I mean, this fete had everything! Not only was there great music, drinks, and food in a sweet venue, but we had a live entertainer that actually complemented and enhanced the vibe rather than being just a distraction from it. He performed for quite some time and when he finally took his leave amid hearty and well deserved applause from the crowd, the DJs, without missing a beat, assessed the mood of the crowd and immediately set to work massaging the vibe back to the hyped state we were all eager to revisit.

This was a wonderful night spent among friends (some old and some new) dancing to great music in the company of people who came out to look and feel good while having a fun time and it was the perfect start to my Miami Carnival weekend. As great as last year’s Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was, this year was even better. The excellent venue with plenty of free parking close at hand, the spacious dance floor and VIP area, the large and sufficiently well staffed bars, the top notch DJs and of course my fellow partygoers all contributed to making this fete a first class experience and a must-go event for Miami Carnival and I am already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Enjoy the pics peeps, LIME is next.
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