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Sunday, January 07, 2007

India Info.

This afternoon is the mas camp lime at Peter Samuel's old mas camp, as I reported before he is involved with Brian Mc Farlane's India this year.In the interim pending my visit to Brian's mas camp and possibly this afternoon's lime I got this review from one of my dedicated blog readers and Mc Farlane masquerader:

On the island of Trinidad during the earlier half of the 20th century , there lived a boy named simply 'Boyie'. Boyie had a very fond relationship with his storyteller grandfather who would regale his grandson with many fine and fantastic recollections about how life was lived in beloved 'Mother India'. The scenario between them though atypical and charming between the elderly and their grandchildren possessed a special resonance though. Boyie's grandfather was not merely reminiscing about his youth with his grandson. Rather, Grandfather shared these stories so that Boyie would leave this world with a full sense of the understanding that comes with experiencing a full and long life.

Such a life would be one that Boyie could never have though. He suffered with a terminal illness that would curtail his own life and contain it forever in childhood. Grandfather dreamed that he and his grandson would pass into the afterlife together wherein he could Show Boyie all that he had spoken of and on awakening a pact was made between them both. Unfortunately, grandfather's time would end only too soon and his beloved grandson would be left behind.

The villagers whose lives were also enriched by Grandfather's stories would band together and help the old storyteller keep his promise to his grandson. They would raise the money needed so that Boyie and his Mother could both voyage to India and there the little boy would see at last all the things he had heard about.

By boat Boysie and his mother would cross the Caribbean sea ( section 1) and then venture into the Indian Ocean (section 2). (Section 3) signals their arrival and subsequent welcome to India. (Section 4-8) represent the many villagers, festivals and even the glimpses of royalty that Boyie and his Mother would witness together and this would culminate in a Harvest at the end of it all. This harvesting would not only be a harvesting of crops but also the Harvesting of Boyie's life too.(Section 10) is indicative of the Boyie's suffering, his death and the tears shed by his family now in mourning as well as the villagers who afforded him his Voyage (Sections 11 and 12). With the arrival of a band of women in flames we witness his Cremation (Section 13). The final section which follows is not the final end for Boysie though. He is reincarnated and a new life on earth is given to him. After all the sections have paraded past we will witness Boysie in his new incarnation where he will be portrayed by the King of the band.

I was also informed that one of the delays for opening Mc Farlane's camp was the fact that there is no working phone line at present hampering the public from getting information via telephone as well as not being able to process credit card transactions. In spite of that the mas camp did open on Friday at 6:00PM and within 24hours one section was already sold out!There are two sections not featured on the website, however if you view the gallery of photographs taken at the band launching one of them is photograph number 40; the other "new" section is a yellow and green all female costume which apparently is the one sold out already.

Prices have reportedly increased over 2006 with only two sections costing under $2000.00, a few sections are over $3000.00 (including the first blue section on the website "The Caribbean Sea") with the remainder falling between those two price ranges.Two sections are not priced, only inviting interested persons to "enquire within"; those two un priced sections are the ornate all female costumes number 3 and 13 on the website.

Hope this little recap can satisfy all the Mc Farlane fans overseas eagerly and patiently awaiting the launch of the full website.

Day off

It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday, staying inside was the last thing I wanted to do. After the passing the idea of going to the beach by the hubby we both got dressed, threw some beach items in the car and headed to Maracas.

There was no exercising for me yesterday, not even pilates, unless you count walking in the sand and playing among the waves a workout. Added to that I had a Richard's Bake and shark which was divine! I was so not thinking about the fried bake and how many carbohydrates that amounted to when I was biting into that shark topped with shadon beni, tambarind and pepper sauce!

So, yesterday was my day off from any excercising and technically I did nothing "wrong" as week one of the six week plan consisted of doing aerobic exercise for only five days; I just wanted to throw in two more days to up the ante. In the end I realised that although I might want to push as hard I can the body definitely needs a rest! After all, week two will be even harder when it is back to the gym for weight training. So I am enjoying the sabbatical until it is back to the grind tomorrow!

Traditional Charatcters at TRIBE

When Paul Keens Douglas first explained at TRIBE’s band launching that the concept behind the “Ole Time Something Come Back Again” theme of the band was to have both traditional and modern concepts of the costumes portrayed side by side on the road come Carnival I thought it was a nice idea to merge past and present, especially for a younger generation. Upon seeing the “traditional” costumes my husband became a fan of Cow Mas and Pierrot Grenade while I preferred Fireman and Fancy Indian. To me though the “traditional” costumes still looked as if the were given a contemporary sprucing up.

When the traditional costumes became available for registration and the website stated there would only be a limited number of those costumes available I wondered if anyone at all would be willing to forgo the modern mas in favor of the ole time mas, especially as some of the prices crossed $4000.00. Knowing that it would be really spectacular to see the traditional costumes on the road I thought at the very least if the costumes did not attract interest that TRIBE themselves would get persons to portray the ole time characters

"Dragon" Character

Therefore, it was quite reassuring to see that some of the traditional costumes are now sold out; Fireman, Jamette, Dame Lorraine, Cow Mas and Pierrot Grenade are all closed. Nine other characters are still available, nevertheless I suspect Warrior Spirit might be next to go.

Warrior Spirit

All in all I am quite happy Fireman was one of the first to sell out, seeing as it is one of my favourites and I am looking forward to all the smoking “ole time” Firemen leading my section come Carnival Tuesday!
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