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Friday, March 25, 2011

Island People 2011 Review #5

“ You are the Shade that make up the molecular DNA of carnival re-discovered and re united with the streets of Port of Spain take the universe and make it yours “and so it was: Island people mas 2011;I would have to say that this one of the best year ever . But there were just a few concerns which I think island people should look into.

It was a smooth, quick and easy process. Well I collected for my cousin on Sunday and for myself on Friday, I was in and out of the queen parks oval within 15 – 20mins. During the collection process there was soca music playing while waiting which was a big plus, The CSR were wonderful: they took their time to go through the package with you making sure that all part of the costumes were there. I would just have to say the only thing that was disappointing was the return to collect Monday Gear and goodie bags which had people like headless chicken and I would recommend a bigger venue for distribution of costumes.

Well the costumes were flawless; Kudos to the designers. Beautiful colours which all blended with each other. Everything was well made and neat. The only problems was their; was the sizing of the costumes, where a X-Large underwear looking like a medium underwear.

The black dress for the ladies and the grey t- shirt for the guys was a great idea which kept the band uniform; it also allowed the masquerader to be creative. But that Monday wear fiasco needs not to happen in the future.

Music was on point. The rotation of songs, It was a nice mix of power and groovy soca on the road. Last lap back to the stadium was great as the DJ’s continued to play pulling down on the curtain on the greatest show on earth. But I would just recommend some music playing while having lunch

Well I Just have one to say about the food on both days …” TASTELESS”. I had the chicken but It was as though the caterer boiled the chicken and then grill it and the rice was dry. But servers needed to be equipped properly head nets and gloves. The collection for food was quick. In 2012, please change the caterers or hired a restaurant to cook the food. For breakfast on Tuesday there were various dishes which was a nice idea. But the menu for breakfast and snack should have be listed on the truck .so keep that in minds for next year.

SECURITY (Extraction team and Perimeter Control)
Well I have to applaud the security, they were on fire; working their behinds off, putting out numerous people out of the band during but I would just have to say I was disappointed when the band turn unto the avenue, it was a mad house. Please make proper provision when it comes to the last lap to ensuring Masquerader’s safety until the band arrived back to the base.

In Comparison to other year, the 2-3 hour wait to cross the savannah stage was the worst, it wasn’t the smooth journey. But I know it wasn’t any faults of island people

2011 Trinidad Carnival - Zante

Greetings peeps, Kermit here resuming coverage of my 2011 Trinidad Carnival adventures. This installment finds me heading to Zanté, a sweet all-inclusive party held the Tuesday before carnival. This is really the beginning of the stretch run to the Carnival Monday and Tuesday climax as the partying will be going non-stop from now until Ash Wednesday. Zanté is the perfect way to kick off what is sure to be a very hectic and happily exhausting week since this is not your typical carnival fete. Make no mistake, there will be plenty premium liquor, food, and ladies present but what distinguishes this party from all of the others is its size. Zanté is a much smaller and more intimate party and it is a welcome change from carousing with 5,000+ people. With a smaller crowd you get to actually interact with the people there and the feeling and vibe present is, well, so much more personal and convivial.

This year Zanté was held on the rooftop of the Tamnak Thai restaurant which is located around the Queen’s Park Savannah, and as I parked and walked past Renegades panyard, I was happy that the party was being held in the middle of Port-of-Spain since it took me all of 5 minutes to drive here and park and as I entered the party and was escorted upstairs by lovely Zanté ladies I knew that the night would be special.

One of the staples at Zanté is alcohol infused sno-cones and I immediately took a red with condensed milk and a shot of Ketel One; AHHHHH, so refreshing! A quick glance around the venue revealed a light crowd so I decided to stroll around to the back and check out the food selections that were available. I was immediately drawn to the two suckling pigs splayed out on the table and my group and I took up residence right next to them since we were informed that they would be served as soon as the staff arrived with the knives. In the meantime, we watched the tattoo artists skillfully practicing their trade and inking those patrons who so desired and of course we sampled some of the other fare which was available and when the pig was finally served we found it to be as DELICIOUS as it looked. We were now full, well fed, and ready to get our Zanté on.

The fete was on a covered rooftop with the bars situated around its perimeter. Since it was a bit of a warm night, there were several industrial sized fans positioned around the roof which provided patrons with a steady breeze throughout the night and it was next to one of these fans that we set up camp for the night’s activities. This was a perfect spot as not only was it cool and breezy, but it faced the main dance floor and was right next to the main bar. After hitting the vodka hard for a few rounds, our beautiful hostess, Pixi, brought out an elixir that must have been made from the juice of some forbidden fruit: she brought out a cooler of Pixi Juice. I enquired as to its composition and received a smile. I hinted at its formula and again received a smile. Since I make a concoction of my own in DC (FLEXXX), I fully understand her refusal to answer any questions about its ingredients and decided that I would go through strong and let the devil take the hindmost.

After the first 2-3 cups, I noticed that the party had picked up rather quickly. It was as if a busload of folks had arrived. All of a sudden there was a raging fete going on in front of me so I leapt into it wholeheartedly. Of course, my interpretation of “quickly” was probably not very accurate. In fact, it appears that considerable time had passed since my first drink of Pixi Juice and my “sudden revelation”. Say wha? De party sweet, and I have a weakness for sweetness. The Zanté ladies showed up with a tin and offered me what looked like saltprunes. “What are these?” I asked while taking 3. “Rum balls.” they said. OK, I thought, rum balls. I popped them in my mouth, chewed and felt myself levitate. Obviously I didn’t really (or maybe I did) but I was definitely experiencing a lightness of being and for me the party really took off from that point on. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had been sampling all of the various alcohol infused treats available. There was one fellow in particular, I’ll call him Electric Blue, that definitely drank deeply from the Kool-aid and apparently drank deeply enough so that superpowers were revealed to him.

Electric Blue had a time at this fete, of that there can be no doubt. He probably had enough for two times because wherever there was a waist that needed pelting, there he was; wherever a bottom was unoccupied and un-wined upon, there he was; if a breeze passed by him too slowly, it got a some waist on de side. It got to the point where Electric got so hot from hard wining that he had to wine on de fan just to keep cool and after doing this he almost took flight! If you don’t believe me, look through the pics and you will see. The piecé-de-resistance however, was when the DJ played Speakerboxx. (Yes peeps, you know what is coming now.) One interpretation of Speakerboxx is that it is a song about a fellow that is banned from entering a fete by a promoter because when in the fete, the fellow’s wining damages the sound equipment. I guess when this song played, the speaker must have given Electric Blue a kinda bad eye so Electric decided to teach the insolent speaker a lesson, and so he did. Nuff respect due Electric, nuff respect!

With Private Ryan and the impressive DJ lineup keeping the energy level high, the fete went by quickly as good times are wont to do and it was a well charged up and hyped crowd that greeted Benjai when he stepped up to perform. It goes without saying that his new national anthem elevated us all to another level and with hands thrust in the air we sang along with gusto as only Trinis could. As the night continued I noticed a rhythm section setting up. It was Hands of Rythm, a group I had heard several years ago at Salybia and while their presence heralded the end of the party, I knew that we would go out with a bang and so we did. After a night of frenzied partying, it was nice to chip out of the fete into the cool night knowing that the first steps had been taken towards the grand finale on the big stage and that even bigger and better things were yet to come.

It goes without saying that this was an excellent fete and I must give big props to our wonderful hostess Pixi who was more that a match for Electric Blue when it came to wildness and winery. Great job as usual babe and you will definitely see me again in 2012.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Big Bad Beach House is next……..(lawdhavemercy).

Kermit out.

Wotless Friday !

Well this puts and end to the questions ( including mine) the speculation and the rumours on a "racy tape" between a soca star and their backup dancer! The statement has subsequently been removed from Facebook (Fanpage) however.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program folks, no bacchanal on this Friday.

"Hey peeps.... I just wanna take this time to address an issue thats been bouncing around . There is no video and the rumours are 100% false. Now... lets move on with our lives and dont believe everything you hear. Blessings."

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