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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red International's New Costume...

So, after my post entitled "Is this a new trend" pointing out the fact that Ronnie & Caro's costume from Trinidad Carnival 2008 ,"De Mang", showed up at Red International's band launch for St Lucia Carnival 2008, this new costume called "Breathtaking" showed up on their website:

Curiously absent from the line up of sections is this costume, which can still be seen in their launch photos however.

It seems as if Red International got rid of the controversial costume in favor of the new one called "Breathtaking"! Now see, getting a brand new costume wasn't so hard right? And the new costume is still pretty cute!

Edited to add:
Dulce 7 also wrote about Red International's new costume on her blog and mentions that an insider from Red informed her that the costume was sold to them as "new designs"! I am glad that they decided to go with a new costume as if it is indeed true that the initial costume was sold as an original, that designer should be ashamed at the dishonesty!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Antigua Carnival Bands Online...

The websites for both Solid International and Xtreme Mas have been updated. Solid's costumes are looking pretty good, while Xtreme has some interesting costumes and section names to say the least!

Click on the band photo to be taken to the website:

Solid International


Thursday, May 29, 2008

House for rent...

One of the readers of my blog will not be making it to Carnival for 2009 and has indicated that they have a house available for rent for those who might be interested:

It is called "Papaya House" located in Tunapuna with 4 bedrooms and a pool:

For more information on amenities as well as rental rates visit this website.

Carnival Nationz Launch Photos has a gallery of photos from Carnival Nationz band launch for their Caribana Presentation "Pirates".

The models' makeup is a bit distracting and bizarre in some cases, however my favorite costume is "Kacikie" pictured below:

Love the browns and copper

Misty Dawn:
nondescript white costume, very generic.

Shipwreck :
for some reason I want to like it,
but not liking the bra fur.

Sextant Horizon -
I don't like this one at all!
What is up with the mask?
Bra reminds me of last year's Aerialist; despise that belt.

Captain's Morgan Wenches:
Not to sure about the feathers on the bra ,
but another decent costume

Treasure Island :
hmm blue and black, interesting combo.
Not too sure if I am liking it but I do like the bra top!

Calico Jack and his Lover Bonny:
The pink and black does not look bad together.
Love the headpiece.

Bullions and Baubles:
Another costume I like.
Interesting headpiece and bra/belt design.

Caw Caw:
Very green! Not liking that bra AT ALL with
the profusion of feathers sprouting from the breasts.
Ode to Island People's Kingfisher with the arm pieces.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Unleashed .. professional photos..

These costume photos are from the Press Kit that was given at Kaotic's media launch last night:

Kaotic.. Life Unleashed

So, word from my friend who attended Kaotic's media launch last night is that the experience was very nice as the guests were feted with canapes and cocktails at the Queen's Park Oval Banquet Hall; I was told especially to mention that the food was great!Apart from invited media persons other attendees included Dean Ackin from TRIBE, Colin Murray, Sherwayne Winchester and Peter C Lewis.

Kaotic's founder is Hayden Harbin, with the designer and creative director of their 2009 Carnival presentation "Life Unleashed" Ricardo Gomez. Other persons on the committee include Rene Holford (Barbados), Rene Ortiz (DJ Rene), Francis Woon Sam, Yasmin Charles with photography by Calvin French. Three costumes were on display last night, one being the Grecian inspired burgundy and gold "Beau Jolais" a section led by Ricardo Gomez and Kano Carpette. The band launch is slated for JULY 13th and from the information given costumes will be under $3000.00TT.

The other nine section names and section leaders are :

Earthly Passion - Rene Holford & Reanne Allum
Deja Vu- Christopher D'Abreau
Hot Oil- Adrian & Maillard Howell;Russel Manswell &Sieske Roberts
Mythical Freedom- Aldrin Alleyne &Renate Charles
Copia.. Goddess of Wealth - Kesha Quash
Horizon - Hayden Harbin
Emerald Viper - Francis Woon Sam
Extreme Fury - Rene Ortiz &MArisa Cipriani
Aqua Abyss - Yasmin Charles

Some more information on Kaotic:

"We are the newest, ultimate Carnival band for 2009. KAOTIC is full of passion and adrenaline, a renaissance of vibrant movement and sensation. KAOTIC is life unleashed"

The band house will be located at 15 Ana Street Woodbrook.

Photos are coming soon!

Kaotic Media Launch

Unfortunately I was unable to make the Kaotic media launch last night, my flight was delayed by an hour and the launch was scheduled for only 8pm to 10pm so I missed it! However my friend was able to get me a press kit and photos so will be posting that information as soon as I get it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still looking for accomodation?

Here are some links to bed and breakfast accomodation in Trinidad and Tobago!

Bed and breakfast Trinidad and Tobago 1 .

Bed and breakfast Trinidad and Tobago 2.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

To all the bloggers in the U.S. enjoying this long weekend and the bloggers in the U.K., enjoy your bank holiday as well.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colours Colours Colours!!!

Wow, so a little bird whispered in my ear some colours to look out for, we have peridot, turquoiuse, red, green, yellow, pink and "nude" among others!!!
Also, wings in all forms and fashions so stop thinking standard generic wings and think outside the box! I have also heard we are in for some super sexy costumes with new bra designs and LOTS and LOTS of feathers!! Look out for our national bird, of course, and some other birds from the Brazilian rainforest as well as birds native to England!
July 26th cannot come fast enough.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Buenos Dias todos,
I am enjoying some Mamajuana at the moment and it is really hard to type on a Spanish keyboard after you have had a few drinks in!!! See you all on Tuesday when I am headed straight to the Kaotic media launch from the airport.
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking flight....

As this bird prepares to take flight in a few hours I leave you with some pics to tantalize your imaginations!

p.s. Guess which diva of a designer is rumoured to be bringing a section that features a local bird that gravitates towards the "Labasse"!!!!????? I know for one you will not be catching me in black but sources have said the costume is "very nice".

Humph, I just can't see myself parading as a vulture through the streets of Port of Spain come Carnival Tuesday, however this local stylist and fashion designer will have their fans eating up their designs as usual !!!

The Taboo Party

D.C. Carnival's very popular mate fete "The Taboo Party" takes place this year on Friday June 27th at the Broad Water Estate .Tickets go on sale from June 1st! Take note of the date and check the official Taboo website for details!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival celebrates 16th annual event on June 14-15

ST PETERSBURG, FL - The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival is celebrating its 16th year and will take place at historic & scenic Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, June 14th and 15th, 2008. A Caribbean experience like no other, come enjoy the sights, sounds, culture and food of the islands. Events for the weekend include live steel band performances from around the Southeast U.S. on Saturday afternoon and a Mas Costume parade on Sunday. Exhibits, arts and crafts, food, kid’s area and live Caribbean music throughout the weekend will surely please everyone. The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival is Fun for the entire Family!

Headline artists Ivy Queen & Collie Buddz takes the Stage on Saturday evening and Bunji Garlin, Faye Ann Lyons, Hunter & Leon Coldero will round out the weekend on Sunday evening.

The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival draws visitors from throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival Committee, a not-for-profit 501.c3 corporation, which promotes the culture, music, and community of the Caribbean Islands, produces the Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival. As proud members of the International Caribbean Carnival Association their vision is to bring together Florida's multi ethnic diversity to experience the unique cultural tradition called Carnival. The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival, a refinement of the traditional West Indian style Carnival presentation, is a spectacle of pageantry, color, and fantasy depicted through a kaleidoscope of incredible costumes, steel bands, calypso, soca, and reggae music.

Fun for the Entire Family! Crafts, Food, Music, Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Moco Jumbies, Local and International Entertainment!

For more information about the 16h Annual Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival, call (727) 327-1277, or visit us online at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exporting the Greatest Show on Earth......

The growing trend of reusing Trinidad Carnival’s costumes in Carnivals internationally and regionally has got me thinking; thus far Island People’s costumes will be available in Antigua, Pulse 8’s for D.C. Carnival, Wee International for Orlando and Ronnie & Caro for St Lucia Carnival. With the accessibility of Trinidad’s costumes and, in the case of Antigua, on road all inclusive amenities, will it eventually become unnecessary for foreigners to make the trip to Trinidad Carnival as they can get the same experience at home without forking out top dollar?

If you were not one of the enterprising persons to book your ticket to Trinidad for Carnival 2009 early, expect to pay in excess of $500.00 depending on the destination you are coming from. I know that flights from London are particularly expensive at that time of year, even on the charters. Unbelievably regional travel between islands are now pricing at more than an international destination, thus making it even more expensive to visit Trinidad coming from the neighboring islands such as St Lucia and Antigua.

Trinidad is feeling the economic global crunch with rice and flour shortages, higher prices for food, electricity rates and real estate; rental. The inflation rate is projected to hit double digits before the end of 2008, masqueraders and Carnival enthusiasts can expect the costs to increase yet again for accommodation, costumes and fetes as prices keep rising. In 2008 masqueraders and Carnival lovers making the trip to Trinidad for Carnival easily spent in excess of $3000.00US for accommodation, airfare, costumes and fetes. How much will this figure be for 2009?

Will there come a time when masqueraders and Carnival lovers who have been making the trip to Trinidad annually, simply cannot afford to do so? This scenario seems even more of a possibility as costumes and amenities from Trinidad’s Carnival are being exported; if you as a foreign masquerader can get the same costumes and same all inclusive on road experience at home, why bother to make the trip to Trinidad? Maybe it will not be necessary to visit every year, skip one year of Trinidad’s Carnival and you can get a costume from that year showing up in Orlando or Labor Day Carnival for much less, right?

It used to be that Trinidad’s Carnival was “unique”, the “greatest show on Earth”, but it disturbs me when our “experience”, of which we pay a high cost for, is being transplanted to other islands and countries for much less! While it may seem unreasonable to compare say Antigua’s Carnival with Trinidad’s, surely one can see that with the new band “Myst” Antigua is moving forward to offering an experience that is as close to Trinidad’s as one can get. First our fetes made the migration, events associated with Trinidad’s Carnival such as Glo, Insomnia, UWI Fete and Brian Lara’s all inclusive can be enjoyed in countries from Barbados to Miami. Now our costumes AND all inclusive on the road experience is making the migration as well!

To me there is nothing wrong with tapping into Trinidad’s talent and expertise for making unique costumes which will be used in Carnivals globally; this is already a business for bands such as Harts and Legacy who produce costumes for Carnivals all over the world. However, selling costumes wholesale AS IS from Carnival presentations of the same year is really a slap in the face to all masqueraders who thought they were paying for a unique experience that they could have only gotten in Trinidad. I fear that in the near future the large foreign contingent that mas bands and fete promoters depend on to pay the higher prices that the average Trinidadian cannot, will start dwindling in numbers as the greatest show on earth turns into the greatest * “pappy show” on Earth.

* pappy show To call someone or something a pappyshow is a. form of mockery and derision

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Myst comes to Antigua Mas ...

And along with it Island People's costumes from Animal Instincts!

The names associated with the band Myst are Marlon Rawlings and Michael Freeland and I was told that they will not be competing for band of the year during Antigua Carnival but will be offering masqueraders all of Island People's amenities on the road as well as the sections Zebra, Black Widow Spider and King Fisher.

Word is that prices will be range from $300.00 to $450.00US, though this is priced more than the standard rate for costumes in Antigua I have been told that some Antiguan Carnival lovers are excited by this prospect and the fact that they do not have to journey to Trinidad (and spend extra money) to get the Trinidad costumes and services right at home!

I don't know if to be surprised at this turn of events or accept it as the growing trend of recycling Trinidad costumes regionally and internationally. Surely Island People did not have an excess of costumes from this year's mas to get off their hands right? And, I wonder how their masqueraders feel about this, having paid much more than what the costumes are rumoured to be priced at in Antigua! Carnival in Antigua is just as in Trinidad, two days of revelry, so why the cheaper prices I wonder? Anyway, I will reserve further comment until after their private band launch which takes place this Sunday, May 25th!

First look at "Kaotic"

Something about that flyer reminds me of Evolution.. maybe it is the model Kaotic is having a media launch for their debut Carnival 2009 presentation "Life Unleashed" on Tuesday May 27th at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne from 8:00PM to 10:00PM. I have heard that costumes were on show at a private launch already so hopefully they will give those in attendance a little tease of what is in store.

Jewels de Carnaval Section Launch..

Jewels de Carnaval is holding it's private section launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2008, details are on the flyer below:

click for large view

The section's name is "Cirque du Soleil" and the band is Arawak whose 2008 Notting Hill Carnival presentation is "Viva Las Vegas". For more information you can visit Jewel's website or email Interesting to note is that on the spot registration will be available on the night of the launch.

Classy or Common??

com·mon [ kómmən ]
adjective (comparative com·mon·er, superlative com·mon·est)
9. vulgar: considered to be ill-bred, or vulgar
common behavior

class·y [ klássee ] (comparative class·i·er, superlative class·i·est)
stylish: very stylish and elegant ( informal)
My first recollection of the ever popular sexy wire bra being worn on the streets of Port of Spain has to be with Nina Mc Kenzie of Legends who created quite a stir with the sight of her breasts titillatingly displayed for all and sundry to see. Some have even cited this incident as being the catalyst for the spilt between Big Mike and his partner Ian Mc Kenzie, whether that is true or not, the sexy wire bra has always drawn critics, detractors and supporters who either love it or hate it.

Island People

This uber sexy take on the already skimpy costumes in the bikini and beads genre has become a staple of some bands each year for Carnival, and while I personally see nothing wrong with the bra being worn on the right body type some have deemed this type of bra “un classy” and not an option for the standard of what certain bands want to portray. Looking at the argument against the bra I can see how it might be seen as just an excuse to go naked on the streets without adding any “creative value”, aping Rio, if you will. And while it is obvious that this type of costume is not suitable to every masquerader, the fear could be that masqueraders themselves may not use common sense and good judgment when choosing a costume to complement their natural assets. Not to mention many a “nipple slip” has been caught on camera, unsuspecting ladies without the hindsight to wear pasties, succumbing to a wardrobe malfunction under the glare of the media.

D Krewe

Though I will not choose a sexy wire bra as an option for Carnival (my bra cups runneth over way too much for it to even be a consideration!) I have seen it worn by masqueraders in several bands and on the right person with the right breasts, to me, it does not look vulgar and can look quite sexy; if you got it, flaunt it right? Who knows how long "it" will last! However, there are a few ladies who obviously choose this particular bra which is not suited to them. I have seen the wire bra looking painfully small, cutting into ladies skin and dare I say that some breasts are just not made for a bra held up by metal and jewels! This year I noticed several ladies in Island People’s King Fisher embellishing the wire bra with added fabric so that it gave the effect of nudity without being overtly so. Maybe this can be a happy compromise for those who desire the sexy wire bra and the skeptics who do not think it is classy enough for mas in Trinidad?

If the band of your choice were to offer the sexy wire bra as an option or alternative to the regular bra, will you be in favor of this, even though you may not choose this option for yourself? Do you think that the sexy wire bra is sexy or “skanky”? Does the potential of having masqueraders in the band wearing sexy wire bras diminish the “classiness” of the band? Thoughts!

Dream Team

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bird of Paradise...................

I am in LOVE with Ms Dita Von Tesse's costume for her burlesque show "Bird of Paradise"! Just felt like sharing since Bird of Paradise is a VERY popular section name for Carnival 2009 it seems. Sources have informed me that not one but TWO bands will have sections of that same name, well at least with ONE band it fits the theme, humph! Not to mention Bacchanal Mas also has a Bird of Paradise section for Nottinghill Carnival 2008... hmmm..

Celebrity Gossip
Mag 55

p.s. some of the pics may not be suitable for work!

Evolution Band Launch Date

I have been informed that Evolution will be launching their 2009 Carnival presentation "Temptations" on JULY 4TH at the Zen nightclub. Ok then! They real eager to kick off Carnival 2009... I can foresee a very long band launching season ahead!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spicy section names....

New band "Spice" is certainly going to make a debut for Carnival 2009 and here are some section names that were revealed to me:

Brown Sugar
Chili Pepper
and Sea Salt which I hear is the super HOTT section to look out for...

Cannot wait to see the costumes!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Question for you masqueraders on Solo Superstardom

Stemming from an ongoing debate over Monday wear on facebook, is this quote:

"once i'm with my friends and we all have a great time that is all that matter's"
For me friends are not necessary to me having an EXCELLENT time on the road, I have even learned over the years that friends can sometimes cause more headache than anything else! As long as I love my costume, drinks keep flowing and music is on point (not to mention the entire road experience should be stress free) I can have a whale of a time all by myself.

Clearly many people do enjoy Carnival more when they are with their crew, so I just wanted to ask of you do you need to be with your friends on the road to fully enjoy the whole experience of Carnival; can you enjoy Carnival as a solo superstar?

And for those who do not recall the rules of being a "Solo Superstar" here they are, courtesy none other than the Super Fabulous "Prettidolli" who is totally missed!

The Rules & Regulations for a SOLO Carnival Superstar according to Prettidolli:

1. Ignore family members and friends who pledge allegiance to other bands besides the one you plan to register with. This also works for those playing in one section who don't agree with the section you have selected for yourself.

2. Register alone for the most FABULOUS costume that tickles your fancy. Walk into the mas camp with your head held high, dearheart! Hold your CC high above your head and cock back and roll if yuh doing yuh ting online. And TELL DEM TELL DEM TELL DEM yuh want ah THONG honayy! Or any other select adornments.....LOL.

3. Work that bod into shape like ah bandit in the upcoming months prior to de Big Show. Get yourself and your accessories in order. Think sexy. Think scandalous. Think BOOTYLICIOUS! Your body is ah temple. Work it like it's the flipping PARTHENON!

4. After you have picked up your costume in TNT, blow raspberries or flip 'em the bird. You know, those same miscreants who insist you have made the wrong decision by not jumping with THEM...In THEIR band. Or THEIR section.

5. Arrive home, try on yuh mas, blow kisses to the love of your life in the mirror, skin yuh teeth, and then practice yuh jump and wave. Jumpandwavejumpupandwavvve...

6. On the big day, dress up in yuh mas and grab a jar of jelly and hand it to the same miscreants who doubted you. Then as they look at you in strange fashion, SNATCH the jar BACK! Tell 'em "I don't think your READY fo' this JELLY." Give two snaps and walk out the door, chile!

7. Meet up with yuh band, JUMP UP, and DRINK UP, and WINE UP and have yuhself ah time. PLAY YUHSELF! You don't have to worry about a crew, just be like Nike and do YOU. Just don't walk off into any ISOLATED areas ALONE. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!

8. If you are in any TNT band you are bound to meet the following:

a) At least 10 children bystanding (and wining..LOL.)

b) At least 20 women who want to befriend you just so that you can help them adjust their headpiece, tighten/loosen up their beltpiece, straighten up their hair, center their backpiece, fix up their makeup, untangle their stockings before a run sets in, and tell them whether or not they have lipstick on their teeth. You all may want to pose in front of car windows to make certain allyuh are looking propah. Or someting so. Yuh know how we women stay...

c) At least 200 men who are willing to give their EYETEETH just to be in YOUR GAW-GEE-OUS presence. It is easy to remember this one: For the total number of women you meet, just add a zero to that number and this new number signifies the number of men dazzled by your Carnival presence. If you have extra large breast implants, do feel free to add another zero. If you are a F.H.O., add two more zeros. ;)

d) At least two vagrants who want to tief ah wine..And some of yuh choice libations. Nothing is sexier to a vagrant during Carnival time than a female masquerader....Except ah female masquerader WITH BOOZE! :S If ah scruffy man tells yuh to put yuh hand up in de air, he might not have the Carnival spirit, he just might be trying tuh stick yuh for yuh liquor. Sorry to burst your bubble, but ah lie? Don't make yuh Johnnie (Walker) come lately...

e) At least one grandma or grandpa or old uncle who absolutely MUST tell yuh how HOT they were when they were in their ROYAL. Back in the day. A rhel saga boy or jamette. With government names like Errol, Beulah, Olivene, Clement, Imogene, Savitri, Rooplall, or Everett....

9. The good old DJ truck is always ah choice liming spot where you can meet, greet, and lime anytime! Try ANY truck throughout the ENTIRE band. Pick yuh BESS truck, smile, and wink up at the DJ. They like that. It does make them feel sweet. Rhellll sweeeet. This doesn't work if you have a lazy/crossed eye or questionable dentition. The DJ WON'T appreciate THAT!

10. Go MAD. I does well and skip and chook and prance badly throughout de front, middle, and back of meh bhann. BADDD with ah triple D. I doh study ANYBODY. Folks does watch meh right by mehself like meh head GONE, but meh faculties are very much INTACT! If yuh have time to study someone else, yuh WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT enjoy yuh Carnival. You are
So make meh feel PROUD. You do the SAME!

11. Last, but not least, there is always SECURITY. Some of them like de chatting and de attention and ting. Just make certain they don't get FRESH. :o For example, telling you they want to help yuh adjust yuh thong or brassiere or something positively BIZARRE like that!

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Carnival Nationz Band Launch Information....

Update from D Bandit newsletter:

If you don't already know by now, then you've been hiding under a Treasure Chest somewhere. Next Saturday May 24th inside Solarium on the Polson Pier complex, is the BIG Carnival Nationz band launch for our theme Pirates. I know there are some people out there waiting to see what we are coming with this year. And the reason you haven't heard anything thus far is because we are hard at work trying to put our best foot forward as always. You know we always aim to please. The four men of Carnival Nationz love to make sure YOU the masquerader is very happy with the Ultimate Carnival and Caribana Experience.

We are planning to have a pre-registration for our Carnival Nationz (CNz) 2007 masqueraders on Wednesday June 4th and Thursday June 5th. We have heard you, the loyal masquerader, and all CNz 2007 masqueraders will have the opportunity to register for their desired section before registration is opened to the general public. This is because we truly want to reward you for your dedicated support. The public registration date will be June 7th. This will all be happening at the same Mas Camp we had last year located at 533 McNicoll Ave in North York. Along with pre-registration, CNz members would get a CNz Loyalty Card. This loyalty card entitles CNz masqueraders to discounts and privileges to various events, rental companies and other companies to be announced on the our website. Please keep in mind Carnival Nationz members can only pre-register them self and not their friend.

Oh and by the way FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ANY CARNIVAL BAND HISTORY...with every advance ticket presented at the door you will receive your very own FREE DVD of all Carnival Nationz activities for the 2007 Caribana Season. EEEEEEEEEEEEEYEAH!!!!! Tickets available at:

Play De Record - downtown (south central) 416-586-0380
Mona's Roti - scarborough (east) 416-242-1200
Islandmix Restaurant (east) 905-895-5295
Charlie's (west) 905-896-3663
Drupati's Roti (west) 905-949-6787

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Evolution email.. again

Another email update from our Carnival buddy Shynelle of Evolution:

Ok everyone,

Here's the thing. Remember in my last email I said that I was going to name my section Secrets & Lies???.......Well I had to change the name. When I saw the finished design, I felt that the name was not doing the costume enough justice because the final design is literally fit for a queen (and a King). I did not forget you fellas!!......Believe me when I tell you that the costume is so regal and so glamouours that you might want to wear pieces of it to the club after Carnival!!!........Divaliciously sexy is an understatement........ For real..... Think Lifestyles of the Rich and famous!!

So in all fairness to the beauty and dynamism of the costume I had to change the name to "LA VANITA DI ORO" which is Italian for The vanity of Gold.

The costume is adorned with Emerald Stones & Gold and the name was inspired by a little story that I concocted in my head when I saw the costume and was struggling to think of a brief write up on the concept.........

In due time I will reveal that concept but for dramatic effect, I will keep you all in suspense for now........hahahahahaha!!!!

So that's it for now...... holla back if you need to........ call me if you wish...740-0838...... I here!!......

Take care,

From your Carnival buddy,

Evolution Mas Ltd.

DJ Private Ryan Big Phat Fish 4th Anniversary Soca Mix

Available for your downloading pleasure:

Its a Big Phat Fish 4th Anniversary mix featuring four years of soca.

The first link is the whole track and the second one is the file with a tracked version for those that want to burn it to cd.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ready for a Heavenly Carnival?

Latest email from Island People Mas:


Over the past three years, we at Island People Mas have worked hard to give you a better and better carnival experience each year. In 2009 we will deliver to you the most heavenly carnival ever…

Prepare yourself for HEAVEN on EARTH … it’s what you make it

Island People Mas invites you to join our eco-friendly campaign and to think “green”. Our planet has taken care of us, now it’s our turn to take care of it.

We have taken the initiative to reduce the amount of paper, water, and energy we use to produce our carnival band - including limiting the number of trucks in the band without limiting the services.

We urge you to be eco-friendly in your daily life. Please stay tuned for reminders on how we can all contribute to a “greener” planet earth.

Look out for our Carnival 2009 Band Launch in August.


Island People Mas

Kaotic....coming soon

So, remember my post about the new band "Kaotic"? If you missed it read it here. (click the link)

Well, sources have informed me that they recently held a PRIVATE launch and showed costumes which were, according to what I heard:
"SMOKING HOT...the aquamarine and red / gold sections very pretty."
I also have been informed that they are looking to launch early as in BEFORE TRIBE; hmm hope they do not clash with Evolution that is also launching before TRIBE as well!

Why is everyone rushing to launch before TRIBE anyway, are people seriously going to register with a brand new band before seeing what the stalwarts have to offer?

Two New Blogs To Note...

Two new blogging comrades have dedicated their time to bringing you, potential masqueraders, all the up todate information, photographs and inside scoops on both St. Lucia Carnival and Caribana and are worth a read.

Dulce 7 is a blog written by "Sweet 7", a St Lucian by birth who now resided in Vermont, however she has been diligently gathering every bit of news concerning St Lucia Carnival and sharing on both her blog and facebook group. Though the blog is not specifically ONLY Carnival focused you can find lots of photographs of St Lucia Carnival bands and even tips on where to get your Carnival accessories and new music releases.

Caribana Virgin is no "virgin" to the blogging world, she debuted her blog last year while planning for her first Caribana experience. I am happy to report that she is back to blogging about Caribana 2008 and has very current information on all the bands that have launched thus far. Check out her blog for photos from Borokeete Canada, Toronto Revellers and Callaloo.

Keep up the excellent job ladies!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here we go again...

What is really going on with all these international and regional Carnivals boy, I mean really it is now becoming a mockery of Trinidad Carnival's "designs" and "designers". Now this Orlando Carnival 2008 band "Island Fantasy" have recycled costumes from "Wee International"!'

Island Fantasy

Wee International Band Launch Pics,
courtesy moi, Saucy:

Check out their myspace page for the rest of the costumes. To add insult to injury ALL the costumes are only $80.00US ALL INCLUSIVE, granted Orlando Carnival is not in the same league as "the greatest show on earth", however, these costumes were selling at $409.00US and $442.00US when they were being offered by Wee International; that's a 500%+ mark up, or should I say mark down.

Oh, and really couldn't they have gotten a photograph of the section "Passion" (formerly "Fatal Attraction") from Wee's website instead of using the one I took at their band launch?

Last year we saw Evolution, Ronnie & Caro, D Krewe and Wee International debut, making a play for masqueraders dollars in a market already teeming with bikini and beads bands. Now, for 2009 we can expect Elements along with the rumoured bands of Kaotic and Spice to join the fray and I fear it is this over saturation of the Carnival market with the SAME OLE SAME OLE that will lead to this "trend" of reusing costumes after Trinidad Carnival as the bands that BUSS try to recoup their losses!

Good luck to them all for 2009!!

Edited to add:
Check out this article (thanks for finding it dajewel) which explains the link between Wee International and the people behind this band... VERY interesting read. Is it really "making" costumes for Orlando Carnival or selling off costumes from Trinidad? Why not come with a different costume altogether then? I am still annoyed.

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