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Friday, September 30, 2011

Carnival Glam Custom Designed Carnival Boots

Check out the flyer below and Facebook Page for details on getting your boots customised :

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Custom Decorated Monday Bras

Customized Monday Wear Bras. Prices starting @ $100 US. Shipping $20US

Tell us your Bra Size, Bra Color, Section and Band you are playing in.

Our email address is

Send your name, address, telephone number.

We will send you and invoice from paypal for our services and payment. Payment must be made before we start any bras.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

X Band Launch Now Has A New Location

S.A.M CHEEWAH presentation of X is being launched on October 1st 2011 @ Studio Lounge, 145 Tragarete Road, Woodbrook (opposite the Bat and Ball[Oval]) Will have live performances by Kes so Come down and have a good time.. best of all this is a FREE event.

Carnival Kicks Boot Sale

Carnival Kicks is having a HUGE sale on all JumpUp boots in Trinidad, from TT$50-$150 for a limited time for Carnival early birds.

Visit the office at
18 Nizam St.
St. James

1-868- 622-7151

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Costume Showdown - Vote for the BEST Pink Costume

Fantasy - Angels

TRIBE - St Tropez

Island People - Wild Heart

Explosion - Adranus

Spice - Aymara

Oasis - Cherry Blossom 

Harts - Ananke 

YUMA - Apache

Poll Results - Best Red Costume

Poll results are in for your choice of best RED costume, the win goes to TRIBE, followed by Island People, Ronnie and Caro, Fantasy and Harts. These were the costumes to be judged:

click for larger view 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

K2K Alliance - The Waters Review

The reaction to K2K Alliance debut presentation "The Waters" for Carnival 2012 judging from comments and feedback on Facebook has been very positive with adjectives and superlatives such as "fashion meets mas", "avant garde designs" and  "haute couture" used to describe the costumes. Many see it as a youthful, fresh and much needed presentation to fill the void that is needed to balance out "bikini and beads" with artistic mas, does Brian Mac Farlane finally have some competition? Only time will tell .

Personally I really like the presentation, I could definitely see myself playing in a few  of those costumes even though I love my feathers! What I like is the fact that this is not the usual "alternative mas" that drapes you in voluminous fabric just to be the antithesis of bikini and beads. The costumes are sexy, beautiful, well constructed and theatrical; for someone who loves costumes that are over the top you still get the dramatic effect with the detailing and backpacks. I love that the designers used bikini tops, bikini bottoms and lots of gems on the costumes but they are so integrated into the design that it is not the main feature of the costume.I also loved the leg pieces, I think they are a cohesive element in the band.

My only criticisms would be that the colour palette is a bit muted, I love bright colours for Carnival so I am naturally drawn to the The Red Sea, Caribbean Sea and The Yellow Sea as my favourites even though I am absolutely loving the bustier option of The Dead Sea. Some of the male costumes although very well tailored look as though they are missing additional costume elements, however I read on K2K's Facebook Fanpage that the options for backpacks would also be given to the males, if this is true then I can see how the male costumes will be on par with the female counter part.

As for the launch itself I loved the fact that it seemed as if we were looking at a fashion show, the models were VERY well styled, from makeup to hair it was all perfectly coordinated with the costuming. I would have liked if an announcer let us know the section names as they came out as well as it would have been great to have some literature on the band given to patrons; many of those in the crowd seemed to be unaware that a band launch was taking place at Saute and who this band was.

Looking forward to the launch of the website; section and registration details for "The Waters" will be released first week in October.

The Nicome River

The Red Sea

The Dead Sea

The Yellow Sea

The Saraswati River

The River Jordan

The Sea of Galliee

The Caribbean Sea

Monday, September 26, 2011

Revlon and Local Designers ‘Think Pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness

From L to R: Teri Leigh Bovell, Sandra Hordatt,
 Monique Nobrega and Liselle Rovedas

Revlon Cosmetics for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago are launching a campaign to raise funds for breast cancer asking consumers to Think Pink and show their support. This follows in the footsteps of Revlon International who have been ardent in their campaign for breast cancer awareness through their Revlon Run/Walk held annually in New York City and attended by over 40,000 participants as well as Revlon Brand Ambassadors such as Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

For the local campaign which has the full support of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society, Revlon created the slogan ‘Think Pink’ inspired by the well known breast cancer pink ribbon logo. The slogan was imprinted in crystals on women’s t-shirts together with the breast cancer ribbon logo to the front and the Revlon logo and slogan ‘Support the Cause’ at the back. Revlon Product Manager, Marie Iles explained, ‘We wanted to modernise the message and create a fun, attractive, fashion item that our consumers could enjoy wearing while showing their support for breast cancer and raising awareness to others’.

The limited edition Baby T’s will be available in October with the purchase of $125.00 or more in Revlon cosmetic products from selected stores including SuperPharm, Kappa, Ali’s, Pennywise, Glendales, Bel Air Stores, Body Perfection, Medicine Plus and Pharmacy World. For every Think Pink t-shirt given away Revlon will donate $5.00 to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society.

As an added twist to the campaign Revlon asked three local designers, Meiling, Peter Elias, Designer Look and Photographer, Calvin French to create their own interpretation of the Think Pink t-shirts by adding something extra that would brand them as their own. Revlon also engaged the support of local personalities, Model and Actress, Teri Leigh Bovell, Carnival Costume Designer and Make Up Artist, Sandra Hordatt, Carnival Costume Designer and Tribe Band Leader, Monique Nobrega and Radio and TV Personality and Professional Make Up Artist, Liselle Rovedas who agreed to wear the designer’s creations for a photoshoot to promote awareness of the campaign.

The Designer t-shirts will exclusively available for purchase at each of the Designer’s outlets in October at a cost of $150.00 with a minimum of $50.00 from the sale of each t-shirt to be donated to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society. The Designers are located at the following locations: Meiling, Carlos St, Woodbrook, Peter Elias, Ellerslie Plaza and The Falls of WestMall and Designer Look, Lower Level, Gulf City Mall A select few of the Designer T-shirts will be available free to customers purchasing $175.00 or more in Revlon cosmetic products from Starlite Drugs, Starlite Shopping Plaza.

The money raised will help support the ongoing work of the T&T Cancer Society which includes raising awareness, provision of counseling, breast cancer care and therapy, support clinics and hospices.
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