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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harts Wrath Of The Gods" Prices

Ok did Harts go All Inclusive and didn't announce it because some of these prices are on par with ALl Inclusive options in other bands, wow! And I am digging that men have the "frontline" option with more enhancements to their costume or a stripped down basic version for less money. But again WOW at those NON all-inclusive prices:

Iris Frontline: $5420
Iris Floor Member: $3350
Hermes: $2630

Big Headpiece: $4485
Small Headpiece: $3975
Heracles FRONTLINE (male): $2775
Heracles FLOORMEMBER (male): $2315

Amphitrite FRONTLINE
Big Headpiece: $6550
Small Headpiece: $3985
Monokini: $3375
Bikini: $3060
Poseidon FRONTLINE (male): $2875
Poseidon FLOORMEMBER (male): $2380

Khione - Monokini
Big Headpiece: $6480
Small Headpiece: $4061
Khione - Monokini: Floor Member
Small Headpiece: $2,950
Khione- Bikini
Big Headpiece: $6062
Small Headpiece: $3620
Boreas (male): $3035

Nyx - Frontline
Big Headpiece: $5425
Small Headpiece Includes: $4440
Nyx - Floor Member
Small Headpiece: $ 2995
Erebus Frontline (male): $3045

Persephone FRONTLINE
Big Headpiece: $3715
Small Headpiece: $3195
Hades FRONTLINE (male): $2865

Athena Frontline with Fabric
Small Headpiece: $3595
Big Headpiece: $4010
Athena Frontline with Beaded Fringe
Small Headpiece: $3775
Big Headpiece: $4285
Small Headpiece: $2980
Ares FRONTLINE (male): $3375
Ares FLOORMEMBER (male): $2455

Ananke FRONTLINE Pink: $ 4900
(Back piece not Included)
$ 4170
Ananke FRONTLINE Purple: $5860
Ananke PINK Floor Member: $3600
Ananke PURPLE Floor Member: $3600
Chronos FRONTLINE (male): $3220
Chronos FLOORMEMBER (male): $2681

Eos: $5188
Big Headpiece
Small Headpiece: $3808
Astraeus (male): $2375

Big Headpiece: $5895
Small Headpiece: $3750
Hera Floor Member
Small Headpiece: $2,950
Zeus FRONTLINE (male): $2710

Big Headpiece: $4360
Small Headpiece: $3465
Helios (male): $2720

Charities FRONTLINE: $3225

Artemis Monokini
Big Headpiece: $5110
Small Headpiece: $3595
Artemis BIKINI
Big Headpiece: $4645
Small Headpiece: $3455
Apollo FRONTLINE (male): $3045
Apollo FLOORMEMBER (male): $2315

Methe: $3755
Dionysus (male): $3340

Aura: $3465
Aeolus (male): $3141

Big Headpiece : $3725
Small Headpiece: $3495
Big Headpiece: $3625
Small Headpiece: $3265
Attis FRONTLINE (male): $3215

Big Headpiece: $5215
Small Headpiece Includes: $3465
Small Headpiece: $2,980
Eros FRONTLINE (male): $2495

Theia FRONTLINE: $3620
Hyperion (male): $2905

Tykhe - Frontline
Big Headpiece: $5525
Small Headpiece: $4050
Plutus (male): $2895

Explosion Carnival "World On Fire Teaser"

As I mentioned before new band "Explosion Carnival" had their photo shoot for the 2012 debut presentation "World on Fire" yesterday and here is a close up of one of the headpieces; heard this entire costume is done in pearls and diamante:

From what I am hearing  the persons behind the band are two South Florida based men, one is Barbadian and one is Jamaican. My sources say they are new to Trinidad Carnival having only experienced playing mas in Barbados , Miami and viewing mas in Trinidad as spectators two years ago. Interesting! 

All will be revealed on August 28 at Explosion's private launch.

Random Carnival Thoughts

What is going on with TRIBE registration this year? No mob of people waiting to register at Cascadia? No website crash sending people into panic? In fact no website launched as yet? 

Wonder how long it will take TRIBE before they announce the band is SOLD OUT?

Why Is Fantasy Carnival denying pre registration rumours when I know at least 10 people who have pre registered with them already and have been telling me which sections are sold out? If they really only have 3 sections left then will they keep back costumes in each section for their "in house" only registration?

When on earth is D Krewe going to launch a website or open their mas camp? What is the point of launching first if you are going to be last among the big bands to get up and running?

So after YUMA's committee registration, how does past masquerader work? Do they get ALL Sections open or only what is left after committee registration? Hmmmmm.

How soon is Island People going to show their revamped and re worked costumes? Which sections will get the cut and which one will they keep?

Who are these Explosion people with their new band and theme "World on Fire" ? I keep hearing how HOT the costumes are after the photo shoot yesterday but nobody seems to know who is behind the band?

Which band to play with ... Bliss... YUMA.. Bliss... YUMA.. sigh ... I cannot choose!?

Spice "New World" Prices

Female frontline- $5895.00
Female regular - $3695.00
Male- $2895

Female Frontline- $5895.00
Female regular - $3895.00
Male - $2795.00

Female frontline- $5995.00
Female regular - $3795.00
Male - $2795.00

Female frontline- $5595.00
Female regular - $3795.00
Male - $2895.00

Female frontline- $5695.00
Female regular - $3895.00
Male- $2795.00

Female frontline- $4995.00
Female regular- $3695.00
Male- $2695

Female frontline- $6295
Female regular- $3695.00
Male- $2895.00

Female frontline- $6295.00
Female regular- $3695.00
Male- $2895.0

Female frontline- $4795.00
Siriono regular - $3695.00
Male- $2895.00

Female frontline- $5895.00
Female regular- $3895.00
Male- $2795.00

Female frontline - $5895.00
Female regular $3895.00
Male- $2795.00

Female with wire headpiece only - $3495.00
Female with wire headpiece and feathered collar - $4495.00
Female with feathered headpiece only- $3895.00
Female with feathered headpiece and feathered collar- $4895.00
Male- $2795.00
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