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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brian Mac Farlane Distribution Schedule

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First Look At Aries


Aries Collection

At Movietowne there was no indication of a Carnival band being distributed unless you saw someone walking out with a head piece.

Once up at the banquet you met two persons who checked your reciepts to see if you paid off in fast track in less than 2 minutes. They then directed you to the second door on your left where you were greeted with an extremly long line of Yuma reps to help you get your costume. That process was very, very quick and they went through the costume with you. After that was sayonara Movie Towne! I think the whole process probably took  about 10 minutes.

The costume is gorgeous and I am vey satisfied.

However, I hate the food chit... Seriously, food chits?? that could get lost easily, not a good idea.

Kinda uncertain about my level of happiness with where my section is BUTTTT last year my section  was last in position so 10 isn't that bad!


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Amazon Third Look

Hey Saucy,

I saw that you posted some pics of Amazon on the blog this morning, but the bra looked a little different probably because the female masquerader has a larger bra. Thought I would send you the pics I took of mine which include some close-ups of the bead work. 

I'm really very happy with my costume and it looks just like the prototype. This is the first year I haven't had ANY flaws on my costume, you know - glue threads, missing beads, rubbed off sequins, something falling off. The belt and costume are also very solid, not heavy, but it was definitely not just glued together and I think it could more than last the Monday and Tuesday wine and jam and maybe some Halloween parties lol. 

The goodie bag was a little disappointing though. For the money everyone's paying I wish they gave the girls more beauty items and makeup, even if they were just sample size. I remember my poison days where I would get 2 matching eye shadow colours, nail polish, gems, glitter, temporary tattoos, henna tattoos, shampoo, cream, sunblock, face wash ... well you get the idea. I was basically good to go on Monday and Tuesday. I do like the coffee mug and cell phone holder though. Anyways enjoy the pics!

Amazon Second Look

Hi Saucy,

I know you got pics already from Bags by Mimi already but here are mine anyways....
I am a bit disappointed this year..........actually got a headache and started to get depressed and contamplating whether to still play. I arrived @ Cascade 5.40pm, surprisingly got a good park inside (as opposed to last year I was a bit far on some side street and had to walk quite a way). They had just started as they started late. I was the 3rd batch to go in, waited for about 10mins outside in the seating area. Everything was nice, quick and smooth when I got in, as I got out say roughly about 6.10pm.From afar everything was perfect but upon closer examination.....

1) My Large headpiece - jewels on it were secure and breathtaking however....there were several parts where chunks of the pheasant feathers were missing in addition to dirty water chewed up looking regular feathers that made up the majority of the headpiece. It reminded me of your review on Spice last year. Was told by Mimi perhaps that's how the feathers probably were as her small headpiece was fine. Maybe I just thought it'd look better and have a better quality of sorts....

2) Waist band - Cord rope as the adjustable waistband??? Come on, couldn't a better quality of something else be used. This stuff stretches and does not return to its original state. Last year I was in Threads of Moroccoo velcro was perfect. Jewels were merely hot glued on, and a few were seen coming off already...The stringy ribbon cord thing that has the feather pieces hanging down were also terrible, ppl will sit or step on them and they will be stretched out beyond repair (happened already and its not even Tuesday yet lol)

3) Leg pieces - maybe this is just applicable to me but the cords are too short for my asian calves hahahaha. Not sure where am I getting extra to attach as I doubt Tribe go have a roll extra for me to get piece.

4) Goodie bag - a let down from last yr n previous years sigh....only viable thing in there was probably the single barrel rum LOL with the amount of fixes and securing I gotta make to make sure this costume don't fall to pieces on Tuesday morning

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