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Friday, January 12, 2007

Two more gone at Harts!

Something strange is going on over at Harts, two more sections have sold out, they are Xen and Oceana.

Of the remaining sections only Herland Orange with small headpiece, Aaru Female turquoise/royal blue and Nirvana are still open. I suspect if Nirvana’s colours were brighter rather than pastel hues that section would have been sold out by now.

Maybe it was the news item on the radio this morning stating that Harts only had five sections remaining, or it could be the fact that Imij and Company will be performing live on the road or that newspaper item today which quoted Harts as having the cheapest prices of the big bands out there. Whatever it is, people are grabbing up the remaining costumes like hot bake! I feel a sense of nostalgia as Harts was my band before discovering the joys of all-inclusive in Poison and I do wish them well. Who knows, maybe if prices keep skyrocketing in the coming years it will be back to Harts for me!

My bet (again) is on Harts for being the first band sold out for Carnival 2007!

Destra in Style !

Front page of today's Guardian featuring Destra Garcia. This is followed by her on the cover of the Guardian's In Style Magazine and a full page spread of the same photo on the front page, accompanied by a little write up that I have posted below.

From the Guardian's In Style Magazine:

Destra Garcia not only boasts a powerful set of pipes but also a fashion sense that's all her own. The Laventille born soca diva, who made her debut with Third Base on his track Ah Have ah Man, has mixed and matched several clothing items to create a style that can be considered party chic with lots of street.

She has worn everything from too-tight-up-to-there shorts, bra tops and a few risque netted numbers to wow her audiences.It's for this reason she is the envy of many women and the darling of their men!

Last year Destra also rocked a look called soca fabulous. The look saw her in Marilyn Monroe-esque low cut dresses and smooth curled hair for formal occasions.

Recently she has been spotted about town with over sized sunglasses, casual clothing and her hair wrapped.

We can't wait to see what this fashion plate has to offer for the 2007 Carnival season.

Clothing: Carnaby Street.

I am going to try to be nice and try not to think of Destra and "fashion plate" in the same sentence , the only two things I agree with in that write up is that she has a good set of pipes and she DEFINITELY has a fashion style of her own. I shocked my co-workers by laughing at loud at the line that she is the "envy" of all women. I don't think anything else should be said after that one!

Best Dressed at the Fete- Soka in Moka

Soka in Moka:
After perusing the photos of Soka in Moka at it became apparent that there were a few fashionable ladies at that fete. Jeans, of course, was the staple item on the menu of fashion choices however this young lady stood out because she dared to be different and is voted Best Dressed:

I know a dress is not always the first choice for a fete, but sometimes it can be appropriate given the event and style of the dress. In this case it was an all-inclusive affair and the dress is sexy, short and sophisticated!


Finally, I made it to the gym! It was not as bad as I though it would be, in fact it was great. Firstly the gym was not crowded as I feared and secondly I did both aerobics and weight training and it was not too difficult at all.

This was the first time going to this particular gym; I purposely avoided my regular, more popular, haunt and it paid off. The equipment was not as varied as my usual gym nor was there any spin classes or any other fancy stuff, it was all about basics which was fine with me. I was there to do what I had to do and leave.

When I arrived the aerobics class was already in session so upon the urging of my husband to get my 20 minutes of aerobics that way I joined in. While it was more fun than the bike or treadmill (we had a whole session of wining moves to soca music) I was severely afflicted with un-coordination at the start! That’s one thing about aerobics; you have to constantly keep up with the choreography. I ended up in the aerobics class for 45 minutes, getting an ab work out as well before moving on to the machines.

getting my aerobic workout

Now I have to say that today the drill sergeant turned into personal trainer, which suits him much better. He made sure I was using the machines correctly, spotted me when doing squats and advised me of how many repetitions I should do to burn weight (4 sets of 15 on each machine).

So, it was a good day at the gym, I am glad I started at last! Oh, and I saw one of the Warrior Spirit guys I met at registration working out hard! He was quite surprised that I had only “just” started weight training, since he looks as if he had been to the gym for some months! Ladies in Warrior Spirit look out, judging by his physique the men are going to be smoking!

India Sold Out Sections.....

Mc Farlane’s website has been updated with prices as well as names of the sections. Of course if you were reading this blog on Monday you already have that information. Online registration is also available and from the looks of it sections are going pretty quickly.

It is interesting to note that the cheaper all female sections Pani Narin and Anna Dahn are already sold out; in addition Bazzar female is sold out as well. They all look arguably the same to me really, like saris in diverse shades of bright sunny colours. The only difference is the hand held accessories, a basket for Anna Dahn and pitchers for Pani Narin. Nevertheless they are all lovely costumes.

Seems like many people were paitently awaiting India and I hope everyone gets the costume of their choice. Men of Mc Farlane, look sharp, the ladies are taking over!
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