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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oracle Section 2 Pics and Latest Update

As I paitently wait for the full unveiling of Oracle's costumes it was a pleasure to receive the following update from bandleader Aaron; exciting days ahead as we finally get to see the months of hardwork it took to get this debutante band off the ground. I know all of you waiting for Oracle must be pleased with the progress thus far:


hey guys, I just want to let you know of the registration information, I have received everything necessary for registration online to be activated, i am meeting with the webmaster tonight, I would like to say tomorrow or the day after, as well,on site registration and the viewing of some costume pieces will be happening as of Monday coming, at 14 morne coco road maraval, i will post a map tonight, now please be aware that this space is merely a workshop space but it will be facilitating registration till we get the keys to our mas camp which will open its doors to the general public later next week, at first i did not want to start registration until we moved into our official administrative site, but with time passing, i have decided that it will begin as such, thanks to rommel and crew for your interest in section II, from the looks of it, that section is already sold out, but i won't say that just yet, please bear in mind that this is our first year, and so we took a little longer than the rest, but i was not willing to go ahead unless i was sure beyond a doubt that my masqueraders could be quaranteed the servise that they deserve, i am now sure of that, we are limiting the number to one thousand for this first year and after all the pressure of getting off the ground I am now extremely excited, because i know this is going to be amazing, full page full colour ads will appear in the papers as early as monday and you can pick up your free copy of our promotional dvd with all the design sketches at movie towne St. James as of sunday, I thank you all for your interest and cannot wait to be amongst you on the streets, i promise you trinidad is going to stop and pay full attention to us because our costumes, are sexy, colorful and they mean somethin, they mean something to me as this band is the culmination of my own process of 'gnothi seauton'.

Lets Talk About Fetes…

Have you noticed that almost EVERY SINGLE Carnival fete on the calender for 2008 takes place in January? The early Carnival season is just insane, I mean for those of us who live in Trinidad the reality is that in order to enjoy a fete every weekend, your December paycheck has to support that venture if you did not budget ahead of time. For Carnival lovers Christmas is most likely going to take a back seat this year! I have made the decision that my list of people getting presents will be VERY short, and I have already done my Christmas shopping to be honest. Thankfully I do not go wild over Christmas having to redecorate the entire house, or stock the cupboards with enough food to last two months; for me Christmas is really a time to relax before the hectic pace of Carnival, and not an excuse for excess.

My goal is to pay off the balance of my costume at the end of November, I already have my footwear therefore my main expense after mas will be the fetes I choose to attend. The philosophy on paying for fetes still stands for 2008; I am not looking to break the bank on going to all the fetes. In my opinion once I am playing mas the list of fetes I actually go to is pretty short, complimentary tickets not withstanding. Who can afford the cost of a costume these days AND the prices of all those fetes? So I am looking at the list of allllll these fetes for 2008, plus a few new ones on the Calendar and I am overwhelmed with choices!

For those of you arriving in Trinidad solely for Carnival your decisions are fairly easy seeing that most people arrive a week before Carnival when the pick of fetes are at the prime. The staples for many at that time being Eyes Wide Shut, Bacchanal Wednesday, UWI Splash, Beach House, Salybia Fete, Girl Power, Insomnia, Breakfast Party and Lara Fete. On the other hand the feteing season for us locals starts on January 1st with Soca in Moka, followed rapidly by QRC’s Outta de Blue, UWI All-inclusive, Amnesia and Hilarian’s fete, all the big guns that attract hundreds of people.

At the moment the only fetes I know I will be going to for sure will be Salybia Fete and the Breakfast Party, in addition to Panorama which is a genre of feteing all in itself. I cannot confirm any of the others since there are way too many fetes in January and I am not going into debt in order to attend all of them as many are all-inclusive at an average of $350.00TT per person, and I have to multiply every fete ticket by two. With both costume and fete prices steadily rising something has got to give, and I wonder how persons who are working for minimum wage in Trinidad can afford all these fetes and still play mas with just two more paychecks before Carnival, not to mention CHRISTMAS!

So the question for both local and foreign based Carnival lovers are, how many fetes on average do you plan on attending for 2008? Which fetes are on your “must do” list? Will the price of costumes and fete tickets affect your feteing habits and have you made contingency plans for the very short fete season for Carnival 2008 in terms of affording all the fetes you hope to attend? I am very interested in others approach to the dilemma of all these choices of fetes in January so feel free to leave a comment!

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