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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Island People Mas "Heroes" review

Island People’s take on Heroes and the ensuing reaction to their presentation, proves to me more than ever that doing costumes that are “out of the box” has a polarizing effect on masqueraders; it is either you love it or you hate it. Unfortunately for Island People judging from the response on both my Facebook Fanpage (over 100 comments lamenting the costumes) and Island People’s Fanpage people are definitely NOT loving these costumes.

Personally I love “The Scarlet I” if I were to play in Island People that would be my choice right there ; however, for the rest of the presentation there are some that I liked, others that I am on the fence about and a few elicited the “who approved THAT design” response upon seeing them. Generally I applaud them for going WAY out of the box, there are certainly no other designs like that in any other Carnival Band, no copies and remixes, lots of unusual colour combinations and someone really put some thought into the male costumes even though I don’t know what they were thinking. So, without further ado …. THE REVIEW

Positives: Love the shade of blue used for this costume, like the interesting shape of the headpiece and the variations of body wear offered by Sonia Mack.

Negatives: The actual material used to construct the costume looks like someone deconstructed petals from fake flowers, I am thinking the effect is supposed to look like water since the Hero is “defender of the Caribbean Seas” but I am not getting that from those layered petals. I do not like it. I also do not like the dated beading used on the Individual costume, I have not seen beads like that since the 90s! With bands creating their own beads, trim, appliqu├ęs etc and bringing fresh materials to their designs other designers need to move forward with the general construct and appeal of their costume and not be so stuck in a certain look.

Positives: The thigh high structured leggings are interesting, as complicated and “transformer -ish” as they look I like them. The hand claws are cool.

Negatives: The colour combination on this costume is not working, altogether it did not look appealing on any of the models and they all varied in complexion. There is way too much going on in ONE costume; side swept headpiece, shoulder piece, side cape and then we have the decoration on the bra that looks like eyes. Is this costume supposed to represent an animal? A bat? And the spandex leggings should have also been left in the 90s.

Solar Flare
Positives: Love the collar, especially the one with the attached cape and also the headband headpiece looks really cute with this costume. I can see it complete with boots and you are good to go.

Negatives: Definitely NOT feeling that frilled fan bottom piece, it needs more coverage! Again the spandex leggings are killing me! The frontline costume is actually more under decorated than the backline, the monokini needs to come in wide as the crotch is way, way too narrow for a normal sized female and I do not like the headpiece, if you can call it that, at all! With such an interesting backline I think the frontline failed miserably.

This costume is a bit more in the style of a traditional bikini and beads genre, and is one of my favourites in the band as well. I like the monokini, feathered headpiece even the backline’s headpiece that looks like a mask. The frontline on this one is also striking; I like it with all the spiked pieces and the decorated corset. If I had any quibble with this costume it would be that the monokini option does not need that cape.

Wild Heart
Positives: The backline costumes are hot or maybe it was the models, but they sold this costume pink animal print and all. Love the shoulder piece that is connected to the strap and cape, it looks very warrior like and the claws are a nice touch keeping in theme. Again this has a feathered headpiece (and headband option) which will appeal to masqueraders.

Negatives: As much as I am a fan of Animal Print I think the frontlines went overboard in the use of it. The leggings and fingerless gloves on the frontlines in animal print is just too much for my personal tastes. And I really, REALLY want to like the headpiece with the visor but again it is in animal print!

Positives: Like the use of pink and blue, love the style of the frontline wire bra and the attempt at jeweled underwear. The backline bra is nicely decorated and the headpiece is small, but the design looks cool. The male will look all nice and shiny in the sun.

Negatives: Gems on the diagonal part of the monokini option looks odd, it is either the gems are too big or the diagonal piece is too big. Hate the leggings. The spikes on the headpiece looks more space aged than super hero and I do not know who on earth thought to give the male pink spandex shorts.

Positives: Love the large feathered headpiece, the corset looking bra top and all the strings on this costume for some reason.

Negatives: The sparkly underwear/boy short needs to be out of spandex and not what looks like lame as it was very unflattering on the model and appeared to be sagging. Maybe plain purple metallic underwear/boyshorts would have had a better effect.

Positives: I like the decorated bra

Negatives: I am certainly not liking this colour combination even though it photographs well, why add black to pink and green? I don’t like the micro belts or decorated boy shorts. The mask option for headpiece looks a bit too much like Halloween and the monokini is just too naked not to mention the leggings again are so dated!

Positives: Never saw this colour combination in a costume of recent memory before. The beaded neckpiece and belt look nice. Liking the little headband headpiece.

Negatives: The bra I think should have been beaded just as the belt, the bare wet look spandex just looks a little sad. I like everything about the frontline except the boa back pack, looks a bit out of place with such a “rootsy” looking costume.

The Scarlet I
A very well executed section for the theme. It is great that there are so many options for this costume, Frontline with wings, backline with wings and backline with cape and mask. I don’t know if it IS the wings that that sell this costume but it is dramatic, especially with the feathered top. Love the belt design and the proper foot pieces, note no leggings!

This is another section that I like, maybe because it looks a bit more traditional than the others except for the colours used. What I don’t like is the chunkiness and size of the belt, the style looks a bit retro in belt design and of course I think the leggings should not have been used for the launch as the booklet does not show them.

At the end of the day with all the hoopla and comments surrounding these costumes Island People has done what they have been doing for the past few years and that is chucking the “feathers and bling” trend. Many of those costumes had no beads on the belt, used no feathers and hardly a gem in sight. However it has been proven time and time again that bikini and beads masqueraders as MUCH as they bemoan the fact that they want something “new”, something “unique”, when they are presented with costumes that are different will always go back to “feathers and bling”. That is what they love, that is what sells. Hopefully there ARE those who will go for interesting and novel and that will be the clientele Island People’s costumes appeal to.
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