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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action.... Harts take 2

This afternoon I returned to Harts and got some proper photos with their permission of course so please remember that their costumes are copyrighted. I let them know that these photos are for all those overseas who have no access to the mas camp and need to make a choice before first choice sections are sold out. By the way Apocolypto and Showgirls are going pretty quickly! By the time we got to the mas camp Geronimo was completely sold out, both male and female and I will have you know that the hubby registered for Geronimo!All I have to say to that is Indian mas "again", but hey maybe now I can be a two band H.O. and jump in Harts for part of the day on Monday and TRIBE the rest of the way!

click on the photos for a much bigger pic:




Sampson and Delilah

Pirates of the Caribbean


Shark Tale


Jewel of the Nile

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ben Hur


South Pacific

Coming to America


Kama Sutra

The Last Samurai


Twilight Zone


One section in Harts sold out!!

The female option for the section Geronimo, Harts staple Native American section is sold out! There was such a crowd at the mas camp yesterday I knew a section would go soon but I did not expect Geronimo would be the one, very interesting indeed. There ares till a FEW male costumes available with the large war bonnet headpiece but expectations from the mas camp are that these will be sold out soon as well.

Female headpieces

Female bra and belts

More Myths and Magic Photos has a fabulous gallery of photos from TRIBE's launch of Myths and Magic on Saturday. There are some good shots of costumes like Isis front line that shows different angles of the model.

I also like their review of the launch even though my experience was slightly different.

I tell you one thing though, looking at more and more photos is making it especially difficult to choose one costume!

I am in awe...

Another record breaking day yesterday with 2590 visits!

Myths and Magic front runners

These are the costumes showing up on every one's most wanted list in order of preference:

1. Black Magic
2. Silver Mist
4.Goddess of the Chase
5.Water Nymph

Viewing of costumes, I have heard, is supposedly slated to begin on Monday August 6th at Cascadia hotel but wait for the official email from TRIBE for a confirmation on this! Please don't send out a group email saying "Saucy said" (lol).

Other sections that are attracting attention are :

6.Isis front line
7.Lady of the Lake
8.Sun Goddess
9.Pixie Dust back line
10. Autumn Sprite

My pick for most underestimated costume at the moment is Amalthea. Maybe after the costume viewing people would see how beautiful it is in person. It is not one of my top choices since I played in white this year but upon a second consideration it moved up in the ranks of costumes I like a lot.

There were no male costumes showed at the launch on purpose, but take a look at the scans I made of the booklet (not the best quality I know) to see the male costumes. My picks for best Male costumes:

1.Black Magic
2.Silver Mist
3.God and Goddess of the Chase
4.Water Nymph (though I don't know how I feel about the wings for men)
5.Lady of the Lake

I could only pick five since I think the rest of the male costumes leave a lot to be desired. The males really look like an after thought this year and if you think about it a little they look like any TRIBE male costume from the past three years. I was expecting more Roman looking male costumes to complement the Greek Mythology and more costumes akin to Lord of the Rings when I thought of the theme; the designers need to take a look at Harts male costumes this year for 300, Conan,Troy and Ben Hur to see what TRIBE's males should have looked like.

Take my advice people; after selecting your number one choice have two alternate sections that you would love to play in as well to avoid disappointment if by chance you do not get the one costume you have your heart set on. This year allow no time for procrastination on costume selection, forget your friends who are undecided if you have to and register early because I predict those top 5 costumes will be the first ones to go!

Coming Attraction...........

Looks like Harts new website will be online on Friday August 3rd!

Rise up Phoenix!!!

This is an official announcement to let everyone who is LOVING this costume which I erroneously labeled as "Sun Goddess Front line" is actually an INDIVIDUAL costume called "Phoenix". That's what you get with no narration at the band launching, so I apologise to all those with their hearts set on this costume... it is an INDIVIDUAL costume...that's right, just ONE. I hope someone special gets to wear it as it is simply amazing!!!

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