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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Friday the 29th at 8:00am

That's the time Island People's website is scheduled to be up and running. And for all those who love to say that " we" like to go on "hearsay" and"she say" and "dem say" let me just state that I have gotten that information from calling Island People's mas camp personally. And all the other times I have reported on the dates/times for registration it is either by speaking to someone at Island People's mas camp or one of the section leaders for example Sonia Mack and Crystal Amming.

It's not MY fault that one half of the commitee seems to not know what the other is doing/saying and therefore the information they are giving to the public contradicts each other. Like I said, how I buy it is how I am selling it!

Hiawatha for 2007

The TnT Mirror featured this write up on Legacy's 2007 presentation in last Sunday's edition. The concept of an entire band of Fancy Indians is something I am eagerly waiting to see.

Mirror Carnival 2K7

Legacy’s Big Mike goes for American Indian theme for C2K7

LEGACY’s bandleader, “Big Mike” Antoine continues to introduce fresh, new, innovative ideas to the Carnival culture; his questing spirit I would imagine demanding no less than themes rich in fabled lore, romance and history.

Two years ago designer Big Mike declared his creative prowess in his presentation titled Legacy, a theme that found its sequel in Kingdom for C2K6.

For 2007, Big Mike is brimming with pride and unbriddled confidence as he launches another strong theme -- Hiawatha -- a tribute to the Native American Indian, their rich history, culture and spirit.

He gushes: “The American Indian theme is one dear to my heart as it also represents one of our traditional mas forms.

“We’ll be going very big with this one, setting a high standard when all our designs are completed.

“We want to thank the people for all their support and following our success in 2006, Legacy will surely be a force on the road for 2007.”

Big Mike told me that Legacy’s Band launch will take place on Saturday, October 14, at The Anchorage with music provided by Legacy’s road band Traffik, featuring Shurwayne Winchester.

In other news, Big Mike and the Legacy crew have just returned to Trinidad having completed another successful summer tour of Carnivals around the world, this odyssey took them from St. Martin to Barbados, across the Atlantic to Paris, London before moving on to Boston and New York.

The Legacy team proudly represented T&T mas and culture, once again winning a number of awards, some of which included Band of the Year for the eight consecutive time at Brooklyn’s Labour Day Carnival.

And in Barbados, Most Colourful Band and the Socaholics Award went to Legacy.

Big Mike’s team also chalked up second place Individual of the Year Award with a costume designed and built by Big Mike titled Sugar Queen.

Look out for Hiawatha for C2K7.

Letter to Island People Mas

The following letter sent to Island People Mas and the other agencies listed below speaks volumes, thank you Angelina for sharing it with us as well:

September 27, 2006

Island People Mas Camp
#11 Stone Street
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Island People:

For the past couple of weeks there have been numerous amounts of questions and speculations about your organization and treatment towards your loyal and new masqueraders who would like to play with you Carnival 2007. It has been said that your customer service thus far has been horrible and disrespectful; and one can only imagine if we are being treated like this now, what should we expect come Carnival Monday and Tuesday?

Is your organization going to treat us to a wonderful and unforgettable on "de" road experience or are we to expect the abuse that was thrown to my friends, to their faces, lining up to register at your Mas Camp. And I quote, “Island People is not begging anybody to play with them, and you free to go elsewhere if you not happy with our service.” Secretly we know some mas makers may think this way, but it should not be blatantly thrown in our faces. And why does an overseas masquerader have to pay full price? An explanation would help as to why such a drastic measure is in place. Could you not have suggested half down? After your hiccups for Carnival 2006 could we trust IP to deliver our goods? If we can forgive you for your inaugural year why is your organization treating us like this?

We are not stray dogs looking for food. We are Trinidadians, along with every other Caribbean Islander and people across the world. Is this how you want to represent our culture, and our heritage?

To really understand the impact of how your customer service is affecting everyone, visit some of the blogs that are circulating on the web. This is an excerpt from a heavily frequently visited blog. “Every Mas maker thinks that way: "We not begging anyone to play in our band.” Let’s be REAL this morning please! They put out a band, you like what they offering, pay your money and join them. I have no problem with that mentality, its business after all. BUT!! And this is the KEY difference: It seems EVERY OTHER Mas maker except Island People has grasped the concept of treating their potential and confirmed masqueraders with some respect. i.e. you don't have to play with us, we not begging, but you are after all the ones with the buying power so here, and we would be happy to have you, so: take an up to speed website, here's an email with all you need to know, enjoy the airconditioned room while you wait to register, you thirsty? No, problem, help yourself to water and gatorade while you wait, and for all our overseas masqueraders, we've hooked y’all up with a payment system to help the process along. That! My darling is how you do business!” (Anonymous)

It’s easy for your committee to ignore and dismiss these blogs and not be concerned. But this blog has had 24,467 hits to date from all over the world, and people are reading and taking note. Through this blog and other online chat forums people are expressing their disgust, anger, and frustration with regards to your organization. And these are people who are registered with you, and or thinking about registering. Negative remarks can influence and open the minds if not all, but the majority of the people that support or are thinking about supporting Island People.

Your lack of communication to your masqueraders thus far has been cryptic.

Here’s some advice; “If you want to muzzle people like me and everyone else that are criticizing you, there’s something call damage control. Take out a press and media release, addressing the situation and assuring everyone that Island People have made changes to their organization and customer service and promise that come Carnival Monday and Tuesday 2007 THERE’S NO WHERE ELSE YOU RATHER BE, BUT WITH IP!”

I hope you do take this letter into consideration and make changes.


Thank you,

Angelina Haylee Roberts
New Jersey

CC: Alan Green
Trinidad Express
35 Independence Square
POS, Trinidad

Natalie Williams
Head of TV News
Trinidad Express
35 Independence Square
POS, Trinidad

Dominic Kalipersad
The Trinidad guardian
22-24 St. Vincent Street
POS, Trinidad

Peter Ray Blood
Associate Editor, Features
The Trinidad guardian
22-24 St. Vincent Street
POS, Trinidad

Daily News Ltd.
23 A Chacon St
POS, Trinidad

Mr. Terry Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Queens Park Savannah
POS, Trinidad

David Cameron
Public Relations Officer
Queen's Park Savannah
POS, Trinidad

Ms. Candace Ali
Communications Coordinator
Tourism Development Company
Level 1, Maritime Centre
POS, Trinidad

Mr. Donald Little
143 Belmont Circular Road
POS, Trinidad

Ms. Sherma Mitchell
Communications Specialist
Ministry of Tourism
Clarence House
125-127 Duke Street
POS, Trinidad

What's up with Island People's website?

So, I get up this morning and click on, the page loads as normal, I press "enter " and nothing! The website is down, and this after they announced on their website and via email that online registration was to begin ON or before September is the 28th and nothing yet!

Well, hopefully the website being down is a sign that they are making changes and all those ball and chained to their computer will get a chance to register today.I refuse to comment on the whole situation because I am fed up of beating a dead horse.

On another note my friend went back to the mas camp yesterday with the rest of her posse and they decided on Le Soleil Brule (great choice!). Today they are off to Sonia Mack's camp since you cannot register for her section at the mas camp on Stone Street and hopefully she is not sold out as yet! I am curious to see as masquerders who have never played with Sonia if they will be able to get into the section. Though I cannot understand how it can take them four days to decide on a costume!

The drama is never over ! Iwill keep you guys updated on their quest for a costume in the Sahara.
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