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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pulling out all the stops !

If my friend reads this post she might just about die from embarrassment but I just had to say something about the unrealistic expectations and crazy things we women, myself included, resort to when the reality hits us that our body is not costume ready. To be fair, to have the ideal body to fit into some of the teeny tiny costumes would mean either months or hard work with exercise and a proper diet or being blessed with the genetics of a svelte physique. The rest of us, therefore have to either do the best that we can to get in shape or accept that our bodies will not meet our expectations, especially if we only started working out earlier this year, wear out skimpy costumes, suck in the gut and know that after a few alcoholic spirits no one really cares!

So this brings me to my friend who hired a personal trainer to whip her into shape last month, but now thinks that her body is in "a mess" (her words not mine) and has taken advice of another mutual friend to have colonic irrigation! For those of you who don't know what that is, think of someone using a hose up your butt to flush out all the waste that did not relieve itself naturally. Apparently you are also supposed to loose weight by doing this, my friend expects to be 5lbs lighter when she is done!

Thing is I know what she is going through, I have taken a "purge" before Carnival as well, those were the days when my stomach was already super flat and I wanted it even flatter! Now, I am quite happy with my little weight loss and have come to terms that supermodel skinny I will not be. It's really my fault for not bucking down earlier and trying to loose my targeted weight, but some loss is better than none right? Anyway, back to my friend who probably does not even realise that the 5 pounds she is hoping to loose will merely be water loss and is going to put it right back on at the first fete she hits.

Honestly I think she looks fine, granted not as skinny as she used to be, but really is this act too little too late? I am waiting to see her results and hope they meet her expectations, and for all of you out there still making laps around the Savannah and doing the crunches at home in a last ditch effort to look fab in that costume, remember it's only three more days until Carnival! Good luck.


Lunch and desert (ice cream) will be provided on both days of Carnival. A breakfast snack and light evening snack will be provided on Tuesday only because of earlier start time and longer parade hours.

SNACKS – mid morning & mid afternoon
Caribbean delight cookies, Tortillas, Peanuts & Dixie Crackers

LUNCH – International, Creole & Bar-B-Que

BREAKFAST – Sandwiches, Bake n “something”, fresh fruit, Doubles, Aloo Pie &Yosport Yogurt Drink

LUNCH- International, Creole & Bar-B-Que

LIGHT EVENING SNACK – Mario’s Pizza slice & mini Shark and Bake

Johnnie Walker Black Scotch
Dewar’s 12 Scotch Whiskey
Sobieski Vodka
Henessy Brandy
Malibu Rum
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Bombay Sapphire Gin
1919 Rum
Black Label Rum
White Oak Rum
Coconut Water
Cranberry Juice
Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice
Tonic Water
Club Soda
Red Bull

Local Beers
Lemon Lime and Bitters (LLB)
Ginger Ale
Blue Waters Bottled Water
Soft Drinks

All drinks served at the Xpress bars are also available at the Main Bars.

Warrior Spirit Collection

I must say for the 600 rumored number of persons allegedly registered in Warrior Spirit the crowd collecting costumes yesterday was manageable. Maybe it is the time the hubbby and I went, which was three hours after costume distribution actually started, but the whole process took about half an hour total. Of course we were not in the fast track line so the wait for payment slowed things as well as the line up to collect your ID band and Food/Drinks Bands.

The soca music was playing a little louder yesterday and there were several persons collecting for other sections not listed to be distributed on that date having collected earlier in the week like Fireman, Midnight Robber and Dame Lorraine. My keen powers of observation also honed in on the hat for Dame Lorraine male which is no longer a top hat but looks as if it was squashed; it is much shorter than the original photos on the website. Also, to me, Warrior Spirit’s medium headpiece looks a tad smaller than I recall from the photos I took at the launch and the small headpiece only has two feathers! If I am not mistaken the small headpiece which is shown for Fancy Indian on the website has three feathers.

My hubby’s costume looks good though, basically exactly as it is shown in all the photos though he is yet to try it on as I think he might be coming down with the virus and was ill last night. His Goody Bag contained the following:

• Promotional flyers/coupons (for Marios etc)
• $10 discount voucher for sunblock,
• TRIBE CD Holder
• TRIBE key chain
• Heineken key chain
• TRIBE notebook
• A mini bottle of Ocean Spray juice
• A pack of Dixie crackers
• A cup
• A small zippered money case
• Lip Balm
• Senvia Bandana
• A Digicel flyer with cell phone and to get a $10 phone card when buying a phone

Or course he ate the crackers and drank the cranberry juice as soon as he left the building so that's why they are not in the photo above!

I would love to say that is the end of costume collection for me, but I have to make the journey again on Saturday!
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