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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lets hear it from the backline babes...

Carnival 2009 saw frontline costumes that were for the most part very well done with gorgeous headpieces, backpacks and extra embellishments;those of us who played frontline were not disappointed at all. The one thing I remember hearing after the launch of the big bands, albeit, is that the backline costumes were just the opposite of the frontline, with simply decorated bras and belts and small basic headpieces.

The sentiment expressed after band launch was that frontline was all great and fabulous looking but backlines were being short changed. And, at the launch frontline costumes made a huge impact, basically selling a section where the backline costume was very basic. Basic to the point that the costume is just a scantily decorated bra, scantily belt and tiny headpiece where you can almost count the feathers, all this for a whopping price tag!

The trend seems to be really focusing on frontlines to make them stand out, seemingly putting less thought and effort into the backline. Case in point would be the wildly popular Brazilian Macaw section from TRIBE. This section was rumoured to have 60 frontline costumes, and at the launch the backline costume was so bare a feathered collar was added afterwards to give it some substance. The thing is for me, why should you have such a huge frontline in the first place? The frontline costumes should be reserved and select but it should not be the only choice masqueraders think they have because the other option, the backline for the section, just does not give one a fantastic costume.

I loved the fact that African Love Bird gave masqueraders customizable pieces to the whole costume, options to be as simple (with small headpiece and small collar) or as elaborate (with large headpiece, collar plus a skirt) as masqueraders wanted to be. Another section leader who has always given their masqueraders the opportunity to be as scaled down or dressed up as the like is Sonia Mack. This may be a good alternative to adopt for backline costumes across the board, giving masqueraders who want either a simple or more elaborate backline costume that selection, since the backline babes expressed a general disappointment with costume choices this year.

With band launching for Carnival 2010 coming soon, I know many bands are still in the process of finishing and tweaking costume prototypes. As a masquerader who, for whatever reason, favors the backline or floor member or regular costume option do you prefer a very simple costume without all the fuss that comes with frontline or would you expect that the backline babe gets just as fantastic a costume as the frontline but on a smaller scale?

Leave your comments, I would really like to hear thoughts on this.

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