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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Harts information

In case you Harts masqueraders missed it quicksliver posted about Harts goody bag and some other info after costume collection. You can find the original comment in my Goody Bag post.

The official Harts cart is $500.00 though private carts can be had for cheaper and the "wee wee" truck is $80.00. Listed items in the goody bag are panadol, bandages, deodorant, toothpaste, sports balm, andrews, a 3d Port-of-Spain route map, snacks and crime tips.

For the section lineup check the website, the section runs alphabetically as follows:

Nirvana A, B, AB
Benin AA, BB, CC
Elysian Fields C, D
Zeal DD, EE
Herland E, F, G
Xanadu FF, GG
Aztlan FLH, FLJ
Oceana FLK, FLL, FLM
Shangri-La H, J. K
Olympus L, M
Atlantis MM, NN
Xen N, 0
Arcadia OO, PP
Aaru P, Q, R
White Mountain S, T, U, V
Cokaigne W, X
Paradise Y, Z

Apparently the sections go from A to Z, so Nirvana will be the first section, followed by Benin, Elysian Fields etc. The A, B, AB represents each costume in the section, for instance female version 1, version 2 and male.

Island People Menu

After last years "Fresh Express" meals on the go Island People has upped the ante and is promising quite a spread for their masqueraders. Here is the official menu:

Snack - Smoked turkey, cheese croissants, sandwiches, bar b que hamburgers, bar b que chicken wings, boil corn, assorted cake squares, sno cone

Lunch - Pasta salad, bar b que chicken and vegetable rice
pasta salad, soya medley orbarb b que fish,vegetable rice

Late Breakfast - Ham and hops, coconut bake and buljol, melongechoka, coconut bake and cheese with honey mustard dressing

Snack - Assorted pastry pies which includes beef, spinach and cheese, assorted fruit shells(pineapple, mango), chilled peeled oranges, portugal, corn soup (afternoon), samosas, sausage rolls, mini cheese cake, assorted cake squares, coconut sweet bread sno cone, lollies

Lunch - Home style stew chicken, pigeon peas and rice, coconut milk and vegetables, pickled cucumbers

Johnny Walker Black, Tequila, Hennessy, Blu Vodka, Angostura 1919, Dewars 12, Black Label, White Oak, Malibu, Blue waters, Soft drinks, coconut water, juices, energy drinks (red bull and battery) lucozade and LLB.

Edited to add :The information in the booklet says Lunch will be on the move and there will be three food trucks. I guess no park/rest stop for lunch!

Costume Conundrum

You know sometimes you collect your costume and it is just not what you expected; the headpiece is too big, the colour does nothing for you, you long for some other costume instead... it all hits us I guess, costume insanity. That nagging feeling that maybe you made the wrong choice, the urge to switch sections, the absolute disgust at looking at the costume you were so in love with months ago. Maybe the costume is too skimpy or not skimpy enough and before all you could do was live with your choice and enjoy the mas nevertheless. However, that was before Carnival Junction,m the site Triniqueen labeled "the devil". There is the costume you want tempting you, FOR SALE.

The only problem is offloading your costume, the one you don't want anymore, and as Carnival quickly approaches desperation sets in. You need to get rid of it NOW. Well that is the situation that leads to this post , normally I do not advertise costumes for sale but this is a special case as I empathise with the young ladies in question:

2 Jab Jab Yellow Costumes for Sale :

Bra 32 B

Belt 36 inches
38 Inches

Medium underwear for both

Contact 713-3632 ASAP


Ok, this post is really about nothing more than to say this time next week we will be chipping down the road as the sun start to blaze in we tail and we done buss up breakfast and take two drink already! Check we titivaying in we pretty costume!All diet done, is real exercise on the road. All who eh able find de aircontidioned resting bus... is pace, pace, pace!!!!!!!

CARNIVAL IS ALMOST HERE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bacchanal Show

Amid all the madness of this Carnival week, last night I went to the gala opening of 3 Canal’s Bacchanal Show at Queen’s Hall and it was excellent. Attendees were feted with cocktails and hor dourves an hour before the show started and I met with none other than Dougla_1 who invited me to the show and I so graciously accepted. Let me just say Dougla_1 (real name held in confidence) was just as pleasant as I expected and quite passionate about his Carnival. It was refreshing to meet yet another blogger this week (I met one at Normandie's fete on Sunday) and realise they are just as "cool" in person as their alter ego on the blog.

For those who intend on seeing the concert I will not give much away, but the theatrical element to the show, a representation of “ole time mas” demise in the time of "bikini mas" is a witty, satirical commentary on the Carnival past. Cecelia Salazar as the Dame Lorraine is hilarious and the other supporting cast include a Midnight Robber, Jamette, Baby Doll, Fancy Indian and a Jab Jab who stole the show for me with his performance.

3 Canal looking quite dapper, gave a rousing performance, with members of the audience having no choice but to move in their seats. Their repertoire was a perfect compliment to the story being told and included new songs such as “Mornin Neighbor” as well as some favorites such as “Blue” and “Mud Madness”.

After three hours of music coupled with dance and drama, 3 Canal closed the show to a standing ovation. I too concur with all those who rose to their feet at the climax of the concert, and have to say I enjoyed it immensely. It was a welcome departure from the manic fetes that populate this week leading up to Carnival to take in a show that titillates all your senses !

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