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Monday, April 30, 2007

Divas Dissed

Well you know this is sweet Trinidad and Tobago and no event occurs without a heaping dose of bacchanal. With all the hype surrounding Jazz festival one would have thought patrons shelling out big bucks would have gotten their money's worth of BIG stars. Alas, that was not the case on Saturday night; according to reports by the Trinidad Guardian seems like Destra was the biggest Diva of them all, overstaying her alloted time on stage to the detriment of the many fans waiting to see Diana Ross, Mary J Blige and Gladys Knight.

Diana Ross left the Plymouth Jazz Festival and Tobago an extremely angry woman, complaining bitterly and loudly that she had never been asked to cut short her performance at any time in her 48-year career.

But before she left these shores, her last song was—I will survive.

While her fans were upside down shouting and screaming: “Diana, we love you,” Ross came from backstage where she had just changed her red gown to another in white, and announced she was asked to leave the stage.

“Apparently, opening acts were too long. I’m being kicked out the stage,” the legendary Motown singer said and then sang her last song of the night—I will survive.

The audience briefly booed when she finally left the stage.

Sources told the Guardian that local soca diva Destra sang too long and this may have added to problems, since the show started about one hour and 20 minutes late.

Now I suppose the organizers of Jazz festival have a big part to play in this as well, could they have not ushered off Ms. Destra when her time was up the same way they did Diana Ross? This is the third year running for the Jazz festival and you would think after having the brilliant idea to jack up prices that they would also jack up the management of the event. And it is not that I am not in favour of supporting our local artiste , but Destra was not the star billing of the night, she was merely the opening act! Could you imagine if the same thing was done with Elton John replacing Destra with Machel Montano? Trinidad and Tobago would have been ridiculed on VH1's Best Week ever a third time straight, especially coming after the controversy surrounding Elton John's performance.

No matter how much we love out local talent, the 50,000 plus patrons who visited Tobago over the weekend did not fly and ferry over to the sister isle to see Machel and Destra. I mean we saw MORE than enough of them for Carnival already, though it was nice to include our local acts in the Jazz lineup! Diana Ross, legend extraordinarie unceremoniously kicked off the stage at Jazz, imagine that! Of course all the newspapers are reporting that she was hopping mad, and no one could blame the Diva at all.

So it is with much embarrassment that I read this on Today's Guardian:

Even though the headline is pure sensationalism it is out there for the international community to read about the way Diana Ross was treated at Jazz festival in Tobago! I cannot wait to hear all the stories about what really went down from my mother as well as friends who came from other islands just for Jazz.

Sometimes I have to wonder why can't these "organizers" just get it together and for once have an event where everything goes off with as little problems as possible. Maybe they should look into hiring an event management team from TRIBE and Island People (the party outfit) for next year's Jazz festival! After all ONE Fete, Bliss and Blue Range were well managed and Island People has been involved in several events such as the TIDCO food festival with great success. And I thought only Carnival was bacchanal!

Vincy Mas - Costumes!

Vincy Mas 2007 takes place from June 29th to July 10th and celebrates 30 years of Carnival this year. Mas Bands have already debuted their presentations which can all be seen on the official Vincy Mas website.

The following are the mas bands and their presentation for 2007; click on the photo of each costume to be taken to individual websites where you can view other costume options. It is a pity there is not an actual prototype of the costumes on display as some of the designs look quite nice while others are very interesting!

Wizards Mas Camp

Owen Ralph and the Professionals
"Dream of our Lives"

Digicel Nelson Bloc
"Carnival at Large"

Blondie Bird and Friends
"Paradise in the Grenadines"

KFC SVG Players International
"Beauty Beneath the Sea"

Lynx Organization

My Imagination
"Grenadines Splendour"

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tobago Jazz 2007

Thanks to mummylicious for these photos of the Friday night Tobago Jazz Festival concert featuring Kees the Band, Sean Paul and LL Cool J. According to her reports all went well with the ferry ride over as well as with the concert itself.

Shuttle service from the designated car park to the Jazz festival was prompt and efficient and I am happy to report there were no chair rentals. The only negative reported was the layout of the V.I.P. area which mummylicious described as "weird"; the following is her drawing of the Jazz Layout:

Click on Photo for Larger View

I hope everything went well for last night's concert and expect Elton John to put on quite a show tonight. The Trinidad Newsday reports on the Stars of Jazz low key arrival, though I read an interview with Heather Headly on her emotional return to Trinidad and Tobago as well as the "Jazz Boom" with more than 50,000 visitors expected to touch down in Tobago this weekend. For all those in Tobago right now, have fun for all of us who cannot be there.

Kees the Band

Sean Paul

LL Cool J

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Point Fortin Borough Day Schedule

The follwing is an events Calender for Point Fortin Borough Day; click on the image for a larger view:

Mas in May !

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and Tobago is abuzz with activity my mom tells me, having sailed across to our sister aisle yesterday afternoon. Well after this weekend's phenomenal Jazz concert next weekend is Point Fortin's Borough Day Celebrations.

For those interested in playing "real" mas for Borough Day Legacy is affording their masqueraders a Lagniappe in May; see the article below for more information. In addition special section Showtime which was also part of Legacy for Carnival 2007 is offering T-Shirt mas. The package includes a T-Shirt,Drinks, Food and Transport. For more details on this package call 621-0001

IT’S Mas in May again for Legacy, this time for Pt Fortin Borough Day on Saturday May 5. Big Mike and the Legacy crew, always seeking ways to promote the culture and keep the Carnival alive year-round, are giving masqueraders an opportunity to get another jump in their 2007 Carnival costumes.

Legacy will be celebrating on the road with their 40-foot trailer for the popular Point Fortin Borough Day celebrations. It’s an all-inclusive experience as free drinks and snacks will be provided on the road as well as round trip transport by bus from Port-of-Spain. Masqueraders will be well-entertained on the road by popular DJs and radio personalities, and security will be in full effect. Those without a Legacy costume can also be a part of the band as there are special T-shirt packages available.

Legacy’s Carnival 2007 achievements include first runner-up in the Uptown Carnival, first runner-up in the Harold Saldenah award, and second runner-up for the overall Large Band of the Year title.

To be a part of Legacy for the Point Fortin Borough celebrations, both Legacy masqueraders with costumes as well as other interested persons must register by May 3.

Additional information can be obtained by calling 622-7466.


Friday, April 27, 2007

The Headlines Confirm the Rumors.....

Crime has been finally pushed off the front page of Trinidad's daily newspapers; the topic of the day is both the closing of Zen by the police and Machel Montano being investigated for an alleged beating of a Zen patron on Wednesday night.

Click on the Newspaper photos to be taken to the Zen story.

As for the incident allegedly involving Machel Montano both the Express and Guardian state that he is being investigated while Liz Montano, Machel's mother has come out in defense of her son stating that he is not only innocent but traumatised by the entire episode; she later went on to say:
"Machel is very traumatised and I was not aware until tonight just how traumatised he is over the incident. Machel is seriously considering migrating because of how he has been treated here over the years after doing so much to promote his country,"
Well I hope if Machel does decide to leave Trinidad for good that he returns for Carnival; I may not like the man personally but I LOVE his music!! Here is hoping he delivers a great performance at Tobago Jazz festival on Sunday night in spite of his "trauma".

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zen Nightclub Closed…indefinitely!!

Breaking news on CCN TV 6 minutes ago have reported that the Zen nightclub is closed indefinitely. Deputy Commissioner of Police Winston cooper stated that the club's license came up for renewal and was not re-issued as they did not comply to prerequisite “standards” for the issuing of said license.

Statements by the Deputy Commissioner have made it clear that this move is not as a result of the incident with Danah Alleyne or the fracas last night allegedly involving Machel Monatno; both of which he said are under "intense investigations"!

Breaking News Soca Star in fracas with Zen patron

Ah yes, never a dull moment in sweet Trinidad. Zen has been under a microscope the past week due to the Akon scandal and even more drama has befallen Trinidad's "hottest" club last night. I will not reiterate what Carnival Jumbie has already written on her blog since she wrote such an exciting piece already.

So take a read of her post of the day "Jumbie in Zen".

Fresh Fete Fridays

This one is for all you guys in Washington DC and New York; mark the dates on your feteing calender!


Fresh Fete Fridays-- NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON DC THE 1st Friday Of Each Month
Mixing the Best of Soca and Reggae Each Month!
DC's # 1 Monthly Caribbean Event!

Bringing to you International Caribbean DJs and Artists mixing the BEST OF SOCA AND REGGAE: Djs Back To Basics, Anonymous, Natural Freaks, Eternal Vibes, Giselle D Wassi One, House Arrest, Foreign Bass, DLife, Spice, Shiloh
Int'l, Ishmael, Fatal Angels, GB, Dorenzo, Teddy Mohammed, Duchess, Supreme Team, Close Connection and more!!!!

Lookout forMore Info:,,,,


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Mummylicious sent me a message on Sunday raving about this class she had just come from and how she was feeling like a rubber band; Hot Yoga has arrived to Trinidad and Tobago!

I know there are very few yoga studios in operation in Trinidad, however it was always difficult to get information about venue, time and cost as I saw it more as being a "spiritual" sort of group as opposed as one to add to a routine of diet and exercise to help whip the body into shape. So it was with great pleasure to discover that Moksha Yoga Trinidad is online and you can broswe all the information about yoga from the comfort or your home!

There are several classes available which are open to all ages and abilities so even beginners need not fear getting started with Yoga. You can get the full schedule on the website for those interested.

Here is some information on Hot Yoga:
Moksha hot yoga is a series of postures practiced in a heated room. The series works to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

While each of our instructors brings their own unique experience and style to their teaching, all classes follow a basic structure that is fundamental to the Moksha practice...

Moksha Yoga is a cardiovascular workout that stretches, strengthens and tones while detoxifying the body and calming the mind. But while the Moksha Yoga Series is ideal when practised in a heated room, the series has been currently modified for non-heated situations. This gives people the opportunity to experience the series before the opening of the studio. Classes are generally 90 mins, but a 1-hour series is available for those on the go.

And the benefits of Hot Yoga (I am liking the part about loosing weight!) taken from the Moksha Yoga website:

The benefits of hot yoga border on limitless.

* De-stress
* Lose weight
* Improve their immune systems
* Increase their cardiovascular abilities
* Feel more energized

But the benefits of Moksha go beyond the studio. Our students have told us that Moksha has:

* Healed them emotionally and physically from the challenge of chemotherapy
* Improved their relationships with family members
* Increased their ability to focus
* Helped them heal from brain injury
* Improved their golf game... just to name a few!

New students are constantly showing us the positive changes yoga has on their lives. We don't even know the full potential of this sweaty stuff!

Health Benefits:

Do you ever notice how much you can de-stress just by taking one big breath in.and letting a sigh come out. Just imagine 90 minutes of deep, conscious breathing.

Back/knee pain
The heat in a Moksha class relaxes the joints - much like a full body heating pad or hot water bottle. Also Moksha focuses on opening the hips where knee and back pain often originate.

Many postures in the Moksha sequence relieve tension and tightness in the neck and shoulder area. As this area relaxes, blood flow increases and headaches often decrease or go away entirely. Jessica, one of the Moksha directors, hasn't had a migraine in over four years and migraines used to be a monthly event!

Several postures focus on increasing blood flow through the pineal gland where melatonin, the hormone released to induce deep sleep, is released.

In addition to melatonin, the pineal gland also controls the release of serotonin, the "mood" hormone. As certain postures flush the pineal gland with oxygenated blood its function improves and emotional highs and low begin to even out.

The work on stretching and strengthening the spine has a dramatic effect on those working with a spinal curvature. Pain is eased and the strength in the internal muscle structure of the back starts to allow for great ease in movement and better posture.

Poor digestion
With regular practice many students find that they don't crave junk food as much. This inclination towards a healthier diet, coupled with calming the nervous system, helps with long-term digestive issues.

The 'hot' element of the hot yoga class is what has the most dramatic affect on arthritis sufferers. The effects are so dramatic that the Arthritis Society is holding a Moksha hot yoga class for their largest fundraiser.

Poor posture
With regular Moksha classes the spine gets stronger and students notice that it is actually more comfortable to sit and stand straight.

Relaxing the central nervous system by focusing on breath increases a process called peristalsis. Peristalsis moves processed food through the digestive system and out of the body. Certain postures increase blood flow to the colon, further aiding the digestive process.

I do not have to tell you that I will be trying Moksha Yoga very soon and if your curiosity gets the better of you and you also decide to try out a class just don't laugh if you see me there trying to contort my body into all the positions! Hey, at least by the time Carnival 2008 comes around I should not only be toned but super flexible to but down a modified cheesecutter wine!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Male & Female Models wanted.

If you are interested in becoming a TRIBE Model please email the following to

1. A full body shot in a two-piece bathing suit for females and board shorts for males. Front, back & side profile shots preferred.

2. Headshot

3. Contact information and availability.

For more information:

Call us at the camp at 625-6800 Monday to Friday 11am – 5pm.

Jazz this weekend

Call me biased but I do think the performer billing for Tobago Jazz festival is the best of the region. Barbados' Jazz festival boasted Anita Baker, the upcoming St. Lucia Jazz festival in May headlines Natalie Cole and Al Jarreau while Tobago couped Diana Ross, Heather Headly, Mary J Blige, Gladys Knight and Elton John. Of course the bigger stars means bigger prices; compared to Barbados Jazz festival with prices ranging between $30.00 to $100.00US, St. Lucia Jazz at $40.00 to $70.00 US Tobago prices are not cheap! Tickets for Tobago are $90.00, $125.00 and $150.00US with even higher prices for the exclusive V.I.P. section.

So popular is the Tobago Jazz festival this year accommodation has been booked solid for months and both flights and ferry to the sister island are sold out, with some ingenious , and clearly wealthy, persons resorting to purchasing air fare to Tobago from Trinidad via Barbados! As for tickets to the show all V.I.P. tickets were finished weeks ago; this is truly one of the biggest events to be hosted in Tobago in recent history.

You would think, therefore , that the organisers of the event knowing that the Jazz festival is highly anticipated to be a success even amid controversy surrounding Elton John's performance with protests from Christian groups in Tobago and with higher ticket prices that patrons would be above and beyond satisfied. Well, it seems to me, and many persons attending the Jazz festival this year including my mother and her friends, that the promoters are milking the fact that they have star power by milking patrons!

The following advertisement appeared in the newspapers recently highlighting the "rules an regulations" for Tobago Jazz:

Now I can understand the rules against filming the performance, I think it is a standard in concerts worldwide that patrons are not encouraged to film the artiste as usually some Television station pays for the rights to broadcast said event.But I cannot fathom why after paying close to $1000.00TT that ticket holders to the Jazz festival are not allowed to bring their own coolers OR their own chairs and will be forced to pay an additional fee of $20.00 to RENT chairs!

It seems to be a rule unique to Tobago Jazz as St Lucia Jazz festival has no ruling against bringing your own cooler or chairs to the event:

Rules of St. Lucia Jazz
Please note that the following rules are applicable to Pigeon Island National Landmark and the Mindoo Phillip Park.

1. No breakable bottles are allowed at all St. Lucia Jazz venues. All drinks in breakable bottles must be transferred to plastic bottles. All coolers will be searched.

2. Only coolers measuring 36" x 24" (3'x 2') or smaller will be permitted into the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Any cooler in excess of this size will not be permitted inside the grounds.

3. All drinks with stoppers must be properly disposed.

4. No smoking is allowed at the Pigeon Island National Landmark, except in the Benson & Hedges Smoking Area. Please note signage indicating area.

5. No unauthorized filming is permitted at all St. Lucia Jazz venues.


Personally I will not be attending the Jazz Festival this year. Though the lineup is really good and the Saturday night would have been my night of choice, after deliberating on wether to go or not and finally deciding not to fight the crowds and mele in Tobago turns out is was a great decision as I will not be able to go this weekend after all, even if I wanted to. I do know quite a few people who are going and I have been listening to their grumbling over these new "rules" and have to agree that it is such a silly ruling over petty things such as chairs and coolers. The whole vibe of Jazz festival from the islands that have been hosting it for years is a really cool picnic in the park where you enjoy some great performers and a really good lime. And I do not like the fact that in spite of the high prices patrons will now have to fork over more money for basics like a seat and a cold drink.

Knowing Trinis, who sneaked alcohol into Cricket World Cup in ziploc bags and sunblock bottles, I know they will find a way to carry their drinks into the venue and not pay the inflated prices on the night of the show. But is really is a low blow by the promoters of Jazz festival to reveal these rules only weeks before the event and I hope all those who are going to Jazz boycott the chair rentals and set up a nice blanket on the grass to enjoy the show!

Jammin 24-7 for Carnival 2007

Tobago Jazz festival is not the only big Caribbean event taking place this coming weekend. Dutch St. Maarten's Carnival culminates on Monday April 30th with several events, including Jouvert, occurring over the weekend.

Schedule of Events (click for larger view)

The theme for St. Maarten's Carnival this year is Jammin 24-7 for Carnival 2007! If you are thinking to yourself that St. Martin's Carnival has already passed you are half right. The smallest nation to be divided into two countries (you don't even need a passport to cross the border) did celebrate the French Carnival earlier this year, the upcoming Carnival takes place on the Dutch side.

This year’s Grand Parade promises to be one of the biggest ever in St. Maarten’s 37 years of Carnival with nine local troupes jamming to the music provided by some twelve local and international bands on Sunday, April 30.

The nine troupes will consist of about 32 individual costumes and two floats. St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) announced Friday that several bands from CuraƧao, Aruba and other islands had requested and been granted permission to participate in the Grand Parade.

Some troupes have not yet confirmed their participation. However, SCDF said the King and Queen of CuraƧao’s Carnival would be part of the parade and a troupe from St. Kitts/Nevis would also participate.

The nine local St. Maarten troupes are Bacchanal Production, Survivors Carnival Troupe, Road Warriors, Dis Is Carnival, Sun of the Caribbean, Colour Fantasy, Mental Institution, Rio Productions and Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation.

Each will be judged in the areas of visual impact, cultural value, originality, punctuality, use of local music, creativity, craftsmanship, performance, discipline and presentation.

SOURCE:The Daily Herald St.Maarten

Monday, April 23, 2007

Atlanta Carnival 2007

Next up on the International Carnival roster is Atlanta Carnival which takes place Memorial Day weekend, May 25th to May 27th. For more information visit the offical website

Event Calender:

Fri Apr 27, 2007 JUMBIE hosted by Atlanta Rhythm Section

Sat Apr 28, 2007 RAGS and FLAGS


Fri May 04, 2007 EXOTICA (Bare as you Dare)

Sat May 05, 2007 CINCO DE MAYO

Sat May 05, 2007 Curfew Bash

Sat May 05, 2007 Forbidden Fantasy

Sat May 12, 2007 DOLLAR WINE ($1 b4 1am)

Sat May 12, 2007 Nostalgia


Fri May 18, 2007 CARNIVAL TING

Sat May 19, 2007 Cooler Fete

Sat May 19, 2007 Children's Carnival : 11am


Fri May 25, 2007 Adrenaline

Fri May 25, 2007 Georgetown Dance

Sat May 26, 2007 ATLANTA CARNIVAL 2007

Sun May 27, 2007 Breakfast Bash

Sun May 27, 2007 SUNDAYS on da DRIVE :: Carnival Edition

Sun May 27, 2007 Wear White 2007

Carnival Bands:
Camo Tees


Paradise Carnival Troupe

Thunderbirds USA

We Kinda Ting

Parade Route:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Best Dressed at the Fete

Frenchmen Bazodee (Ja)
I have reprised my Carnival Best Dress choice for the Frenchmen Bazodee fete which took place in Jamaica last Saturday. My choice for Best dressed goes to the lady in the black float dress, kudos for rocking a new trend that I personally think many women cannot pull off without looking a few months pregnant!

Love the clutch, the simple accessories and the hair cut which looks just like mine!


Jamaica Carnival Pics

More photos of the events leading up to Jamaica Carnival such as Soca on the Sand Bar, Bacchanal Jouvert and Frenchmen Bazodee can be seen at I even recognised a few Trinis in the photos representing the red white and black!

Pan in the 21st Century Winners

Silver Stars dazzles
...reclaims Pan in the 21st Century title
Michael Mondezie

Excellent Stores Silver Stars Steel Orchestra dazzled the audience with a dreamlike performance to reclaim the Pan in the 21st Century title on Friday night at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo.

The Tragarete Road-based steelband impressed the judges with a flawless rendition of Andre Webber's classic "The Phantom of the Opera" to reclaim the title they won during the inaugural year of the competition in 2002.

Twelve contemporary large bands clashed at the venue to decide which could best interpret contemporary world music on the national instrument on a night that also saw the single pan bands clash in an oldies competition aptly titled Pan Down Memory Lane.

The stars seemed aligned for Silver Stars on the night as they maintained superiority over their opponents in every category. Their stylistic presentation, realistic costuming and refined sound was enough to hold off a determined, well drilled Sagicor Exodus outfit and beat defending champs WITCO Desperadoes into fourth place.

Arranger Edwin Pouchet's chilling theme was brought to visual life when their male pannists donned the white masks and red cloaks synonymous with the character and greeted their opera ladies, all dressed in matching evening gowns.

It was Exodus, however, that first got the audience out of their seats when their engine room recreated the effect of a rhythmic tabla atop a lively tassa roll during an upbeat reconstruction of Mungal Patasar's "Dread Locks".

The St Augustine-based orchestra announced their arrival with the hook line of Bob Marley's "Exodus" before stripping down and reconstructing the musical structure of Patasar's sitar hit.

It may have been a case of too many chefs for Exdous, however, as not even the combined talents of renowned composers Pat Bishop and Earl Brooks Junior could ensure them the title. Silver Stars were four points better than Exodus on the night, who themselves did well to hold off a challenger of their own by the same point differential.

Harmonities seemed to come out of nowhere with a serious title challenge in the form of Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye".

It seemed on any other night the Earl La Pierre arrangement would have proven a winner, but on Friday the bar proved a tad out of reach for the promising composer/arranger.

Despers, meanwhile, tried to duplicate the smooth transition in dynamics that won them the title two years in a row when they chose to play Robin Thicke's R&B hit "Lost Without You".

The problem, however, in focusing on recreating the magic they failed to do anything new. It sounded like the band was continuing a three year marathon performance as the arrangement resembled that of their 2005 rendition of John Legend's "Ordinary People" and last year's performance of Ne-Yo's "So Sick"..

Earlier, Ken "Professor" Philmore's Scrunters Pan Groove grabbed the Pan Down Memory Lane title with an impressive interpretation of Swamp Dogg's "Synthetic World".

The St James band just managed to hold off Pan Family, playing John Lennon's "Yesterday" and Trinidad East Side Symphony, playing Abba's "Dancing Queen"who tied for second with one point less during a close finish.

Crowd favourite Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz was made to settle for fourth spot with 274 points, four less than the winners.
SOURCE: Trinidad Express

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Steelpan Jazz at Lincoln Center

David Rudder, Robert Greenidge, Ralph McDonald

Giants of Caribbean Music set to star in New York June Concert

New York - Abstract Entertainment hosts its annual Steel Pan Jazz concert on June 16th 2007. This year the event will be held in the Allen Room at the prestigious Frederick P. Rose Hall - The House of Jazz - Lincoln Center in New York City.

This year's concert presents the internationally famous David Rudder and the Caribbean All Stars, and features world-renowned and veteran steelpan master Robert Greenidge, and famed percussionist and recording artist Ralph McDonald. The coming together of these major music talents under the auspices of Lincoln Center is indeed an historical moment and achievement. These three musical iconic giants have become legends in their own time.

This Steelpan Jazz concert is one of the world's most sought-after steelpan marquee events. In a relatively short time Abstract Entertainment under the leadership of Mr. Ralph Ramsey has firmly established the annual Father's Day weekend event as one of the premier steelpan music events in North America.

The steelpan instrument has exploded in popularity recently as steelband performing groups and organizations can now be found in schools, churches and colleges across North America in addition to every sector of the globe. Indeed, the steelpan (the only acoustical music instrument developed in the 20th century) has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The instruments mercuric rise can only be described as phenomenal. All genres of music are played on the instrument.

The show is expected to be sold out well in advance, according to the producers, as a result of its all-star line up, in conjunction with the normal Father's Day weekend intrigue and on-going Caribbean Month celebration.

Tickets are available now.

For more information and to order tickets online, go to or email , or call 1-516-802-4129

SOURCE: Pan on the Net

Friday, April 20, 2007

More than a Spectator Sport

If anyone were to ask what makes Trinidad’s Carnival unique to Rio my first response would have been that it is more than just a spectator sport; anyone can purchase a costume from the many bands that take part in Carnival and experience being immersed in our culture for two days of revelry on the streets. Whereas in Rio their Carnival parade is a competition among samba schools and the privilege of wearing a costume is only for members of the samba schools. Well, imagine my surprise when I was browsing a website for Rio Carnival that partyc had pointed out, and no, I was not astonished by the fact that the website is already updated with Carnival 2008 information but by the fact that a visitor to Rio for Carnival can now purchase a costume and be part of the parade!

The Rio Carnival Guide website details how this is done:
You can also participate and do not have to only watch the Rio Carnival Samba Parade. Get a 2008 Rio Carnival costume and have the experience of a life-time, parade yourself in the Sambodromo. This is the real thrill, an unparalleled experience - to parade in a beautiful costume, to the heartbreaking beats of samba, on the biggest "stage" in the world. People who "just" watch the parade say it is a definite must once in a lifetime. People who parade want to do it every year!
And if you think the choice of costume is only limited to the “backline” or ground wing costumes as they care called, they are now offering the option to be ON the float in one of the spectacular Samba girl costumes:
On top of a float - We can also organize you a place on a float, on one of those richly decorated cars with a few dancers in some special, most lavish costumes. In order to be considered for a place on a float you do not have to do anything just send us some recent photos preferably in bikinis or swimming trunks. Then we will discuss with one of the major Samba Schools whether they will give you a position. If they do, we will send you the invoice for your payment.
The price for this once in a lifetime experience:
Costs of Parade Participation with costume

Ground wing: US$289.00
On top of a float: US$589.00 - for those who want to be the star in the limelight
Price includes everything: your parading, the organization (help with your preparations, the liaison with the school and the president of the particular wing in which you will be and all necessary instructions), your costume and delivery. No additional taxes, fees or charges.
You will not need to do anything else just go to the Parade with your costume as you will know everything what to do by then through our information materials sent to you.

You have to buy a separate ticket to watch the Parade.
Now, this makes the whole concept of Rio Carnival that I had in my mind before totally change and I will be quite honest in saying that I would LOVE to participate in their Carnival one day just for the experience. Prior to this knowledge of Carnival participation it did not make sense to me to journey all the way to Brazil to merely sit in the stands and take in the show when I enjoy taking part in Carnival so much. It makes me wonder why their policy has changed and if it is that they are taking a page from our book, shattering the preconceived notions about the exclusivity of their Carnival and thus making it an all-encompassing experience! The costume prices are certainly affordable, even for those lavish frontline costumes!

It is a fascinating read about Rio Carnival which illustrates the differences between their Carnival and ours:

The Rio Carnival Parade is not a street carnival where people move chaotically about as they like but more of a highly orchestrated show of vast proportions. Every parader has a specific role and place according to his costume in a particular wing of a particular section of the samba school he is parading in support of.

Each year each school chooses a different theme for the Samba Parade. It can be celebrating a particular period or some famous figures of the Brazilian history, highlight a special event or talk about anything really what might move the spirit and imagination; like a special animal or one of the elements, like water or fire, etc. The school has to illustrate the chosen theme through all its work - the samba tunes, especially written for that year's theme, the richly decorated floats and the costumes of their 3,000 to 5,000 parading members designed by the school's Carnavalesco (carnival designer).

The parade of every school is highly organized and designed. They line up in a unique way to present their pageant. The schools are divided into a number of sections and each section has a number of wings of about 100 people wearing the same costume. Sometimes even 2 wings (ca 200 people) have the same costume design. You will find more info about the role and name of some special sections on the other side of this page.

In between the wings, there are huge floats. Most of them are pushed along by men from the community but some are motorized and have mechanical parts. The floats carry some special guests on top along with some young and beautiful samba dancers in very elaborate, feather-rich costumes.
So if , like me, you always thought that Rio Carnival was a beautiful affair but so much different from Trinidad's Carnival especially when it comes to parading in costume, it is quite enlightening to realise that both Carnivals have evolved into having more similarities than differences. Our designers have long been "borrowing" ideas from Brazil, you need only to look at the frontline costumes of several of the popular large Bands to see that strong Brazilian influence in the plume and baubled scantily clad masqueraders. And now it seems that Rio, like Trinidad, is offering anyone with the inclination and money the chance to be part of the parade. Upon completion of the National Carnival and Arts Centre, which some have likened to the Samabadromo, Trinidad will be one step closer to emulating Rio in putting on a "show" for seated guests in the confines of a venue rather than on the streets.

If it is one thing I love about our Carnival though, is the freedom, and the fact that it is in essence a street party! That one, singular definition is what identifies our Carnival and which still makes the experience unique. Maybe one day I will journey to Rio and fully participate and enjoy their Carnival but Trinidad's will always be the greatest show on earth to me as it is a show for and by the people!

For much more information on Rio Carnival please visit the website The Rio Carnival Guide where you can read up on costumes, tickets to the samaba parade as well as pursue photos of the Samba Schools Carnival presentations.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Voice is Heard

It is sometimes naively comforting to think that this little blog, and what is written daily, is kept within a circle of the regular Carnival lovers who visit every day, critics who check in ever so often and the few that stumble upon Trinidad Carnival Diary while doing a google search for some obscure thing that leads them here. The greater realization that my “voice” is being heard outside of that circle is unexpected yet the very fact now makes me more aware that the World Wide Web is not as anonymous as we would like to think; bloggers do not exist in a vacuum. This was illustrated to me by a column on Global Voices Online highlighting the acrid responses to the Jamaican Gleaner article by Dawn Ritch. In addition to other bloggers in “blogsphere” they quoted my retort first! Imagine my surprise to see the very words I had written now being used to support a follow up article on the subject:

But no commentary on the issue has caused as much ire in the blogosphere than a vitriolic piece by Jamaican columnist Dawn Ritch entitled “Bombastic Trinidadians”, published recently in the Jamaica Gleaner. Trinidad Carnival Diary shared her views in a post titled “Bombastic Jamaican”:

"I find it quite ironic that a Jamaican is writing about the murder rates in Trinidad and Tobago when theirs is the highest in the region."

Bloggers also seemed insulted at Ms. Ritch’s characterisation of the indigenous people of Trinidad and Tobago: “What the Jamaican Government must now have realised are baleful consequences of the Amerindian heritage of Trinidad. They are not Taino but Carib, and those were cannibals. We were not, and it’s not part of our make-up. Murderous today, but still not cannibal. The only thing to do with cannibals is drive them out with prosperity. That way we will have the economic independence to buy back that which they have gloatingly captured here on the cheap.”
To read the Global Voices Online article " Jamaica, Trinidad &Tobago; Bombastic?" written by Janine Mendes Franco in it's entirety click here.

Global Voices Online is a non profit organization that basically scours the Internet looking for blogs and bloggers with something to say and then compile them all in one place. In their own words this is a synopsis of what Global Voices Online does:

With tens of millions of people blogging all over the planet, how do you avoid being overwhelmed by the information overload? How do you figure out who are the most influential or respected and credible bloggers or podcasters in any given country, especially those outside your own?
Our international team of volunteer authors, regional blogger-editors and translators are your guides to the global blogosphere.

Our Primary Goals:
At a time when the international English-language media ignores many things that are important to large numbers of the world’s citizens, Global Voices aims to redress some of the inequities in media attention by leveraging the power of citizens’ media. We’re using a wide variety of technologies - weblogs, podcasts, photos, video, wikis, tags, aggregators and online chats - to call attention to conversations and points of view that we hope will help shed new light on the nature of our interconnected world.

We aim to do the following:
1) Call attention to the most interesting conversations and perspectives emerging from citizens’ media around the world by linking to text, photos, podcasts, video and other forms of grassroots citizens’ media being produced by people around the world
2) Facilitate the emergence of new citizens’ voices through training, online tutorials, and publicizing the ways in which open-source and free tools can be used safely by people around the world to express themselves
3) Advocate for freedom of expression around the world and to protect the rights of citizen journalists to report on events and opinions without fear of censorship or persecution

Consequently it is somewhat unnerving, yet complimentary ,to know that people are paying attention to what is written and think it is worthy enough to be singled out. In that respect I am quite grateful to Global Voices for “spreading the word” and letting bloggers voices be heard!

Brazil Carnival 2007

JJ sent me this amazing slide show of photos from Brazil Carnival 2007. Unfortunately it was done in Power Point and I could not upload it in it's original format (if anyone does want the original file of a slide show with music you can send me an email). However I was able to convert the photos and have uploaded them to an album on Photobucket which can be accessed here.

click on the photos for larger view

The costumes are absolutely gorgeous and I am seeing both fantasy and animal themes in a few of the presentations. Two things I have realised looking at those photos; one is that the samba girls are separated from the crowd so though they wear these ridiculously skimpy costumes there is a feeling that they are on "show" and cannot be touched. The second thing is that no matter how skimpy the costumes of Trinidad's Carnival becomes I am NOT wearing a belt piece that is akin to a wire thong of sorts held between my butt cheeks! Oh, and I was too happy too see a sheer body suit! Now this I will wear for Carnival 2008 (after liposuction and tons of plastic surgery LOL)!

Be forewarned there is a lot of, ahem, nudity in some of the photos so open with caution.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dream Team has a "teaser" of their 2008 presentation on the website; apparently the theme is "Bejeweled". Seems like 2008 will be a year that will see masqueraders adding lots of glitter,whimsy and hopefully fabulously beautiful costumes to the streets of Port of Spain. All this talk of mas and costumes is making me even more eager to get a hint of someone's costume! Bring on the mas already!

Bacchanal Jamaica Pics

Just a few photos of pretty costumes from Bacchanal Road March in Jamaica on Whaddat?.com. Click on the photo below to be taken to the website:

Also photos of Beach Jouvert can also be found at

Wings! Wings! Wings!

I was thinking since Myths and Magic costumes are now in the first stages of designs that a little inspiration might be good for the designers. Though I personally do not care for wings, especially after seeing ones like these for Bat:

It was with great delight that I stumbled upon this website (ok, I was searching for "fairy stuff") called Fairy Love and I fell in LOVE with these beautiful wings!!! Hopefully this will give the designers an idea and insight into what type of wings we women adore! Are these not absoultely beautiful and pefect for Carnival? For more amazing wings visit the website Fairy Love.

All photos sourced from

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Goody Rag.. ..

Well I must say I did have a of an opinion about TRIBE's goody bag that was lacking in goodies especially when I heard that Island People got a fabulous goody satchel filled with real goodies like eyelashes, slippers and body jewelry. But if it is one thing I can say is that TRIBE was consistent in that everyone got basically the same goody bag and everyone did indeed get a BAG as part of the promised ultimate package experience.

So it was with surprise that I FINALLY laid eyes on what some Island People masqueraders ended up getting; the goody RAG. Before seeing it myself I had doubts of the fact that it really existed, I mean did they run out of satchels for everyone knowing how many masqueraders they registered?

Anyway, if you want to see a photo of the goodies, sans bag, take a look at "I'd Rather Be in TnT's " blog about her Island People experience and you will be rewarded with a photo of the goody rag. I must say though the slippers were cute and a nice touch, though they ran out of colours and sizes!

Myth....or Magic?

Amid rumors on Facebook that TRIBE’s costumes have already been on display and seen by persons who allegedly broadcasted this fact on the radio (96.7FM) I did some investigating of my own to get to the bottom of this story. Consequently several interesting tid bits of information were revealed in my quest:

*Costumes are in the first stages of design and screening.

*Loyal customers will again be rewarded with the T.L.C. card….process begins in May/June!

*Expect costumes with wings (as many of you have been begging for) as well as beautiful and unique headpieces with lots of feathers!

*Band launching will be SOONER rather than later; no date revealed as yet.


Brian Wong Won who produced the Jouvert band "Mas Jumbies" is taking the Jumbie to Broward Carnival 2007. The joint effort between Brian and large band Major Players will see "pretty mas" by the name of "Jumbie" hitting the streets if Miami.

The private band launch is carded for late June with the public launch immediately following a week later. Jumbie's website will be up next week and we can expect to see costumes on the website the last week in June.

Now I really admired Brian's vision of jouvert mas and anyone reading his blog detailing the journey to realisation of Mas Jumbies knows that it was a labour of love. I can only imagine his take on "pretty" mas for Broward Carnival. For updates keep checking Brian's blog and remember the Jumbie website will the launched next week.

p.s. You can see photos of Mas Jumbies for Jouvert on Brian's blog.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pan Events

For all you pan lovers in both Trinidad and North America here is a really nice listing of upcoming Pan Events. You can also visit When Steel Talks for more information, news and pan related articles :

Apr. 16, 2007
* Panatics Steelband Network presents their 16th Anniversary Affair Dinner and Dance. Entertainment by: "Young Panatics" of old, and "Young Panatics" of today. Time: 6:30 PM. Venue: Ellesmere Community Centre, 20 Canadian Road (off Warden, South of Ellesmere, next to Costco), Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA. Call Andrew Jackson for tickets @ 1-647-294-9229.

Apr. 19, 2007
* "World Music Night" featuring the Cornell University Steel Bands. Time: 7:00 PM. Venue: Ho Plaza/Willard Straight Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA.

Apr. 21, 2007
* Pan in The 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane. Time: 7:00 PM. Venue: south-western end of the Queen's Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, W.I.

* The Fourth Annual Carnival of Steel music festival. Featuring: performances by area high school, college and professional steel bands. Enjoy exotic Caribbean food and shop exhibition booths as well. Time: Noon - 7:00 PM. Venue: east side of campus (near to Fannin Performance Hall), Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, Texas, USA. Call 1 (972) 238-6194 for info.

* The Fourth Annual Carnival of Steel music festival. Headline Concert with the Richland College Steel Band, followed by the Texas Symphony of Steel with special guest Gary Gibson. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: Fannin Performance Hall, Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, Texas, USA. Call 1 (972) 238-6194 for info.

Apr. 20-22, 2007
* Virginia International Tattoo. Featuring marching bands, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Steel Orchestra, massed pipes & drums, military drill teams, display acts, choral groups, Celtic dancers, color guards and more. Time: weekend-long event. Venue: Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Apr. 23, 2007
* Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra perform featuring the Rhythm Project All Stars. Time: 7:30 PM. Venue: Dr. Mary T. Christian Auditorium, Thomas Nelson Community College, Templin Hall, 99 Thomas Nelson Drive, Hampton, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 825-2779 for more information.

Apr. 25, 2007
* Philip Glass 70th Birthday Celebration featuring the NYU (New York University) Percussion Ensemble, NYU Steel Drum Ensemble, members of the NYU Theatre and Vocal Studies Programs. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: Frederick Loewe Theatre, 35 W. 4th Street, New York, New York, USA

Apr. 27, 2007
* Clemson University Percussion Ensemble and Clemson University Steel Band perform. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: The Brooks Center for The Performing Arts, 221 Brooks Center, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA

Apr. 28, 2007
* Pans of Faith steelband concert, conducted by pannist Wentworth Richardson. Venue: Faith Moravian Church Hall, 405 Riggs Rd. NE, Washington DC, USA. More info: call Mrs. Waite at 1 (240) 765-8982.

* University of Akron Steel Band performs with special guests Pan Ramajay with UA alumnus Tom Miller, David Rudder, Latin percussionist Michael Spiro, and pan builder and arranger Clifford Alexis. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: EJ Thomas Hall, University of Akron campus, Buchtel Avenue, Akron, Ohio, USA

Apr. 29, 2007
* 3rd Annual Caribbean Soul Celebration appreciating South Florida's multi-cultural Pan-Caribbean communities. Featuring the Miami Pan Symphony with director Leon Foster Thomas, along with reggae artist Calton Coffie, Sunshine Junkanoo Paraders, Kazak Haitian International Band, Oriente Afro-Cuban, Folklorico de Puerto Rico, USVI Mocko Jumbie Stilt Dancers, Macarldie, children's performance groups & activities, West Indian cuisine, arts & crafts. Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Venue: Calder Race Course, (located just north of Dolphins Stadium) Picnic Grove, 21001 NW 27 Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA. More info: 1 (305) 625-1311

May 3, 2007
* Percussion Ensemble / Steel Drum Group and Trojan Pep Band / Wind Ensemble - are all featured. Time: 7: 30 PM. Venue: Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, Fine Arts Building, UALR, 2801 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Call 1 (501) 569-3294 for more info.

May 5 & 6, 2007
* 6th Annual Arts Quad Percussion Gala & "World Percussion Festival" - featuring the Cornell University Steel Bands with guest Liam Teague. Venue: Cornell University Arts Quad, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA.

May 11, 2007
* 5th Annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest. Panorama Steelband Sectional Workshops. Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Venue: Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 625-0545 or for more info.

* 5th Annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest. Headline artist CASYM Steel Orchestra in Concert. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: 24th Street Oceanfront Stage, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 625-0545 or for more info.

May 12, 2007
* 5th Annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest. Panorama Steelband Festival. Times & band classifications:
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Elementary/Middle School;
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Religious/Private Studio
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - High School/Community
5:00 PM -7:00 PM - College/Other
Venue: 24th Street Oceanfront Stage, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 625-0545 or for more info.

* 5th Annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest. Headline artist CASYM Steel Orchestra in Concert. Time: 8:00 PM. Venue: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 625-0545 or for more info.

May 13, 2007
* 5th Annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest. Performances featuring Brooklyn's Women In Steel and from Morgantown, West Virginia, the Dave Longfellow Ensemble. Time: Noon - 4:00 PM. Venue: 24th Street Oceanfront Stage, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Call 1 (757) 625-0545 or for more info.

Jun. 16, 2007
* 3rd Annual 'Father's Day' Steelpan Jazz Concert. featuring David Rudder and the Caribbean All Stars with Arturo Tappin, Ralph Mac Donald, Robert Greenidge, Nicolas Branker & more. Complimentary pre-concert reception @ 6:00 PM. Venue: Jazz at Lincoln Center's Allen Room, Broadway at 60th Street, New York, New York, USA.

Aug. 3, 2007
* The Ontario Steelpan Association presents Pan Alive 2007 featuring Canadian steel orchestras. Venue: Allan A. Lamport Stadium, 1155 King St. West, (east of Dufferin) Toronto, CANADA.

Two Bands Merge for Carnival 2008

Continuing with the trend of new developments for Carnival 2008, mas bands Trevor Wallace and Associates and 2 Ha Quai have formed a partnership for 2008.

Trevor Wallace and Associates competes as a medium sized band with this year's presentation entitled "On the Catwalk" while new comer 2 Ha Quai, led by Stephanie Johnson, portrayed "A Sailors Tale" in the small band category. Reasons for the merger has been cited as the latter band having had a "rough start" this year consequently 2 Ha Quai will compete under the Trevor Wallace and Associates Banner for 2008.

Costumes from Trevor Wallace and Associates 2007 presentation

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jamaica Road March Today!

It's Carnival somewhere in the world; today marks the climax of Jamaica Carnival with the Road March parade through the streets of Kingston! Several events leading up to today's parade were reported to be a sucess, Island Spice even emailed me to let me know she was living it up in Jamaica having a great time:

Hi Saucy

I jus waking after J'ouvert where Machel performed great and so did Destra. :)
Its the las bit of JA carnival week and its been great. It has certainly cured my tabanca even if jus for a little while.I see triniscene and synergy tv everywhere so I am guessing u will get some good coverage.

I see u had flyers and stuff from the other events but nothing from the great 'Frenchmen' .. the BIG boys in the JA all inclusive scene.
Their annual carnival saturday fete is tonight.. here is the flyer.. sorry I was too late to send u the flyers for their other events... I was too bazodee myself! :)

btw. the costumes are nicer and the band is bigger this year.. I am impressed! MaybeI'll write a lil review for u.
Take care!!

Hopefully when she recovers from the Frenchmen fete last night I will get a review of the festivites. In the meantime check out photos and a review of Beach Jouvert held on April 7th at the photo to be taken to the website:

Crop Over update

Popular Kadooment band Baje International will hold it's launch on June 1st, for more information visit Baje's website .

Crop Over Events Calender:

JULY 2007
Sunday July 1st
Season of Dance Frank Collymore Hall

Sunday July 01
Junior Calypso Tent

Saturday July 7
Crop Over Gala

Sunday July 8
Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-finals
Read In Tyrol Cot

Thursday July 12
Junior Monarch Lunch Time Concert Frank Collymore Hall

Saturday July 14
Junior Calypso Monarch Finals

Sunday July 15
Visual Arts Exhibition Grande Salle, Central Bank

Wednesday July 18
Pan In The Future Tense Dover Beach Facility

Friday July 20
Back In Time Speightstown Esplanade

Saturday July 21
Pan In De City Jubilee-Heroes Sq.-Independence Sq.

Sunday July 22
Pan Pun De Sand Brandon's Beach

Thursday July 26
Folk Concert Frank Collymore Hall

Friday July 27
Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-finals

Saturday July 28
Junior Kadooment

Sunday July 29
Party Monarch Finals


Thursday August 2
Crop Over Exhibition - Evening of Interpretation , Jazz & Literary Arts

Friday August 3
Pic-O-De-Crop Finals
Baje Water Fete
Wadadah 12-12

Saturday August 4
Foreday Mornin' Jump Up
Caution 10-10

Sunday August 5
Cohobblopot National Stadium 7.00 p.m.
Booze Cruise
Lara all-Inclusive

Monday August 6
Grand Kadooment

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Cat's Meow

Beyonce's eye makeup in the video for her song "Kitty Kat" looks just purrrfect for Island People's "Animal Instinct" theme...don't you think? Though the video leaves MUCH to be desired in the way of imagination, the eyes look fierce!

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