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Friday, November 17, 2006


Seeing as tomorrow is my birthday and Christmas is a month and 6 days away I decided to provide TRIBE with my birthday/Christmas wish list early. I know it might be a bit hectic right now seeing as the band has not sold out totally as yet and costume orders have to be filled, so instead of racking your brains trying to figure out what we masqueraders want, I will make it easy on you:

"Dear TRIBE,
Please give your masqueraders a VERY special price on all TRIBE's fetes and events including Bliss.

Please provide drinks runners on the road, I mean we already have a/c buses why not up the stush factor so that we don't even have to go to the drinks truck for our champagne. Let it be served by some fine looking, nearly naked men on a silver platter.

On that note, mimosas for breakfast would be nice, and it would be REALLY fabulous if you offered Rituals coffee on the road too!How I love their Mochachino!

This year can you put a voucher in my goody bag for a FREE pair of stockings from Micles (I think they have the best range and supply)? I really don't feel like putting out extra after spending so much for my costume.

Oh, and I am expecting my Goodie Bag to be ON PAR with the Swag bags the celebs snag at all those award shows. I mean, since I am paying to be part of the "exclusive all-inclusive experience" I expect to have my diva self showered with lots of goodies, INCLUDING a cell phone, matching make up, body jewelry, vouchers for a massage, discounts at hotels in Tobago and SPF 50 sunblock.

Please listen to your masqueraders; we want Monday wear. A nice baby tee, cami or T Shirt with TRIBE written to the front is all we ask for and I already gave you guys my idea of doing the sailor band so just throw in a sailor hat and we are good to go! Look, see this pic here, this is what I am talking about, PERFECT for Monday mas! I hope your committee is taking notes!

And what would make me REALLY happy is that for 2008 not only won't you jack up your prices on your costumes, but also offer a discount for T.L.C. card holders. Yup, that's right give us a percentage off our costume, even if it means we have to register before a certain date.

And on the topic of costumes, I really love my Fireman costume for 2007, BUT do not pull that crap of giving us only a few hot sections, a few lukewarm ones and the rest being just sleepers. Don't let Island People out feather, sequin and bauble you out of fantastic costumes for 2008. I have seen your costumes in the past so I know you have got it, make every single costume absolutely, spell-blindingly FABULOUS.

Well, that's it for now, but I am sure all the other masqueraders who read my blog also have a comment, advice and something else to add to their wish list so I am opening the floor to them and will add their suggestions for as long as they keep them coming":

"Dear TRIBE:
Please do a good deed and continue to place Multibionta Probiotic multivitamins in your nice goodie bags. They are the "Vitameatavegamin" for your masqueraders. Thank you."

Oh and Yes TRIBE, Hello:

Please line allyuh Frontline wid red cyarpet nah? LOL....

Additional Requests:
1. Allyuh have fireworks that could spell out "PDolli" if ah decide to cross de stage wid allyuh? I've watched too many Hype Williams videos with PDiddy and it is just stuck in meh sorry lil' mind.

2. Can the drivers of the AC "Traffic Jam" buses give shoutouts to TRIBE masqueraders via a microphone? Mic check 1,2 1,2...

3. Could allyuh talk to Hoppa and tell he not to always knock 'wey one of yuh nice female masqueraders when the camera happens to fall on him? Allyuh have the flyest females pon de road! Remind him that Carnival is still WOMAN eh? I know he does like to enjoy heself but I mean, REALLY!

4. I would NOT like any more Paris Hilton perfume please and tanks. She always looks so hungry & drugged up. The new Juicy Couture would be noice. (Ah FRESH eh!)

5. I know allyuh good with Sir Branson, but allyuh mek frenz with the founder and Chairman of Ebay, Pierre Omidyar? Just for me PLEEEASE? Put he in de Frontline holding ah bubbling glass of cham-pan-yur just for me. AH LOVE HE!Allyuh pride yuhself in being ah young band and he's young and philanthropic. Think about it!

6. Tell the photogs yuh hire to mix it up and not to just take pics of their child muddahs, the same Spanish/Chinee/Insert racial composition here/ chick, and folks from other bands. Your band is both a product and an investment. The best investments should be diversified. ;)

7. Ah could have some more Creole food and Strawberry ice cream if ah want?

8. Could allyuh get those Syrians from the "Aladdin" ting restaurant to cater? They're good people & I love meh baba ganoush!

9. How allyuh feel about offering Peardrax? Is GOOD stuff yuh know!

10. Tell the folks prancing 'rong in de Cool Zone to share with the lonely, heavily feathered people pathetically watching pon de outside nah? Leh just ah lil' watah splash off allyuh...Juss ah lil?

11. I need ah lil' space in de band fuh meh Sno Cone Cyart. Is alright?

Extra: For 2008 ask Branson to get on it with planes from JFK to POS. TRIBE masqueraders should get ticket discounts of course!

I was going to request Boris, Wentworth, the Rock, McDreamy, and Ken Watanabe to be ALLL up in TRIBE but I know meh limits. They can KEEP Ealy....They'd start charging like 6K fuh ah lil' piece ah backline eh! I know meh place

Yes TRIBE Ah Back,
That locate the band issue is de truth! Please inform the folks at your Mas Camp periodically as to whey allyuh dey so that if someone inquires, your masquerader does not receive shrugged shoulders, a blank stare, then followed by the EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL response of "Me'n know." Allyuh ent Islandpeople...We expect BETTER for we money and ting eh!

From Mah Lil' Heart To Yours,
Humbly Your Frontline H.O. and BFF,

Hottie Hottie:
Dear Tribe,
To further guarantee the happiness of your masqueraders on the road, could you kindly provide us (well me) with a tall (6 ft up), good looking, well built, red man to massage various body parts - but especially feet - that may need special attention during those two days?
Yours expectantly
H. Hottie

P.S. And a cell phone, thanks.

Dear Tribe,
In keeping with the all-inclusive, ultra exclusive promise that is the backbone of your fine establishment, could you also from next year arrange an Ash Wednesday sail down the islands for all commenterss/bloggers that faithfully visit this forum and freely give of their praise and critique in order to assist you in maintaining your reign as the best band ever? Could the captain of this yatch be tall (6 ft plus), good looking, well built and red; he's for me)? May we all be served by personal attendants that satisfy all our criteria and meet all our personal desires?

Could Tobago curry crab and dumpling be the meal of choice? Not Ms Jean own eh, the one next to her.

Yours anxiously,
H. Hottie

Dear Tribe,
I know you may find that I am sending you an awful lot of letters. You may be a bit concerned that the expense of paying for postage, stationery etc will affect my ability to pay for my costume and the necessary accessories. But don't worry; I made a lil friend in TTPost and he sends my stuff out for free. So dear Tribe, could you arrange for a man to follow all female masqueraders on both days carrying a little bag containing our essentials - anti perspirant, cell phone (the free one), extra pair of stockings, emergency money, etc? Could this man also be an extremely talented make up artist and hairdresser, so that he may provide important touch ups during the day? May he also be well trained in the subtle art of confidence boosting so that throughout the day, he will tell us such things as, "Out of all the girls here you are the HOTTEST!." "Your legs look so toned - how long did you train for?" "You do realise that everybody in the band is watching you and are GREEN with envy!" Thanks.

Yours vainly,
H. Hottie

Warrior like Me:


I too would like for my wining pleasure a 6ft plus highly attractive, man (he don't have to be red, but if he chocolate then he MUST be TYRESE GIBSON, no exceptions) who meet ALL the criteria as outlined by PrettiDolli in the previous post.

In addition I agree with the SaucyDiva with her wishes but let me reiterate a few. I'll take Monday wear and fabulous goodie bags that include a cell phone, no Nokia 1100 or the like please. Discounts for your parties are a must along with for my C2K8 costume. Oh and of course, in 2008 I expect you to come DREAD with the costumes!!!

Also, and this is also high priority, please ensure that the peepee truck does not leave before the band has completed its entire route.

To your credit, the blankets at the lunch stop was a very considerate idea, please repeat that."


In keeping with the theme I want to hear real old styles, I'm talking way back when Machel was a cute little boy. I want to hear "Nanny Wine", "Woman on the Base", dem kinda tunes.


Me again TRIBE,

This year we had Merry Perry, Remington Steel and Detrimental with my section. Can you put them wherever Warrior Spirit lining up please....thanks!!

How y'all coming along with getting Tyrese and Wentworth down here for Carnivcal? It Tough? Don't give up....keep at it, y'all name TRIBE, nothing is impossible.



Discounts on Tribe/Redants events would be nice, sunblock & make up artists.



As part of your all inclusive package, I would like to have miniature bottles of Johnny (in plastic) so that I can take my shots widout havin to chase de bar all de time.

I would also like to have a my own personal radar, sonar thing, that I can look at to tell me where exactly the band is located, in case I get lost, sidetracked or running late and ah cyah find de band.

I would also like to have a personal health insurance card that says that in case I sprain my foot on the road, on Monday and Tuesday, that I have a free Doctor visit and personal therapy session.

And, last, but not least, for the women masqueradors....our own personal massage the muscles that will surely ache for stimulation... I'm talking about in case I get cramp in my calf (get your mind out de gutter, hehehe).


Dear Tribe
I will take a Red Ants J'Ouvert costume in my goody bag -- Thank you. And also the gems used in you photoshoot for the website pics. With makeup artist services like the service you provided last year with the airbrushing. Thanks and keep up the EXCELLENT work eh!!

Dear Tribe

I have one small request...since de name ah de band is "Ole Time Someting Come Back Again" ah askin if de DJ Truck and dem could play some nice "ole time chune" for instance "Water Flowin (Machel), Wine Down (Shurwayne), Start It (Sean Caruth) anyting from Alison Hinds, Big Truck (Machel). Or even check we wid ah lil Audreyyyyy wey yuh geh dah sugar..ting so nah

Tanks in Advance. . .

DeRedting still lookin for a Hatchet, or a Peace Pipe!

P.S. Monday Wear would be nice too please. Not a Tube Top eh ah have lil more dan a Tube Top could handle..ah lil tank top is nice.

P.P.S. Ammm ah know ah say one small request eh but ah was never too good at countin in school cut ammm... since de wee wee truck and ting so far behind de band and it kinah hard to get from Frontline to Back ah de band..could allyuh provide as part ah de exclusive Tribal experience some strong man (yuh know de type...bulit like a Mack Truck) to carry meh from the front to the back ah de band? Ah mean could you imagine being cradle in de arms of ah man wid McDreamy face and Tyrese body (dam ah tink ah go really need dat Vibrator) anyways dat way ah eh go have to push back and have meh feet step on an ting. Den he could wait and escort meh back to meh place in de band nuttin big.

Once again a true member of the Tribe..

DeRedting feelin de heat

Dear Tribe

Allyuh could get Morris Chestnut to play wid allyuh...boy watchin he Chestnut go make de over $3k ah payin to play in de band even more worth it.

Tanks again.


Dear Tribe

Allyuh please doh geh feddup ah meh multiple letters eh. As ah say before ah was never good at mats but ah learn meh multiplication tables doh. Anyways if we playin Nanny Wine den play ah lil Roll Up de Tassa oh gosh an ah lil Swinging Engine anyting from Krosfyah, oh gosh Lorraine both the original version and Garlin remix, anyting by Blue Boy and ah havin ah vision ah me winin on Morris' Chestnuts to de chune ah "Mih Lover" (Lord Nelson)

Tanks Again

DeRedting after dark!


As one of your loyal masquarders, i would like to request several things.. don't fyne ah bowl face eh, i jus really looking out for allyuh wellfare. Attached are my general suggestions and also a few personal ones ( just a few ).

My general suggestions are as follows:

I would like matching foot ware and socks ( of choice) for all the masquarders. Only brands no smikes, abbiidas or timberwolfes.. as u know we deserve the best.

Secondly a full kit for monday-of our choice.

Thirdly i would like an after party like the one island people had in the national stadium last year, where all the sections joined up and feted til 12 midnight.

FOurthly i would also like to suggest that u let us vote on custume collection day what chune we want for road march, so therefore we are please with what we are dancing to when we cross the stage.

Fifthly I would like to humbly suggest that u hirer only good looking security and that they wear no shirts and tight please.

these are a few of my personal suggestions:

i would like you to purchase and umbrella that matches my custume jus in case rain falls. Ah mean we masquarders need to prepared yuh know.

I would also want to humbly beg for some free tickets.

AND I want a reseved seat on the bus and my personal bar attendent.

Can u have the shuttle pick me up at home by chance?

TY.. Luv you all so much... MUAH.

Thankin you in advance
kevian (jab jab yellow)


Well yeah,

I want Monday wear too (Maybe a Tribe tank top or something. Especially since, as a male I'm really not giving much thought of what to wear Monday. I just know I don't really want to wear the same thing as Tuesday.

Carnival Jumbie(diva)
Dear Tribe,

I not fussy yuh know.Please doh raise allyuh costume prices anymore.
Wha happen to the matching pouch you used to give every year to carry we tings on the road ? Hear what, keep the Rexona and give me that instead.
You think you could answer the phone when I calll the LTB service? I feel yuh ducking me.
Oh gosh just put the 96.7 truck with my section PLEASE!!!This year is the first year I stay in my section whole day fus' I was having a time.

Ok good lookin out

P.S Pls keep the stalkers away from me

Dear Tribe,

I not asking for anything outlandish - but here's what I would like on the road:

we definitely need Monday wear

PLEASE put the truck w/ DJ Sprang Intl in front or behind my section :)

AND you BETTER play that Jab Molassie tune for my section!

Keep doing the fabulous job u always have, love u guys!


Dear Tribe:

Whatever allyuh do, please doh put meh section (DRAGON) in de back of de band!! I have a feeling (OK ... so maybe I already know) that allyuh might think that some of de people in that section will be ... ahem, wutless ... but we really not that wutless. We just really like to enjoy ourselves. So a modest 3rd, 4th or 5th section placement would be quite nice. *I ent too hot about going first either*

Oh ... and while I'm at it, allyuh think yuh might put the 96.7FM or de truck with Sprang with the Dragon section? This is, of course, not to encourage any aforementioned alleged "wutless" behavior ... only to ENHANCE your masqueraders' Carnival enjoyment.

Yours truly,


Majorette Male is sold out

Well, well, well, only Pierrot Grenade and Cow Mas Male costumes are remaining in TRIBE to date. Majorette Male is now sold out.

With all the talk about Carnival is woman, seems like the men are not sleeping on their costumes when it comes to TRIBE this year. Ladies, have no fear Pierrot Grenadae, Majorette, Imp and Bat are still open.

D krewe After Work Lime

For those of you in Trinidad looking for a lime this evening, D Krewe ,of Trini Revellers, is hosting an after work lime at the corner of Murray and Robert Streets. The flyer states Fireball Will be making an appearance as well Siparia Rhythm Section with drink specials all night.

Sounds like a cool little lime, I wonder if they will be revealing the new costume this evening? Guess I will have to pass and check it out to see!

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