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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action.... Harts take 2

This afternoon I returned to Harts and got some proper photos with their permission of course so please remember that their costumes are copyrighted. I let them know that these photos are for all those overseas who have no access to the mas camp and need to make a choice before first choice sections are sold out. By the way Apocolypto and Showgirls are going pretty quickly! By the time we got to the mas camp Geronimo was completely sold out, both male and female and I will have you know that the hubby registered for Geronimo!All I have to say to that is Indian mas "again", but hey maybe now I can be a two band H.O. and jump in Harts for part of the day on Monday and TRIBE the rest of the way!

click on the photos for a much bigger pic:




Sampson and Delilah

Pirates of the Caribbean


Shark Tale


Jewel of the Nile

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ben Hur


South Pacific

Coming to America


Kama Sutra

The Last Samurai


Twilight Zone


One section in Harts sold out!!

The female option for the section Geronimo, Harts staple Native American section is sold out! There was such a crowd at the mas camp yesterday I knew a section would go soon but I did not expect Geronimo would be the one, very interesting indeed. There ares till a FEW male costumes available with the large war bonnet headpiece but expectations from the mas camp are that these will be sold out soon as well.

Female headpieces

Female bra and belts

More Myths and Magic Photos has a fabulous gallery of photos from TRIBE's launch of Myths and Magic on Saturday. There are some good shots of costumes like Isis front line that shows different angles of the model.

I also like their review of the launch even though my experience was slightly different.

I tell you one thing though, looking at more and more photos is making it especially difficult to choose one costume!

I am in awe...

Another record breaking day yesterday with 2590 visits!

Myths and Magic front runners

These are the costumes showing up on every one's most wanted list in order of preference:

1. Black Magic
2. Silver Mist
4.Goddess of the Chase
5.Water Nymph

Viewing of costumes, I have heard, is supposedly slated to begin on Monday August 6th at Cascadia hotel but wait for the official email from TRIBE for a confirmation on this! Please don't send out a group email saying "Saucy said" (lol).

Other sections that are attracting attention are :

6.Isis front line
7.Lady of the Lake
8.Sun Goddess
9.Pixie Dust back line
10. Autumn Sprite

My pick for most underestimated costume at the moment is Amalthea. Maybe after the costume viewing people would see how beautiful it is in person. It is not one of my top choices since I played in white this year but upon a second consideration it moved up in the ranks of costumes I like a lot.

There were no male costumes showed at the launch on purpose, but take a look at the scans I made of the booklet (not the best quality I know) to see the male costumes. My picks for best Male costumes:

1.Black Magic
2.Silver Mist
3.God and Goddess of the Chase
4.Water Nymph (though I don't know how I feel about the wings for men)
5.Lady of the Lake

I could only pick five since I think the rest of the male costumes leave a lot to be desired. The males really look like an after thought this year and if you think about it a little they look like any TRIBE male costume from the past three years. I was expecting more Roman looking male costumes to complement the Greek Mythology and more costumes akin to Lord of the Rings when I thought of the theme; the designers need to take a look at Harts male costumes this year for 300, Conan,Troy and Ben Hur to see what TRIBE's males should have looked like.

Take my advice people; after selecting your number one choice have two alternate sections that you would love to play in as well to avoid disappointment if by chance you do not get the one costume you have your heart set on. This year allow no time for procrastination on costume selection, forget your friends who are undecided if you have to and register early because I predict those top 5 costumes will be the first ones to go!

Coming Attraction...........

Looks like Harts new website will be online on Friday August 3rd!

Rise up Phoenix!!!

This is an official announcement to let everyone who is LOVING this costume which I erroneously labeled as "Sun Goddess Front line" is actually an INDIVIDUAL costume called "Phoenix". That's what you get with no narration at the band launching, so I apologise to all those with their hearts set on this costume... it is an INDIVIDUAL costume...that's right, just ONE. I hope someone special gets to wear it as it is simply amazing!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Generation X Miami Band Launch Photos

Click the link below to be taken to gallery of photos from Generation X's launch of "Kaleidescope" on Saturday.

Harts Prices

The female costumes have several prices depending on the headpieces selected; they run from frontline headpieces to smaller ones. Cheapest male is $1370.0 and cheapest female $1755.00, like I said before the prices are not bad at all.

Jewel of the Nile - Female 2250.00,1885.00 Male $1700.00

Conan - Female 2135.00

Ben Hur - Female 2235,1865.00 Male 1845.00

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - 1960.00

South Pacific - Female1755.00 Male 1690.00

Coming to America - Female 2460.0/20545.00 male 1585.00

Chicago - Female 1985.00 Male 1370.00

Last Samurai - Female 2585.00 Male 2230.00

Twilight Zone - Female 2515.00, 2135.00

Karma Sutra - Female 2200.00 Male 1855.00

Sahara - Female 2510.00,2185.00 Male 1720.00

Amazons - Female 2320.00, 2100.00 Male 1745.00

Showgirls - Female 2260.00, 1950.00

Pirates of the Caribbean - 1640.00

Sampson and Delilah - Female 1915.00, 1710.00

Apocalypto - Female 2565.00, 2190.00 Male 1985.00

Geronimo - Female 2430, 1830.00 Male 2355, 1760.00

300 - Female 1960.00 Male 1715.00

Shark Tale - Female 2370.00 Male 1970.00

Troy - Female 2215.00, 1995.00 Male 1850.00

Lights, Camera, Action...... Harts first look

So, I just came back from Harts and the mas camp is PACKED with people registering in droves. At first glance I was disappointed that the costumes all look like Harts trademark costumes,I don't think I saw any that were totally different this year. I even saw the same headpieces from this year in another colour.What Harts has going for them however is PRICE, the costumes are affordable AND they look nice, plus they have a very faithful following.

The costumes I like are Showgirls , Troy and Apocalypto, though I don't think I got any photos of Apocalypto on the show board nor did I get a shot of 3oo which is nice as well. Showgirls bra reminds me of a section that Harts did some years ago, but I like this reincarnation. Apocalypto is beautiful, the beading is fabulous! Troy is a really nice black costume, though it looks similar to a section this year.Thing is the mas camp was so crowded and the photos sectioned off by a rope so I could not get as close as I would have liked. Hopefully I can return and get some better pics before the website launches. Suffice to say Harts has delivered nicely decorated costumes albeit the same formula from each year. Say what if it isn't broke, don't fix it!

By the way I saw the hubby sneak out a registration form, apparently he likes Geronimo (the Native American Section) and 300 so we shall see if he ends up in Harts.


Show Girl Headpieces


Island People launch date changed

Animal Instincts will launch on the weekend of August 18h and not August 12th as was previously reported. The exact date, whether it is the Saturday or Sunday has not been finalized but I was assured it will definitely be that weekend and once the date is confirmed it will be released to the public.

Breaking records!

Yesterday visits to this blog was phenomenal and if the numbers are any indication of things to come for Carnival 2008 I forsee bands selling out much faster than last year! My average for viewers of Trinidad Carnival Diary holds at around 550 per day with 300 on weekends and you can get a year long report from the site meter located under My Blog Log to see how the numbers ebb and flow. For the weeks leading up to Carnival 2007 I had a then record of 1000 visits a day. However yesterday that record was shattered when 1792 of you logged on to see costumes!!

Now I know that number reflects multipe visits, but the page views are even more incredible at 9984 hits when the daily average was around 1500. You guys refreshed the blog page countless times!!

Most of my visitors do come from the USA but yesterday I had many Trinidadians logging in as well, as illustrated by the following pie chart:

The buck stops here!

As I chuckled softly to my self while reading the comments by members of the Island People Carnival group on facebook I decided that this year I am not going to get sucked into the Band versus Band Bacchanal; the buck stops here people!!

I reiterate that TRIBE’s costumes are gorgeous, and yes Black Magic is Island People’s Jumbie if Jumbie was dipped in crystals added some wicked beads and pumped up with feathers to the max. Conversely I can also say that last year Island People’s Oasis frontline was TRIBE’s Nylon Pool done better and cheaper, point being that we can clearly state that each band has borrowed from each other, now can we move on and at least admit that TRIBE’s costumes are looking fierce? Right, you do not need to love the band to appreciate pretty costumes; I guess that is the difference with me. I was in love with Island People’s costumes after their launch last year, even though I had already made my choice of costume with TRIBE. I can safely say that I liked at least one costume from EVERY band for this year's Carnival, remember how in love I was with that Trini Revellers costume?

People have gotten the wrong impression that I do not like Island People and have successfully baited me in the past to stoop to their level and get sucked into pitting “my” band against “your” band leading to the band bacchanal! No more for 2008 I tell you! I am looking forward to Island People’s costumes as much as if I were playing with them for 2008. And for those on facebook who have seen my personal photos from the launch you would see me being cheeky with one of Island People’s members so there is no “war” with me and any one of them. I have heard they are working hard to improve on the areas that they got bad reviews on last year and I wish them all the luck because I think all masqueraders deserve to be compensated royally for parting with their hard earned cash for feathers and beads; service is also what we pay for as well!

I can only hope that ALL bands keep the ball rolling now that TRIBE has launched and that we see a range of costumes; from the glamorous from Harts, exotic from Island People, artistic from Mc Farlane and the detail of Trini Revellers. Now what we as masqueraders should be doing, instead of throwing stones at each other, is to petition the Government for a return of the Savannah Stage for Carnival 2008!! It would surprise many to know that the impression of the Ministry of Culture is that masqueraders enjoyed mas on the move and that it was a success!! I say we, each and every one of us masqueraders, pan men and band leaders organize a written protest and send a message to the powers that be; we need a stage for 2008!! After all these beautiful costumes I cannot see any place to display the fabulousness but ON A STAGE!!

Myths and Magic review of the launch

Let me preface this by saying that a band launching for me is all about the costumes, partying is secondary therefore I enjoyed the launch more than others who were expecting a fete. My night started early as I knew 1. I wanted a good parking spot and 2. Pier 1 would be subject to traffic jam from the number of persons going to the launch, therefore I went up Arima to pick up my friend at 8:30pm. With one stop at Movietowne for something to eat we got to Pier 1 promptly at 10:00pm.

Walking towards Pier 1 from the car park, we did get a good spot by the way, my friend was surprised by the number of people who were already there as she thought I was insane when I told her we were leaving home before 9. I too was somewhat taken aback by the small crowd of persons outside the venue. It was only a bit later that we found out the gates were yet to open.

waiting to get in

This would prove an omen of other situations that went askew on Saturday night and contributed to the night not going as smoothly as it could have. We waited for half an hour outside of Pier 1's gates before they started letting people in, at that time traffic was already starting to back up along the main road. Knowing me you know I did not line up at all but was the first inside. Yes, same trick I pulled at the mas camp, I cut in on the side. Since we were among the first to enter I observed the e-ticket system which basically scans your TLC card to confirm payment was made, the whole process was swift.

Entrance to Pier 1

The decor of the venue was a cross between medieval fairy tale and whimsy, with a lots of lights, the stage decorated like an enchanted dell and a coloured light display illuminating the ground . I even saw a few horses dressed as unicorns passing by as we went to get drinks and several maidens dressed in period type renaissance costumes. That was the last I saw of them though, I had no clue where the "unicorns" went to for the rest of the night.

There were several options for drinks with a pay bar, Heineken beer on tap, "free" bar and a bottle bar. I discovered the Angostura cocktail bar early on and was drinking Harry Potter cocktails all night much to my detriment as I was not only tipsy on Saturday night but I woke up on Sunday morning with a splitting headache!!

From early on I basically secured my spot, and eventually the area filled with other patrons who all looked anxious for the show to begin. I cannot say how much time passed but it was after midnight when they announced that the show would start soon. Carnival Jumbie was on the other side of the stage when either she saw me or I saw her and she came over to join me at the best vantage spot for taking photos. Sooner than later the show began with some pixies dancing, a pyro display that went off at the wrong time and then the models appeared.

Massive crowd

Now, I have been to several launches so I have some experience dealing with errant models, like the ones who speed down the catwalk, not stopping to pose so photographers can get a good shot or posing in such a way as to not display the costume properly. Trick is to put your camera on "burst" to take multiple shots and try to compose the photo as the model is walking towards you, and contort yourself into any position necessary to get the shot. Even with this method I only got the back of Peter Elias section, I have no idea why his models were so eager to get off the stage!As for the inexperience of the models, lets just say that I also got information beforehand that some of the "models" were last minute replacements for other models who bailed to go Great Fete in Tobago, hence the fact that some of the girls were looking confused at times, not knowing how to pose or which part of the stage they needed to be. A bit annoying for the photographer looking to get a good shot and I know patrons who were not close to the stage saw costumes in a blur, to tell you how fast the models were moving!!

Models onstage

I have to agree with Carnival Jumbie and many others who complained that there was no narration or anyone calling out section names. We did not get the booklet until much later in the night, however I had seen the media launch packet from the Triniscene representative earlier on in the evening (before he rushed off to upload photos from the media launch) which contained a booklet and had an idea of which section was which, especially since I was familiar with the names already. However most people were at a lost looking at section after section coming out with no information. Also a group of front liners came out and we had to guess which back lines they belonged to. The whole show was over in under an hour and the finale where all the models came out was punctuated with a performance by Sherwayne Winchester which was my sign to leave the front of the stage.

At that point I had every intention of leaving the launch but got sucked into looking for a booklet, which led me to the VIP area where I saw a bride and her entire bridal party hanging out there! Apparently they had their wedding at Pier 1 and along with 3o guests were invited to the launch by TRIBE, how cool is that! In the VIP area I met designer Gail Cabral who was kind enough to go to the front of the venue to get me a booklet! Talk about service from TRIBE. Anyway we got scotch at the VIP bar, limed a few minutes and again I was ready to leave when my friend decided she wanted to stay until 2:30 so we hung around until then. By that time Harry Potter was in full control of my mental faculties so I have no recollection of any bad behavior that might have occurred during that time.

Bride and Groom who were invited

Eventually we left Pier 1 but that was only the beginning of a very long morning for me!It was a good thing I made my planned pit stop before heading home as that ensured photos to be up just before 3:30am. Overall the launch was okay, I think the venue caused some problems with traffic, especially when behind the scenes was chaos as reported by blogger South Reds who was an impromptu model; she revealed that behind the scenes was much more stressful than we were privy to know.

My goal was to see the costumes firsthand, get some good photos and enjoy my night with my friends and the hubby which I did so the launch was satisfactory to me. I do hope that the next year they can procure a venue closer to Port of Spain, advise the models to take their time on the catwalk and make sure we know what costumes we are looking at. All minor issues which can be remedied with more planning for 2008.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two more section names for Island People Mas

"Bear" and "Tigers Eye" which incidentally are two sections that have been intimated are very hot for women. I also heard Egret is ALL white and that costumes will be one of a kind originals, promising to be totally unique and never been seen before in any other mas band.... or Victoria's Secret for that matter.

I cannot wait to see what Island People has in store. Their designers are talented no doubt so I have very high expectations and hope to see for myself on August 12th!!

Triniscene updated with TRIBE launch pics

LOTS more photos to be found at It makes choosing a costume even MORE difficult...Black Magic is flat out beautiful...the detail in the front line costume is SO SO amazing!!!
Sun Goddess is fabulous.....that headpiece, that bra!!! Mystique is growing to be my favourite the more I look at it... and Goddess of the Chase is just wicked!!! The headpiece is Nubians (Island People) and Chutney (Legacy) on steroids.......just the kind of decadent headgear that a headpiece lover would swoon over.

Ok, I have to stop looking at more photos or else my head will explode.. enjoy the pics!

Costume Review

Though I am still sleep deprived, subsisting on only one hour of rest so far, I just wanted to say that the band launch was great and I will do a full review on that later, but the costumes are what I want to talk about as it is all fresh in my mind. It is safe to say that I am in love with ALL the costumes; I think TRIBE did an awesome job this year with the headpieces and frontlines. There are so many frontline options that my head is reeling with the choices!! I have spent a few minutes reading other people’s reactions to the costumes, from lukewarm approval to outright heart palpitations upon viewing. What has struck me as being interesting among the comments is the claim that TRIBE has “borrowed” and “stolen” from Island People for their 2008 presentation.

Now, I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that some of TRIBE's costumes do not bear a passing resemblance to some other design we have seen before, be it from Island People, Harts or Poison. However I do not think that any one of the aforementioned bands can lay claim to a totally original prototype when it comes to costumes. They have all borrowed from portrayals past and even from Brazilian mas. That being said I also want to say that WE masqueraders are the ones who wrote to TRIBE begging for sexy, skimpy costumes with LOTS of feathers and beads and now that they have delivered exactly that some are ready to pick them apart. When the theme was something concrete like “ole time mas” and costumes represented such there was an out cry against that too, personally I am loving the fantasy theme and the fact that it is open to a wide interpretation according to the designers whim and fancy. Lets get real here, TRIBE has listened to their masqueraders and have delivered stellar costumes to add to the excellent customer service and on road experience, finally we can say TRIBE has the TOTAL package.

Unto the costumes!

My top picks in no particular order are:

Black Magic frontline

Goddess of the Chase frontline

Lady of the Lake frontline

Isis frontline

Mystique frontline

Silver Mist frontline


As you can see I am LOVING the frontline costumes and I will definitely be a frontline H.O. for Carnival 2008.

Titania – this section name was done before with Sonia Mack in 2005 and whereas she used a neon green and cobalt blue TRIBE’s Titania is all pastel pink. Pink is NOT my favourite colour especially this shade however in person I liked this section a lot. I realize in pics the colour does not translate as well but on stage it looked ethereal and delicate, this is a section for the younger masquerader. I am also loving the skirt option, I think it is a brilliant change of pace from the beads and the feather collar adds to the whole feeling that this costume is boudoir wear. The one thing I do not like as much is the headpiece, the pearl tiara is cute but the position of the feathers on the frontline makes it look scanty whereas it should be fuller.

Autumn Sprite – The combination of apple green and russet orange of this costume makes it stand out. The whole vibe is earthy and “woodsy” and though there are no feathers I like this one a lot. The wings are a perfect size, the headpiece fits the theme and the costume is skimpy yet it does not appear so upon first glance. I need to see the entire costume in person to further comment on the lack of glitter which might be the only caveat with this costume.

Black Magic – HOT!! That is the one word that surmises this costume. I love the beading, the bra and the headpiece. However I am not a fan of black and I think it would literally be too hot on the road ..but Sahara Jumbie ( which this headpiece resembles) was a hit with all the black feathers so I can see this being one costume that will attract a lot of attention.

Water Nymph- I am surprised that this costume is mentioned as one of most people’s favourites so far. Don’t get me wrong it is pretty and cute but it is so whimsical that I see it as a “young” costume and not necessarily having all the drama for a F.H.O. That being said the colours are beautiful, the little wings are a good complement to the costume and the beading is gorgeous.

God and Goddess of the Chase – While the backline of this costume is “nice” the frontline is spectacular!!! I am mad about the headpiece, as everyone knows I LOVE a big headpiece and this costume fits that bill to a T. The only thing is I would prefer to have a closer look at the beading and the colours to see if it is something that appeals to me.

Pixie Dust – I have to admit I had really high hopes for this section and I love the backline costume. But the frontline needs some of the ivory and gold of the backline in my opinion it is just too much blue! I also do not love the headpiece of the frontline, especially with the wings which are larger and then you have all the feathers coming towards the face in the headpiece… it just looks like too much. Other than that I like the top of the frontline and either the headpiece or the wings but not both together.

Lady of the Lake – Peach is not a colour I would gravitate to for a Carnival costume but I am so so so loving this one!!! The frontline is stellar with the cape and headdress, and this is coming from someone who needs a huge headpiece to complete the costume. The backline costume is also gorgeous, everything is just perfectly matched, with enough beading on the bra and belt and just that touch of fabric that makes both costumes look elegant. I am so in love with this frontline!

Isis – I am pleasantly surprised by this frontline costume. The bikini and belt is wicked sexy, heavily embellished and the headpiece is fierce! Outstanding costume in all aspects . The backline is nice but not as striking, I am not liking the belt to be honest but I do like the headpiece and the bra is interesting. I also need to see those colours in person.

Amalthea – The headpiece is the best feature of this costume, that and the option of a tankini or bra which I have noticed is being portrayed for several sections. This is not one of my favourite costumes out of all there is but I felt the same about Sailor mas this year and when on the road with the same colours of white and gold and it was amazing. This will be one of those costumes that surprises you when you see it on Carnival Tuesday under the blazing hot sun. The frontline is very, very pretty and I absolutely love it!

Bufferfly Bliss – I think the TRIBE designers were paying attention to all our post Carnival chatter when we were throwing out costume ideas because I was so in favour of a sheer body suit and lo and behold we have TWO sections with decorated bodysuits!! The backline to butterfly bliss is cute, pretty and sexy but the frotline is smoking hot!!! I adore the frontline costume but do think the perfect body is needed to do it justice.

Mystique – I was not expecting this shade of purple but I love it! Both the frontline and backline are amazing. In fact I like the bra and belt of the backline more than the frontline, I think either headpiece is suberb and the added wings of the frontline is perfect! This is one of those costumes that is just perfect all around.

Silver Mist – Skimpy… skimpy, sexy and skimpy!!! I like the detail on the bra and headpiece but there is not much else to this costume. The frontline is nice, I just need to examine those “spokes” closer to get an idea of how practical they are for the road but other than that it looks impressive.

Luna – If I had a least favourite of all the costumes Luna would be it only for the fact that the headpiece is just a headband. I think his is the most underwhelming costume as the “bra” is just gold lame, that could use some more decoration and the wings are a tad to small for the costume. The colours of gold and baby blue are pretty but this costume definitely need something extra to hold a candle to the rest of the sections.

Sun Goddess – This costume is nice, liking the headpiece and the colours.

Phoenix - LOVE this costume, the headpiece reminds me of Sonia Mack, but the entire costume is amazing. This is my number one pick at the moment since it has everything going for it; headpiece, dramatic back pack and a sexy bra!

Mystical India - A nice costume for those who do not want the big feathered headpiece but still want something outstanding. I am liking the red and gold combination and the overtly Indian influences on the jewelry and fabric. To me, this will be another section that may not get too much attention now but on the road will look outstanding.

Of course these are all my initial reactions to what I can recall from last night and from looking at the photos and the booklet a million times, I have to also add that that Harry Potter cocktail was lethal so my perceptions of all the costumes being amazing might be tempered by the fact that I was pretty much well liquored up when the show started. My opinions might change when I get a closer look of the costumes at the viewing where I can scrutinize every little detail so do not be surprised if I come back later on and change my reviews of the costumes.
Edited to add:
Myth of Babylonia - Since this is the only section not in the booklet I can only guess that it is Peter Elias's red costume. I did not get a good photo of it at all since the models raced off the stage but has several photos of this section.

I am not impressed at all with Peter's decision to go couture with mas. Again this is another "outfit" section and while different it is not exciting in any way! Jean and Dinah was better compared to this unless he decideds to add something more later on. It is basically red fabric made into a bustier and skirt...that's it! Faithful fans of Peter will no doubt be swathed in red come Carnival Tuesday and I cannot wait for the price on this one!


More launch photos...

I am uploading all my photos on Facebook. Even if you do not have an account you can still view the pics, click the following links:

Myths and Magic 1

Myths and Magic 2

Myths and Magic 3

Myths and Magic 4

Myths and Magic 5

That is a total of 276 photos for you ro peruse, critique and enjoy!

Also check out my girl Carnival Jumbie who was my partner in crime as we both stood next to each other taking pics; she has the link to her photo album on her blog.

Myths and Magic - TRIBE Carnival 2k8

These are the photos from the booklet that TRIBE distributed at the launch last night; I am guessing these same pics will be on the website which is due to launch by Wednesday August 1st:

Design by Lana Nobrega

Design by Gail Cabral

Design by Lana Nobrega

Design by Monique Nobrega

Design by Sonia Marcano

Design by Jamilla Jeffery

Design by Quita Correira

Design by Leasel Rovedas

Design by Stacey Des Vignes

Design by Monique Nobrega

Design by Melissa James, Charlene Lum Wai
and Nicole Des Vignes

Design by Monique Nobrega

Design by Gail Cabral

Design by Lana Nobrega
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