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Sunday, July 22, 2012

TRIBE Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal The 10 Point Saucy Review

I liked my review for Spice so I am definitely going to keep the format for the next set of band launches including TRIBE. As I said on Facebook yesterday TRIBE to me does their best in costume when the designers have a literal theme to work with; this band does not do well with abstract airy fairy nonsense. So the theme of Butterflies and Beasts made for a very enjoyable viewing of costumes for me personally. Here are my 10 points.

1.Monique is back at the top of her game, Super Mo Mo has not one bad costume in fact I love them ALL and two out of three made my top 5 costumes overall.I am always partial to Monique because her design aesthetic seems to fit what I look for in a costume, note this is my personal preference feel free not to love Daggertail, Admiral and Madagascan Sunset. I do have a few points to nit pick, the frontline bra for Daggertail looks a bit odd in the professional photos, not too sure if the shape of it will be flattering on most women with larger than a B cup; I do love the backline strapless bra it looks perfect with the beaded overlay. Admiral Pucci print wings has go to be my most favourite part of the costume, I notice that a rather unforgiving monokini is the only option for both frontline and backline so this is surely the "sexy section". I absolutely love that finally we get a fully decorated bra for Madagascan Sunset and though the nude and blue reminds me of another costume a bit I love the shade of blue that aqua has not been seen in TRIBE for a few years and the pinkish nude bra offset with the body jewellery just goes so well with the aqua.

2. It is a band full of butterflies, is the theme original NO , Peter Minshall did it 30 years ago with Papillion HOWEVER even band leader Dean Ackin acknowledged that and said TRIBE is doing it their way for a new generation; get over it. 

3. It is nice to see designers Melissa James and Sonia Marcano back with costumes of their own for 2013 however I felt that a bit of tweeking could have put their costumes higher on my list of likes than they are at the moment. While I really like Sonia's Wings and headpiece I think that her body wear could have benefited from and upgrade; I thought we moved on from triangle metallic spandex bras. Also the boy shorts to me are not that flattering, a regular bikini would have made the costume look a bit more polished.

Melissa's colours are similar to another one in the band with the baby pink (reminds me of Jezebel's coral) and I do like the shape and pattern of her wings but for me it could have done without the touch of blue and yellow; it is skirting cosquel for me in the frontline, baby pink and orange would have been just fine. The backline is totally cutesy.

4. Solange Shaw Gopaul has two sections in TRIBE this year, one is a scandalously naked section Jezebel which is devoid of any "bling" but makes it into my top 5 because I like how the colours work together and also for impact. Please take a look at the models used at the launch for this costume, their bodies were perfect, also please take a look at the bra construction on the frontline; this costume is designed for only certain bodies.  I love the iridescent effect on the backline bra I just wished it came with a fuller headpiece, the belt style is one I have seen before from this designer and to me the backline wings look like they might be a bit tedious to be holding like that all day, I would have preferred wings that were supported on the back versus the arms.

Solange's other section  is Papilio which is cute, I am not really digging the frills but I do like the fringe as well as the costume's wings, I think the yellow and green is a standout combination for the road this section will have road impact.

5.Wow, "new" deisgners Nina and Maria have impressed me with Kallimani it is  hands down one of the best designed sections in the band as well as one of my top 5. I admit it had to grow on me at first I guess it was all the gold body wear and then the pop of colour with the wings but the entire section backline, frontline and male are very well done. This is the "bling" costume.

6.Peter Elias gave me the inspiration behind his costume he said it was inspired after the costume Minshall did for Penny Commissiong when she won Miss Universe and which inspired his subsequent band Papillon. Peter's costume is certainly different, the wings are unlike all the hand/screen painted ones in the band and it is also the costume that uses one "colour"; silver. Very monochromatic. Not one of my favourites from Peter however he dared to be different and he can back up his choice so all power to him.

Penny in her costume

7. Lana is also back, I am totally, totally in LOVE with her costume and if I had to choose my section in TRIBE this would be it. The wings are HUGE and impressive but I also love that Lana has finally given me a fully decorated bra! The belt is skimpy as well but sexy and I like the design of it. To me this is another costume that put together is the total package from headpiece to accessories to the well decorated bra and belt it is rich looking and looks finished; besides I have never played in orange!

8. Men you asked for more costuming, you got it. I am not too sure how many of you will actually wear wings on the road, that should be interesting to see but the headpieces for most of the costumes are actually pretty decent. I feel like you can look at these offerings and be happy that some thought went into the process of making them something a notch above a headband, bib and board shorts.

9. I am not forgetting designers Val and Gail I think they both have STRONG costumes that may not have made my personal top five however they are not at the bottom of my list either in fact I think they are excellent choices for many masqueraders.

Val's Monarch's wings is as literal as you could get, the body wear is nice but reminds me a bit of Mulberry from TRIBE's Secret of Silk. 

I really love the colours in Azure this will also be one of those sections that is a sleeper, not the popular ones rushed by the masses but on the road will have a "wow" effect. Like the fabric covered bra and the stones.

Gail's Regal Emperor Frontline costume is beautiful, you know one of those soft pretty looking costumes that on first look makes you say "yeah I love that". This will be a seller. I am not too enthused over the large gems used on the backline bra and belt, I think from far it gives it a chunky look that is not flattering however it is still a cute costume. 

10. I almost forgot Anya's section "Acara Acraea" because somehow it did not make it into the "booklet' rumour is it was finished the night before the launch. I dig the printed wings however I was lost to the two other "options/costumes" showed at the media launch. Not bowled over by this one funny enough I prefer her Cropover costume for Baje:

My top five in no particular order: Daggertail, Issora, Jezebel, Kallimani and Admiral I would EASILY play in any one of those, these are the costumes that made me go "WOW". Not that some of the other options in TRIBE are not up to other people's standards, their costumes are very pretty, I just don't do cute costumes in some instances and in other's they were nice but missing an element of  extra ordinary to keep me interested.

I hope most masqueraders choose the wings, I felt them they are a fabric material , somewhat stiff and appeared to be sturdy with lots of gold puff paint scribbles ( a peeve I will stay silent on). From the way the models danced in those costumes the wings also seemed like they would hold up on the road but that is not taking into consideration the wind factor. I remember Island People's Butterfly wings were stress on the road so hopefully the TRIBE designers have already tested out wing manoeuvrability.

Predictions are that the entire band will be sold out faster than the flutter of a butterfly's wings, hope you have your deposit ready! 

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